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tv   Katholischer Gottesdienst  Deutsche Welle  December 27, 2020 4:03pm-4:44pm CET

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vaccine is limited but demand is huge we've most you can she's receiving an initial batch of no more than 10000 doses each member state is prioritizing who gets food jobs for the supplies are expected in the new year but officials warn of as a long way to go before everyone can be vaccinated. and here in germany the immunization campaign is also underway with vaccine doses still in limited supply the government has prioritized who will go 1st those in the highest priority group include people over 80 as well as residents and staff of care homes frontline medical personnel in intensive care units and emergency services and others in contact with high risk patients will also get priority after that the vaccination will be given to people over 70 doctors and medical staff and regular contact with patients as well as people with mental disabilities everyone else will have to wait it's not yet clear how the rest of the population will be prioritized the question
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remains just how long it will take for people to be vaccinated for life to return to some kind of normal. the mayor of hamburg personally drops by for the coronavirus vaccinations at the holy ghost senior care facility patients and health care staff are the 1st in the port city to get the vaccine the shots are administered in a newly set up the x. a nation center that's the nation's are also under way further south in hassen like here for staff members of frankfurt's university germany wants to make sure that as many people as possible get the vaccine as fast as possible. if your call can i know you need to reach a herd immunity by achieving a vaccination threshold of about 60 to 70 percent that would mean more than 100000000 in occupations in germany getting vaccinated is our only way to end the pandemic berlin's health senator here visiting the 1st care home in the city
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offering vaccinations each of the city's mobile units can inoculate about 50 people a day almost all residents here wanted the vaccine my hope is does he hope will have high vaccination quotas in all care facilities like we're seeing today. 93 percent shows a high willingness to get vaccinated doctors and management here have laid the groundwork explaining it and preparing people 60 vaccination teams are underway in berlin by the end of february most of the residents at care facility should be inoculated oh and kate lara standing by for us at the largest retirement home in the cologne germany of course kate what's happening right now where you are. i'm sir just behind me is the fos woman who got vaccinated here today she is a 9092 year old lady named so mrs fogle arm and yet
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she was a vaccination today the fuss of a 110 residents here at colognes largest cow home where there's 1100 residents so she was the fast many and everyone hair who will get vaccinated everyone who wants gets in a tent at will be able to do certain the coming days but just today though the 110 residents have executed a number of stuff as well and it can you tell us a little bit more about how people are reacting to this news and having you know i guess the media there in this event and rolling in their own care home. yeah everyone was really really excited today and profer who misses focus south was also really happy as soon as she had the rights a nation she could face mask like my one he asked and he did a lot smile and everyone was very very happy about that and i spoke as well to the woman who had to prepare her hair as well and she said that she was very excited to have him in the 1st one chosen for these vaccinations to happen and she said that
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a lot of hard work had gone into preparing the vaccine and making sure all the preparations were right and that took place through christmas but she caught at an early christmas present you know and we can well imagine why thanks for that kate martin reporting for us from cologne time to take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world hundreds of british tourists have fled coronavirus foreign team in a swiss ski resort a very big they were vacationing there when the government demanded that they self isolate following the discovery of a new variant of the virus in the united kingdom is no flights between switzerland and the u.k. it's not clear where the holidaymakers went. japan is effectively closing its borders for at least a month in an effort to contain the new coronavirus fair into riginal he detected in the u.k. the foreign ministry says it will bar all nonresident foreign nationals starting monday japanese residents will be allowed to return home.
