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tv   China-USA  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2020 3:00am-3:45am CET

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w. . rule. this is the news live from bergen coronavirus salaam in the u.k. the country hits a new record of more than 53000 daily infections with its i've districts health service buckling what action should the british government types also coming up killed for doing their job a report shows dozens of journalists around the world have been murdered for exposing crime and corruption and probation is rocked by a powerful earthquake the tremor lays at least 7 days and causes widespread damage in the capital stock.
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a matter how welcome to the program public health officials in the u.k. urging the government to take decisive action to bring coverage 19 infections under control new cases jumped from a record 41000 on monday to more than 53000 on choose day despite tough restrictions in place across much of the country hospitals already treating more cofield patients than at the peak of the pandemic in april and new infections are expected to surge even higher in the coming weeks. while mohammed joins me for more days of our largest at lancaster university in england dr many a welcome of 53000 cases in one day at chilling record by anyone's account what needs to happen now to get a handle on. and to be absolutely i mean having
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a country under district to lock down 40 percent of the country is on the contest restriction and having 502-0000 or more than 50000 cases is really scare mongering and i think moving on that there is only one situation is that the current state want to disagree a little luck down that would be to get 5 which hasn't been defying but that means that it would have. all of the private school into it into the muck about restricting of the students going into the into the universities all those mayors all together will bring the number down but even though it's having a tougher space. i don't really think that the number of the cases would be dropping significantly and i mean we would be getting into a very grim prospect in the coming weeks we've heard accounts of ambulances having to wite outside of hospitals because there was no capacity for seriously ill
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patients can the national health service cope at this point. well not really i mean if we look at the number of. patients with a cold in 1000 hospital they are more than ever since the start of this pandemic over 21000 and according to an estimate the n.h.s. is old repeating to 90 percent of its capacity and i mean you are probably you are after in for the ambulances standing outside in birmingham hospital which is route b. to graeme and waiting for 24 hours to get leave that empty that means we have to open the nightingale hospital and that was set up initially to to to to cover the whole what it's like so certainly n.h.s. is not prepared to accommodate all of the patients and just to add into this at the number of infections that have risen due to test of season or not yet come to because even the sample that would be collected that is are going to be out in the weekend so number will increase substantially period do we know if this is the
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result of a more transmissible strain the new variant or just the unchecked process and transmission of the more common or original strengths quickly notice basically the new variant because at the moment we have 62 to 65 percent of confirmed cases belonging to this new variant so there are strong evidence says that the higher number of infections that we are seeing is primarily contributed by the higher plus ability of this new variant on that many of our bella just at lancaster university in england many thanks. ok let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines this hour u.s. vice president elect harris has received her 1st dose of the modern a vaccine against code did not think it's one of 2 shots currently authorized in the u.s. last week president elect joe biden was unoccupied with the pfizer vaccine harris and biden hope to boost confidence in the jepps as they gradually rolled out. u.s.
