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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2020 1:00am-2:01am CET

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racism. european population felt that it was important to be wants and to stay growing twice to live. exclusion and contempt and forced sterilization under the nazis for. this documentary examines the few traces that remain of their existence because a good chunk of. storage genuinely loving on d. w. . this is d.w. news and these are our top stories the european union has officially launched its covert 19 a mass vaccination campaign the elderly and health workers are at the front of the law and those who received their shots 1st have reacted emotionally most e.u. states are receiving an initial batch of $10000.00 doses of the buy on tech pfizer
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vaccine for their supplies are expected in the new year. hundreds of migrants stranded in bosnia have spent a 4th night in freezing temperatures the united nations and other agencies agencies are appealing to the authorities to find alternative shelter they warned that people will die without urgent action the camps the migrants were living in burns down. rescue workers in iran have ended their search for survivors after a series of deadly avalanches 12 people have been killed by snowslides in the mountains north of the capital. boars range where the avalanche has struck is a popular weekend destination for hiking and climbing authorities say many visitors have ignored weather warnings. this is news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram at news or visit our web site dot com.
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or go. to rue selema a song that has swept the globe in 2020 inspiring dunn's challenges all over the world including in europe more on that a little later in our show. with that welcome to europe max here's a look at what else we have coming up for you today. why the spanish artists paint huge murals of grandmothers as superheroes. and why a german collect and lets his valuable classic cars rots in the woods. we start with your last cough man who is one of the most in demand tennis in the
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world today the german singer is renowned for his extraordinary technique and charismatic performances and operas like common tosca eda throughout his career is one countless prizes including being crowned as the singer of the year at the international opera awards now he's found time to record his favorite christmas carols festive music for the christmas season and beyond. lord. worth. this christmas carol is at least 200 years old you want to scoff man performs it in the silent night chapel in albany and here salzburg austria the german star tenor is presenting his 1st christmas album here he is fulfilling a longstanding wish for himself and his fans as keep dancing intreated shouldn't
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find there's an incredible number of beautiful christmas carols and in our culture there's a huge spectrum there on the overpass and carols and ones from all over the world which my father played for us all the time hundreds in the. present but was. seriously. almost call fun selected 40 christmas songs for his album including his personal favorite plus alpine tracks and christmas hits from around the world. the busy tenor enjoys the quiet of the christmas holiday. he's a target and christmas is a sacred time for night during this time of year i just want to be with my family and especially my children as much as possible i've always bought the time and read in my counter just before christmas. no more working full time circuits.
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usually the opera star schedule is full on he has been performing on the world's top stages for almost 20 years german and french operas are as much a part of his repertoire as italian ones. but this year everything. is different due to the coronavirus pandemic he's hardly had any performances and no live audience it's been a difficult time for the singer. so in goods that site on used to get into character in a very short time testament to their emotional world but i had to learn to step out of that role without the applause of the audience will help me break the tension. to stand up and i was known just.
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the christmas concert is also missing a live audience nevertheless kaufman's emotions don't fall short when singing festive songs christmas memories from his own childhood come back to the 51 year old tenor kaufman grew up in munich together with his older sister on holidays he was often allowed to play santa as helper. christmas this year like so many other things is different than what we're used to but you want to kaufman doesn't see all the pandemic related restrictions as negatives. it was the opposing team has no tradition of base tie it. again something positive over this period of time i probably wouldn't have allowed myself to take off so much time from my career and just be with my family for so many months so this was good for me and hopefully it's been good for every line. does have music would get to sort of understand on the. dream go about doing good
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to go all the way with the work nevertheless if you're honest kaufman could have it his way next year can be a lot less quiet all the way oh what fun it is the writer wars opens. now the festive season always reminds me of my grandmothers who lived through extremely challenging times and were true superheroes you're safe. shares that sentiment the spawn of street artist creates gigantic portraits of. all super grannies painting them in heroic style on building facades his murals are all based on real women just like these 2 you say about fields that grandmothers work incredibly hard and his artwork on is that he's often contacted by grandchildren who want to celebrate their grandmother's lives we met the artist and his latest news. they have superpowers are carried by the wind
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like mary poppins. or juggle with a large heavy pumpkins grandma's superheros. these murals are the work of spanish artist joseph you're positive they are based on real grandmas from the countryside in his artwork joseph combines fantasy and reality one of them about so now that. i'm fascinated by these women by their extraordinary strength and their ability to bring it can keep together family and i also have a personal relationship with each of them i get to know them before and during the pain when process and every new subject i get to learn about another person's life it's fascinating the more they're going to be in the know i should be that. but if i see no choice about ross about. m.p. as his artist's name goes grandma's from his native clichy north question spink these women had to work hard to provide for their families. and i love the me i'm
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inspired by telling stories and that's also what i want to doing both an artist and a narrator at the same time. is about alonzo is one of his muses she lives a little collision town veron and is the protagonist of his latest art project. hello what are you doing up there. oh my god. it's very i really like it a lot. i'm better looking in the mural than in real life is why. this about alonso began from work at an early age she was 15 a mother died when she had a taker 5 siblings she worked in the fields all her life.
