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to explore personating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 363 get cleaned out now. this is day deputy news line from europe rolls out its mass vaccination program against coded 9 taking a shot of hoping italy's frontline health workers are among the 1st to get the vaccine similar sayings are unfolding across the continent on what's being cold and a story today in the fight against the virus also coming up plastic sheeting and blankets out there are new protection against the elements congress of migrants
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have spent a full night in freezing conditions in northwest into bosnia groups say people could die if they don't get proper shelter saying. i'm rebecca richards welcome to the program backs of nations against the coronavirus a beginning in countries across the european union the rollout is a sign of hope for many here in europe which has same 16000000 infections and more than 330000 deaths from cove at 19 in italy the hardest hit a new country medical stuff from a hospital in rome with the 1st to receive the vaccine with most member states receiving initial batches of no more than 10000 doses priority is being given to the most vulnerable along with doctors nurses and other frontline workers.
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preparations for the rollout began after 80 regulators approved the vaccine produced by german fart pharmaceutical company biotech and the american drug maker finds out last week. earlier i spoke to brussels chief bureau chief alexander phenomenon this about this a story day in the fight against the pandemic. commission president or the law funder law and it's quiet touching moment of for europe's you need to and this was exactly what the european union the was aiming for in this phase of the fight against the coronavirus in the member states could have moved forward individually but instead they decided that it is the european commission talking to pharmaceutical companies procuring big scenes and coordinating could the roll out of that since now across the continent across the block and it was important to make sure that every member state is getting vaccines at the same time and that
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even poorer member states are not being left behind left alone with that. proselyte hiroshi found sound of phenomena speaking to me a little earlier now attend to italy where there's a massive vaccine rollout joined by data only correspondent same gupta in rome same of that same program now underway there how's it going. yes it's kicked off this morning with the 1st 5 people vaccinated here in rome a notice of religious and other health care workers who were the 1st to be in an infectious disease hospital here in rome now it's rather symbolic because of course this hospital was also where the very 1st cases were treated to back in january for corporate 90. privately stage separate kaante calling the fact that this date the 27th of december will go down in history it's he of course having suffered greatly
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at the hands of coke 90 more than 71000 people have died due to this virus in this 2nd we the number of dead is higher already than that 1st wave more than 2000000 people have been infected 1000 here at the helm ministers said that this is the 1st sign of light but you cannot let your guard down the facts doesn't mean that you can stop the mosque or stop the social distancing or distancing or washing hands he said all of that has to continue 9750 doses of that pfizer vaccine delivered across the country the largest number of doses going to the hardest hit region not long but the up north widely is of course one of the hardest hit countries in europe you mentioned some of those alarming numbers is there enough vaccine to bring about a change in the spreading of the virus in italy. well what the authorities are saying is that they've ordered a total of $202000000.00 doses now that includes pfizer as well as all the other
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different companies spect vaccines from but they're not to come in early january as well they've got 21 centers where they're going to hit out all the initial doses and eventually you're going to see a massive program it can be life to inform people about why it's important to do this vaccine that's 3 and non-mandatory is very much encouraged and some $1500.00 that city should have billions are going to be set up in pieces whereas around the country to minister these doses to the general population the birds will go up to those health care workers as well as the those in nursing homes and those over 80 eventually go down to those 65 as well as teachers policemen those in the front light levels to expose and eventually to the general population the scientists believe that by september you will have an element of normalcy if you
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like in the country but of course it's still early days it's still early hour was really in this program same of good speaking to us from italy have started their vaccination program today thanks very much germany was one of several countries who started that program a day early with a 101 year old woman at a care home the 1st to get the shot along with other residents and some staff when he did quite salar was born the world was in the grip of sparking surely today 101 years old she made history as the 1st german to be vaccinated. were you find a mobile team came to this residential project to senior citizens in how bush that unvaccinated 40 residents and 10 cast staff. the head of the local vaccination center didn't want to waste any time waiting. every day counts once the vaccine has
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been defrosted it has a limited storage life and the logistics of flexible enough that we can bring things forward by a day and go out to the cab earlier. most parts of germany are starting vaccinating on sunday regional politicians stressed the urgency isn't enough hours in the air seen rising infections and alarmingly high numbers of fatalities. and yet the vaccine is giving us this glimpse of hope that if we can hold out a little longer. we have the chance that more and more people will be vaccinated. the biotech pfizer vaccine is being delivered across germany and the country's health minister held out the hope of more to come. by to right now if the other pact scenes that look promising are approved by the middle of the year we'll be able to roll out widespread vaccinations and offer one to anyone who wants
