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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CET

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come to our podcast on the green room. this is g.w. news live from berlin the european union and britain hammer out the final details of a trade deal after a last minute talks between british and the e.u. officials for years since the u.k.'s decision to leave the e.u. london and brussels say they have to narrow their differences and an agreement is now insight into all the details. angry truckers confront police after days of waiting at british courts but france lifts its blockade but says drivers must test
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negative for the coronavirus before crossing the channel. and aid groups warn lockdowns are driving people into poverty even in some of the richest parts of the world like in paris for food banks are struggling to meet a surge in demand. i'm going to have you with us the european union and britain could be on the brink of a bragg's a deal after 9 months of talks some european union officials say negotiators and their british counterparts have made a last minute push to finalize a deal before christmas in recent weeks commission president. and british prime minister boris johnson got personally involved in the negotiations of the 2 sides disagreed over fishing rights and fair competition rules. and let's
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go right to brussels max sander is following all the latest for us there hi max what do we know about the negotiations at this point. hey sumi well this is one of these rules famous never ending brussels nights with never ending negotiations negotiators seem to still be added they've been working through the night trying to iron out the last final details of an a deal that is in sight now that could be reached through the course of this day they really are trying to get this done before christmas timing wise is probably the last chance to to get anything done nobody wants to break up come back after the holidays and and get back at it so we've heard a lot of rumors over the last couple of hours some of it has been denied but you officials they seem to be very tightlipped very keen that nothing gets out until the last word has been spoken in order to not influence the negotiations any further but the last thing that we've heard is that commission president was enough on the line and boris johnson will meet for some talks very soon what we mentioned
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fishing rights and fair competition rules so tell us more about these last sticking points. that's right the vast majority of the deal has been done and has has been done for quite some time these were the 2 sticking points remaining one of them being the level playing field the fair competition rules the u.k. wants access to the e.u. is internal market and has to play by the rules but that on one side the u.k. wanted to also create their own rules as you was against and then on the other side the e.u. wanted access to the u.k. fishing grounds a lot of dutch and french fisherman especially rely on the u.k. fishing waters here the u.k. wanted to keep its sovereignty and give out your early quota something the e.u. was against now it seems that also regarding both of these points especially regarding the 1st point that an agreement could be made in terms of fishing 2 sides
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are still a little bit apart but it seems that france still would have needed some convincing and we're possibly here now and given that this all comes together max what are the next steps. yes so that the clock is ticking that there is not enough time to properly ratify this deal if it were to be struck. the next thing or the next. event that would happen is that the member states would get the legal text and would have to vote on it this would most likely be the u.n. ambassadors and why by doing so the proof provisionary agreement could come in place january 1st would which would cushion the fall out of a break sit that on the on the u.k. side the problem it could come together by the end of the year and vote on the agreement on december 8th 30th and december 31st now on e.u. side for this to officially get in place we'll have to wait till next year
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beginning of 2021 the e.u. parliament is going to have their final say on this on the deal and last week has than be spoken by the council meeting either leaders. max sander following the latest developments in bragg's of negotiations there in brussels thank you the german airline has flown 80 tons of food and produce into the u.k. after ground transport was halted to contain a new coronavirus variant france has reopened its border to free traffic entering from britain and trucks have started boarding ferentz at the port of dover but thousands of truckers are still stuck at ferry terminals because they can only cross the channel with a negative coronavirus test and many say they have already waited too long. knowledge of. 1 frustration and anger in dover as truck drivers are furious at the delay in getting back to europe. some drivers are
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transporting cargo but all of them simply want to get home for the holidays if they're stuck on the english coast. any of the last 4 nights you can see nobody's you want to get up easily and there's nothing. to displace not we have no food we have no water yesterday. but it was just there. and. we. can get. we have today sitting here and day and now they say yes we don't have. because the way. boccardi. is blocked. have one way here. meanwhile the lines of trucks stretch for many many kilometers. the drivers will be eventually allowed to
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cross but only after testing negative for cold feet 19. the army has been called in to help with the tests at a lorry park on a disused airfield near dover. the blockade doesn't just hurt drivers one 5th of all good spawn for britain pass through dover supermarkets warned of shortages of basic goods if the port remained closed. let's get up to date on some other developments in the pandemic truck makers biotech and pfizer will supply the u.s. with an extra 100000000 doses of their coronavirus vaccine the u.s. government hopes to immunize 20000000 people this month canada has followed the u.s. spy. proving the moderna 1000 back scene 2 weeks after giving the go ahead to the pfizer shot and the united arab emirates highest islamic authority has ruled that vaccines are acceptable even if they contain pork gelatin there were fears that
