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ceylon want one scholarship. if she actually finishes her education then maybe she can contribute some money to help me then i could hire a farm hand to help with the work and buy some food. go to the salon has become an environmental ambassador just like i meant all he can in one soccer today he's a guest in salons class at school. a few of you say the souls of your grandparents will return as flying foxes. but the truth is they are god's creation and have no magical powers we know. now it's time for an expression when santa is taking so long and some classmates on a trip to the national park. and it's an opportunity
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for us to see animals that we don't know yes you see that big ones to. you that we learn why it's important to protect the bush. most of the youths have never been taken sanker national park before though it's just 10 kilometers from their village . in the park there's a museum designed specially for visits from school groups on display our skulls of crocodiles hippos and of course bones from flying foxes them mainly what the children are here to learn about educating schoolchildren as part of the fight against poaching and prejudice. gamekeeper our collaborators here too to ensure the children's safety he's pinning his hopes on this younger generation. when they grow maybe i'd be bored again say to combine the workers and dog which we which i'm doing. so i maybe did in order goodness or
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said it was. after 3 hours of theoretical instruction they're heading for the bush. children from other classes are also riding in the truck. a total of 40 young people profit from the cars some kind of scholarship program. isn't the only one the park is training to be an environmental ambassador thank. my so the national park line is in a swamp for it's a natural habitat for animals that are rarely seen elsewhere in the region so rangers one soccer and colomba want to show the young people one of these creatures extremely rare. antelope tourists come from far and wide to see them this is the 1st time these local children have cited one. so you can see
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appreciate it he said i think it's a chess. game if you say so traditionally but it's easy to say so i think a story so that i'd be so interested in that day. generation i just get so. is that so lon can hardly tab south away from the antelope so there's no time to waste so it's getting dark and a few kilometers away the 1st flying foxes have already woken up and left the words . i'm so glad i get to see this. day and night also and the flying foxes take flight.
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11 hours later the morning is breaking and the flying fox colony returns just before sunrise. the scientists from germany are here watching them they hope that their research will help people to realize how vital these mega bats are to the ecosystem many people fear flying foxes because they're suspected of transmitting ebola virus and other diseases. one of the max planck institute considers that unlikely. they're eating in vast quantities in many countries people use lead shot to shoot them down and pick up the bats while they're bleeding and biting if that was so dangerous we'd be seeing constant outbreaks in hospitals but that's not the case.
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then they take the road out of the words. the scientists hope to prove that flying fox is a necessary for the bush's very survival. thanks droppings fine foxes describes large amounts of seeds throughout the region promoting the growth of bushes and fruit trees. now the researchers hope to learn just how many of these mega bats are flying around every night until now they've only been able to estimate their numbers the scientists have begun to set up cameras around the forest in order to count them later they'll use specialized software to analyze the ideas. i just told is a great thing is it gives us much more than just their numbers so we can see when the winds coming from the north. south and we want to find out if they communicate with one another when they make these tornadoes is that tornadoes. if.
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joseph. receives another visit from the national parks education officer. is here to show the farmer how he can. without having to resort to poaching by extracting honey. the smoke from the fire is supposed to calm the beads. the national park is training farmers like walia to become beekeepers some 4000 hives unplanned about bali a is still a bit unsure of himself he's only been a beekeeper for 2 weeks. his visit. here they are of but inept as they are called but in a death they help the body need for its roots if it's hard for this family group with the support their population overall the number of groups will be many either the same time they will be able to move in that evening from the island they are
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they have a sting from living here that this is working with our clams as he translates in effectiveness of the smoke right away he gets stung 5 times but monsanto says that one happened once the new beekeeper comes down. he heads home bats the work of an education officer is never really done on the way he meets a man making charcoal in upon a bath but many people do this here to and some extra cash on government in the us and that the if i sell the charcoal my wife can use the money to buy fish for the family. but that doesn't convince him in months he knows that every tree felled by charcoal burners is one tree lands for the ecosystem one less for flying foxes and other creatures please takes so many years for the truth and i. doubt the states i do find that even it would be the end of time that you would be
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destroyed so they sometimes there is immortal. conservation is there more that we have come up to say when we destroy one graphical brand 4th month trying to persuade the charcoal burner to join the beekeepers in training where the man doesn't know convinced sent. charcoal hope is a quicker way to end catch. us her was back at the village school salons big moment has arrived. yet i don't want to. question you know she doesn't just tell her fellow pupils about flying foxes she also explains that you don't always have to chop down trees to make a final and that sometimes the reflection from a light isn't enough to ignite one providing you use the right combustible material salon recommends using dead leaves and rotten tree bark and national park awarded salon and her classmates an award for coming up with this idea.
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or whatever it is local to see if it's important to protect the environment especially the bush that's because the trees that produce oxygen for us and of course the bush is also a habitat for animals he said it's. going to save our flying foxes sing the children. lower down. most of the schoolchildren in the village have long understood what some adults here still fail to comprehend that week was. the gamekeeper's move beyond and colomba had discovered the site of another fire located not far from the rangers camp the poachers are growing ever bolder fresh
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green grass is now running here but that's not the only draw of antelopes no one even the owner was there is one way the legatee they come when the a she is off the building they come with their they come one feeder and they are. so as a last resort the gang keepers. themselves chopped down bushes and trees. this creates a fire break around the woods to prevent a blaze from spreading to the forest where the flying foxes congregate they environmentalist's sacrifice trees to protect other trees. meanwhile night is falling and the flying foxes take to the skies again.
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the german scientists estimate that there are around 10000000 food bats here but they also believe that their numbers have been declining for years and that this could have dramatic consequences. but i'll be good enough because if you extrapolate it that means each night they spread millions of seeds and therefore plant trees and if that's not happening it would be an incredible loss to the environment because the indians lies don't follow. the fate of the flying foxes lies in the hands of the people in the surrounding villages. and salon's generation promises to play a major role. each night she reads a few verses from the bible before she goes to sleep she says it's even written in the holy scripture that people must protect nature. telling people that bats don't have evil power was that good for some species even eat insects that would bite us
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at. salon says that gaunt created flying foxes and it's our responsibility to ensure the discreation survives she hopes to convince everyone to do that.
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it's an ancient dream to build a pecial motion machine. in scotland that dream might soon become reality scientists there are working on an unmanned aerial vehicle that can move forward without an engine. it could be used as a satellite for telecommunications but how on earth does it work. to put it. next on t.w.a. . in the far north.
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it's lonely. and breathtakingly beautiful. the arctic. to the journey around the north pole profiteers and with people experiencing a changing environment northern winds life within the arctic circle. the 5 minute. stories for the people of the world over t.w. offer his book and twitter's up to date and in touch follow us. on the career path guide on milk and on game did you know that 73000000 downloads are killed worldwide shari'a so that we can get into but it's not just the other little
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subtle suffering it's the environment we went on a journey to find ways out of the nutrition if you want to know how a weightlifter the priest and the whole trust changed because we think this listen to our podcast on the green ends. noble energy consumption rises every good many people's biological rhythms are no longer in sync with day and night but more with us official light love does that mean for us energy demands are also depleting natural resources we knew the energies could help more if they were more efficient one idea is to use lenses to focus on not more.


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