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senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has to light a vote on whether to boost coverage 19 belief chicks to americans his republican party is split on whether to defy president trump's call to raise the amount from 600 $1.00 to 2000 the proposal passed with bipartisan majority in the house. and the senate is debating whether to legalize abortion activists for and against the proposed bill have gathered outside congress where lawmakers allotted to vote early on wednesday the legislation has already passed the lower house despite objections from time pope francis. at least 50 journalists and members of the media were killed in connection with their work these past year that's according to the latest annual report from reporters without borders the watchdog says most journalists lost their laws in countries that weren't at all and more often targeted for trying to expose crime and corruption. in mexico a country with one of the world's highest murder rates and the worst of her
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journalists the country has been plagued by violence related to drugs gangs for years. the danger faced by reporters trying to investigate poses a threat to democracy in the world's largest spanish speaking nation. people are afraid that information will be linked and organized crime will track us down because we revealed something or reported something that we should not have. reporters without borders says 8 journalists were killed in mexico and 2020 more than in any other country. iraq afghanistan pakistan and india also reported several journalist deaths during the past year reporters without borders says 2020 also saw the 1st execution of a journalist in 3 decades. an exiled iranian journalist living in europe was kidnapped last year during a trip to iran to run convicted and executed him over his online reporting of
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anti-government protests in 2017. and 2020 also brought with it a new threat the coronavirus pandemic reporters without borders says it was impossible to know how many journalists were exposed to cold but while going about their work the organization says at least 3 reporters died after contracting the virus for more on this let's bring in laura coulson she's a journalist and the director of the think tank the americas program. promoting democracy and human rights laura welcome i want to stop asking what's it like for you being a journalist in mexico right now well it's very tricky everyone is aware of the risks and now this report showing it's the most dangerous place in the world the difficulty is that they talk about mexico being the highest outside of a war zone and yet there is a war going on in mexico it's an invisible war and the people who are quite do not
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want to keep it this well and that's why it's so risky for journalists you don't know exactly what you can say or when you say something about will cause a violent reaction from either organized crime our government officials and there's a lack of protection because we've seen through the statistics that the majority of the attacks are actually coming from government officials so given that you're working in what is effectively a war zone as you say what has to happen or what can happen to reduce the threat posed to journalists. there's a number of things that have to change one of the big factors in the danger in mexico is the lack of justice there is a 99 percent impunity rate for attacks on journalists even though there's a special prosecutor that is supposed to be following up on these cases the government has not given a priority of following up on these cases and the very few cases that are followed up on are actually against the hit men and not the masterminds behind the crime
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there's also a problem with the mechanisms the protection they don't work and now with government to sara these measures they're underfunded as well so there's a real lack of protection to the people assassinated actually had protective measures and the other aspect is the rhetoric coming from the government the government is acting like the press is an inconvenience to its proper project of change in mexico and a transition to democracy when of course the press is vital to a transition of democracy but this negative attitude towards the trip press also sends out a message that it's ok. points to the simple question given all of these dangers why do you do your job. it's a commitment that we have it's a vocation and we know that it's necessary for democracy here we're in a critical moment in mexico both in terms of trying to end the violence which has
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been growing there's been a 45 percent rise in attacks on journalists and then also in terms of creating a more open society and against corruption in which journalists play a vital role for women journalists this is especially important because there's also the struggle to create gender equality and yet there's been 532 attacks on women journalists registered by the national network of human rights defenders so we consider the rule to be in access to information in freedom of expression and also in guaranteeing human rights within the country or calcine good luck to you and your colleagues and thank you so much thank you a powerful earthquake has struck central croatia killing at least 7 people and injuring many others the epicenter was 50 kilometers southeast of the capital zagreb with premis also felt in one bring countries. as the
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dust settles a dramatic rescue. one of many. people across kuwait show were caught off guard by the massive earthquake and. suffered the consequences. hardest hit was the town of patricia. residents are rattled and distressed. the army and rescue workers spent hours searching for people trapped under the debris from collapsed roofs and entire buildings it is the 2nd earthquake in as many days on monday a $5.00 quake already hit the region moreover this is the 3rd massive earthquake in croatia this year. because the year is ending just as it began we are experiencing a very similar situation here as after the earthquake in march in zagreb we are