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some muslims might avoid the shot because pigs are considered unclean. as we saw the impact of the corona virus pandemic extends far beyond public health measures intended to curb the spread of the virus are having a devastating effect on national economies and local livelihoods in strengths charities are warning more people have fallen below the poverty line with many unable to even afford food so on a farm like i said there's this report from the french capital paris. in a suburb east of paris these people are queuing to receive food aid from a charity many usually work to carry strops employment that is almost totally right up belinda doesn't want to use the full name the 27 year old was pregnant with her 3rd child when the covered pandemic for shutdown businesses she lost her job as a saleswoman in a clothing store billions are get some aid from the government for her children but it's not enough to cover living expenses she says the food handouts here are a lifeline. at that point. i got some flour
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some oil 2 cartons of milk legally. things are really complicated and difficult at the moment. i just gave birth to a baby right so i can't work right where my husband is a temporary worker but there's not much temp work and i think because of the bankruptcy so he's a trauma to him and it was a battle with both they would concede wiped out the intern husband are struggling to pay their rent and bills on time it's a familiar situation across the country the french government has introduced measures to prevent job losses and extend benefits during the pandemic but if you think too many people are falling through the cracks a report last month by charity sequoias got a leak warned that the covert crisis was aggravating destress and that the number of poor people in france could rise from a current 1000000 to 10000000. at another food bank run by a big tragedy in northern paris people have to sign up in advance for the handouts
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volunteers help them choose the products the travertine now plans to open another center in the south of the city to handle increased demand we've seen up 35 to 40 percent increase in the number of people coming to us since the coronavirus pandemic broke out the profiles of the recipients of change do we now get a lot of people who are quite isolated single people but also lots of young people especially students will be directly impacted by this crisis at this university in paris students can come to pick up free groceries once a week the food drives organized by student groups who see up to 700 students drop by each time the flock has an indemnity since the 1st march students haven't been able to work at all and there have been arrested and jobs so they have a few financial alex since the 2nd dr act we've also had an economic question is why did you join also have many foreign students and they are entitled to government even for a badly affected and in a precarious situation is it as it is. students and. they're grateful for the
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handout to the couple from india right in france to study hospitality management just before the band of the pro called idea this year with classes canceled to several months time traps and unable to speak french. the families back home in india were going through hard times themselves because of the pandemic had to send the money to help cover their great but the situation has now improved and they intend to stay this phone job now i'm going to sit there as a visitor. it's for like 2 or 3 hours like 3 days only so for now it's ok but in like the loan of we had suffered a lot and too much it was to watch so but now * i'm up here she going to recently landed a student job in a hotel in the hope to end the reliance on food handouts and finish the studies provided of course there isn't another crippling oh. let's get around to some other
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stories u.s. president donald trump has issued another set of pardons including charles question of the father of a son in law jared charles questioner had spent 2 years in prison for tax evasion and other charges also pardoned his former campaign chairman on that for as well as longtime confidant roger stone. well trump is also vetoed a major military spending bill that had been passed by a large majority of republicans and democrats in congress had previously criticized the $740000000000.00 national defense authorization act saying it would benefit china congress could now move to overturn the veto gunmen have killed more than 100 people in an attack in ethiopia's western. region that is according to the state run human rights commission the identity of the attackers is unknown it's the latest episode of unrest in ethiopia following a deadly civil conflict in tikrit. through
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a court in istanbul has sentence one of turkey's best known journalists to 27 years in jail on spying and terrorism charges the case against john doe centered on an article he wrote that expose alleged government wrongdoing and angered turkey's president led to germany 4 years ago and is unlikely to serve any more time in jail campaigners for press freedom say the sentence sends a chilling message to turkish journalists john doe and doris lawyers boycotted the trial and is stamboul saying it was politically motivated and the verdict had already been decided in advance the decision was handed down without them present 27 years and 6 months in prison for one of turkey's best known journalists. don't dars article and photos in the come hurry it newspaper in 2015 claim to show that turkey was supplying weapons to islamist groups in syria. gender and the paper
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were charged with betraying state secrets the charges were expanded to include espionage and supporting terrorism president ratchet type erda one called the journalist a traitor and an agent. of the 59 year old has been living in exile in berlin for the last 4 years the campaign group reporters without borders condemned the proceedings as a farce to and will now go on trial again along with other journalists in a separate case. ended up being spoke with john donne daryn asked whether he was surprised by the verdict. unfortunately not surprising because from the beginning it was that kind of bench. government was me at all was promising to who. would give the most. possible price for this new story which was a true story. so they wanted to punish me because of 'd this true
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story and at the same time try to intimidate the other journalists into it you who dare to touch that sense that kind of sense that issues. i thank you for watching to give you news of markets are today on those hopes of a break the deal being finalized press cover with each of your business is up next . week. was just friends.


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