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it so much. by the end of 2021 point 3000000 doses of vaccine will have been distributed in january another 3000000 like here in berlin vaccination centers are ready and waiting and they are equipped to administer many 1000000 monteux says to members of the public. because they need to vaccinate is so high in the interest is there rather have as many doses as possible as quickly as possible so that we can get. the health minister rejects charges too little vaccine was ordered at the european level and he was clear about the overall. the corner. the corona vaccine season it's free of charge involuntary but our intent is clear we want to vaccinate so many people that the virus no longer stands a chance in germany in europe. first in line is anyone aged 80 or older like here in. mobile teams will be visiting with the vaccine any day
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soon. their bodies need a house that is standing by for a set one of the vaccinations centers in berlin and you know what's happening where you are there today will be receiving their shots. well i'm standing outside the arena in traffic tell you that is in the center of lennon it's normally a concert venue but of course there are no concerts that are happening during the pandemic and so this has been turned into one of the lens 6 vaccination centers and it is going to be the 1st to start operation this afternoon other than that some 40 mobile units are going to go to elderly people's homes today to start vaccinating in spoken to some staff there already today what are they saying how are they feeling. well most of the people that we saw this morning are
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volunteers to whom this is a good. new experience so they were not sensually they were not so sure what was going to wait for them but they said they felt it was a great day and they felt it was a privilege to take part in it some of them registered here to take the people's data for example and essentially work on the computers but of course they also had training when it comes to hygiene rules etc now the german authorities shora but they can reach all the most vulnerable and. well 1st of all you have to know that the 1st doses arrived in germany on saturday so yesterday and then they were sent to the 16 regions in every region in germany in fast program received some 10000 doses and that is of course not nearly enough to even cover the elderly people so of course there is a big sense of urgency here but it is also
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a big sign that they can start vaccinating but of course everybody knows that patience is going to be wearing thin over time and of course you need 2 doses for the vaccine to actually be fully effective and so health minister said that today is an important day but that it will take until next summer at the earliest before we can have a situation where some 2 thirds of the population will have either have had covert or they will have been vaccinated this is of course crucial for the pandemic to go away oh i mean how the braving the cold for us to report on this historic story story in berlin thanks very much for the update. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines this hour u.s. president almost trump has refused to sign a massive spending package which has already been agreed by congress and includes nearly 900000000000 dollars in sorely needed coronavirus trump said it doesn't go
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far enough to help everyday americans but his refusal means that up to 14000000 people will lose their unemployment benefits. 10 people dead in iran after avalanches hit a mountain range north of the capital tehran rescue teams are searching for a number of people still believed to be missing avalanches struck 4 different areas in the outdoors mountain range which is popular for hiking and climbing. hundreds of migrants stranded in northwest and bosnia have spent a 4th night in freezing temperatures and squalid conditions after the camp that house them burnt down the u.n. and other international aid groups are appealing to the authorities to provide alternative shelter for the migrants saying people could die if they don't act soon because. they were already living in misery. then things got worse. freezing temperatures no heat in
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a big tent and just plastic sheeting for a roof one that threatens to cave in from snow piling up on top some people here say they aren't even being regularly fed. who it is the one he called and we can't sleep in here of. anything for example no. child or no food without food we're sleeping here with. about 1200 refugees were relocated because their former camp down a few days ago the fire allegedly set by frustrated occupants located near boston is border with croatia the u.n. camp at least but was scheduled to be closed because bosnian authorities allegedly ignored its appeals to help restore basic services the cold weather for showers and toilets weeks ago. bosnia has become a bottleneck for thousands of migrants hoping to reach western europe those here try to get into the nearest e.u. country croatia though croatian authorities have been loath to allow them entry and
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usually push back. before. police beating. and push back was never released due to give them everything of our life. for now there's still no solution in sight for these migrants who are in dire need of help. on sports news now sort of a football game in bolivia was interrupted when a pitch invader ran onto the field and took possession of a player's footwear but it. was up at. the base dug 1 stole a bit and the show at a 1st official match outfoxing opponents and interrupting play for about 3 minutes the curious. time and took a dive to avoid getting sent off in the end to tame them but took matters into his
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own hands to sideline supply for approach shots so crucial to go see. the stump. you're watching data any news out makes it shift at living in the digital age breaks a chain for that i'll be back with more headlines at the top of the hour until then there's always a web site w dot com dot forget to follow us on social media as well as think of any news i'm rebecca has in thailand sinks in. the used crime fighters are back with us for those most successful radio drama series continues through the olympus odes are available online and of course you can share and disco song w. africa's facebook page and of other social media platforms to crime fighter tune in no. 6. to go beyond yes.
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