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well you. this is data being years live from burn lead after a year of negotiations and mr deadlines britain and the european union reach a last minute breaks of trade agreement european commission presidents are sort of on the line describes it as fair and balanced and says britain will remain a trusted partner and british prime minister boris johnson greeted the deal is fantastic news that will and uncertainty will bring you full analysis from london in brussels.
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i'm so gail welcome to the program after months of uncertainty britain and the european union have finally struck an agreement on a post breadsticks trade deal the 2 sides patched up their differences at the 11th hour to have an encroaching crisis as the end of the 12 months transition period approached speaking in brussels commission president search for the found online hailed the last minute compromise and. the end of a successful negotiations journey i normally feel chilly but today i only feel quite satisfaction and frankly speaking relief i know this is a difficult day for some. and to our friends in the united kingdom i want to say parting is such sweet sorrow. but to use a line from t.s.
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eliot's what we call the beginning itself and the end and to make an end is to make a beginning. so to all europeans i say it is time to leave rex and behind our future is made and europe thank you so much our u.k. prime minister barak's chance and welcome the agreement has fantastic news he played up the strong relationship between the u.k. and the european union relationship that he promised would continue and so i say again directly to our e.u. friends and partners i think this deal means a new stability and a new certainty in what has sometimes been a fractious and difficult relationship we will be your friend your ally your supporter and indeed never let it be forgotten your number
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one market because although we've left the e.u. this country will remain culturally emotionally historically strategically geologically attached to europe not least of course through the 4000000 in you nationals who have requested to settle in the u.k. over the past 4 years and to make an enormous contribution to our country and to our lives. well the new treaty comes into effect on the 1st of january means there will be no tariffs on trade between britain and its biggest trading partner the european union fishing rights emerged as one of the last barriers to a deal the a use agreed to give up a quarter of the fish it catches in british waters as to be no hard border between ireland and northern ireland which is part of the u.k. this had been another big sticking point irish prime minister i mean how martin
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described the outcome as a good compromise that britain's final departure from the e.u. means an end to free movement conditions will apply for residency and travelers will face restrictions as get more detail on this from d.w. correspondents charlot ship charles and pale in london and alexander phenomena in brussels welcome both let's start with you alexandra in brussels a britain is going to be out of the block in 8 days can 27 countries ratify this deal so quickly. well i think they can if they want to and we have to say that we are talking here about the governments of the member states not about their problem instead would be a much longer process and so we also have to add that judging from a reaction so far most leaders are happy with that compromise so the chances of a rejection of the deal are slim. merkel the german chancellor has already
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announced that there are her cabinet is going to decide on the deal on the 28th of december so in the next few days and all the birds follow suit that would mean that the european commission can move forward and provisionally implement the deal before of course the european parliament is able to decide on that and that is going to be in at the beginning of january and short of jolson what about british lawmakers will they have to go their christmas holidays to ratify this and will they actually go for it. well you heard the e.u. commission president sort of underlying a short time ago saying relief is how relieved is how she felt that certainly something that is being echoed on this side as well that boris johnson fabric cities and the promise of delivering
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a deal on bret's it has been fulfilled and for those who who never supported breck's it were never in favor of it i think there is relief that at the very least there is a deal in place with the transition period ending. next week the threats of no deal was feeling incredibly real so it's for that reason that the leave you of the labor party the opposition party kissed on a has said that his party will be backing the deal when it comes into parliament he was saying that it's the right of not having to deal with far worse than supporting it he was clear to say though that any of the possible negative implications will be the responsibility of the conservative boris johnson's party that the opposition they would party won't take any responsibility but what we've learned from that is essentially that this will pass through parliament particularly with boris is boris johnson's majority that will that christmas is be disrupted well this deal has been
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done in time for christmas the optics of which will look very good for boris johnson and we know that parliament will be recalled on this does of december i was under who are the judiciary if there is a dispute in this still as it's implemented. well we know that for the european union it was essential to establish a mechanism to make sure that the future disputes can be resolved and of course from the european perspective it would be the best to have the european court of justice to play a role in all of that according to the u.k. there is no role for the european court of justice instead both sides seem to have agreed on our independent arbitration and independent panel that the woods in the future decide if there is a breach of the deal and if there has to be penalties or
