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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2020 6:00am-6:46am CET

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allows us to live and survive. why do you as the environmental soon to global 3000 on t.w. go on. this is think of all the news live from perth in the e.u. and china open then markets brussels and beijing seal an investment deal after 7 years of talks but is that you putting business before human rights also coming up signed and sealed the new trade deal with the european union becomes you cable news chief says it's time to put brakes at a hospice. and it can employ
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a strike south against police brutality in nairobi taking a legal fight from the courtroom to the boxing group. american how to welcome to the program the european union has struck a controversial investment deal with china the e.u. has hile the accord saying it will give european companies better access to chinese markets but critics say those economic benefits come at the expense of human rights . for 7 years european union representatives have been haggling with china at the negotiating table the results were presented at a joint press conference. market access for both sides will be improved a level playing field means that chinese state owned enterprises will no longer be
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given preferential treatment through subsidies and for the 1st time china commits to following environmental climate social as well as occupational health and safety standards though when it comes to those standards chinese president xi jinping made only veg promises in the agreement china has imprisoned up to $1000000.00 readers in labor and reeducation camps and xing zhang province she has promised to sign a convention against forced labor but no date has been set and sanctions haven't been discussed even take promises around market access haven't been convincing what the the pre-move the stories concerning to the chinese companies that the family says the european market was deal with. the problem is the other way around it's about the yaks of european companies the chinese market which has always been more closed in terms of investment because of the way that china entered into the
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world trade organization as if the ruby economy was special rights even though there have been some breakthroughs concerning competition both sides are not yet on equal footing so they will most likely meet more often around the negotiating table in the coming years. or at let's bring in sufi richardson the china director of human rights watch so i think welcome from the opposition i wonder what did you see what do you worry between the lines of this trade deal. well i think there are 2 variables here that should make everyone quite skeptical and the 1st is that the chinese government is just devoid of credibility when it comes to commitments not just her and human rights but around issues of trade or even security and this is a government that regularly signs binding international agreements and then ignores them but i think the other variable is that there is very strong evidence the use of force labor in. europe that has been acknowledged by the e.u.
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and member state governments and there's almost no ability to do the kind of due diligence that's necessary to check on that problem and so one looks at this agreement and really has to wonder why anybody believes that beijing will pursue any sorts of reforms i'm forced labor or other issues in good faith and so does that then speak to the reason why it wasn't the e.u. firm no with china in terms of a solid commitment to a deadline to improve both human and worker rights. but i think there are a lot of variables at stake there and let's recall that one of the european parliament which is which is taking a very strong stand on a number of human rights and she is in china still has to ratify the deal but you know even if you look back at the last 10 years of reports by the e.u. chamber of commerce in china you know what you would see is report after report after report complaining about all of the ways in which the chinese government violates the rules that have already been agreed upon and so again it's very hard
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to see how this new deal will somehow be magically different. so if you've raised the point that the deal still needs to be ratified in the european parliament does that mean there is still the chance of meaningful improvements to be made to the deal. well either one hopes of either meaningful improvements or a much more honest conversation about what the e.u. really does value we've got a lot of discussion on the last couple of days about the use values and how they're reflectiveness deal and i just struggle to see how the e.u. can both condemn the existence of forced labor in china and then sign a deal with the chinese government that doesn't solve those problems 1st that should be foundational if the e.u. and europeans really care that the clothes they're wearing weren't made by forced labor so if you bridget's in china director of human rights watch thanks so much.