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yeah i was always busy doing something when you're working in the fields you still need to keep an eye on household chores if only there had been a gas heater our washing machine but they didn't exist back that. isabel mantel is the 16th for of the to have been painted by joseph m.p. he created his 1st large scale superhero grandma back in 2016 this year on the town of junior glacier shows powder explode. and in bio is a strong performer. as photos of these miracles travel the world he became and is the ration for younger generations who started sharing photos of themselves on social media just up as the grandma's. going. back in there and he was a bought him piece and year olds can reach up to 15 metres in height and take about
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6 weeks to complete before he starts working on a new project he 1st gets to know the grandma and her family. were remembered if you know what i think these murals are one of them are going to be because they give recognition to all these women who have worked so hard their entire lives come to this day and they haven't really been acknowledged you know be ever going to want out of and now that i'm all of this. the whole family is just so proud where you have me. only after having met the protagonist of a painting several times you know he was about m.p. source by doing a photo shoot he's grandma's equipped with a superpower that matches her life story and they're all painted in comic style. and out the on the generation born in the seventy's and eighty's. grew up with science fiction and comics so it's really fun times elements from those 4 notes and combine them with the grandmas this. even young children can immediately spot what
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superpower and grandma possesses that i might have got. no. more and more towns is me asking jews. to come and pay going fishing or steal mules they're the superhero grandmamma's. from super grannies we move on to super cars the multimillionaire michelle foolish is absolutely crazy about cars as a fashion designer he made enough money to begin collecting them and eventually quit his job to focus on his passion for vehicles full time enjoyed success as a racing driver and then began redesigning cars you now boasts a collection of $250.00 unique constructions we paid him a visit at his car sculpture park near the sold off. he builds electric sports cars. leave expensive classic cars to rot in the forest.
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and drives a steel dragon car. blue dish is a classic car dealer car designer born event and collector with a passion for extraordinary vehicle. the seat this looks like a car could be as ours but it isn't a car in the traditional sense distant work of. this car could also be called the work of heart the electrons is one of the world's fastest electric race cars and was designed by fluke this is it if you're going to go full speed to feels like a kick in the behind in other words the drug that knowledge of. the city accelerates to 102.4 seconds which is astronomical persevere to. his fantastic vehicles can be found in his classic car engine see
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a met run near dusseldorf this is where his classic cars are collected restored and sold. it's always so much fun to look at my treasures the jaguar x k 140 the cobras the mustang fastback and my gosh here's the same grid as my dish well enough the longer this is where i feel the happiest at home this is the way they should be chances are sometimes i feel like noah from the bible created a noah's ark if i which i mean i want an awesome example of all types of cars so i can see the whole spectrum of great cars ever made it out of school given out in sicily he tracked down this hearse that a mafia boss had made for his funeral. he got a dragon car from 2 ukrainian artists who built it from an old law that. and the appeal of the smallest car in the world the serial production also found a home with. the flu this year built this vehicle himself it demonstrates what
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a classic car from 1955 should look like according to kids take to. the ship i feel like a work of art with myself who is capable of you lot or she's a great deal and inspired to see. clinics 1st professional success had nothing to do with cars he made his fortune in the 1980 s. as a fashion designer an experience that helped him design his electric race car about a decade ago. its board it is and i started designing cars at the same method as when i was a fashion designer making collections for the fashion shows in trade fairs so 1st off i suggest designs electress is a fast car so it should have a rather evil or ground look like a will or shark. in 2000 flew nish caused a stir with his car cemetery located in woodland on his private estate near dusseldorf clinician displayed 50 classic cars it was an extravagant 50th birthday
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gift to himself. all models are from 1950 the year he was born now they're rusting away. those if these cars are probably our storage and they'd be worth a fortune there were this rolls royce it was used for formal occasions by the queen but it is from buckingham palace but there are lots of fancy old cars and snazzy it seems if you wear these it's more interesting to see how they transfer the money when they're not longer and how major turns them into a natural work barked out shop but it's an unusual art installation with a clear message. everything is ephemeral and so will cars and even if they were great race cars. the cobra is a legend. british classic car from the 960. cleavage manufactures a small mind of this car equipped with modern technology.
