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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  December 27, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at. science. this is indeed if you use love from berlin the european union rolls out its mass vaccination program against cope with 19. it's a shot of hope as a huge coordinated effort gets underway to start a new nosing society's most vulnerable members also on the program. plus exceeding and blankets are their only protection against the elements hundreds of migrants
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have spent a 4th night in freezing conditions in northwestern boston and aid groups say people could die if they don't get proper shelter soon. nick spicer welcome to the program it's being called an historic day in the fight against the coronavirus 19 vaccinations have begun in countries across the european union the vaccine is seen as the 1st significant step forward in a crisis that has elevated health workers and scientists to the status of heroes now it's the turn of a new type of hero to roll up their sleeves with europe's most elderly lining up for the vaccine. celebration as spain vaccinates its 1st person against the coronavirus is
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a moment of hope in one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic. in italy medical staff were the 1st to give a job their country to ravaged by the 1st wave of the virus. off the other one man having been on the frontline since the beginning of the pandemic i have felt with my hands and seen with my eyes how difficult it is to fight this fire. it has been painful to witness the defeats this virus has caused moderate today as an important and decisive day but this is the war. in which the public prime minister and j bobbish led the way and he was followed by a world war 2 veteran who took it all in her stride. it pricked a little that was all. of her. while in sweden the 1st was a 91 year old retirement home resident. supply of
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a vaccine is limited but demand is huge we've most you can she's receiving an initial batch of no more than 10000 doses each member state is prioritizing who gets food job. supplies are expected in the new year but officials warn has a long way to go before everyone can be vaccinated. and here in germany the immunization campaign is also underway with vaccine doses still in limited supply the government has prioritized who will go 1st those in the highest priority group include people over 80 as well as residents and staff of care homes frontline medical personnel in intensive care units and emergency services and others in contact with high risk patients also get priority after that the vaccination will be given to people over 70 doctors and medical staff and regular contact with patients as well as people with mental disabilities everyone else will have to wait
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it's not yet clear how the rest of the population will be prioritized the question remains just how long it will take for enough people to be vaccinated for life to return to some kind of normal here's a look now at how germany's code 19 vaccinations rolled out across the country. the mayor of hamburg personally drops by for the coronavirus vaccinations at the holy ghost senior care facility patients and health care staff are the 1st in the port city to get the vaccine the shots are administered in a newly set up the explanation center that's the nation's are also under way further south in hassen like here for staff members of frankfurt's university germany wants to make sure that as many people as possible get the vaccine as fast as possible. if your call can i know you need to reach a herd immunity by achieving a vaccination threshold of about 60 to 70 percent that would mean more than
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100000000 in occupations in germany getting vaccinated is our only way to end the pandemic berlin's health senator here visiting the 1st care home in the city offering vaccinations each of the city's mobile units can inoculate about 50 people a day almost all residents here wanted the vaccine my hope is to see no hope we'll have high vaccination quotas in all care facilities like we're seeing today. 93 percent shows a high willingness to get vaccinated doctors and management here of laid the groundwork explaining it and preparing people 60 vaccination teams are underway in berlin by the end of february most of the residents at care facilities should be inoculated. and we can really live to one of those vaccination it centers and correspondent chest she is standing by for us. how is the vaccination going.
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well you can see behind me i'm inside a vaccination center into german cabrito in beilein and he's going weedy smooth and you can see the seats behind me i still empty there's a reason for it the family in the city are bending received $10000.00 is off to vaccine for to all city so not all of them are being administered here today there will be a $150.00 people who are expected to get the job here you can see behind me some of these people as well as medical personnel are people got the vaccine are waiting for half an hour just to see if there's no side effects in undesirable effects other chaps so far everything has run smoothly has run smoothly and you see medical personnel here in case this would be possibile so volunteers it was in the case it was so volunteers that are here so yeah well you spoke to a company sorry ok. you spoke to
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a couple people who got the shot how are they feeling about it all. so i spoke to a few people who got a job this afternoon all of them told me that some of them told me they didn't feel anything all of them told me that it was absolutely the same as getting a flu shot all of them were care workers so they are in daily contact with people who are already fragile elderly people as well and all of them came on a voluntary. this to employers gave them a form to fill out and they were all coming here to get a job as it would become available to them ok i'm just looking at the big picture here on this day of. germany has had protests against the government coronavirus restrictions you covered some of them. are active on social media here are all germans overall willing to get the job. well according to the latest
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the latest survey 2 thirds of germans are willing to take the job 32 percent of the population is willing to take it immediately 33 percent so around about the same we want to wait a little bit to see if there are any side effects 16 percent of them say they are undecided and 19 percent say they would refuse to take the vaccine so we're talking about one 5th of the population it is a minority of people who are against the vaccine or against taking it they are very vocal as you mentioned it but they do not represent a majority of the population and hence when you say yes say that today was an extraordinary day in the fight of their pandemic and he also say that germany was expecting to get 1300000 doses octave vaccine by the end of this year and he's hoping that germany will get 700000 doses delivered weekly starting january he mentioned that the general public should be able to be able to be fascinated by