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to you ok let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news this hour. 2 protesters were killed in clashes with police in peru dream demonstrations against the new bold raising the income of agricultural workers under the new legislation farm life was will still earn less than $14.00 a day. at least 22 people have been killed and dozens wounded after a large explosion struck him and. last occurred shortly after a plane carrying the newly formed unity government returned from saudi arabia none of the government delegation is thought to be among the dead. at least 11 people are still missing following a major landslide in norway police say they'll continue this search of a knot despite the treacherous conditions the wall of earth crushed and buried homes in the town of north of oslo emergency services trying to secure those buildings left standing. bitcoin has surged to
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a new record high of almost $29000.00 the value of the crypto currency has quadrupled to see it as investors hedge against us dollar witness and the risk of inflation. the post breaks a trade deal has officially become law in the u.k. after receiving the queen's royal assent the british parliament overwhelmingly approved the agreement on wednesday after it was signed by the e.u. used top officials they could sets out the new trade rules between britain and the european union starting on new year's day. you could get the impression the british prime minister just wanted to sign it as quickly as possible. after putting his name to the more than $1000.00 pages of complicated legal language parse johnson seemed upbeat. thank you very much everybody you know what i wanted runs down. the treaty that i just saw the end is
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a new beginning and i think the beginning of what will be a wonderful relationship between the u.k. and britain bought this in the thank you both with us today not the 10 here it is but. i mean the question you ask yourself is if i was really. yes. in this deal this country. to get their heads around a document like this members of parliament would usually require months but the british no a house pushed it through and just half a day right $521.00. 73 voted against the deal which officially puts an end to years of break that negotiations were going to become a friendly neighbor the best friends an ally the e.u. good how are working hand in glove when ever our values and interests coincide while fulfilling the so really wish of the british people to live under their own
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interests but it comes at a price and pains from northern ireland and scotland voiced their concerns that the unity of the united kingdom was now under threat the opposition labor party agreed to the deal largely because it didn't have a choice a thin deal is better than no deal adopted clemente in this deal made immediate tariffs and quotas with the e.u. which will push up prices and drive businesses to the wall it will make huge gaps in security for your leaders put been named to the deal earlier on wednesday fit was then flown by the royal air force to britain to be signed. but with movie and spirits of a deal not yet final the saga is not over yet. well our correspondent in london back at mass has more on what exactly this means for the post breaks the deal in the u.k. both johnson has signed the brags the deal that he has reached with the e.u.
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and parliament had its roots in me however many critics of this process in parliament are saying that practically it's not enough so the m.p.'s only had a few hours to debate this really complex agreement with the european union and given the fact that the great city isn't always promised that breaks it was all about taking back control and giving control to the u.k. parliament many parliamentarians were very frustrated that they only had a few hours to look into this agreement however the deal is done and boris johnson obviously is celebrating the fact that he accomplished taking the u.k. out of the european union that there is more sovereignty free or for example the european court of justice critics are saying that he is not clear about the tradeoffs that he's not explaining to the country that yes there is more serving tea but economically there are trade offs and even though there is a deal
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a trade deal with the e.u. that there will be extra trade barriers for example for manufacturers there'll be much more paperwork when they want to deal with the european customers or clients and that boris johnson and this brick city is have never made it clear and obviously on a day like this they are not talking about it either. mass in london they will meanwhile britain has become the 1st country to authorize the coronavirus vaccine developed by as resin eka and oxford university it comes as the battles a surge in new coated 19 cases this latest vaccine is cheaper and easier to transport than the buy and take pfizer and modern versions the trial data suggests it's not as effective there is also uncertainty about the best dosage when dr john campbell is an independent health analyst based in the u.k. earlier we asked him how important this new vaccine is this new vaccine is the best news we've had in the pandemic it is going to change the situation entirely now in
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the united kingdom we're going to start a mass rollout of this vaccine from the 4th of january we're going to be vaccinating a 1000000 people a week from that point and not certain to go to build up as the logistics and infrastructure develops and as well as that what we're going to do is we're going to give one dose of this vaccine and then wait a full 3 months before we get the 2nd dose so that means an awful lot of people are going to start to get a fairly good level of immunity straight away without waiting for the 2nd dose and of course it also means we can vaccinate many will people so it really is going to change the situation in the united kingdom and in time in europe and here now are some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic in the u.s. more than 3900 people died from 19 on wednesday a new record for there the fatalities that's according to the latest count by johns hopkins university china has approved its 1st coronavirus vaccine for conditional use the drug was developed by an affiliate of the state backed companies in
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a farm which says the vaccine is around 80 percent effective and ireland has announced a talkin lockdown that we're running in place for at least one month social gatherings are prohibited and all non-essential shops will be closed. some sport news now police brutality and misconduct has long been a problem in kenya but one lawyer in the capital nairobi is trying to fight those abuses especially in the poorest neighborhoods and he's found a sport that's helping him do it. you may not want to tangle with this man neither in the ring nor in the courtroom when shadrack one buoy was growing up in one of nairobi slums he experienced what he calls abusive police but decided to vent his frustrations through boxing in the gym he believes it help them avoid confrontations that could have ruined his career. now the 29 year old is offering youth in poor areas both boxing lessons as well as informal classes on the law.