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putting all of the state services at the citizens disposal the army and the national guard are on duty in both of the hardest hit towns katrina and sees that. with you know. this series of aftershocks led residents to spend most of the day outside too fearful to remain indoors. these nursing home residents were evacuated and forced to brave the cold. by those huddled on the streets not an ideal situation in times of corona. but for those still in shock it's seemingly safer option. to some sport now and that 2020 was year to forget for germany's national football team that included an embarrassing 6 now loss to spain and of course there was the coronavirus pandemic jelling played by gangs in just 3 months on top of an already crammed shed they also had troubles
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off the pitch. if you enjoy it stellar and you're welcome liv seen here sending out a warm christmas message but the video of the german football association president and his national team coach is over a year old. but of the for 2020 there was no joint appearance some think there is tension brewing between the 2. i was a very upset that many many things were leaked to the public by someone from v. o. . german media claim live and keller have met privately the president supposedly wanted the germany national coach to step down after the european championship. in 10 i once again made it very clear among us that i want more unity and trust as well as more trust on matters that have been discussed internally being in the intend to convey often but the rift within the d.f.t. could also be why live still has his job president keller is reportedly at odds
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with his general secretary friedrich courteous and their disagreements have stalled decision making such as letting the go to germany coach has been trying to build a new team for more than 2 years now offensively there are promising signs but in defense there are still too many cracks in the 6 nil loss to spain in november was a historical low on earth and must buy more or less money in sight. it's what's important during rebuilding is to give the players time to develop. and when i see that the team still needs this or that to be successful then i'll definitely do it tool but at the moment i don't see any reason. however time is running out for live in march there are world cup qualifiers followed in the summer by euro 2021 germany is in the same group as world cup champions france and european title holders portugal and early exit could spell the end for luth but who could replace him. once you flick thomas to hell and you are going to clubs are favorites among
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experts and fans former p.s.g. coach to call is the only one available right now. and that's it you're up to that coming up next on think it was adult film looking at the world's 2nd largest film industry soon to be in lagos nigeria and stay with us for that i'll be back with more news headlines at the top of the ask for now thanks what's. the most sensitive guy you don't need to see. for over that's in home the 4th and. the most news in that we can about. the bottom of the band aid at the nasa dragons as well as a call to her through your. books on. children to come to this. one giant problem and get in on
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a piece. by the name of the needle t.j. certainly a fuel economy. how will climate change affect us and our children. b.t.w. dot com slash water. boeing's. united states. passenger jet for the 1st time since its grounding. crashes trust. from the pages of legal documents british business. rules with the. thinking of switching. branching out to make and
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it's. business 2 fatal crashes and a long time. now boeing 737 back in the air in the u.s. an american airlines flight using the max took off the federal aviation administration cleared the plane for a return to service last month after a software upgrade training improvements flight control safe. was historic in a way the miami to new york route marks the return to u.s. skies of the 737 max. to win back passengers here off of which say they're wary of flying it but this isn't a test flight american is the carrier globally to resume flying this model and americans president has no doubts about the plane serviceability. from top to bottom and we're confident that it's ready to. meet its team.
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from the work with the from the work with our union safety committee. today american is planning as many as 91 max flights a day another airlines are likely to follow in the 1st quarter of the new year and welcome come back in a 2nd to facing an uncertain future the cold. 19 pandemic has left in one sparking hundreds of jets is demand home is it about 30 percent of $29000.00 levels many liveries and canceling orders for new planes. to last as much as 75 percent this year at least the return of the 737 max let's assume the lining on that. let's talk about this is the 77 x. is a strategy for many people it could have ruined boeing how's it managed to turn this round well i'm not an engineer but i have the feeling what
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definitely detail that boeing did not have to reveal in the entire plane but basically fix them the software issues that boeing had far as i understand it has been the longest grounding in the history of the u.s. aviation industry and so now after 21 months the plane is back in the skies it took about a long time periods how long will it take boeing to recoup its losses to write. your 1st of all i've seen the number $20000000000.00 so that's about what the grounding did cost to boeing and i saw some estimates that it actually might take until the end of the decade before all the losses are recruit so clearly financially a big impact for boeing and then we shouldn't forget them it's not just the grounding that deterred boeing but it's also the pen demick that deterrent the
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entire education industry on the upside there is still about this 3000 outstanding orders for those 373 max planes so it is the most important model in the fleet of point bringing us back down to the ground for a moment and on a completely different topic how much closer are americans to getting a bigger stimulus check. yeah i mean that's the big debate so actually there is unity more or less in congress in the house of representatives always sort to increase the $600.00 checks per american adult citizen to $2000.00 so we have the support of us president donald trump there seems to be even some republican senators who might be in favor to actually give it a thumbs up for those $2000.00 of the key figure probably is mitch mcconnell their leader the majority leader of the republicans in the senate and he still has it and
