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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2020 1:45pm-2:00pm CET

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you know you need and said they share a lifelong friendship you. know my. boys were my legal. analysts years. but they have different views on climate change. you know i don't believe it harriet nothing's changed everything's the same as all of these little pieces. yet just months before the banks of the permafrost behind leonids house melted causing an entire lake to slide into the column a river but. there are billions of lakes like that where the water flows in or out that's normal it is just it doesn't have any effect on nature. on my life yes but not on nature. of
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says that long ago some people refused to believe the earth was round today some refused to believe climate change is happening or it simply doesn't both of them. russians don't fear global warming they'll say we're looking forward to it and preparing for war the europeans americans north africans and asians must sound the alarm on those already feeling the negative effects of global warming. the seaman's aim is to recreate the step landscape that existed in the arctic 12000 years ago i've returned to the ice age. they want to create an ecosystem that can regulate itself. with it's live or die 8 will be a certain. point. in their careers to do also mentally let a lion or
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a tiger in here and say now this is your park but then i turn around and leave so and. that's a joke if i do want the system to become balanced resist the one that will go and expand on its own beyond our current borders. so i can even imagine that one day wooly mammoths will be grazing here alongside the bison. i don't want to leave my grandchildren and great grandchildren the sad northern landscape in which only mosquitoes feel at home. you know what i want to leave them the species rich nature of our forefathers really not. the kind of nature that stabilizes the climate and feeds millions of people. so gay has often been accused of playing god but he argues it's just the opposite
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he's simply trying to restore what humanity began destroying centuries ago. the last stage of our journey takes us to chew caught up in russia's fine east. from the town of a niger we travel to vancouver am with a stop in a geeky not. according to syrian superstition you shouldn't photograph a helicopter just before takeoff part we can't resist taking a shot when no one's looking people here tell us the m.i.a. is russia's most reliable helicopter as passengers we can't help but feeling that it's rather reluctant to remain airborne still the view out the window quickly makes up for that. after an hour and a half will land in a bikini not another storm is brewing so we change modes of transport from
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helicopter to triple axle jeep. will need the 6 wheel drive. north of the arctic circle the roads come to an end. we're traveling 200 kilometers as the crow flies our average speed is just 11 kilometers an hour. as the uppermost layer of the permafrost has thawed driving here is like taking a much bath sometimes the riverbed isn't as bumpy as the road running alongside it . at some point we
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stopped counting the number of flat tires. there's just one settlement along the route at the winter quarters of these no magic reindeer herd as our team attracts a fair bit of attention from all the good editors are. they really receive visitors music is a universal language. and learned that if you. needed an artwork or. d.v.d. that was it there till now it's all over you that are. going to chew cut cut almost all croak home to the indigenous chook to people double the size of germany it has just 50000 residents.
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joining the night our drivers get hungry. in the early morning hours we reach our destination. than carry him. only 190 people live here but every year there you know and date his with visitors several for. 1000 will recess. spend the next few days with surrogate caffrey a member of the indigenous people he belongs to a family of marine hunters he wants to pass on his knowledge to his nephew yuri as soon as the weather improves they plan to go hunting together. the.
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surrogate tells us that the chook to live from will always says he takes us to see their colony sergei has noticed changes in the marine mammals rhythm of life. he says the walrus is which can buy several tons of spending long periods on lent lounging around on the ice is no longer an option. on the hoarded. for the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating. at the walrus says need to have somewhere to rest. they take a holiday with us in a bunker am from august to october. but panic keeps breaking out among the walrus as they often trample one another to death to document the fatalities so again must free their bodies which are frozen to the ground so that is. the
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extensive spread of civilization in the arctic or the use of the northeast passage or the increase in military technology and even tourism are possible causes. rather about it nic you're winning rules and regulations that help the wall recess and reduce their panic. his arms reach. in the museum towards it's a brand new kit another reason why the walrus is good spirits can be seen up on the cliff so he says he's counted some $200.00 polar bears around vancouver him. the trick to have always lived alongside paul of this one so so gay knows when it's best to just leave the polar bear is suddenly looking too interested in a sea. a very great and our religion isn't that we believe that you're descended from an animal. my brother for example descends from
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a polar bear. they told me to my great disappointment that i am the descendant of awards not a little broader walk not too long ago a polar bear sinton something edible right in front of circus kitchen window the more they have attacked melts away the closer these predators get to humans. that's why even the smallest children here learn how to use a flare gun once a year so a guy pays a visit to the primary school inventor him here he teaches children how to avoid a confrontation with a band. the am bear. a bear right and who can tell me which direction the bear went north. children can go to school in vancouver m. until the 5th grade after that they must attend boarding school.
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far from home people hear you say that during that time they often forget their own culture and language. bank or ems only general store office everything from cheese to shoes. bought no alcohol at least not officially. they fear that in these harsh climate people who try to drown their sorrows in drink there's a saying in. here the weather is bad one month of the year very bad for 2 months and for 9 months it's awful. you live in the town most of the time he works as a technician and has a wife and child. which i don't know what it is but something keeps drawing me back here here i forget my fear and my sorrows.
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the view the ury today is a special day he'll be leaving the hopkinton for the 1st time. people here go for months in winter without seeing the sun the days men tell me nothing compensates for that better than war rest meat. they say that it's safer to kill the animals in water than on land. good luck. has indigenous people that should check up committed to hunt horses to meet their own personal names even though they're faced with extinction.
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so gates says that his people are also threatened with extinction yes unlike the walrus is the job done have a lobby. group. get to know the prison hours whether in this region or any other. the few indigenous peoples on this earth have never inflicted great harm on nature but in a few but one and that's something you can't say of white people from this car be on children. journey along the arctic circle ends here for new the bering strait separates russia from alaska we forced our way through thousands of kilometers of this bleak and inhospitable landscape people here have long braved the elements and forces of nature but now they confronted with immense changes which will alter their lives they hung land and our world.
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was how she's known to go. back to christmas she sounds completely different. start the onus cohen scenes his favorite christmas challenge. is a good treat for the festive season jingle bells jingle. all 13 hearts on. board.
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what secrets lie behind us while. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world. 2 sides. t.w. world heritage 316 get kidnapped now. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss them. just 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the clone of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at twitter dot com forum slash science.
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this is deja news live from berlin delivering hope to millions after almost a year of pandemic misery. from italy to romania germany to greece coronavirus vaccine arrives in countries across the european union as they prepare to launch an unprecedented massive you know zation campaign also on the show. e.u. nations start.


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