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a compensation but of course please let me add that you cannot rule out that one of the parties or maybe a company can go to court if it's things that it's necessary. we'll leave it there thank you both alexander phenomena in brussels charlotta johnson pill in london well here in berlin chance of america has said she's confident the broccoli deal is a good outcome a cabinet will meet on monday to discuss germany's position in a statement the chancellor said with the agreement we are laying the foundations for a new chapter in our relations even from outside the european union the united kingdom will continue to be an important part of the germany and for the e.u. one of the parties that will have to sign off on this deal is the european parliament so let's talk to a german m.e.p. with scottish roots also happens to chair the parliament's foreign affairs
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committee david mcallister welcome to day w. . the european parliament had said it could not consider the deal this year if it wasn't done by last weekend so how much of a problem is that going to be. well 1st of all i welcome the negotiation teams have finally reached an agreement because there's now provide clarity and certainty for businesses and also 1st citizens but of course the process isn't done yet it's now up to the $27.00 members states and then the european parliament to scrutinize the agreement which has been negotiated level of the commission the u.k. government we will not be able to give our consent to visit agreement the normal p.c. here we know in the european parliament till the end of the year so we will probably be talking about provisional application this gives us perhaps 2 months time the
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european parliament to federally and allies many 100 pages of text and then in the end who have our constant or not so there's a chance that that you might get a month 2 months from now say no to this deal. well this would be an option the european parliament but i don't believe this will happen of course i haven't been able to read the text especially not chris busy even i will have a lot to read like many of my colleagues between christmas and new here i think what i've seen until now it's a fair and balanced agreement that protects the interests of the european union of our citizens and businesses but of course there will be some critical questions asked in the european parliament this is absolutely normal in the end it's about getting consent on a yes or no vote but also the european parliament will debate to the doctor in the company resolution where we will also traps take stock and take note of what we understand this positive but also what is negative this product for us already one
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point we shy regret is that the united kingdom will no longer participate in the erasmus plus program because the last was plus from my point of use a very successful program to bring young people together to spend some of their education time in another country that's one fortunate that the british obviously i'm no longer interested in participating in a restless plus you were born in scotland you were german and british how how are you feeling today. when i was following the events of this day like many of us right from the beginning since 6 o'clock in the morning i set an alarm clock hoping that there would be a deal a little earlier both sides kept us waiting for quite long i personally. see and consider breaks it being a historic mistake but this is spilt milk it's over and done with on what we now need to do is open in your chapter in our partnership with the united kingdom and
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also the european union should know the brics it behind it we have to concentrate on the challenges which are ahead of us this great country be united kingdom will remain for us a neighbor an important trading partner and also a political partner and let's try and make the best out of this situation but one thing is also clear things were the same as they were for the united kingdom if you decide to leave the single market because since union then you will have to bear the consequences of getting to this deal has been a long torturous and occasionally bad tempered process has it been ugly enough to deter other countries where political parties have been thinking about leaving as well this was never the intention of the european union. early stage and 2016 we said we deeply regret. breaks it but we accept the will of the british people or the majority of the british people to leave the european
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union and right from the beginning the european union showed not only unity among the member states the european parliament and the commission but also we showed openness to negotiate something new a comprehensive partnership agreement with the country and we offered the united kingdom something which we have never offered a 3rd country before could to free tariff free access to the single market so we tried to make the best out of the situation yes the negotiations were very challenging yes there were ups and downs but in the end actually relieved that we have managed to find this show i would say historic agreement and of course just a quick word as we talk about industry come a king of course is one of germany's biggest industries and i know you have sat on v.w. supervisory board how big a blow do you think the bracket will be for germany's cossacks. well
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we are smoothing the consequences of breaks it the agreement we have found now will see tariff free and quota free access for goods on both sides of the channel so this of course is beneficial for european industry especially for the german car industry but what was important as regards the tariff required to free access to the single market it was the level playing field we as a european union wanted to make sure and we will make sure that is fair competition on both sides of the channel this is in the interest of our businesses and our citizens and this is an important element of this cooperation this new agreement with the united kingdom that the british side accepted the level playing field when talking to you thanks so much for joining us that they would mcallister from the european parliament some foreign affairs committee thank you happy christmas and for vanna. this is t.w. news i'll have more here at the top up next to. conduct
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