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voting is underway in a potentially historic election. the vote could produce the west african countries 1st peaceful transfer of power between democratically elected presidents that's despite a continuing insurgency by jihadist militants and extreme poverty according to the u.n. the share is the world's poorest country. hundreds of migrants stranded in northwestern bosnia have spent a 4th night in freezing temperatures and squalid conditions after the camp that housed them burned down the u.n. and other international aid groups are urgently appealing to the authorities in bosnia herzegovina to provide alternative shelter for the migrants they say people could die if they don't act soon. they were already living in misery then things got worse. freezing
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temperatures no heat in a big tent and just plastic sheeting for a roof one that threatens to cave in from snow piling up on top some people here say they aren't even being regularly fed. who it is the one he called and we can't sleep in here. and think for example. no food without food we'll flip in here with. about 1200 refugees were relocated because their former camp down a few days ago the fire allegedly set by frustrated occupants located near bosnia's border with croatia the u.n. camp at least but was scheduled to be closed because bosnian authorities allegedly ignored its appeals to help restore basic services the cold weather for showers and toilets weeks ago. bosnia has become a bottleneck for thousands of migrants hoping to reach western europe those here
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try to get into the nearest e.u. country croatia though croatian authorities have been loath to allow them entry and usually push back. the. police beating. and push big. police through to give them everything of our life. for now there's still no solution in sight for these migrants who are in dire need of help. and for more insight on this we are joined by peter van there in the western balkans coordinator of the international organization for migration here thanks for speaking to us we've seen the misery these people are ensuring is anyone doing anything to help them. well what we're seeing really is a political did look we have been asking us why women other international organizations and also the you for the bills the majority stew identified an
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alternative location for the people that you just saw in lipa but also for us to eat of course $1500.00 people that were already sleeping outside in the forest cams and in abandoned buildings and unfortunately despite i think our base it for it's not legal agreement has been reached and today i don't expect any progress either any it's really a political issue because unlike you know urgent durian crisis we actually have sufficient resources to leave the help all the people the only thing that you need these for the authorities to identify where these people can be properly housed you're ready to deploy to be the next half an hour. before coming. and you know we've seen this in other places like lesbos greece work once again at camp was apparently burnt down by the people living in it in a gesture of desperation. is there is a european union to blame there for than for not taking action should. no i don't
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believe the fire started after about we had decided to block the camp because it was unsafe and there were no basic services we've been asking for months from the authorities to create a camp to the energy grid in the water system so that we could winterize it so it could be location or markets to stay during the winter. and then a few migrants who are disgruntled because they had to leave without any alternative solutions in the fire to do things but in this particular case said look believe that used to play the us been providing all the financial support to go see if you go to take care of the markets and or 3 let's not forget there don't need total $8000.00 that it will be a problem for a country or 3500000 to deal with in the european union i think on everything they can to provide financial resources but we need critical positions where the smart money can skin the house in the proper way. that was the iowans peter vendor are speaking to me from sarajevo.
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archeologists in the italian city of pompei have excavated a strikingly well preserved ancient roman fast food restaurant they even found leftovers from what was on the menu nearly 2000 years ago pompei was buried by lava and ash when mt vesuvius erupted in 79 a d. it's one of italy's most popular tourist destinations. the deadly volcanic eruption completely destroyed the bustling port of pompei among the thousands of victims customers of this fast food restaurant which sold takeaway chicken lamb and goat the pots on the counter contain duck burns and traces of snails a noted delicacy out front a sign warning diners to be aware of the dog and some graffiti making fun of the owner. it's the 1st time we've managed to excavate a complete term of poli i'm snack bar like this new technology allows us to
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pinpoint what was in these containers we continue to look it was a few frieda the excavation gives the scientists some important clues about roman eating habits and the unfortunate owner was obviously inside the shop when the volcano erupted behind the counter a human skeleton for the moment the site is still closed to visitors because of coronavirus restrictions. and we turn now to some sports news of a sort of football game in bolivia was interrupted when a pitch invader ran onto the field and took possession of a player's footwear but about all you need to give us about. this dog stall issue and the show at a 1st division match outfoxing opponents and interrupting play for about 3 minutes the curious kate on took a dive to avoid getting sent off in the end
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a team member took matters into his own hands to sideline the playful hooch but. this is deja vu news live from berlin up next it's our docs film northern lights life within the arctic circle part one from a far smaller bars to siberia all the. breathtakingly beautiful heat bruce home. of the generations the people who live here have flown time to some find this an inhospitable landscape. we travel through the optic. from small bound to eastern siberia. we want to learn how people's