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being the most in the whole of 5 being the noise both approaches closest to the ones that people. who've. been mushroom ups and push through where some sensible. commitment. one buoy also convinced 50 other young lawyers to do volunteer work in the slums he says that by teaching youth boxing they might believe more in themselves in spite of the challenges they face. rights groups say those include being asked for bribes or being assaulted by police the kenyan police deny the accusations and i think that it used to maybe be a hoax. because someone like you who want to be faithful to a source is put before somebody thinks we're in so many foods. they are men listen attentively as one buoy helps them hone their punching
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techniques mixing in information on their rights with instructions on what to do if a policeman asks for a bribe just stay calm and call him up and that's all for now then forget the website is there for any news you need to come and you can follow us on social media as well to handle it at the news mixed up on the channel is done filming the curse of the law for a jackpot christine one day we'll be back here with more news at the top of the oh it's that you. guys meal and i'm game is that 700000000000 land on the clock killed worldwide but it's not just the animals that are suffering it's the environment if you want to know how when picked up the priests and the huntress strange stuff as we think is listen to our podcast on the green.
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nebraska a rural state in the heart of america's great plains. gretna is a sleepy little town home to just 5000 residents. just off the highway this small gas station is a popular meeting place for local workers. 53 year old david harrich comes here every day for his morning cup of coffee. or interest. it's been part of his daily routine for almost 20 years.
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he comes here every morning before starting work at 730 to meet up with 2 friends randy and jerry are both local farmers. these guys are always here radomir we solve the world's problems every morning. we're here. they regularly discuss ways of saving the world but for the past 5 years david has had far fewer worries on his mind yet they all remember the day his life changed forever. it was here that more and where he would come in the door with a lottery ticket and he walked through right down on the table each. side of the guard i don't know why the lottery ticket after you won it i was my best friend is . it ok on that day david won the big bucks big time this year 62000000 dollars in just moments he went from a poor working class man to a member of the elite one percent of top earners but he never forgot his old
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friends to check out the shop's washer so. he quit his job as a mechanic at the workshop just not. david was working 2 jobs to get by 12 hour days for just $2500.00 a month he said to trade it. he appeared in my eyes what it is to be poor in rural america. it's what we do. now and david has some of the trappings of a millionaire he cruises around in a classic 1972 dodge challenger. to. people at this gigantic 2000000 dollar property overlooking the plains what he treasures most telephone lies on the other end of the garden his own workshop. twice as big as his old place of work the former mechanic still likes to get his hands dirty.