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so it basically all comes down to mitch mcconnell if actually those $600.00 checks might be increased to 2000 me personally i'm a bit doubtful that that's going to happen anytime soon. for us in new york thank you well the british are getting their act together they've extended a free trade deal with turkey to keep goods flowing just days before the u.k. fully leaves the e.u. abandoning all of the blocks pacts with other countries but also signed its free trade agreement with vietnam on tuesday but back at home it's more of a slippery affair for many british businesses they've only got a few days to adapt to the new brigs rules if they want to continue trading with the european union some owners say the cards stacked against them. peter wood's heels were prized by his customers in germany sweden and lithuania but now he fears his customers will look elsewhere for supply after the new breaks rules come in on
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january 1st the deal involves a vast amount of paperwork. we will produce the documentation but unfortunately customized have also got a raft of documentation to produce to allow the import to go ahead so why buy from the u.k. might as well buy it for no producer in size who can deliver to the dole no documentation no problem peter would sense he would never have voted for bracks that if he knew he was going to this is job. the british government acknowledges there will be specific challenges but the biggest obstacles are out of the way. working more intensively with business in order to make sure that everyone is ready for the new opportunities and the challenges that come off the 1st of january i think business is broadly in a good place but inevitably with any change with any transition there are occasional. the confederation of british industry wants the government and london to translate the deal which is more than
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a 1000 pages of legal text into practical guidance for business owners like peter one the clock is ticking. the provoke at some of the other business stories making news spanish prime minister. says gross domestic product is likely to fall by over 10 percent this year due to the pandemic saying we are over 10 percent or than last year but he ruled out another increase in the minimum wage. beijing wants to shrink jack ma's financial empire and take a larger stake in it that's according to the wall street journal china is also dialing up regulatory pressure forcing mas payments venture at a group to comply with banking regulations instead of being treated like a tech for. the european union and china is set to announce an historic investment pact as soon as wednesday according to media reports that's after the e.u. got the necessary political backing for the deal it had further over the chinese market to e.u.
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investors brussels could soften its stance on chinese investments in europe. cannabis used to have a bad rap as an illegal narcotic but recently its reputation has been revived and a growing number of countries are legalizing the drug for recreation or medicinal use the same goes for china where cannabis derived products are becoming popular of a state is granting licenses to farmers of the crop. joe chung young lives in a village in china's southwestern new non province he's among the 1st crop of the country's new cannabis farmers. i planted 20 hacked errors in the 1st year but we gradually expanded today i plant 40 have tears of cannabis it brings in a lot more money than other crops. farmers jones business is entirely legal as long as he uses the seeds he receives from the government which contain very little of the psychoactive substance t.h.c.
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and he may only sell to a licensed company michael one has invested in this type of business he's one of china's cannabis pioneers. people still can see their canopies is some a truck industry so you know the my family friends and even those legal in here and that only some priest do not get involved with chalk business. michael huang's business is fully supervised by narcotics regulators he supplies the seeds to the farmers and buys their crops then he extracts the khanabad dial from the plants we had for his factory but while we're on our way the police send him a message he's not allowed to bring foreigners to his factory so far china and our governments do you want to want this industry to grow slowly and don't get too much attention from around the world i think. that is the one. there is
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a police station right at the entrance of his factory. the officers monitor how much rama tiriel has factory receives and how much can a big dial extract leaves. extracting can of a dial is the trickiest step in the production chain a small amount of t.h.c. build up the police have installed cameras in the plant to ensure that the th scene is destroyed. i will regulate your body understand that i'm the stand the function of canopies and we also want to support the industry so at you until we get this simple why shorey procedure i mean why we have a really good relationship. michael who mainly produces for export but chinese consumers are starting to discover cannabidiol products one she cosmetics is one of the firms entering the market they produce skin creams lotions and facial masks which contain the anti inflammatory and soothing and creating it. finally 2020 has
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been a flop for cinemas shut adjourning lock downs and attainment businesses have had to get creative from a revival in drive in movies to floated cinemas enjoying your favorite film socially distance of course in a gondola the canal is located in a venice themed mole in manila at $20.00 a boat with a confront in it's a way for owners make the world to tap people away from netflix it brings a whole new meaning to streaming movies. as doing business with it.