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he uses cars to turn traditions upside down people leave conventions are meant to be broken. followed by the everything's effective and transformation i want to try this out is going to transform myself as well as influence the culture of automobiles to my bid and as a result which is creating something that didn't exist before. that we get the shaft of us for initially gave much. needed think crazy ideas keep adding a spark to the world of automobiles. if you want to love it or hate it some people think it reeks others can't get enough of the smell you may have guessed it i'm talking about cheese there are thousands of varieties the world over but no country is as famous for as france
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they're known particularly for maturing and aging cheeses and being a metaphor you know a must a cheese mature is an actual profession back now and he is among the best in the business we met him in view for that to find out more about this cullen area. isn't just g.'s maturity properly is an art that i'm not hung to me has message perfection is jesus loved by going makes worldwide. we think of the new this important there's not too salty or 2 distinct there's a qualities that raw milk and cheese have in the lithium gorge through it with you because while they. are not hunting and his son john francoise or cheese often gnaws the ace cheese and refined its flavor. is or is that for some good and she says something to enjoy like life and life is beautiful when you have
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friends and when you know how to enjoy yourself. from his she stormed the building fred to a small town of the french alsace region enough supplies michelin star restaurants worldwide. in his sixty's storage rooms there are around $100.00 different types of raw milk cheeses some take years to mature. really good people the most important other producers the cows the goats the sheep and also the people who make the cheese of course these that's the basis of very good cheese and then of course good rightness and matures here and so this reached perfection for the east in many ranchers farm is a one hour drive from the 0 fret for john francoise and his father it isn't for to have a good relationship with her more the 60 producers after all the way the animals are kept in flawless is the taste of that she's probably guaranteed good meals to
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make high quality it seems so the goats nutrition is very important you have to pay attention to what you feed them and when and how much but because the goats graze on different plants in the pasture when we process the milk at the dairy we have to take this into consideration. always coming home and your suggestion is the goat cheese pick does us just fine as well antony checks the clock. and mondays are good to hear you 1st well this cheese you know this is light elegant acidity but a very pleasant center and you also have an area roma. among all her if i thought. before this cheese goes on sale it has to age for 2 weeks on the wooden boards in that she store that you're doing the right in the process is also crucial.
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john france will antony also checks for cracks in the cheese wheels they will cause the cheese to ripen too quickly as the taste brushing the cheese regularly with salt water is yours the right level of moisture. this is the kind that is not irrevocable you have to sense it until you look at the cheese and you feel what you should or shouldn't do not. do you can already see the delft like this group here a swiss hard cheese is already 2 years old. it has an elegant aroma at the beginning with a dash of acidity after worst comes the sock rest of the crystal is a shit at the very end a nice many flavors. for many people especially cheeses are called merry highlight to create a perfect cheese platter often a variety of fried cheeses is enough. here's a counter i'll call him in
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a muster of course goes cheese and she cheese you usually have to have these whenever you make a variety platter. or not antony doesn't have a favorite cheese by the way he says he can't decide he's been known as a cheese often up for more than 35 years starch just like lungren tapping on his taste and knowledge but what is it that special about his cheese. city formers answer unless she's isn't always the most beautiful for the serving trouble you for the buffet but for me it's the cheese with the strongest emotional impact and with the best taste. she says more than just food in france it's a cultural asset that represents the french way of life. if that's what your appetite to go to our you tube channel d.w. food and check out our new series cook it like
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a german where you can find out how to prepare delicious german dishes. interested in german cuisine then this is the show for you. and i had to cook it like a german cook for the sistine presents some of jimmy's finest dishes to foodies from around the world. a lot of me. first time. conditional german fare prepared and easy to follow steps from the savory to the sweet we've got it all. cook it like a german. food. thanks to take talk dance challenges seem to be ever present but one has really hit the heights this year going viral across platforms and continents jerusalem was a south african hit song by master k.g. but it really took off this year when