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lives are changing in this remote part of the world. cruising through the arctic ocean at 20 knots an hour. we're aboard the sapphire princess one of the big cruise ships now too. increasing frequency and after a good friendship has never been more comfortable provided you are willing to share the experience with many others. just before 7 am we crossed into the optics circle and see its rugged night show without being exposed to it as adventures go it's on decline. that will soon change why did you get up so early in the morning to go to the gym. where you come from the gym but i didn't realize it was going to mark like
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this and it's fantastic being out here it's inspirational it really helps you to get closer to nature and that's a good thing i think if people thought more about that they wouldn't be tossing their garbage around and driving big s.u.v.s or my wife or see them all the lights going out the. door to support that. doesn't mean to say yeah. i will shake up. the arctic landscape is harsh and for getting yet it's one of the most fragile ecosystems on the planet. half. the weather and the far north is temperamental the ship with its 18 decks starts to rock from side to side. there's
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a swimming pool is transformed into way for. below deck they're still cooking up a storm and due to the rough weather we've lost our appetites probably still mate with stephen reynolds these shows are still around his domain with a twinkle in his eyes he says a few guests to likely leave the ship heavier than when i forwarded as. we mentioned like you know a lot of persons i should. you know the real i would have a child so that's. good yes. that they were at the arctic cuisines not what the passengers want general. the british market that we do for a name they still want to come to their roast face yorkshire puddings. they say when they're trying to get a student was the dances like to travel in style we make
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a couple from stroll through change the taking cruising speed is this is the 23rd doesn't bother them that this kind of holiday is increasingly faint as environmentally unfriendly. life is a compromise on the one hand you want to see places on the other there are environmental problems but this makes the region more popular so people see how it's changing on it's important the region becomes a better knowledge base but that's only possible with lots of people can visit it on. the cruise ship industry is entice in people to come to the arctic while it's still intact. it ships are bringing guests to ever move remote locations to ensure that there's a booming business doesn't fall victim to environmental misgivings companies are trying to go green on board trashes separated for recycling and some ships are now running on liquefied petroleum gas instead of heavy crude oil all marine
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diesel fuel. traveling through these icy waters poses particular dangers captain paolo rivera tells us so he and his crew have gone through special navigational training. for the hordes of navigation icy water. the up the area not that we don't have a lot of everything eyes but there are places where that is or the way things are so we have to be careful because. it's like all right. for that float. small guys we have little girl that they can actually damage the propellers. and if we go into quite a house i condensation concentration of ice with the slip itself we can actually damaged the house. unless it's a ship which is built for i see what that which is not this is for the north i stick on the front but not very thick and.
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this evening we catch a glimpse of one of the arctic's most fleeting attractions. the northern lights. the rural borealis once inspired belief in the supernatural now it's something to wrists film imposed on social media. we leave the ships warm comfort zone from out so we continue on to the spot acapella. insomuch huge cruise ships come here carrying fowls of passengers. in the off
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season smallish ships docked here not far off from the north pole. it's no longer just well equipped explorers who are venturing this close to the north pole. the number of tourists has doubled over the last decade each year 70000 visitors descend on long gambling in a town of some 2000 residents. for the locals to reason has become a rely on. the source of revenue now that mining is in decline still it has its challenges. style bad search and rescue team said the number of distress calls has increased along with people's expectations we accompany the a risky chain on a training mission. wearing a protective suit is mandatory should be fooled into the icy cold water it would
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keep us from getting hypothermia at least for a few minutes. slower haagen is in charge of the 2 pew my helicopters stationed on . each of them can transport as many as 20 people in emergency. style body is an arctic desert yet it's growing ever where time is more right unless small. boat with but if you're such. a small the boat up all the measures are getting smaller and we're treating. all the temperature. pressure on an average.
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the captain of this expedition vessel has agreed to take caught in a rescue makes the sourness. as has our camera man who's now being lowered on a rope. the ship's crew also take. spazz and the it's a size they know the importance of such maneuvers in a match and saying thanks. after a little refreshment it's back to work. if a ship gets in trouble snorts crew rescues the passengers one by one by helicopter
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. once they've all been evacuated there's still enough the problem to deal with a ship wreck full of diesel stranded in an extremely fragile ecosystem. to give guests an unforgettable experience snore says some captains take big risks in this dangerous region the rescuers must cover vast distances he finds the sheets cruise ships most problematic the thing is that we should always be able to help but it might take a lot longer time than we want to so it's all a matter of it's a bit harsh to say but it's a matter of getting the rescue done before people die so if we start to say that yeah we're going to rescue a ship with 7000 people on board it might take weeks. that people here say that tourism needs to be steered in the right direction to ensure
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that speil bad spectacular nature is protected. and that visitors return home safely. in the. way has sovereignty of a spouse but the archipelago is a visa free zone russia has an arctic outpost here in balance book to reach it. we must take advice. there's not a single road leading to balance book. to sun in cyrillic is a reminder of bygone times our goal communism the soviet spirit with geopolitics has long spoken another language.