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except now instead of work it's a hobby i'm fairly new at this. but growing of we always played tinkered. so it's a learning process but i got time to lower. his collection largely comprises pickup trucks and racing cars from the 1950 s. all of which have been lovingly restored and customize. this one's a very very fast and very expensive car now if so i've got about $120000.00 in it so money can do anything and it makes things cool that's for sure. and i have plenty more i've found one. this is lazy this is the 65 chevy steps i'd pick up so my dad and i always look for. a school so i got some more it never happens never ends us road i will never. winning the lottery enable david to
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realise his childhood dream he's now the proud owner of more than 20 cars worth a total of around a half $1000000.00. simply did he imagined that before just imagine his all watching t.v. programmes but you always always had a dream of having a nice vehicle to work on an old classic. no i have several i'm catching up to. millions of americans try their luck every week hoping one day their numbers come up if it's. a lottery is an institution in the u.s. played by one in a tree americans. are also get this almost 80000000000 lottery tickets and scratch cards are sold here each year and the signs of the country's population means jackpots are astronomical. a record jackpot of more than one and
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a half $1000000000.00 was won in 2016 and again in 2080. 1 his latest name is. it not it's not. in america a lot of people dream of becoming a billionaire. since winning his jackpot jack has been busy splashing the catch it's always 60000 that's not lost and living it up. but his parents are worried and would prefer if he'd just live a normal life. their lives. in the brassica david and erica herrick became the richest people in the county overnight but they were determined to stay true to their values we nickname ourself the redneck great street cuz we haven't changed yet so we're not. becoming
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a billionaire however can be both a blessing and a curse this was just after the lottery when. they're all dark around the edges in the worst thing that ever happened to a really took him down the hill and then there's the tim who won 14000000 dollars 20 years ago and he's since spent most of it now he campaigns to. highlight the dangers of the lottery say no to people it's one of the most important lessons i had to learn if i gave everyone what they wanted i would have been broke a long time ago so what is the dark side to an industry that has so many americans in its thrall. 30000 and what is life like for those lucky winners we look at what happens when america hits the jackpot. back in nebraska even though they're worth more than $60000000.00 david and erica
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haven't forgotten their roots. not long ago the family of 6 was crammed into this modest sized home on the working class side of town in gretna. where. the. neighbors. this was or family home for about 16 years the kids were raised here you know we're not here anymore the memories are still here. as well as daughter amanda . amanda and her 2 children are now living in the house a present from mom and dad. through perfect gift. really the most humble like of. david and erika gave each of their children a house in order to avoid sibling rivalry. this is the home of all over taylor.
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$24.00 of $225000.00. their other son corey's house cost the same price. their youngest still lives with them in this huge mansion it was the 1st thing they bought with their $62000000.00 check. it boasts around $600.00 square metres of floor space and huge decorated rooms. plus a kitchen kitted out in wood and black granite the nouveau riche couple aren't fond of gold leaf or marble columns. after winning the lottery former nurse erico went on a shopping spree as is evident by the ongoing war being fought in the walk in closet my space my space my eyes. i'm just need a mat space but he won't give it up. meanwhile their assets earn
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them another half a $1000000.00 in interest every year but you won't find any designer shoes or old couture dresses here they largely prefer sneakers and t. shirts the harry family keep souvenirs of the day their lives changed for ever. they even erica they are our newest millionaires the 1st thing we would say you are tired of some of those pictures because. that was the scene 5 years ago when they had just won the powerball jackpot the biggest lottery in the country in front of the cameras the state governor handed over their check it was major news in nebraska. despite their newfound wealth david and erica have managed to remain grounded. i told my friends before our friends and your friends with. your friends with us today. and they're there who defines us family friends church
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. we're not going to change i'm still learning i feel depressed i have not going to change some. 5 years on family friends and traditions still remain into gold to the herrick's life although now they can afford to enjoy themselves as much as they mike. tomorrow it's independence day. on this very special national holiday americans honor those who fought for their freedom and continue to fight for bread now proudly displays the star-spangled banner all across town. as a patriotic family it's an event the herrick's wouldn't miss for the world. down their spine. tonight they'll be throwing the biggest party in the county a few hours from now they'll be hosting $150.00 people in their backyard and in
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nebraska a good party is all about the food itself. erica could afford to hire a caterer i think all the other stuff put him in that ballpark unwinds but in this house cooking is a family affair. and so this is how many pounds of me steve you think oh there's also i have found the 1st 40 pounds fork that's what we're it's where. all 3 despite their wealth the herrings stick to the rustic recipes of their working class roots. they don't want champagne and caviar like some millionaires. or so is so funny we are we nickname ourselves the rednecks ranch speak says we've never been into that kind of stuff and so it's. you know we're not chains and so we haven't changed yet so we're not saying and. what
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has changed however is the number of guests they can welcome it's 6 pm the entire family and all the neighbors are basking in the herrick's high tech pool in scenes reminiscent of a public water park. erica stepfather mel never misses a party at the harry. that's always a good party. because it's all the food that has a pool party oh i mean what's bad about it before the lottery it was paycheck to paycheck and everybody lived on their house and now it's just a big huge family and we all park. the lottery hasn't just changed the couple's life it's benefited their family and friends too for michael eric is dead and this money is a blessing i don't have to worry about them and i don't have to worry about my
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other 2 daughters because i know that they will take care of my daughter so the family is better because i think for all we know whatever the future brings we're going to be ok when they were 4 they would give their last knol or to someone who needed it but they do the same thing now what has changed is their lifestyle they live much differently but as you see here it's a day they live in with other people. since cashing in their $62000000.00 check the herrings are still as working class as ever there are no bankers moyer's or c.e.o.'s on their gas mous. i got people from all walks of life you're fired for homers what true. good good good good or service. that is he concerned people will take advantage of them and not these people i mean. these are the ones you call when you know your friends are full right.