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media year and next year all right. thanks for that. first time to take a look at some of the other stories making headlines. hundreds of british tourists have fled coronavirus quarantine in the ski swiss ski resort of their big they were vacationing there when the government demanded that they self isolate following the discovery of a new variant of the virus in the united kingdom with no flights between switzerland and the u.k. it's not clear where the holidaymakers went. japan is effectively closing its borders for at least a month in an effort to contain the new coronavirus variant originally detected in the u.k. the foreign ministry says it will bar all nonresident for national starting monday japanese residents will be allowed to return. voting is underway in a potentially historic election in. the vote could produce the west african
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countries 1st peaceful transfer of power between democratically elected presidents that's despite a continuing insurgency by jihadist militants and extreme poverty according to the u.n. the share is the world's poorest country. hundreds of migrants stranded in northwestern bosnia have spent a 4th night in freezing temperatures and squalid conditions after the camp that housed them burned down the u.n. and international aid groups are urgently appealing to the authorities in bosnia herzegovina to provide alternative shelter for the migrants they say people could die if they don't actually. they were already living in misery then things got worse. freezing temperatures no heat in a big tent and just plastic sheeting for a roof one that threatens to cave in from snow piling up on top some people here say they aren't even being regularly fed. who it is the winter cold can't sleep in
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here. and in thing for example. no food without food flipping he'll window. about 1200 refugees were relocated because their former camp down a few days ago the fire allegedly set by frustrated occupants located near boston is border with croatia the u.n. camp at least but was scheduled to be closed because bosnian authorities allegedly ignored its appeals to help restore basic services the cold weather froze showers and toilets weeks ago. bosnia has become a bottleneck for thousands of migrants hoping to reach western europe those here try to get into the nearest e.u. country croatia though croatian authorities have been loath to allow them entry and usually push back. the people. whose
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input is beating. bush now. to give him everything of our life. for now there's still no solution in sight for these migrants who are in dire need of help. and for more insight on this we are joined by peter there in the western balkans coordinator of the international organization for migration here thanks for speaking to us we've seen the misery these people are ensuring is anyone doing anything to help them. well what we're seeing really is a political did look we have been asking us why women in other international organizations and also the you for the bills the majority still have the final authority for the creation for the people that you just so in lipa but also for us to end of $1500.00 people that were already sleeping outside in the forest cams and in abandoned buildings and unfortunately despite the think of it for it's not
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a legal agreement has been reached and today i don't expect any progress either any it's really a political issue because unlike you know there's a military in crisis we actually have sufficient resources to immediately help all the people the only thing that you need these for the authorities to identify where these people can be properly housed you're ready to deploy it in x. half an hour. before coming. and you know we've seen this in other places like lesbos greece where once again that camp was apparently burnt down by the people living in it in a gesture of desperation. is there is a european union to blame there for than for not taking action should. no i don't believe the fire started after about we had decided to block the camp because it was unsafe and there were no basic services we did asking for months from the authorities to go to camp to the energy in the water system so that we could we
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could be look at the markets stay during the winter. and then a few migrants who were disgruntled because they had to leave without any alternative solutions in the fire to do things but in this particular case said look believe that used to great us been providing all the financial support to go see if you go to take care of the markets are nor 3 let's not forget there don't need to model 8000 that it will be a problem for culture 3500000 to deal with the european union i think on everything they can to provide financial resources but we need critical positions where these money markets can be housing programs and. that was the peter under our speaking to me from sorry. and we turn now to some sports news well sort of a football game in bolivia was interrupted when a pitch invader ran onto the field and took possession of a player's footwear. and i suppose. this dog stole
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a shoe and the show at a 1st edition match outfoxing opponents an interrupting play for about 3 minutes the curious canine took a dive to avoid getting sent off as one does in the end to a team member took matters into his own hands to sideline the playful french you know somebody to mess with to see. this is news and stay tuned for more headlines the top of the next hour. i'm exposer thanks for watching. my 1st my steak was a sewing machine. where i come from. women are almost by this social influence even something as simple as learning how to write a bicep those isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have both eyes ideal of my own but it took me mr clinton might have. finally gave up and mentioned by nehemiah psycho's but returned because
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sewing machines sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls then writing i'm biased as now i want to meet shall screwballs woman back home who are bound by their duties and social rules and inform them of old dead basic rights my name is the about of the hook and i work at speeds of. the. like. margo it says. they are there gradually. like is everything it's everything. for the last 18 years there's no place in the world
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that you both more a heart of i would rather be than on lake baikal in southern siberia. the sprightly senior lives on the western shore of the world's largest freshwater lake. the. passion. you my skates take from 943 and i'm still using them in. the. poll of polls. everyone tells me you should slow down yet i just can't. of money hold over to be able to take it easy she's been retired for over 20 years
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and since the death of my husband lives alone almost alone. you. she's found. looks after 4 dogs 5 cows 2 camps and 4 chickens but whenever she's not caring for her brood she takes to the ice. when she straps the still blades she's used for decades onto a pair of old wooden felt boots she's just as nimble as ever. instead of using a bicycle or a car. performs her errands on skates she checks in on her cows or does
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a little shopping in the neighboring village it's a half hour journey each way and she does it most every day. you're giving yes for me means being able to go anywhere and everywhere. fast mysterious and with a hint of melancholy romantic see lake baikal as a reflection of the rushing song. of mari heart of art it's a source of hope and confidence. a last name are a holdover means something like the seaman's wife in russian the word money mean seen the locals respectfully called like by cow the by council saying.