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a group of young goldens decided to dance to it in their lunch break it goes something like this. let's see how it made its way across the world. jerusalem in 20 to 20000 people the world over dance to this song like these students in hungary doctors and care workers in dusseldorf. this flash mob the airport staff in riga or even priests and nuns in italy. this video from an on goal that was one of the 1st after the dance group had uploaded the video on why the song quickly went viral and the global dance challenge was born. from the moment he 1st saw the video friend 1st base choreographer and dance coach and yes i was his explanation for this jerusalem
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a phenomenon under the song is special about this song is that is deeply spiritual for some reason people feel courageous and especially in times of the pandemic the figures that you the energy is trying to see if i'm going to leave my worries is something i have i'll take some time for myself to quote for others. cleaning staff it doesn't matter we're all one and we're all united on this to. be the most famous dance challenge this year but it's definitely not the only one on tick tocks and other social media platforms many people are discovering the joys of dancing during lockdown across the world to numerous torrealba fuse have gone viral dances to the song finding life by the weekend are among the most successful. people around the world also dance to let's do it again by j. boog in 2020. as the year draws to an end here comes santa by snoop dog and anna kendrick is very popular too you can let it when you let it lets us in on the
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secrets of a successful choreography to jerusalem a. new problem to you but for me to discover it is not st. forward. 6 times 6 time 4 steps that's easy going to watch you 341234 you do the changeover step you don't come to exits but. just think this is what it looks like when people pulling immerse themselves in a spirit of community in times of corona in europe and across the globe. this is the met me the message of assad is clear we can only do it together and especially on these uncertain and difficult times but also when you're happy because we need to stick together i'm just so much more fun you get together without them seeing it come out of their skin color religion that is what it is you've achieved cannot achieve by life with me it's about us all coming together with
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a very simple means the move together the emotion comes from motion a motion. that is precisely what thousands experienced a feeling of joy and lightheartedness and above all a sense of community in this very unusual year. that's all from us for today and for this time yeah we wish you all a healthy start into 2021 make sure to stop by our website d.w. dot com slash lifestyle where we're giving away one of these exclusive euro max backpacks join us again next time often out.
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in a globalized world. where everything is connected. all it takes. to set things in motion. local hero show how their ideas can change the world.
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global 3000. next on d w. in the far north. it's lonely. and breathtaking. only beautiful. in the arctic to take a journey around the north pole profiteers and talk with people experiencing the changing environment northern winds life within the arctic circle. 45 minutes on w. . good news personalities stories that. click.
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the best of our t w i reporters. destiny's. models. people we'd like to meet again. stay up to date don't miss our highlights. program on line d.w. dot com highlights. welcome to global 3000. in colombia the indigenous me sank people have set up a school to protect their traditions and their natural environment. in india a village community plans $111.00 trees whenever a baby girl is born
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a custom the benefits society and the planet. but 1st to new zealand where sheep farmers are fed up with being blamed for climate change. the corona outbreak has reduced travel. and industrial production and resulted in a dip in carbon emissions so in that sense it's actually improving the health of the planet but the environmental impact of animal agriculture for example remains massive. in 2016 global greenhouse gas emissions totaled $51.00 gigaton of which more than 7 gigatons were caused by meat and dairy companies. to meet the targets set by the paris climate agreement global greenhouse gas emissions have to be reduced to 13 gigatons by 2050 but it's the meat and dairy industry continues down its current path its annual emissions are expected to
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exceed $10.00 times with devastating impact on the climate in new zealand sheep farmers are coming under increasing public and political pressure. sheep as far as the eye can see and what looks like boundless freedom for randall. he's the 4th generation of sheep farmers a new zealand south island. farmers have always been valued in new zealand they're the backbone of the country's economy. national identity but there's also a fear of chatter around. climate change is shaking up this world paradise sheep and cows are major producers of methane they generate one 3rd of all greenhouse gas emissions in new zealand
