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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2020 5:15am-5:31am CET

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much rheumatism and can still walk and think then i'll carry on as you did i can't imagine my life any other way i have everything a man could want. he had calmed down once said his favorite item of clothing is one he creates for a life that does not yet exist the world of tomorrow. and i'm not up to that coming up next sunday w. the coverage not in special on what to do about the bad news everywhere stay with us for that more news coming at the top of the hour. in the fight over climate change. africa's most of. what's in store. for the future. come from the major cities to get insight. culture. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.
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has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus up to the code special monday to friday on w. m d. a. boeing 737 max returns to the skies above the united states are the airlines passengers before the jet for the 1st time since its grounding of the deadly crashes that put their trust in the plane's new something. swimming away from thousands of pages of legal documents british business so there's a left baffled by the. new trade rules with the e.u.
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. and thinking of switching. the chinese families branching out to make a. business to fatal crashes and a long time since its global grounding now boeing 737 is back in the air in the u.s. an american airlines flight using the max took off tuesday the federal aviation administration cleared the plane for a return to service last month after a software upgrades pilot training improvements flight control say. was historic in a way the miami to new york route marks the return to u.s. skies of the 737 max it still has to win back passengers here off of which say they're wary of flying it but this isn't a test flight american is the 3rd carrier globally to resume flying this model and americans president has no doubts about the plane's service ability. fortunately.
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from top to bottom and we're confident that it's ready to go so. it's team from our pilots from the work with the from the work with our union safety committees. ready to go. we're looking for the flight today american is planning as many as 91 much flights a day another airlines are lucky to follow in the 1st quarter of the new year and welcome come back in a 2nd to facing an uncertain future. 19 pandemic has left hundreds of jets as demand hovers at about 30 percent of 29000 levels many of the ferrying deliveries and canceling alders for new planes boeing have lost as much as 75 percent this year at least the return of the 737 max puts a silver lining on that. let's talk about this.
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tragedy for many people and. boeing how's it managed to turn this around. well i'm not an engineer but i have the feeling what definitely detail that boeing did not have to redesign the entire plane but basically to fix them the software issues that boeing had missed far as i understand it has been the longest grounding in the history of the u.s. aviation industry and so now after 21 months the plane is back in the skies it. will take boeing to recoup its losses to. you know 1st of all i've seen the number $20000000000.00 so that's about what the grounding did cost boeing and i saw some estimates that it actually might take until the end of the decade before all the losses are recruit so clearly
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financially a big impact for boeing and then we shouldn't forget them it's not just the grounding that deterred boeing but it's also the pen demick that deterred the entire education industry on the upside there is still about this 3000 outstanding orders for those 373 max planes so it is the most important model in the fleet of point bringing us back down to the ground for a moment completely different topic how much closer are americans to getting a bigger stimulus check. yeah i mean that's the big debate so actually there is unity more or less and congress in the house of representatives always sought to increase the $600.00 checks per american adult citizen to $2000.00 so we have the support of us president donald trump there seems to be even some republican senators who might be in favor to actually give it
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a thumbs up for those $2000.00 of the key figure probably is mitch mcconnell their leader the majority leader of the republicans in the senate and he still has it and so it basically all comes down to mitch mcconnell if actually those $600.00 checks might be increased to 2000 me personally i'm a bit doubtful that that's going to happen anytime soon. for us in new york thank you well the british are getting their act together they've extended a free trade deal with turkey to keep goods flowing just days before the u.k. formally leaves the e.u. abandoning all of the blocks pacts with other countries but also signed its free trade agreement with vietnam on tuesday but back at home it's more of a slippery affair for many british businesses they've only got a few days to adapt to the new breaks the rules if they want to continue trading with the european union some owners say the cards stacked against them. peter
