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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CET

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area. there waiting for a chance that will probably never come. starts january 18th on t.w. . this is news coming to you live from berlin search and rescue teams work through the night after a powerful earthquake in croatia the tremor leaves at least 70 and many more injured also coming up hundreds of migrants left for days in freezing and squalid conditions are taking to their next temporary shelter. and he shook up the
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fashion world with his futuristic creations and turned his name into a lucrative global brand french designer. has died at the age of $98.00. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us rescuers in central asia are searching for survivors after a major earthquake struck tuesday afternoon authorities say at least 7 people were killed and many others injured the quake was the 2nd to hit the region in just today. the search for survivors continued long into the night. once a picturesque town not far from the coalition capital zagreb now a disaster zone. the 6.4 magnitude quake brought death and destruction without warning but the response has been swift the army moved into airlift
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patients from a hospital. in one damaged nursing home residents lie on the floor as they waited for the turn to leave. as the most vulnerable are evacuated eighty's pouring in. across croatia donations of being collected for patrol and the surrounding area. bobbie there is no doubt that about we saw they needed help people are coming from every way to bring food and necessities. they need humanitarian aid now because this won't be over anytime soon . the basic necessities of already reached this shelter for people my homeless by the earthquake. inside this. house has no roof only walls. they are all damaged and cracked. i
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would not dare go inside again. the crisis response is being overseen by the town's mayor one of. today we feel with all the families who have lost their loved ones. we know there are no words but we offer our honest compassion. because the lose your loved ones in this catastrophe. is like going through hell. the mayor was holding a press conference when the earthquake struck shortly before noon on tuesday the cameras capturing the impact. as rescue teams clear the rubble in the dark of night that moment seems a lifetime ago for the people of petroleum. spring in delhi bordeaux red
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cherries a journalist in zagreb but tell us how all recovery efforts going on. hello well the recovery of hers went on through the night and there are no reports of any more casualties 7 people have been killed. we don't have the count of the injured yet. there has been an outpour of help as you said in the report. from people all over creation with thousands of people bringing food and blankets and so on and it's all being gathered by the right cross and sent to put 3 new the army has put up tents and shelters for the people who lost their homes and that is basically everyone in the region of between you know glee not see stuck in some want there are thousands of people who are now without shelter. zagreb
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was hit by another smaller tremor this morning there are any reports of further damage there have been actually 3 tremors since 615 which woke me up to this morning that was 4.8 and 2 smaller ones after that. zagreb is was it is i think fine because we are quite far away it's 50 kilometers from the from from between you and the epicenter was again there there are no reports of additional damage but since people have there left their homes mainly. we hope that everybody's fine but there have has been additional damage with these . in these earthquakes since the the structures are fractured and weak how well prepared is the region there for earthquakes like this.
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well on one hand it's not to be well prepared because the infrastructure is bad we have seen cracked roads the area is without electricity since the poles fell down and. even phones have been disrupted the this whole area has suffered greatly in the war and has not recovered since it was 30 years ago the how this is a relatively poor region so the houses are not well built. many of them are quite old those are as you said in the. piece before those are bitter but it's a big picturesque town but it's quite old so the houses are old as well but on the other hand we have had a lot of practice unfortunately and the emergency services have reacted really really well. and people know now what to do. donna or thank you very much
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for bringing us up to date there that was journalist talib or dub rich inside. thank you. now where hundreds of migrants have been bussed to new temporary accommodation after spending 5 days without heat and proper shelter the migrants were left in freezing and squalid conditions after a fire destroyed the camp in the northwest almost a week ago aid groups have been calling on the bosnian government to re house the migrants immediately warning they could priester death. for hundreds of refugees these buses are of ray of hope they are here to take them out of the league refugee camp in the bosnian highlands it is an inhumane place food supplies are low and there is no electricity no water no heating.