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suddenly farmers are seen as environmental centers randall can see growing misunderstanding between people in the city and in the country. as cities had cousins. and friends. the phone say most people probably speak holidays on phone school holidays no worries that very much as the populations grow and it's probably more that song on a white. includes new zealand center left governments in this for example sheep and cows wading through rivers and possibly fouling the water doesn't fit with new zealand's clean image so many farmers now have to build fences along the waterways on their property. farmers have become a political pawn says randall. in terms of. how to actually have been an opposition for long years centuries of how to actually run
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a country actually run a business strategy from chinese is my view not a lot of experience for me and so it sort of feels like there's a lot of stuff and. the aspinall's farm is located near one of the main hiking trails in mountain spiraling national park it's a unesco world heritage site. brothels wife alice and sells ice cream and to spread so from a food truck here the family are trying to move into a better economic position. running about what. is right founding coming there are more constraints environmentally and smith really just liason and things so i just looking advice to an alternative and common yes this is just a really small stash towards the. lamb from the breath taking mountain
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regions of new zealand as a major export the government wants to cut meat cane emissions from livestock by 10 percent by 2030 otherwise farmers will face penalties but how is this supposed to happen randall asks a c d y m says she use elance farmers are already producing in an ecologically sustainable. way that would be hard to find anywhere else in the world. record. for about a little but. not trying to run as many cities i tend to as well as i will go on a bit more into course it is quite a bit more work on a lot. of. them. will give. you a different to be a bit more than some of them boring to stop them from the wealthiest stuff and then just want to provide a more consistent on a beautiful day. for the market. this afternoon
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the aspinall's are taking a break from the sheep the family including grandma are having a day out on their own farm this is a playground of over 2000 hectares for the 2 children and even has a waterfall with a natural pool this is johnny and josh for growing up typical new zealand the next natural wonders never far away. this is not staying in the church it. just gives you time to thank the. light and i think little bit yeah. it's going to be all my new get away but on my boss i used to every now and then but you do just. that you see a day every now and then you say look around all ages it's a pretty cool place to be living and working and they will very probably have to get up and enjoy it. it's not all rolling sheep postures and games of frisbee in the natural pool. for this new zealand farming family there are many new
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challenges but with views like this everyone can see why they choose this life. and in our global ideas series we go to the and it is inside. america in colombia our reporter culture met the indigenous music people who are determined to protect their cultural identity and their tradition of nature conservation. when the music indigenous people have important matters to discuss they always sit by the fire as 27 year old nestore explains is the most important place in the home . centers cast into the fire after all. but the ritual which joins us to the earth. we all leave for the cities rather than
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staying here to be no one who protects this area. then our beliefs our language. culture will be lost. ness still wants to do something to prevent that together with his friends from the village he's a member of the associate dean botanical yes that's an association designed to keep local cultural traditions alive. everything in the garden was planted in circles the peds around to here they cultivate plants that that left is also used aloe vera and many others every plant here has its own special purpose. when women are menstruating we take the seeds and through. this helps us against the cold.
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now this is a coal plant that's why when i use it to tackle a favor. and this is kind of it helps her stomach aches we also make an on it meant to treat arthritis for example but he sees. the medicinal use of cannabis which is being legalized in more and more countries has a long tradition among the muzak people so they don't use it as a narcotic the members of the association also want to pass on the botanical knowledge to children and the village to teach the younger generation what properties the plants have and why it's important for the means act to cultivate them themselves. from the group with a lot of what my heart theatre group is called the magical tree and their play is about how we're destroying our environment over then you know it's about how important it is to protect our animals and our plants and mood. does this
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mean. some of the children play means that people fighting against environmental destruction. and. you know. the borg. here you can see some symbols this is a belt symbol it stands for the moon and here is the spiral it stands for the pop that re misako tread. that. the group was set up about 15 years ago. in the past nestore used to perform himself but now he directs the children. then is of course an armadillo i'm going to kill it and sell it but i believe that it will.
