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tv   Eine Familie steigt aus  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2020 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin the 2nd coronavirus vaccine is approved for use in the u.k. britain becomes the 1st country in the world to fall through as emergency use of the astra zeneca oxford university vaccine as the battle to beat the pandemic steps up a gear also in the program getting vaccinated mean you get more privileges germany's immunization campaign sparks new concerns over the country turning into a 2 tier society and.
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argentina becomes the 1st major country in latin america to legalize abortion the pro-choice activists celebrate a landmark decision. could think traditionally catholic country on a collision course with the church. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us britain has become the 1st country in the world to authorize the corona virus vaccine developed by astra zeneca and offered university it's the 2nd vaccine to receive emergency authorization from u.k. authorities after the pfizer job trial data suggests the. scene is less effective but easier to store and transport authorities say they plan to start rolling it out within days britain is struggling with
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a surge in virus cases that are threatening to overwhelm hospitals for. for more let's bring in john campbell he's an independent health analyst an educator and joins us from carlisle in the north of england dr campbell this pandemic is hitting your country and so many others very hard how important is this new vaccine it really is we're actually entering the most critical phase of the pandemic now in the next months going to be so so difficult but it is just so good to be on the news this morning with this spectacularly good news this really is the beginning of the end is going to start kicking in with a really big effect in just a month or 2 stime now this vaccine is a can complete game changer it has so many advantages it's great to know there's been approved as efficacious that it works and that it's believed to be central and the united kingdom has got 100000000 doses on order and the european union could just have got 400000000 doses on order this is really going to change the entire
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nature of the pandemic the united states has got 300000000 doses on the order actually going to be produced pretty well let me wear around the world it's got the the the oxford astra zeneca people have got 30 partners around the world to produce it so it's going to be produced in belgium germany netherlands italy astray taiwan china even in russia it one is this is approved by the other regulator a bodies around the world is really going to change everything so we're waiting for the european med's agency now of course i'm waiting for the food and drug administration in the united states to to give the same approval the oxford is the 2nd coated vaccine to be approved in the u.k. at least on emergency basis how is it different from the 1st one from biotech pies or. well he's working in a different way of course the oxford vaccine uses the dino virus vector is working in a in a more understood traditional way this is been used for different diseases in the
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past whereas the pfizer maduna one on years the new and messenger r.n.a. technology which which seems to be working absolutely fine but the key difference is a practical one is this this new oxford vaccine as we've said can be made in many different parts it's using an existing technology and it can be transported it to to a degree centigrade it a normal fridge temperature so what this means is a community nurse could get a cold box in the morning put in some ice blocks and go off and do a round of vaccinations without having to worry about keeping the vaccine a very low temperatures and it should actually last at these temperatures to 6 months in the fridge so it can be transported around the world with minimal coaching difficulties and there's actually 300000000 doses for the vaccine a large. alliance for polka interests that are going to distribute the vaccine all around the world so many many practical advantages that make it so much easier to use dr campbell thank you very much for talking with us that was dr john campbell
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independent health analyst in carlisle english and terry. well there's bleak news here in germany where top infectious disease institutes have reported a record number of deaths for the 1st time more than a 1000 people have died with code 19 in a single 24 hour period meanwhile germany is gradually rolling out its vaccination campaign but the dispute is brewing over the implications for a society divided by those who've already had the job and those who haven't. huge hopes of being invested in this little job the hope of life returning to normal before fear and mosques and social distancing. but reality looks very different the vaccination campaign has only just begun and it will be months before anyone's guard can be let down if we don't want to split our society and at this point we're not everyone can get vaccinated and when it's not even clear whether vaccination
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people might still spread the virus there can't be any special rights for immunize people. so. she accused the president. that maybe so but divisions may crack open in germany nonetheless restaurants have a right to throw it on welcome guests businesses can decide who to employ. it's their right of course they can say that somebody who's a bigger danger because they haven't been vaccinated so we want to limit our risk. will germany become a 2 tier society airlines that only admit vaccinated passengers pubs which refuse entry to the on immunized. how long does the vaccination work for but otherwise i'm in favor of people who've been vaccinated having the time to choose. things should be the same for both groups as long as it's possible that vaccinated