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than. valarie comes from eastern ukraine a region plagued by divisions in a way backed by progress in forces he works on smile bought for state owned russian coal company. than. my wife stayed at home. i'm here alone there aren't any jobs for women here they can't earn much money here. mining coal is hardly profitable anymore the prospect is a drawn by other natural resources. it's believed there are huge oil and gas reserves are small boats coasts norway and russia disagree on who they belong to. russia's consul general on style bad service team sergei pushkin says his country has a good neighborly relationship with nato member norway such conciliatory tones are
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rare in russian diplomacy these days as the arctic climate is too harsh for conflicts that the friendship prince short lived when it comes to oil or execute them with but he will do you have any idea what he just office that would generate in the billions that he's getting everything here will turn to gold if the russian interpretation is applied astutely that's why we haven't been able to come to an agreement with all widgets about this which wants an oil or gas field as found here . legal disputes will certainly start here ridge is border. a few notable miles away in the barents sea russia's stages military maneuvers that fuels worries here that worse things than legal action could happen. even if here on the hill side they invoke world peace. to find out what happens to
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a remote northern town when fossil fuel deposits are found just offshore we pay a visit to hammerfest. and winter noise far north is plunged into darkness for 2 long months. so for a long time people were leaving in droves. but then along came sto white that's what they call the natural gas field off the coast from hammerfest since 2007 snow white has been a fairy tale train come true for the town's finances and the high wages paid have attracted many skilled workers. this is a good morning for anna her little daughter afa doesn't make a fuss when she's dropped off at daycare afterwards and i head straight to the office her partner is currently working off shore as always in 2 week long stints.
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sometimes you have a meeting that you can't miss and then you really have a challenge. balancing motherhood with a career in ecuador norway state and energy company is no easy feat it's not just a question of time but of ideology too she drives a hybrid car avoids plastic and recycles her waste protecting the environment is important to her as it is to most norwegians yet she works. company that makes its money from extracting fossil fuels. 21 year old sean says there's no contradiction there. at this plant ecuador liquefies natural gas and puts it into tanks it also operates a pilot project. the firm separates the c o 2 from the natural gas and pumps it back into the ocean floor this process
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reduces the amount of harmful greenhouse gases making their way into the atmosphere norway site such projects as proof of its green credentials yet it continues to award exploration drilling licenses in the arctic ocean and its finances count on petro dollars environmental activists call back at hypocritical. anna considers their criticism unfounded yet she's used to having to justify working for the industry people might think that you would be a hypocrite if you think about the climate crisis and things still work in the industry but. i think that my company is a place very grow. better faster. and then g.e. i found in norway's profitable fossil fuel extraction wouldn't change anything and
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i says customers would just buy their gas elsewhere and that wouldn't benefit the climate at all her mother has always supported her choice. she has always been a tough guy she was. pointing out that. i want to work in that company this is my dream. norwegians os serious about protecting the environment however they are unwilling to give up selling oil and gas any time soon because that's what's made norway into one of the richest countries worldwide. we continue our journey eastwards from hammerfest above an income vote on the amount peninsula in the language of the indigenous and then its people means the
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end of the world but now the peninsula is the sign of one of russia's largest economic projects. we're just in time to witness them tapping and new gas source russian energy giant gazprom has developed above a new gas field in record time. so guess lunch if one gas perms best welder title in 2015 is a custom to mystify and heat but here he must deal with other companies to be. winners and processed sometimes it's minus 15 degrees celsius and those temperatures you try not to work outside work but sometimes there's an accident and you have to go out and work whether you want to or not it was the. gas promise
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created a small town for $3000.00 workers in this depleted part of siberia we're only allowed to visit after receiving special permission from the state of international company he took in weeks. of e-mails and phone calls to get it the workers are made to feel like heroes they're saving the country's a name to make the uk tick lucrative. the surrogate tells us the main reason they're all here. an average workers in northern siberia own roughly double the amount compared to the rest of russia. here they work for 30 days straight then they have 50 days off so his family lives a day's journey away from boston inc of oh. no but sometimes it's hard especially at the end of your stand. and the monotony
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gets to hear. but you pay a price for everything in this life or so this is quite ok pls. the woman of the arctic is a boon for russia's economic ambitions the section of the northeast passage along russia's coast is now i spree more often making it easier to export siberian gas goods coming from china by boat can also reach europe quicker and russia plans to profit from this. the port of sabet is pivotal to this strategy. but that doesn't leave much room for these nomadic reindeer herders in the shadow of the drilling rigs they feel the loss of their homeland.
