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4 chambers and 5 liters of blood permit this is our heart and it beats constantly over a lifetime usually without any problems but smoking stress and any move fets can be a bad beating to our heart but not only adult smokers can get heart problems every 100 styled is born with a congenital heart defect sometimes the vast sum of working correctly sometimes they are abnormal vessels in the case of the flow there are multiple defects in the heart and this is a big challenge not only for kids and parents but also for the surgeons. louisa loves playing around with their brother jacobi she looks like any other happy and healthy girl of her age but pictures in the family photo album reveal what she had to undergo in the 1st 6 years of her life. and. goodness.
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oh dear. that's when i had heart surgery. the weser suffers from a congenital heart disease called tetralogy of follow a combination of 4 different heart problems her parents were told about the problem during the pregnancy mine is i'm fine i was the machine i was a dreadful shock you wonder why me but there's no rational explanation how it was just bad luck. louise's heart defects had to be rectified which involved complex open heart surgery when she was just 18 months old would you courses are. the biggest worry is before and during the operation 6 you don't hear anything for 6 or 7 hours and all you can do is wait for the call that relieves you of those worries and what a huge relief that is. but the. addition involves 4 specific heart defects
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a hole in the wall between the 2 lower chambers a narrowing of the right ventricular draft usually coupled with an abnormally formed pulmonary valve because the heart is overworked that causes a thickening of the muscular wall of the right ventricle and is out of place rather than being positioned over the left ventricle it is directly above the ventricular septal defect so only some blood in the lungs isn't reached with oxygen the rest of it flows back into the body circulation by the septal defect the mixing of oxygen rich and oxygen depleted blood leads to sign you notice characterized by a blue skin discoloration become the come of the sniffle left untreated it causes the child to die of which is caused by low oxygen levels it causes brain damage and multiple organ damage. with louise it was far more difficult because she had 2 congenital defects and in fact. that's why we waited a bit longer it's best when the child is still
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a baby. first of all louisa's heart specialist corrected a number of problems regarding this. between the 2 chambers of the heart and enlarged the conduit on the right ventricle and reconstructed the pulmonary valve 3 of its. procedures ease the pressure on the muscle of the right then trickle causing it to return to normal the blood can now be pumped into the long unhindered . the surgeon who operated on a. road back then on a typewriter what a beautiful color she has now. that's exactly how it was with louise skin was rosy and she looked like a normal child. but 6 months ago louisa had to have a 2nd operation reconstructed pulmonary valve had begun to leak that's not unusual for patients suffer. from to trawl the geo follow her doctor implanted
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a new adult sized tissue valve. missing the luisa have to have another operation at some point by this we don't have any more surgery planned but my experience is that problems were occur when patients are in their thirty's forty's or fifty's tissue valves don't last a lifetime by some point they develop leaks or become too tight. then they need to be replaced but that doesn't have to involve open heart surgery. these days it's possible to replace of the key hard valve with a minimally invasive keyhole procedure. one condi rice you can implant a valve in the old one using a catheter inserted in the groin without opening a patient's rib cage and hooking them up to a heart lung bypass machine the machine was. luis's pulmonary valve is now back in good working order to raise echocardiogram shows only a minor amount of leakage her situation is vastly improved compared to before the
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operation. feces her prognosis is very good because we managed to counteract the damage resulting from the enlargement of the right heart chamber i'm going to come to you and you have the right ventricle is very sensitive when it stops i'm working properly if it isn't operated on promptly then we can lose the patient come on. and implanted tissue valve usually functions well for 8 years on average louisa will be forced to have regular checkups all her life at the moment her heart is completely healthy in theory louisa could start school soon but her parents have decided to let her stay in kindergarten for an extra year. she has a few measures skill problems and i think she still needs some time to catch up she gets occupational therapy and physiotherapy in kindergarten. waiting a bit longer will do her good and then next year she'll be able to make