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people might still be contagious. i think there are people who can't be vaccinated for some reason but they're also people who don't want to should i be considerate about them. it's also. the position of the german government is clear no discrimination between those vaccinated and those not and if necessary will be written into low. single look at some of the other stories making headlines today the post breaks that trade deal reached between the european union and the united kingdom has been formally ratified by the news top officials in brussels the 1200 page agreement is being flown to london for prime minister boris johnson to sign ahead of the u.k.'s from fleet departure from the ball at midnight on thursday. a newly elected congressman in the us state of louisiana has died of complications from cope at 19 luke let alone was admitted to hospital on
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december 19th after testing positive for the virus he was due to be sworn into office on sunday he was just 41. and a chinese court has sentenced 10 hong kong activists to up to 3 years in prison on charges of illegally crossing the border the group arrested by the chinese coast guard in august allegedly on route to the democratic island of taiwan 2 miners who were also detained are reportedly being returned to hong kong without charge. for rescuers. in central croatia are searching for survivors after a major earthquake struck tuesday afternoon authorities say at least 7 people were killed and many others injured the quake was the 2nd to hit the region in just 2 days. the search for survivors continued long into the night. once a picturesque town not far from the croatian capital is zagreb now dissolves design
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. the 6.4 magnitude quake brought death and destruction without warning but the response has been swift the army moved into airlift it would lead patients from a hospital. in one damaged nursing home residents lie on the floor as they waited for their turn to leave. as the most vulnerable are evacuated eighty's pouring in. across croatia donations are being collected for patrol and the surrounding area. we saw they needed help people are coming from everywhere to bring food and necessities. they need humanitarian aid now because this won't be over anytime soon . the basic necessities of already reached this shelter for people my homeless by the earthquake. our house has
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no roof only walls. they are all damaged and cracked. i would not dare go inside again. the crisis response is being overseen by the town's mayor one of. today we feel with all the families who have lost their loved ones. we know there are no words but we offer our honest compassion. because the lose your loved ones in this catastrophe. is like going through. the mail was holding a press conference when the earthquake struck shortly before noon on tuesday the cameras capturing the impact.
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as rescue teams clear the rubble in the dark of night that moment seems a lifetime ago for the people of preaching you know. argentina's senate has voted to legalize abortion in a landmark ruling that could have repercussions across latin america the vote followed hours of debate and decades of campaigning by one. rights groups in the predominantly catholic country up until now seeking or aiding an abortion was a punishable offense to vote in argentina has been closely watched unlocked american countries where abortion is largely still illegal. well for more on this i'm joined now by journalist in when is are is 1st of all this is a historic moment for argentina and latin american in general how all the reactions to this development yes so there were thousands of people waiting
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on the street until 4 am when the vote was cast waiting for the decision and basically the most amount of people were waiting in front of the national congress in one to say this and the past that was divided into so basically the people in favor of the legalization of abortion and those against and as you can imagine the people in favor as soon as they heard of that what would the result of the voting they were ecstatic there were a lot of music a lot of young women who came out to the streets in support of this bill and there was a very much of a celebratory mood among that side but as you can imagine on the other side of the glass at the mood was completely the opposite these are groups that are very religious groups that have been very vocal the against the only station of abortion so the mood was very divided and i think that really reflects how argentina as a society as a whole feels today about the results of these historic vote. how important
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is this vote for argentina can you put it in context for. absolutely so to give you an idea at this is the 9th time a bill to legalize abortion was presented in congress over the past 15 years so it's an issue that's been on the agenda for many many years and that in the most recent year since 2018 i would say has taken a lot of attention not only in argentina but also other countries in latin america have appropriated themselves of this green scarf that the argentine feminist movement uses as a message to legalize abortion you see that green scarf all over latin american of so it is a huge issue and that the reason why it is so he is because since 1921 abortion in argentina has been criminalized and women and doctors perform it can
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get up to 15 years in prison so one of the things that these people's women's rights movements have been saying is that in spite of these women still undergo abortions there's an unofficial estimate that around 270002500000 abortions are performed every year in the country so by the allies in this women's rights groups are saying that at least you're securing healthy and safe conditions for this woman to undergo these procedures. that was journalist lucy hey there and when i saw her as you were watching d.w. news coming up next monica jones will be here with all the latest business course you can always get all the latest news and information anytime you want on our on our web site that's of d w dot com and you can follow us on social media as well we appreciate that you'll find this there d.w. news on both twitter and instagram and of course i'll be back soon could see.