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in a globalized world. where everything is connected. all it takes is a school. to set things in motion. a local hero show how their ideas can change the world. 1000. next on d w. man and animal living together and unspoiled nature nelson only rain
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cofounded national life the only african wildlife conservation center run by the mass i community but since the coronavirus pandemic they have faced many more challenges than usual me a part of them shipped in their conservation movement to find old. alternatives. for. 60 minutes. more. people looking for coverage. there are many answers. there are many reasons.
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and there are many alternatives. to make up your own mind. made for minds. welcome to global 3000. in colombia the indigenous me sank people have set up a school to protect their traditions and their natural environment. in india a village community plans $111.00 trees whenever a baby girl is born a custom that benefits society and the planet. but 1st to new zealand where sheep farmers are fed up with being blamed for climate change.
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the corona outbreak has reduced travel and industrial production and resulted in a dip in carbon emissions so in that sense it's actually improving the health of the planet but the environmental impact of animal agriculture for example remains massive. in 2016 global greenhouse gas emissions total $51.00 bigger tonnes of which more than 7 gigatons were caused by meat and dairy companies. to meet the targets set by the paris climate agreement global greenhouse gas emissions have to be reduced to 13 gigatons by 2050 but if the meat and dairy industry continues down its current path its annual emissions are expected to exceed 10.5 gigatons with devastating impact on the climate in new zealand
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sheep farmers are coming under increasing public and political pressure. as far as the eye can see on what looks like boundless freedom for randall aspinall he's the 4th generation of sheep farmers a new zealand south island. farmers have always been valued in new zealand that the backbone of the country's economy. doesn't appreciate she. said. nationals. a favorite. around. seem to mount. climate change is shaking up this rural paradise sheep and cows are major producers of methane they generate one 3rd of all greenhouse gas emissions in new zealand suddenly farmers are seen as environmental sinners randall can see growing misunderstanding between people in the city and in the country. as most people in
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the cities knew had cousins had a farm and friends that had a farm so most people probably spent holidays on farms. where is that much as. that song. includes new zealand center left governments in this for example sheep and cows wading through rivers and possibly found in the water doesn't fit with new zealand's clean image so many farmers now have to build fences along the waterways on their property. which farmers have become a political pawn says randall. in terms of. how they actually get paid in opposition for more news centers of how they actually run a country and actually run a business strategy from chinese. experience for me and so it sort of feels
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like there's a lot of stuff and. the aspinall's farm is located near one of the main hiking trails in mt just spiraling national park it's a unesco world heritage site. brothels wife alice ansel. i scream and to spread so from a food truck here the family are trying to move into a better economic position. or i think about what. is right timing as coming there are more constraints environmentally. really just like things i just looking advice to an alternative and common. this is just a really small stash towards that. from the breath taking mountain regions of new zealand is a major export the government wants to cut retain emissions from livestock by 10 percent by 2030 otherwise farmers will face penalties but how is this supposed to
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happen randall asks a c d worm says she use elan farmers are already producing in an ecologically sustainable way that would be hard to find anywhere else in the world. the ford is gone for about a little but people are not trying to run as new she does like him as well as like him. more and to call of duty is quite a bit more work on. a few quality of the paula. i'll give. you people just want to be a bit more and some of them barley through stuff and from the wealthiest stuff and we just want to provide. a movie system on a beautiful day. for the market. this afternoon the aspinall's are taking a break from the sheep the family including grandma are having a day out on their own farm this is a playground of over 2000 hectares for the 2 children and even has
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a waterfall with a natural pool this is johnny and josh are growing up typical in new zealand the next natural wonders never far away. this is not spring and should. just give you time to think and just enjoy things. then why don't i say little bit yet. i want to be around you get away got. used to it every now and then but if you do you just face a day every now and then you say look. if that's a pretty cool place to go for living and working and we operate well very probably out there for getting enjoy it. it's not all rolling she pastors and games of frisbee in the natural pool. for this new zealand farming family there are many new challenges but with views like this everyone can see why they choose this life.