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a good start at school. let's talk about the body's ways department i mean the kidneys they fixate the blood and help to get rid of all waste products of all metabolism they produce urine constantly and to hold to your ng nature invented the bladder we didn't even realise that we have a bladder unless it's full but sometimes we do notice that we do have a bladder when we have to go frequently to the loo and when it burns when the hearing date this might be the case when we do have a bladder and. action which is especially frequent woman because they have a very short restruck. young i'm of the year shaffer's practices yoga to stay fit that is if the temperature is right if the 38 year old gets cold feet and chills he can get problematic. then he doesn't know how it ends if i have a year and a retracts infection i usually don't get it for only one or 2 days i guess if
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a several weeks is not really impinges on my license and stock. the go go instructor has to deal with u.t.i. at least twice a year she knows there are many myths concerning this subject so she visits a urologist to separate fact from fiction. she has one specific question once i have just as i always have the feeling that if my feet get cold which is almost constantly that's when i get a bladder infection. getting cold be the main cause it's a popular assumption but is it true can one for example get a u.t.i. by sitting in a cold place. yes we know for a fact that drafts humidity cold temperatures and having a cold pelvis can all be made to it even in some cases having cold feet is enough walking across stone floors things can compromise your immune system enough that bacteria in the urine or retract can be fought off as well as in the rest of the
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body and that can lead to a full fledged infection and to unpleasant symptoms. so cold can indeed trigger a urine ery tract infection but the cause is still bacteria in the laboratory doctors can find the pathogen in a urine sample and prescribe the most effective antibiotic. but are antibiotics always the best way to treat the condition. that i have a real problem with taking antibiotics as i want to take them anymore. is there any way to avoid. this is if it is mostly stage it's definitely a good idea to try and not take antibiotics 1st we want to avoid bacteria becoming resistant when that happens bacteria can't be treated anymore because the drugs are no longer effective if it's only a bladder infection with burning frequent urination and some pain it's better to try something other than antibiotics but if the bacteria travels up to the kidneys
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and causes pain in that area or you develop a fever then it's usually hard to avoid taking antibiotics. antibiotics can be highly effective but should only be used as a last resort half of all bladder infections can be cured with one common household substance and plenty of water yana swears by the bladder and kidney tea she gets from the drug store but can tease really helps. they're diuretics and that means they expel water from the body and that the bacteria better they also help the mucous membrane lining our bladder fight the bacteria so bladder teas can help there are also natural remedies but how well do these plant based substances work. good to see granbury is there a cranberries which prevent bacteria from sticking to the mucous membrane in the urine or a tract than there is rosemary century lovage there's a wide variety of remedies that you could take they all have their beneficial
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qualities but unfortunately no one can say which one is best suited for you. there aren't enough studies but it's worthwhile trying out different plant based substances. as soon as i notice is the 1st signs of a bladder infection she now knows exactly what to do and yes that's when i noticed the 1st symptoms i mediately think at least 2 liters of modern kidney and then 2 liters of water to flush it out not generally and. i also take different plant based remedies that i can find at the drug store. or. include lots of. a few made and keeping your bladder healthy it's all a question of getting the right balance between keeping warm drinking lots of fluids and strengthening your immune response with exercise and good nutrition. i'm
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sorry i don't have time next week i'm hosting in good shape and help. here perhaps in 2 weeks oh no i'm.
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this is d w news alive are from berlin the european union rolls out its covert 19 a mass vaccination program it's a shot of hope as a huge choir needed effort gets underway to start immunizing those most at risk also coming up on the shaft. plastic sheeting and blankets are their only protection hundreds of migrants spend a fortune night. in freezing conditions in bosnia aid agencies are warning of people will die if they don't get proper shelter said.