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my 1st vice was the sewing machine. icon for all women there bones by this. woman something as simple as learning home to ride a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me years to until. finally the game bob invented by me and i say this country turns people sewing machines sewing i suppose was more apt procreate goes than riding a bike. no i want to meet this woman back home full of bones by then and social
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norms and informed and basic rights my name is the about of the home and i wore them. it's a deal of 7 years in the making and today could be the day the e.u. and china announce a breakthrough for their massive investment pact we go to brussels to find out more about the deal and its implications for europe also coming up the thinking of switching crops to something more profitable chinese farmers are branching out to make a bigger buck and it's all legal. and it took a deadly explosion in the port of beirut to reveal the poisonous liquid stored
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there now a german company helps clearing out the chemicals. welcome to do that we have business i want to get germs in berlin good to have you with us it will take months to be finalized and fully ratified but the new e.u. china deal which is expected to be signed today is certainly a landmark deal it will remove barriers to e.u. investments in china for key sectors but critics say it's rushed and it reduces europe's leverage on dealing with china. after 7 years of wrangling the e.u. is set in can investment agreement with beijing that it insists will guarantee a level playing field for european companies operating in china to block stop trading partner. the investment agreement a passion project of german chancellor angela merkel is framed as a victory of financial wral politic over political concerns especially china's human rights record but critics say the deal is rushed and weakens the e.u.'s
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political power beijing recently imposed hefty tariffs on australian goods after camera made political criticisms despite the 2 countries having a free trade deal i think there's been a very clear lesson this year and that is still you're treated by china iran economic concern china comes costs and i think far better for the democracy of the world to unite and our common and you know if i should i'm dealing with china and response that you can all it really and i think has missed an opportunity to work was its allies here to get a better longer term china. members like france were worried about shinji and weaker is being used as forced labor in response china has reportedly agreed to step up efforts to meet the international labor organizations rules. also there are fears the deal could alienate us president elect joe biden who has expressed concern about the e.u.'s overtures to china so soon before he takes office plans
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what comes next and for more let's bring in now is a recent felon from the center for russia europe asia studies in brussels good to have you with us so so many hiccups we just learned about in this report. in the final stretch certainly china's handling of the hugo amount already again in focus its failure to comply with existing treaties like the one with australia so from an evil spec to why this rush now. that's a great question it is 7 years in the making and we saw last year with one used visit to brussels in december he said we are developing economy it will be very difficult to make this agreement so in one year we've seen that statement stretch all the way to the finish line which will be today why is this happening now while angela merkel has made this her signature goal to get this pushed through during her e.u. rotating presidency which concludes tomorrow so this is her final chance to get this through and as you noted in your program that there are the optics on this or
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a really bad because we've seen a year with up for discussion out of a $1000.00. tensions in the south china sea troubles on the indian border you noted problems with australia not china keeping their agreements and it almost feels like a reward to beijing for their bad behavior last week we saw a german and that's or to the un was leaving and the chinese said good riddance so it doesn't seem that there is anything that china can do that will upset anyone this deal seems so important that nothing's going to sideline it why why is it so important i mean what are those huge perks that make all of that worthwhile. i think there's a lot of smoke here when we finally see the real deal we might be far more disappointed than what would sexually been promised china has everything they want in europe europe is open for investment but the europeans have been the demander they have been asking for more market access in china and clearly after covering
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$1000.00 post economic landscape it would be that people are worried about growth so the 3 major issues they want are. equal playing a level playing field let stopping force acknowledge the transfer and also this idea of investment guarantees but that's not what the europeans got they didn't get the investment guarantees that they wanted it is called the comprehensive agreement on investment and that's one of the key ask that the europeans do that the other issue that was made clear by the european parliament was that they would block this because of the forced labor issues in regard to sion jug and weekers and the language is so weak in the agreement it's very easy for anyone to for beijing to get out of it because the international labor organization china has agreed to kind of work towards this goal but there are no snap backs there are no ways to enforce any of these mechanisms to raise a fallen there from the center for russia europe asia studies in