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problem. one. shortly before christmas parts of the camp went up in flames international aid organizations want it closed given the dire situation here this winter especially since there's an empty factory building in the nearby city of be hot that could house the refugees. you're talking about a pure political blockage of having 2000 people. where the u.s. investment. and use but the city of beehives refuses to open it up for the refugees. first we need to take care of our own citizens then the refugees this is not our problem with. this stranded refugees desperately want to get to the e.u. the situation is critical the next step in temperatures could be fatal for them some
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have now been taken to empty barracks near the capital of sarajevo but for the hundreds left behind there's still no solution in sight. so you look now at some of the other stories making headlines today argentina's senate is debating whether to legalize abortion in the 1st 14 weeks of pregnancy activists for and against the proposed bill have gathered outside congress where lawmakers are likely to vote in the coming hours the legislation has already passed the lower house despite objections from argentine pope francis. and a chinese court has sentenced 10 hong kong activists to up to 3 years in prison on charges of illegally crossing the border the group arrested by the chinese coast guard in august allegedly on route to the democratic island of taiwan 2 miners were also detained they are reportedly being returned to hong kong without charge. and
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u.k. public health officials are urging the government to take decisive action to bring codein 1000 infections under control new cases jumped from 41000 on monday to more than 53000 on tuesday despite tough restrictions on in place across much of britain hospitals are now treating more covert patients than at the peak of the pandemic an april. bleak news here in germany too where the top infectious diseases institute has reported a record number of deaths for the 1st time more than 1000 people have died with coated in a single 24 hour period meanwhile germany is gradually rolling out its facts and nation campaign but a dispute is brewing over the implications for a society divided by those who've already had the job and those who haven't. huge groups are being invested in this little job the hope of life returning to
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normal before fear and mosques and social distancing. but reality looks very different the vaccination campaign has only just begun and it will be months before anyone's guard can be let down if we don't want to split our society and at this point we're not everyone can get vaccinated and when it's not even clear whether vaccination people might still spread the virus there can't be any special rights for immunize people. sick enough to present. that maybe so but divisions may crack open in germany nonetheless restaurants have a right to throw it on welcome guests businesses can decide who to employ. it's their right of course they can say that somebody who's a bigger danger because they haven't been vaccinated so we want to limit our risk. will germany become a 2 tier society airlines that only admit vaccinated passengers pubs which refuse
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entry to the on immunized. how long does the vaccination work for but otherwise i'm in favor of people who've been vaccinated having advantages. or do. you think should be the same for both groups as long as it's possible that vaccinated people might still be contagious. if there are people who can't be vaccinated for some reason but there are also people who don't want to should i be considerate about them. of course. the position of the german government is clear no discrimination between those vaccinated and those not and if necessary that will be written into law. legendary french fashion designer pierre cardin has died at the age of $98.00 and started making waves in the 1950s revolutionizing the industry with his futuristic
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looks he was also a commercial innovator producing ready to wear collections and licensing his name worldwide long before it was fashionable to do so. presented his extravagant creations on international catwalks for over 6 decades the paris designer was one of the most innovative and productive fashion designers in the world. i've been working professionally for 60 years and i've created over 4000 dresses and i never sold the original. born in italy in 1022 pietro cardini emigrated with his family to france by the 1940 s. he changed his name to pierre cut down and was one of the most ambitious young designers in paris by 947 he was working for do your and just 3 years later he went solo surprising the fashion world with his creativity. he was known for
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his generous collars. and geometric designs. the designer modeled his men's collection himself the beatles commissioned him to design matching suits for them cutdowns fashion was considered revolution rate catching the fun of the $960.00 s. . one of our book with many people hated my work at that time they found my dresses strange too provocative and like this way you could see the naked breasts from 1959 on the master of tilt also made high fashion available to the masses. is considered the founder of pressed up for today bringing exclusive paris fashions to department stores around the world he became one of the richest men in france and launched hotels decorated in his own distinctive style. even in his mid eighties cut done didn't consider retiring wrong as i've said i'll continue to work
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until i die as long as i don't get too much rheumatism and can still walk and think then i'll carry on as if i can't imagine my life any other way i have everything a man could want. here cut down once had his favorite item of clothing is one he creates for a life that does not yet exist the world of tomorrow. so it is for now i'm terry martin thanks for watching business is next with what a. story of produce and propaganda. they were called the rhineland bastards born after the 1st world war. their mothers were germans living in the occupied drawing land their fathers were soldiers from the front.


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