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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2020 9:00am-9:16am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin as the pandemic costs the shadow over the christmas holidays there are signs of part makes the code chilly and costa rica are some of the 1st countries to begin rolling out the file and take pfizer coronavirus vaccine to day to day communities as other nations around the world get ready also on the program u.s. police say an explosion in nashville tennessee was an intentional bombing 3 people injured and suspected human remains are found when the marshal harvey exploits damaging buildings and shattering windows and even united nations start to pour
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over the christmas eve breaks a trade deal the 2000 page document still needs to be ratified by both the british and european politics. i'm jared ray thank you for joining me millions of people around the world have been celebrating a very different christmas this year with spiraling new coronavirus infections and lock downs in many cities the virus has changed how we mock this festive period bought world leaders have also been offering messages of hard here in europe vaccinations will begin in most in you member states from tomorrow or sunday across the atlantic mass coronavirus vaccination programs have already begun in 3 latin american countries mexico chile and costa rica but with the world's 2nd highest
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coated 19 death toll all eyes are on brazil where no vaccine has yet been approved . it's been a week of celebrating firsts in latin america the 1st shipment arrivals of vaccines . the 1st jabs for health care workers and those at risk. it's the best gift in 2020 i could have gotten. you with and i understand people are suspicious it's something new but you have to have faith and get vaccinated as soon as possible chile mexico and costa rica have all begun administering the farce of biotech back same. argentina maine while has received its 1st doses of russia's sputnik 5 vaccine with plans to begin vaccinations next week but in brazil which has one of the highest rates of covert 19 infections in the world there have been mixed messages. the baton time institute
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has announced that their trial of the chinese soon about vaccine had achieved w hey chose required efficiency levels the very next day brazil's president revealed his lack of confidence in. the efficiency of the vaccine in sao paolo seems to be down i will not disclose a percentage here because if i make a 0.001 percent era i'll be beaten up by the media i want to vaccine that is safe and effective that meets its objectives there are a lot of scared people at home let's wait for the vaccine. but while the nations that have begun rolling out the vaccine are optimistic warnings to remain vigilant against the virus remain in place. with the pandemic affecting billions of people around the world spare a thought for the hundreds of thousands of sightless who can't going to harm the congo i should say because of 1000 restrictions travel regulations mean that some can't even leave their ships or get medical care our next report shows the
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precarious situations that many are facing. container ships from around the world dock at hamburg harbor the seaman's mission is usually a popular venue for sailors but now coronavirus or structures have kept almost everyone off land that has been tied to that is a decision by the captains were scared of the virus being brought on board when. presidents have been donated for the sailors but getting the gifts to them is hard however more than 50 sailors from micronesia have been living for weeks in local youth hostels they're stuck here because of the pandemic. i mean our country my country isn't letting anyone in and there are also no flights . what's left is playing soccer on the computer or board games with the youth hostels minister. some of these men have been away from home for 18 months. their only consolation is getting video calls from their families back home.
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my son is one year old he just had his birthday i would love to hold him again and kiss him. there are an estimated 400000 sailors stranded around the world shipping companies try to help the cruise. i know there are so many restrictions but it's very very hard to relieve sea personnel. the german ship owners association has called for an end to these restrictions saying seamen should be classified as essential workers. let's take a look now at some of the other developments in the corona virus pandemic south korea has recorded its 2nd highest number of infections since the disease broke out over 1001100 new cases were reported a day after a previous record was france has recorded its 1st case of
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a highly contagious variant of the corona virus officials said the traveler who returned recently from london had tested positive and parts of sydney will end to lock down on sunday after a rise in infections the strain authorities of called on people to stay harm and not go shopping will world leaders have been talking about the pandemic in their christmas addresses highlighting the signs of heart in her annual address britain's queen elizabeth paid tribute to the many volunteers who helped others during the pandemic addressing the nation and the commonwealth from windsor castle the queen encourage people to continue to show selflessness and love the 94 year old monarch also had some words for those who've lost lost loved ones during this difficult. of course for many this time of year. some mourning the loss of them. and others are missing friends and family members distance. when all they really
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want for christmas is a simple hug or a squeeze or their hand if you are among them you are not alone and let me assure you of my thoughts and prayers and german president from vote just die and i has delivered a message of hope in his annual christmas day address to germany he said the coronavirus pandemic could radically change daily life but also had brought germans together christmas time to pause and look back at the past year this year the german president's address was only about one topic the pandemic a tiny virus has taken hold of our lives and parts and has shown how vulnerable we are. don't know. forget let us ensure the many dark sides of this year do not make us forget the positives particularly at this time we are seeing that the virus does not drive us apart on the contrary it draws us closer together as.