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a brussels thank you so much for sharing your insights with us thank you. well european stocks edged higher today after britain approved a covert $1000.00 vaccine developer astra zeneca and oxford university shares in oster seneca 1.3 percent after jumping 3.3 percent and here in anticipation of the news most markets though in the region are subdued to do to thin volumes in a holiday shortened week the german dax trading flat after reaching record highs earlier this. i think kind of this used to be a bad rap s. and illegal or it used to have a bad reputation as an illegal narcotic recently though its reputation has been revived and a growing number of countries are legalizing the drug for recreation or medicinal use the same goes for china where cannabis derived products are becoming popular
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while the state is granting licenses to farmers of the crop joe chung young lives in a village in china's south western union province is among the 1st crop of the country's new cannabis farmers. i planted 20 had tears in the 1st year but we gradually expanded today i plant 40 have tears of cannabis it brings in a lot more money than other crops. farmers shows business is entirely legal as long as he uses the seeds he receives from the government which contain very little of the psychoactive substances t.h.c. and he may only sell to a licensed company michael one has invested in this type of business he is one of china's cannabis pioneers. people still can see their canopies this i'm a truck industry so you know the my family and zoe and those legal in here and that
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only some priest do not get involved with chuck business. michael huang's business is fully supervised by narcotics regulators he supplies the seeds to the farmers and buys their crops then he extracts the khanabad aisle from the plants we had for his factory but while we're on our way the police send him a message he's not allowed to bring foreigners to his factory so far china and our governments do you want to want this industry to grow 'd slowly and don't get too much attention from around the world i think. that is the one. there is a police station right at the entrance of his factory. the officers monitor how much raw material his factory receives and how much can a beguile extract leaves. extracting can of adonal is the trickiest step in the production chain a small amount of t.h.c. build up the police have installed cameras in the plant to ensure that the t.h.c.
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is destroyed. i will regulate your body understand that i'm the stand the function of canopies and we also want to support the industry so actually even though we get this super wife sherry procedure i mean why we have a really good relationship. michael who mainly produces for export but chinese consumers are starting to discover cannabidiol products one she cosmetics is one of the firms entering the market they produce skin creams lotions and facial masks which contain the anti inflammatory and soothing and gradient. you probably remember those images a major explosion in beirut harbor last summer that destroyed large parts of the city at least 190 people died more than 6 and a half 1000 were injured sadly it was a disaster waiting to happen corrupt officials have allowed highly poisonous
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liquids to be stored in rusty containers at the harbor for decades where now the chemicals are said to be removed and that with the help of a german company. there's a dangerous surprise in every container some of them have been stored at beirut harbor for up to 20 years there's no paperwork and no one knows who they belong to let alone what's inside the contents are jumping out now forming noxious puddles the german company combi lift is now working to clean up the harbors toxic legacy. list very very important for us that we have an overview of all and to make test of the different kind of substances because it's not completely labeled everything so if you mix some things and it could be that with a blast you have. sulphuric and hydrochloric acid acetone and now banned pesticide methyl bromide are just some of the chemicals they found here in the bay report authority wants to get rid of the containers as quickly as possible but it's not
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easy. to structurally they cannot sustain their lot inside the containers and the container is falling apart we cannot leave that we can transport them. all in all there are 52 toxic containers here. in a cordoned off area of the port the dangerous liquids are pumped into special tanks which are then shipped to germany for recycling. it's a costly process which the lebanese port can't afford but in association of lebanese and german businessmen brokered a deal. we try to squeeze those remarks a mom. to. $3000000.00 euro and subsidy which is was city born $6000000.00 this was the lowest we could do. in systems. that are bust him
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casey who is the president of the. the cold war. he said look. for very normal your. copy lift is paying the initial cost itself while the port authority tries to secure a grant from the european union to stump up the remaining $1600000.00 but to rid the poor of dangerous and destructive chemicals that's a price worth paying. now with the new year's eve approaching pandemic weary folks are treating themselves to a bit of luxury to celebrate anyone for white caviar perhaps austrian fish farmers are expecting big sales of precious whites caviar from the rare beano sturgeon retail remains strong even though many restaurants shot each fish yields just 600
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grams and the roe are worth $8000.00 euros that's 3 times the price of black caviar caviar is the world's most expensive food worldwide yield is just $415.00 times. and as you visit our day here on the w. this hour from me in the team thanks for watching stay healthy. to own. or not to well. what about assuring economists. the change in thinking is changing the economy to create something. the economics magazine in germany. next week.
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in the gallery of katrina. recalls. what's in store. for the future. for the major cities to the insight. i'm sure. some are celebrated some are vilified and some are ignored for regardless of how the received whistleblowers have helped inform our picture of the world.


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