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hello and welcome to the show i'm claire richardson in berlin the european union has begun its a long awaited coronavirus vaccination campaign leaders and public health officials are hailing the rollout as a historic achievement hoping the program will be the path out of a pandemic which has up ended normal life and kills more than 400000 people in europe for now there are relatively few doses of the vaccine available but some have been sent to the places hit hardest by the virus. nor the neatly in much 2020 it became known around the world as a european with. a whole generation of grandparents was lost one of the worst affected places was cremona outside the milan there were 9 times more deaths than usual during the 1st wave of the virus. december
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2020 in cremona. the 1st doses of vaccine a wheeled into the medical center lung specialist morning betty becomes the 1st doctor to get a short it's a moment of relief in a place of the same a lot of suffering. it seems to me that today marks a tangible moment it shows that we can change the cruellest of this. suburban madrid in march 2020 ambulances queued at an overcrowded hospital in the spring the virus spread from italy to spine a c. the ice rink became a mass mortuary as the death toll climbed. madrid's nursing homes with the epi center of spain's anguish and now they were the 1st spaniards of being vaccinated like 78 year old who's antonio. i haven't
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felt any effects whatsoever so far now i'm just looking forward to my 2nd injection that's going to grow. symptom berta hospital listen to me outside of paris france was touched early during europe's 2nd why. and by the autumn deprived areas like this one were being hit by rising infection rights and shortages of doctors and so son tony was choice in a society for france's 1st injections. 78 year old maurice that was almost speechless with emotion. you're the 1st to be vaccinated in front it's an honor and it's a real honor your stone. from sweden in the north. to greece in the south. portugal in the west.
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to remain in the aist. across the european union a small moment of hope played out in many places. at the time when this pandemic is causing doctor eyes across the continent. for its nationwide a drive in germany has set up more than $400.00 vaccinations enters and said to be a huge undertaking health officials say an immunization rate of 60 to 70 percent of the population will be needed to bring the virus under control our reporters went to the biggest facility here in berlin for the start of the roll out. of ina normally a venue for concerts and exhibitions today the queues outside with the covert vaccine it's the 1st of 6 vaccinations centers in the german capital to open its doors. to british roma the former head of germany's civil relief agency was called out of retirement to lead the project. be an order see it's
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a free i'm satisfied today i'm happy to vaccinations are getting on the way but i'll only be truly satisfied when 2 thirds of people in europe are vaccinated there's a long way to go but today is the 1st it has. at full capacity this center will deliver up to $5000.00 injections per day. on sunday it started with only $150.00 to below vaccine supplies. out 1st for their injections medical staff and nursing home workers on the front lawn of the pandemic priority for those providing vital care for others. since these mice and human one second i don't want to infect anyone thank god i don't have it like my colleagues and i want to stay healthy just like out elderly residents you know you don't want to get out of it. just a few kilometers away buildings 1st seeing is we're getting the shots as well front of the line was 101 year old good will cause a. good. nursing home residents have been among the most vulnerable to the
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coronavirus now doctors hope they can finally be protected. moment extrude deal in the eye at the moment infections are exploding in care homes. and it's horrible so we're happy to be the 1st facility to have this vaccination and to have another tool to keep serious infections out of the home even if it's. the an occupational priority groups in germany is expected to run until mid 2021 when the coronavirus vaccine will become free and available to everyone. earlier we spoke to dr going to show at the variety institute at berlin's a charity hospital a mass vaccination is an important step he warns that there are still many uncertainties ahead. every person that is vaccinated counts but we still don't know at the moment whether we can reach this so-called stare right immunity
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with those vaccines available now that means if you don't know whether those people that are vaccinated are unable to pass on the virus to other people that would be very important but he may know that maybe at faber next year. should still obey to the rules that. telling us to keep distance to after people to wear masks and also to be ever out of symptoms. that isn't very important point that has to be made at this time also. there you have it masks and social distancing still the doctor's orders let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines president has signed into law $2.00 trillion dollars worth of pandemic relief and other public spending the move averts a chaotic shutdown of the u.s.
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government trying to approval also restores unemployment benefits to millions of americans the president had previously condemned the spending plans as a disgrace. authorities in the usa the main suspect in a christmas day bombing which ripped through nashville tennessee was killed in the blast officials have received hundreds of tip offs but still have no idea why the man apparently set off the explosion. counting is underway in elections in the central african republic long lines formed at polling stations in the capital bangui while in other parts of the country fewer people went to stations because of fears of violence or boycotts by the rebel coalition 1st results are expected early next month. and witnesses say boko haram islamist militants have killed at least 10 people in northern nigeria jihadists who drove through villages torching shops homes and churches and shooting residents who fled into the bush the un says boko
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haram has killed 36000 people since 2009. and hundreds of migrants are stranded in northwestern of bosnia and herzegovina have spent a 4th night in freezing temperatures and squalid conditions the u.n. and international aid groups are appealing to authorities to provide proper accommodation they warn of that people will die without urgent action. and they were already living in misery. and then things called worst. preaching temperatures. no heat in a big tent and just plastic sheeting for a roof that threatens to cave in from the snow piling up on top some people here say they're not getting enough to eat where there is a very cold and we can't sleep in here. anything for example no.