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david has been very generous to his friends this small gathering cost him almost $12000.00. after a 12 person congar ride down the water slide the fireworks begin. the 10 minute spectacle cost $8000.00. 5 years after winning david and erica have stuck to their promise. they've stayed true to their roots however there are plenty of temptations for a lottery winner and the money can disappear all too quickly. on an almost daily basis jack does a full 18 holes on his favorite course good shot. i never.
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you can't handle the pressure you can't handle the pressure that jacques has now turned 50 and can live the kind of charmed life that used to be the stuff of dreams . my name is jack stressing from buffalo new york and we won the lottery 4 years ago a $1000.00 a day for life and it never ends until i die so i have nothing to worry about anymore and this is what i do on my days off. for jack didn't win less than the herrick's but he now has a constant supply of cash he has parents and his brother one cash for life $365000.00 a year until they die which they divide between them so every year jack jeff and jack sr are wired $120000.00 regardless jack quit his job as a nurse immediately. right down the middle.
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and now he's making the most of his early retirement. since winning the lottery jack's life is like one big vacation after golf he heads out shopping. 0 0 the buffalo is in the western new york state it has a fair share of skyscrapers and office buildings but by american standards this is a city of average size with close 230-0000 residents. it's one of the oldest ports in the eastern u.s. and proud of its industrial past jack has lived here all his life as have some of his oldest friends this afternoon he's going to flex his bank card with joey somebody oh it's through a new car it's go do it jack sets off to buy himself a new car. in sight of the insider.
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joey has been through a lot with jack and especially during his somewhat turbulent professional career 1st he was a nurse then moved on to stock trading before losing everything i know you used to work for a living. he wasn't as much fun but you said he was fun. it was nice to have more time to do fun things it's less stress. right there. while i used to be kind of rich before when i used to trade stocks that's when they like me and then when i had that when i became 4 they said they don't want to hang out with me anymore i had to move home for a year so they used to make fun of me and jack is now earning $10000.00 a month by doing absolutely nothing. today he's picking up his new toy a $50000.00 state of the art s.u.v. . for this monnerie winner temptation is never far
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away. that is pretty sweet as. the new one. it's always $60000.00 that's not lost. maybe that's my next one. bloodstone. this former nurse has absolutely no regrets and would never have been able to afford this kind of car before. it's fast. it's 3 in the afternoon midweek and this young retiree seems to have a lot of friends already on here jack's winnings unable to him to move to a quiet suburban neighborhood quiet everywhere except jack's place. says some crazy person drawl this car. park great hereford. he bought this spacious house and as you'll see it became party central in the neighborhood but his friends haven't come to enjoy his
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bachelor stylish interiors and golf trophies put brings jack's friends around and more importantly his female friends is found right behind the store. shelves go down back here. every afternoon even when he isn't home his yard becomes a kind of spring break destination these young people don't even wait for him to get home before starting the party. sorry. but so. what's not being. what's out. there jack is a veteran partier and knows all the bars in buffalo thanks to his lottery winnings his house is now the place to be. it's open bar for all the women even if none of them are his girlfriend. who knows i'll call snacks i supply the
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pool the music and the waterfall in the sunshine. i am my company that's the most important part. did he know all of them before winning the lottery yeah all of them all of those are friends for 10 years or so those are my bard. 'd are they out of work later on at night so they got on board by myself in the day so i need friends to come over the total cost for all this oh i don't know. not a lot not only when you win the lottery it's not i'll jump off a waterfall for you guys. jack has built his own personal paradise on this 300000 dollar estate there's just one tiny thing missing from his otherwise perfect life. more sucks.