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gradually all of the plants and animals are killed by the children who are playing the role of modern day individuals right down and good there. afterwards the association members meet in the communities hot they come together on a regular basis to sit around the fire and talk about old traditions but also about new developments in the community. the means that manage 70 hector of land a vast area most of it is beyond the settlement and consists of pristine jungle they are determined to prevent deforestation. a lot of communities are destroyed by transnational companies and also the expansion of
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industrial agriculture. because. the land around them means that community has already been cleared nature has been devastated by large scale cattle farming and also by gold silver and coal mining. many indigenous communities in the valley still suffering from the fallout of the colombian conflict the decades long war between the government paramilitary groups and communist guerrillas fock drug cartels add to the tension one 3rd of colombia is indigenous territory deadly violence is widespread in november 21000 there were 19 homicides in one week alone . those. leaders have been murdered there are threats you are using violence to hound people out of their communities. a school in the region of and by alone. in a condo is visiting as
1:43 am
a representative of the autonomous indigenous university. it brings together students from various ethnic groups to bolster their cultures and join forces to improve their communities learning takes place in small groups. the seminar participants discuss what they can do to tackle the threats that communities face in solidarity and cooperation between the indigenous groups is crucial. was given was that we're going to as you think you put the needs you know can we make our commanders a stronger so that we can't be forced out if we don't have a strategy or we'll lose everything and that'll be it but then it got the job of the child back in the me exactly. at the moment the situation is calm but while the threat posed by armed groups has receded environmental destruction is a growing problem. the children's play is almost over. and
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it has a happy end and means akbar in this new seeds for plants and breathes new life into the animals. the people are given a 2nd chance this time the plants and animals have a message for humanity. just for you to climb the contour of the messenger of the sun king of the n.d. i dream of freedom at least let me live. on i'm the woodpecker if we birds die there will be no more of birdsong and no more joy anybody. can get a lamb i'm the butterfly we want to spread our wings please don't clip. i made an armadillo please don't kill me.
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this week we plan our visit to a living room in kenya. and . this is my main area this is where i spent most of the time in after walk after they had a day at walk my t.v. it is the work of my hands and i really really and i mean i love being black that's why in my house mostly it's black.
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my fastball livy it's my 2nd bone andrew is that my backbone jeremy my forborne said very grateful to god for. interestingly be them. they make me feel more stronger and stronger every day. this is bad. and we lead hanson oh my god she's also part of our family and over his back i mean love with my table very very much i'm a little technician but i also do this. beauty industry and
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. i work to barry had to get it that's why i treasure it very had it is one of the most expensive that i have been the 5th in the room. bye bye thank you for visiting me i'm happy you know that come again and again. this is. india women are responsible for the family and household and play key roles in education and farming but families still value sons over daughters and sex selective abortions are widespread the result is a gender imbalance the country is missing 16000000 women one village is bucking the
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trend. a grandmother wields a pick axe soso ranch but is planting the 1st tree for her baby granddaughter all of the families here follow the same ritual there are $111.00 trees for each newborn girl. there. when i was born my mother and father were very unhappy that i was a goal today we're planting trees because we're happy when i got one if my parents had experienced this and i'm sure they would have been proud of me to. get a beer to mitigate even the go a lot has changed in the village of pea plum tree thanks to shine on sunday polly he came up with the tree planting idea 13 years ago back then and he was mayor today when proud parents introduce him to their newborn girl he can barely believe that things haven't always been like this but 13 years ago girls were still
1:49 am
regarded isn't fieri are as worthless children before it continued into adult it used to be that women weren't allowed to leave the house alone you had to hide behind the curtains that was a man's doing they were afraid something would happen to the women but this is changed dramatically. and it's not just thanks to the trees now parents pledge to not marry off their daughters before their 18th birthday. they're also required to educate their daughters in return the village community opens a savings account for each girl. when my granddaughter was born it was if the goddess luxury is good fortune has entered our home now we deposit $150.00 into a savings account and she on sunday or gives us twice that amount the little one can later pay for her education of course we also plan the trip to bali was an. idea for the trees and the education fund has