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roland emmerich we desisting the van a week her family they belong to the indigenous people known as the minutes they've lived here for centuries in a perfectly adapted to the inhospitable conditions in the arctic. region but now these nomadic people must contend with industrial sites train tracks and streets that what you just wanted to. avoid drilling is underway for oil and gas on the net it's grazing land endangering the traditions and culture. there was about how do you call this a bridge i call it a paria it stands on legs like this so we can stack meat fish and so forth up there then they stay fresh for a long time i will go to. the gas companies now have a nimitz commissioner who acts as
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a mediator between heavy industry and the indigenous people it's good p.r. . hello nice to see you. is she yours. how many do you have. and sometimes the companies donate firewood or generated to the nets. grigory tells us this hardly compensates for what they have lost she joined us trail expansion. your church it's not good up up up but. why shouldn't they know. well much that they should help but we've surrendered so much of our land to the gas workers there's no longer enough grazing land not here nor in the south.
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a source of food clothing and transportation. everything to the nimitz the van wijk has a $200.00 of them. but times are changing the winters are getting warmer and the animals are growing thin as they have a hard time finding food which of course nischelle without snow it's harder to keep the reindeer together they go off in all directions and groups break off from the herd which was good. the ventilators will soon set off to their will to grazing lands like every year but their route will be different determined more and more by the economic interests of the distant capital. we continue on hour to convention from subash we travel to the settlement to share ski in the middle of the arctic summer. and the tundra we can reach 40 degrees celsius in the summer
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time yet with every step we take it gets cooler. and it smells the fish this despite its beauty this serves as a freezer for the. people. in subzero temperatures the remains of plants and dead animals from past use dobes decompose. the permafrost functions like an icy safe keeping it store of carbon locked up double the amount of carbon dioxide contained in the entire earth's atmosphere. it's a ticking climatic timebomb. surrogate seam of things he knows how to keep it from going off. but 1st the russian scientist wants to show us the problem. he takes us for a ride on the column a river which is frozen over most of the here.
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we had to send bank and a stock. so gay seem of a highly regarded member of the russian academy of sciences has to get out and push out camera man still is while i kill the after more than 4 hours we reach ice cliffs but the sound of running water soon makes it clear siberia's permafrost is melting. just my crops reap we've just lost refused to solve it yes now's a wake up ok heres a start. and pull of us smile. president you put on some organisms start eating right away shad in doing so they transform carbon and to carbon dioxide and our area there is so much of it that europe's climate will
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become unbearable if it all falls out. the speed at which the ground is releasing greenhouse gases is exceeding scientists most dire predictions. back to say gays planned. large creatures once roamed the mammoth step we collect evidence of that within minutes surrounded by schools of mosquitoes for. the remains of via some courses and only mammoths egypt abbreviate where ever people appear unspoiled nature disappears from view in russia there are still a lot of open spaces if it's our duty to restore the natural variety that our forefathers witnessed of egypt in there you can. see more of is a scientist who wants to put his theories into practice so over 2 decades ago he began resurrecting the ice age with his pleistocene pock together with his son
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nikita he chopped down trees implanted ancient grasses then they introduced yanks and mice and the hair before was a task with a huge responsibility slowing the pace of climate change. you go what is it that we do have this week in december it's a cover that we blanket of snow insulates the ground from the cold so i'm going to go up with the horses on the hunt for grass dig around in the snow and tramp it down. when you're out with this allows the permafrost to freeze more thoroughly which protects it from falling out in the summer use the shirts up by. the animals back down to earth which is then able to store the cold better at least that's the russians basic hypothesis. so gets him of puts it more bluntly he calls his park
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a battlefield the fight between an ecosystem that's ill equipped to combat climate change and the ice age when he paints to resurrect. his experiment has drawn scientists from around the world including a german team that's examining the grasses the cmos have introduced they're trying to measure the levels of environmentally harmful gases here enough analysis and we assume the whole thing has a much more active circulatory system or exchange with the atmosphere at that ultimately the ground absorbs more carbon due to more potent synthesis and the more active grasses that grow here. the scene on say the ground there plasticine park is already pertain in the cold better. the russian republic of south that is sparsely populated in summer most of the people here live from fishing in winter they have muskrat and m. and. you know you need and said they share
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a lifelong friendship you. know my. local one well you got your. little shares. but they have different views on climate change. you know i don't believe it period nothing's changed everything's the same as i was. yet just months before the banks of the permafrost behind leonids house melted causing an entire lake to slide into the column a river but. there are billions of the lakes like that where the water flows in or out that.


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