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shower no food without sleeping here weirdo. about 1200 refugees who are being relocated from their former come down a few days ago the fire allegedly set by frustrated occupants. located near both news border with croatia the u.n. camp we showed you to be closed because poznan authorities allegedly ignored its appeals to help restore basic services the cold weather froze showers and toilets weeks ago. bosnia has become a bottleneck for thousands of migrants hoping to reach western europe once here they try to get to the nearest e.u. country croatia there with or it is there hardly ever allow them to enter and usually push them back. police beating. there was never least going to give them everything to follow our life for
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a little for now there's still no solution in sight for these migrants who are in dire need of help. we turn our attention now to the hollywood action film a wonder woman 1984 which has set a record for 2020 with its day view over the holiday weekend the warner brothers production took nearly $20000000.00 in u.s. and canadian movie theaters the highest opening for any hollywood film since the throne of viruses shattered cinemas are bound for. the box office take was higher than many expected since the feature was also want to 1st streaming to the dismay of cinemas. and a reporter on the n.s.f. has been following this story for us i mean put these figures into context for us if you can just how well didn't wonder woman actually do well the big context for this obviously is the year 2020 which may be the worst year for the film industry since it began so within that context wonder woman did pretty fabulously it did
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better than any other hollywood film in the u.s. and canadian market by pulling in just under 17000000 and it's box office debut and for comparison the 2nd best film of that weekend christmas we going to the big movie weekend for a lot of americans 2nd best film pulled in only 2 and a half 1000000 and and in the corona times the since the pandemic began 2nd best film in the u.s. market pulled in just under 10000000 so wonder woman did wonderfully i should say but this is really peanuts compared to what hollywood is used to pulling in the last wonder woman film in 2717 called in 100000000 in its debut and this wonder woman of course cost a lot more than and pulled in so far cost $200000000.00 to make so they're going to have to go a lot further to make up the difference and to be honest it's not very likely that they'll make a profit on this film so 2020 success but maybe not in any other year you might say this year's wonder woman was also simultaneously released online i understand that
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caused a bit of a controversy this was a very controversial move from warner brothers which released. film when they said that they were going to release it simultaneously in theaters and also on streaming services so this kind of was also an announcement that they made at the same time that they were going to do it for all of the films in 2021 as well and this came as a bombshell in industry 1st time that a studio has done something like this because what they're saying is that the cinemas which depend on this so-called window of exclusivity when they have exclusive rights to the film that they're not going to have that anymore they're saying people can just as well watch the film in bed without putting any shoes their shoes on as to go to the cinema in the cold during a pandemic and actually they did so you know 3 on that so with that in mind is there actually any good news for the film industry well a lot of industry analysts are saying it's too early to see what this year is going to do to the film industry but some people are pulling
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a little bit of optimism out of the fact that wonder woman even like i said people could watch it in their bed and they could watch it from the comfort of their own home they went out to cinemas they paid for the ticket so it shows that beyond all this people are still wanting to go out to the cinema to see a film all right i mean i said thank you very much for that update. of course many of bents have had to go virtual during the pandemic and the european a timber sports championships are no exception 14 competitors lined up in disciplines that based around wood cutting skills involving axes handsaws and power saws the competitors couldn't couldn't go up against each other directly for social distancing reasons of course but the rival lumberjacks went through their paces in their home venue and no one knew the outcome until all the elements were streams together in as has been broadcast on the actual day itself the x. manna from poland emerged victorious. that's news update at this hour
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coming up next world stories travels to kenya where rising water levels are forcing people to leave their homes i'll be back with more news for you soon and so then you can always check out our website to d.w. dot com all of us on social media and say richardson in for then to mean the whole team thanks so much for watching. there you go on the road for the over the direction home the 4th time from the most recent one that we can look. at the nasa dragons those were called the hard to use debris of books on.


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