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wood's heels were prized by his customers in germany sweden and lithuania but now he fears his customers will look elsewhere for supply after the new breaks rules come in on january 1st the deal involves a vast amount of paperwork. we will produce documentation unfortunately customers have also got a raft of documentation to produce to allow the import to go ahead so why buy from the u.k. might as well buy for the no producer in front so can deliver to the door no documentation no problem peter wood says he would never have voted for bracks it if he knew he was going to this is job the british government acknowledges there will be specific challenges but the biggest obstacles out of the way. working more intensively with business in order to make sure that everyone is ready for the new opportunities and the challenges that come after the 1st of january i think business is broadly in a good place but inevitably with any change with any transition there are
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occasional bumpy. the confederation of british industry wants the government and london to translate the deal which is more than a 1000 pages of legal text into practical guidance for business owners like peter one the clock is ticking. provoke at some of the other business stories making news spanish prime minister. says gross domestic product is likely to fall by over 10 percent this year due to the pandemic saying we are 10 percent poor than last year but he ruled out another increase in the minimum wage. beijing wants to shrink jack ma's financial empire and take a larger stake in it that's according to the wall street journal china is also dialing up regulatory pressure forcing mas payments venture at a group to comply with banking regulations instead of being treated like a tech. and the european union and china are set to announce an historic investment
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pact as soon as wednesday according to media reports that's after the e.u. got the necessary political backing for the deal it had further over the chinese market to e.u. investors brussels could soften its stance on chinese investments in europe. cannabis used to have a bad rap as an illegal narcotic recently its reputation has been revived and a growing number of countries that legalizing the drug are recreation or with this at all years the same goes for china where cannabis derived products are becoming popular by the state is granting licenses to farmers of the crop. joe chung young lives in a village in china's south western union province he's among the 1st crop of the country's new cannabis farmers. i planted 20 hector's in the 1st year but we gradually expanded today i plant 40 had parents of cannabis it brings in a lot more money than other crops. farmers business is entirely
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legal as long as he uses the seeds he receives from the government which contain very little of the psychoactive substance t.h.c. and he may only sell it to a licensed company michael one has invested in this type of business he's one of china's cannabis pioneers. people still can see their canopies is some a truck industry so you in the family and send even those legal in here and that only son priest do not get involved with chuck business. michael huang's business is fully supervised by narcotics regulators he supplies the seeds to the farmers and buys their crops then he extracts the khanabad dial from the plants we had for his factory but while we're on our way the pony sent him a message he's not allowed to bring foreigners to his factory so far china and our governments do you want to want this industry to grow slowly and don't get too much
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attention from around the world i think. that is the one. there is a police station right at the entrance of his factory. the officer is monitor how much raw material has factory receives and how much can a big dial extract leaves. extracting can of a dial is the trickiest step in the production chain a small amount of t.h.c. build up the police have installed cameras in the plant to ensure that the t.h.c. is destroyed. i will regulate your body in the sense that i'm the stand the function of canopies and we also want to support the industry so actually even though we get this supervisory procedure i mean why we have a really good relationship. michael who mainly produces for export but chinese consumers are starting to discover canada dial products one she cosmetics is one of the firms entering the market they produce skin creams lotions and facial masks
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which contain the anti inflammatory and soothing and gradient. finally 2020 has been a flop for cinemas shut adjourning lock downs and attainment businesses have had to get creative from a revival in drive in movies to float in cinemas enjoying your favorite film socially distance of course in a gondola the canal is located in a venice themed mole in manila at $20.00 a boat with a cold front end it's a way for owners make a world to tap people away from netflix it brings a whole new meaning to streaming movies. as doing business with it.
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or not to. worry about assuring the economy instead. the change in thinking is changing the economy to create something the.
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their father's soldiers from the french colony set. up in a climate of national pride and racism. list documentary examines the few traces that remain of their existence. the children. starch genuine relevance on g.w. . some are celebrated some are vilified and some are ignored or regardless of how they're received whistleblowers have helped inform our picture of the world.


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