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and in our global ideas series we go to the andes in south america in colombia our reporter culture dinner met the indigenous me sack people who are determined to protect their control identity and their tradition of nature conservation. when the nice ak indigenous people have important matters to discuss they always sit by the fire. as 27 year old nestore explains is the most important place in the home. centers cast into the fire after all. but at the ritual which joins us to the earth. we all leave for the cities rather than staying here no one who protects. our beliefs our language.
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culture will be lost the. next still wants to do something to prevent that together with his friends from the village he's a member of the associate. that's an association designed to keep local cultural traditions alive. everything in the garden is planted in the circle the peds around to here they cultivate plants that ancestors also used aloe vera and many others every plant here has its own special purpose. when women are menstruating we take the seeds and through. this helps us against the cold. this is a coal plant that's why when i use it to tackle a favor when i keep and this is kind of it helps her stomach aches we also make an
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on it meant to treat arthritis for example but. the medicinal use of cannabis which is being legalized in more and more countries has a long tradition among the muzak people though they don't use it as an acrostic the members of the association also want to pass on that botanical knowledge to children in the village to teach the younger generation what properties the plants have and why it's important for the means act to cultivate them themselves. the group with doubtlessly them a lot of one of my our theatre group is called the magical tree and their play is about how we're destroying our environment over then you know it's about how important it is to protect our animal our plants and mood that's. going to. some of the children play means that people fighting against
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environmental destruction. you know you. were. here you can see some symbols this is a belt symbol stands for the moon and here is the spiral it stands for the pop that re misako tread. that. the group was set up about 15 years ago. in the past nestore used to perform himself but now he directs the children. an armadillo i'm going to kill it and selfish but i will. gradually all of the plants and animals are killed by the children who are playing the role of modern day individuals. down at good there.
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afterwards the association members meet in the communities heart they come together on a regular basis to sit around the fire and talk about old traditions but also about new developments in the community. that means that manage 70 head of land a vast area most of it is beyond the settlement and consists of pristine jungle they are determined to prevent deforestation. and businesses that. a lot of communities are destroyed by transnational companies and also the expansion of industrial agriculture. and. the land around them means that community has already been cleared nature has been devastated by large scale cattle
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farming and also by gold silver and coal mining. many indigenous communities in the calcutta valley a still suffering from the fallout of the colombian conflict the decades long war between the government paramilitary groups and communist guerrillas fock drug cartels add to the tension one 3rd of colombia is indigenous territory deadly violence is widespread in november 2900 there were 19 homicides in one week alone. those. leaders have been murdered or threats or using violence to hound people out of their communities. a school in the region of and below. in a condo is visiting as a representative of the autonomous indigenous university. it brings together students from various ethnic groups to bolster their cultures
3:43 am
and join forces to improve their communities learning takes place in small groups. the seminar participants discuss what they can do to tackle the threats that communities face in solidarity and cooperation between the indigenous groups is crucial. was given was good because you know if you put that it's you how can we make our commanders a stronger so that we can't be forced out if we don't have a strategy or we'll lose everything and that'll be it took everybody down the government killed back in the mes act territory at the moment the situation is calm but while the threat posed by armed groups has receded environmental destruction is a growing problem. the children's play is almost over. and it has a happy end and means that bring this new seeds for plants and breeds new life into
3:44 am
the animals. the people are given a 2nd chance this time the plants and animals have a message for humanity. just so you climb the contour of the messenger of the sun king of the n.t. i dream of freedom at least let me live. on the i'm the woodpecker if we birds die there will be no more birdsong and no more joy or anybody don't. get a lamb i'm the butterfly we want to spread our wings please don't clip. i made an armadillo please don't kill me. this week we pay our visit to a living room in kenya. and
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. this is my main area this is where i spent most of the time in after walk after they had they walk my t.v. it is the work of my hands and i reviewed it and i mean i love beads black that's why in my house mostly it's a black. eye.


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