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yeah i like to sing songs about it's a wind. like haber goods in the waves of the young lad doesn't have to swim so far. that. the octogenarian believe skating on blank by carl is the secret to her longevity the world's deepest lake in his heart dancing she has more faith in powers than in the miracles of jesus whose birth is currently being celebrated around the globe. in russia too. but. i think that's. right yes yes yes yes. it is but all nonsense. waters let a church and everything around it these pope stressed in gold and silver that's not for me i don't want that. gold.
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they're still in a village some 60 kilometers away the russian orthodox church is experiencing a resurrection following decades of oppression during the soviet era according to recent polls 65 percent of russians count them selves as belonging to the orthodox church but not by. the chantrey is growing in importance as a social institution in russia and bringing with it a more conservative philosophy of life. but is not a believer. nor have mercy upon us is one of the central themes in the liturgy it's repeated dozens of times church services can last for several hours especially
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at christmas. if you think about it logically you won't find anything up above. no soul that flies to heaven nothing. when you die you'll be eaten by worms. which means there when we were it means that everyone should live in harmony with their own conscience and do no harm to others but then all will be well all will be well for so with her. being conscientious and respecting others is something you barred from our heart of a sense she also taught her children however very rarely come here christmas is clearly not an occasion that they believe merits a visit what i do have a son a daughter and buys you around children. they live in the city. by the
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city she means in a coup tsk almost 300 kilometers away it's a 5 hour drive from w. bush house she said custom to traveling long distances she's been doing it since she was a charming going to live from 1st grade on i went 4 kilometers to school. and 4 kilometers back then on my skates. was going to call many times i almost drowned yes quite a curse then once there were 3 of us on our way home with us and the one who were not ashamed suddenly a crack appeared in the ice i wanted to know where it came from i dug deep into it with my state plate and suddenly i fell into the water. in january. if i could just raise my arm enough for the girls to pull me out. now girl said. let's walk along the shore or you'll freeze to death 2 the wind was so cold.
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but it was warmer in the woods so i went home like that rose in gold so. you know my mother asked where were you all the other kids were home long ago and i said i was with not only the. thank you. it's. you it takes a bit of searching to find a new ball of money heart of us house there are no signs all mark preston our own nameless country lane leads than. the nearest settlement is quarter yancey it lies 60 kilometers away from babel yoopers house the village has just under 4000 residents half a russian the other half are. indigenous people of mongolian origin.
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but this area of eastern siberia is one of the most economically disadvantaged in russia while the national unemployment rate lies slightly above 5 percent it's more than double that in many places here. about w.p. isn't complaining she's had a long working life in the soviet union for half a century she worked at a factory and we have courts as a press operator a welder a wood turner and later as a plant maintenance engineer. stones
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. the water of like by car is thought to be so crane that people use it for drinking water the daily track to the watering hole in the ice is both a necessity and a ritual. in the sky don't have time to get bored. there is always something to do with village they're still not in such great shape anymore when you lie back hurts the earth to do to the heavy lifting so holding water is hard and removing slurry is to also be right. but the nearest doctor is 60 kilometers away and it would take the ambulance over an hour to reach bob should she require medical attention.
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you dirty rascals and. there is no escape. ok. well what wait and let you go come here my sweetie anyway and. it's lunch time at lake by cop. yeah given that there'll be a grub to eat soon where were you yesterday you freeloaders. the freedom to shows up when there's food to be had for. 2 or 3.
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siberian winters cold and long sometimes they last a full 6 months with temperatures to comply to minus 40 degrees celsius so the people who live here are tough and modest in the sense. he's a true sign barry and. who would you go some folks are never content they think everything's bad one needs lots of money the other palace. formals in a roof over your head that's all a person needs. going to die one way or another that whether in a palace or elsewhere that poconos. marianna but it's still alive and well and she says she will be friends long as she
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can skate on like by cop. man and animal living together and unspoiled nature nelson only rain cofounded national life the only african wildlife conservation center run by the mass pike community but since the coronavirus pandemic they have faced many more challenges than usual needs a problem shipped in their conservation movement to find out. alternatives for. next. houses known to the world but it just means he sounds completely different. start to enter the onus kowloon seems his favorite christmas challenge.
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is a treat for the festive season jingle bells jingle bells during. the work probably 60 minutes. they want to know what makes pajamas you can jump in love i'm batting way up. on love and ultimately god and everyone was laid a holes in everything. are you ready to meet the devons then join me right just do it under a w. just. a little. taking freebie into your own hands for yourself on the environment that's often because it's a success especially during this difficult times and there's additional b. who are figure we will introduce you to a.


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