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a very personal motive 13 years ago his own daughter died he doesn't like talking about the exact circumstances afterwards the businessman fell into a deep depression he thought a lot about how girls in india are often harassed and disadvantaged he had a monument put up in his daughter's honor but it wasn't enough he wanted to do something more. if. i planted the tree as a memorial and as a way of coping with my grief i soon realized that one tree wasn't enough. why we started this program $111.00 trees for each girl it has to be as many as. this area had become a total waste land and now you can see the result. of. the region around people on tree is full of marble quarries this is how it used to look 13 years and 350000 new trees later a dense forest now surrounds the village it's
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a blessing for the microclimate and the hot summer and the village of 5000 is now more prosperous because the forest is cultivated local see the boom is directly connected to the support for the girls things are changing now there are just as many girls as boys in the classroom 10th grader come on polly paul explains why it often looks rather different in the rest of india. boys get an education and girls often don't but that's seen as a burden that's also why so many females are aborted killed right after that that's led to their being fall fewer go than boy. 13 years ago mother was one of the 1st people to plant trees for her daughter even though komal was already 2 years old at the time her mother wanted to take part one called goes into the woods today she knows that some of the trees bear her name. it's a great feeling when they cannot pick up. what the benefit may have
1:52 am
been that good this is a look at it the trees give us wood and fruit. we plant them because they're useful . like that thing in a sense because our mothers planted them we see them as our brother. is bogus am i to buy is only love an article she arms under is now famous in india politicians and entire university classes come to him to hear how he succeeded in improving living conditions for the girls and the entire village but the many trees and with little money. can move into the compound but inevitably. since he appeared as a guest in a celebrity special on india's version of who wants to be a millionaire the whole country knows him so. it's not going to be any sort of argue i never would have thought it would become such
1:53 am
a big thing. or with the gospel are coming here from everywhere stop for you but many of them come to get ideas and they want to do the same thing. it's gone it's a great mix of them or the little guy getting it on line and they thought that. when it all gets to be too much for him he withdraws to the forest this is the tree that started it all the tree that he planted for his deceased daughter. she on sunder says that at least her death had a positive effect his daughter would certainly have been proud of her father. is this week our world wide search for tasty snacks takes us to iceland. the icelandic landscapes are spectacular and you don't even have to leave town to enjoy them even from the center of reykjavik there are breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains because it tends to be pretty cold for most of the year but
1:54 am
swastika feeders a small restaurant where you can warm up and rejoice the local speciality soup in a bread bowl. tiësto this perfect place for this recall the white yesterday was raining apples to cool souffle now was cold so we're. here also a few days after the ship's name is unpronounceable for anyone who doesn't speak our slandered so everyone calls him sick to his restaurant is a small family business the 1st opened in 2003 with the same concept it still has to do. with 2 cans of soup we always facing is always one with you one it's a good day we're very merciful as a both of them a cream based sorcerer for all the wonders of hungary needs to make you hungry and his life more like a proper occur if you will in on your need and lifts wester both freshly made every
1:55 am
morning the soups are served in a bowl made of bread. is. our choice because it's also going to have it hard so the soup doesn't go off. to start . so i. guess it. like that the fact that. the soup is inside the fixed costs around 14 year olds fairly cheap by icelandic standards and one reason why this little cafe is so popular with both locals and visitors. secu serves about 600 soups a day in winter the weekends get very busy you can see the faces of people who are you need for this leg they enjoy it and that makes me happy that's you know the reason i'm stupid.
1:56 am
playing at. that's all from global 3000 this time please do drop us a line with your feedback you can reach your side global 3000 at d w dot com or on facebook d w women see you next week till then take gap. play .
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live. in the far north. it's lonely. and breathtakingly beautiful. arctic and want to take a journey around the north pole profiteers and people experiencing
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a changing environment northern winds life within the arctic circle. in 15 minutes on d w. eco india. telling tales which textiles. tibetan designer tenzin succeeds in doing so as a child he fled to northern india and stayed there. is creations are a multicultural mix of indian style and to beckon tradition. in 60 minutes on d w. in these difficult times it's especially important to us to wish you all a happy new. year on the virus has come as a family and friends all here until is an issue along mrs leslie during this
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holiday season we had you don't even want to tell you right here when you fall on the lamb for mercy. on him this. mean you know many remain at least off into the lovely new year everyone in your legs and. sisters. sleep. carefully. should be sure. to get. discovery home.
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documentary. lead . this is d.w. news live from berlin the european union rolls out its covert 19 mass vaccination program it's a shot of hope as a huge coronated effort gets underway to start immunizing of those most at risk also coming up on the show. plastic sheeting and a blanket are their only protection hundreds of migrants are spent a 4th night in freezing conditions in bosnia aid agencies are warning of people
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will die if they don't get proper shelter soon.


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