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the president conceded that those who deny the viruses dangers are especially loud but the majority are more sensible he praised people in germany for pulling together to shoulder the burden of the crisis in their phones with at a time of uncertainty we have learned that we can trust our democracy. we have argued about the right course of action and then joined forces to implement decisions. steinmeyer remembered those who have died and those fighting to save lives and hospitals and clinics he spoke about the economic hardship experienced by many germans the exhaustion of families and the young people whose education has been hindered by the pandemic and for the coming year hope offered by the vaccine for. we still have a long and difficult road ahead. but now we are seeing that the long awaited light
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at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine more brightly we will now move closer to the end of the crisis step by step it is us who decide how long the journey will be. for the longer term future president in my own head these encouraging words next year christmas will be celebrated in the manner germany prefers to gather. to the united states now where police say they believe an explosion which rocked downtown nashville tennessee was an intentional act at least 3 people were injured and there was widespread damage after a march to harm exploited in the early hours of christmas morning local police say investigators are looking into possible human remains found near the site of the blast. this aerial footage shows the extent of the damage from the explosion the force of the blast from the recreational vehicle smashed windows and sent to
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preflighting. luckily the early hour of the day the streets of central nashville were largely empty when the explosion happened police had already arrived on the scene after receiving a phone call reporting gunshots in the area. has also responded they encountered an r.v. that had a recording send it a potential bomb with dead nate within 15 minutes of says upon hearing that decided to evacuate the buildings nearby one woman tells of a chilling automated message that spared 10 narrow escape picardo expounding on where their vehicle would work forward in the thing manner and their need for trainer in the well you know we started really gathering our think back up backpack in our carrier i got my furniture stay in another apartment that was on her overlooking 2nd avenue we were all very concerned about all this that there were
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here and my 5 year old sister staying in another apartment that was on the other side building on the back side overlooking the river and we all where down and got in the car and where investigators are now looking into the possible motive behind the explosion i think people will do that was not an accident. and from that little take a little bit of time to get to the bottom of it and i do think it was clearly done when nobody was going to be a room it would be a different message if it was you know 5 pm on a friday. dine time nashville was sealed off to me f.b.i. have appealed to the public for any relevant information. please tell us what you know. we need leads we need your help. president donald trump has been briefed on. well you countries have started to look at the bricks that try to deal reached with the u.k. on christmas eve the 2000 page document still needs to be accepted by both the
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british and european parliament's the long awaited agreement means that trade across the english channel will remain tariff free british prime minister boris johnson is pleased with the deal it could cause him a whole set of new headaches. the doors of the e.u. council close britain has been a strange from the block since january and now the trade deal is finalizing the divorce. e.u. ambassadors convened on christmas day to signal the start of approving the thousands of pages of fine print all member countries and britain are expected to ratify the agreement. the e.u.'s chief negotiator michel barnier expressed regret saying there was no winner and breck set and calling the separation a lose lose situation while britain's prime minister barak johnson made merry exulting the agreement as his christmas gift to the nation because this is a deal
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a deal to give certainty to business travelers and all investors in our country from the 1st of january a deal with our friends and partners in the e.u. the agreement may have a verse of the economic chaos of a no deal breck's it but commentators warn that britain may have opened a pandora's box of troubles not least scottish dissatisfaction rust wasn't on would rather be part of the european union than the british or. the rock trick of a myself but it was definitely. a fatigue because it's been so long it's happening the balls rolling i think we should just finish it. up but i do appreciate the people in scotland a lot all actually want to disturb you personally i would prefer to stop and take part in here. so that's the reality of the child playing in the stock market because. there are already calls for
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a 2nd independence referendum to be held in scotland in the coming year and this is not the only unknown post breck's at the u.k. we'll be in completely uncharted territory. here's a reminder now of the top story we're following for you just salah as millions around the world celebrate christmas overshadowed by the pandemic of several latin american countries have begun mass vaccinations here in germany and other in your countries health workers are preparing to roll the vaccine out from tomorrow. quick reminder you can always get details when you're is on the go just download out from google play it all from the app store all the other gives you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you'll come out of a breaking news story you can use the day w. out just in just photos and videos of what's happening.
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about this also now adult film is next you can follow our stories and correspondents on twitter and instagram too i didn't use the shower drain in berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more. young moroccan emigrants. the police will stop by. the road is not a solution to. their flight could be fatal. but it was not an option shattered dreams starts january 18th on t.w. .


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