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more for that. real. real true real and then. jack is constantly surrounded by distinctly younger women but is still single a life without financial worry and largely comprising rest and recreation. but his parents who have a share in the winnings 2 aren't happy with his lifestyle they've just 5 minutes away. from the door. you. do in your story. both 73 year old jack sr and his wife sharon one thier son to find a wife and are concerned about his lax lifestyle and they don't hesitate to remind him every time he visits i mean i wouldn't mind if he got.
6:38 am
a lot there and he could be a little cleaner on the south. bay lazy fun that's the amount lazy i just don't feel like work and i got a golfing was hard today it was hard to. call saying pool parties it's darts never invite us over for you to use your pool and go over now to morrow bikini tomorrow bikini sundays. tough it was thursday 2 or topless tuesday. this tuesday tuesday there is a way every year that are not really hesitant all year. jack senior and sharon are a lot wiser with their winnings their only luxury this 370 square meter house with a sizable yard for their sheep to put to roam around. dad was a steelworker mom stayed home to take care of the family the couple always had to
6:39 am
work hard to get by and they still haven't gotten used to living in such luxury this is like kids. have the beautiful microwave and the beautiful for fridge raider and. i do all my cooking here i even have a dishwasher which i never had in my whole life. do you use it no i use a day at thanksgiving and christmas. sharon and jack sr would have never been able to afford all this with their pension which is less than a $1000.00 a month. janet finally got to buy himself something he'd always dreamed of having welcome to my basement. the best about the house was my man cave basement where men can be men. this is his pride and joy with a movie lounge and a blown up poster of the ticket that changed his life. they all came out it was our
6:40 am
birthdays the numbers 417-2021 they come out exactly sister way i put of the ticket. before hitting the jackpot the lives of both sons and his family seem to be already mapped out with small and poorly paid jobs and long years of hard work. and we never goes to give the kids spending money they always they were a boy or boy why should. station or sides. 14 years old yeah. earlier on let me you know or you know one of the we're only waiting for the you know not anymore oh out anymore i don't have to work that's why real organs i wouldn't get rid of so he's no longer stuck in the eat work sleep routine now jack is a poster boy for the lottery and in the us the lottery is
6:41 am
a huge business to encourage americans to keep playing and betting the jackpots keep growing and those who do win make the front pages and become famous overnight . welcome california's latest millionaire. it seems people can't get enough of these lucky winners mockups some have even been featured in reality t.v. shows or maybe where you all are as yeah right now best. like this one where the host helps them find their new dream home kathy winners who are more than willing to show the world their new lifestyle after striking gold. that. we're now in denver colorado at the foot of the rocky mountains. this slick looking building his home to the state lottery commission contrary to popular belief
6:42 am
lottery industry is run not by big business but by public authorities. how are you today. i think i just won something ok is a real estate agent she has 5 out of 6 numbers in the latest powerball. yeah yeah i think i won 30000 on this tidy sum will allow her to enter the winner's club . those the lottery chooses to feature in its publicity. 3035. really exciting yeah happiest place on earth. that. case photo will be a mediately posted on the moderates website where she will join the winners in america having money is certainly not frowned upon and when people when they're eager to make it public. it's really important that people see real coloradans
6:43 am
where you know when they see someone like a they know ok so it really wasn't. the colorado lottery makes the most of the winners elation and the winner seem happy to tell the whole world. filming the reaction of people when they find out how much they won makes for great advertising . and we're about to surprise diego b. with a huge check for a quarter of a $1000000.00 a diego good. here's some good news for you i think your christmas just got a whole lot better you just want to hear i learned. you just. the lottery arranged everything beforehand with diego's family. man that's a quarter of a $1000000.00 a year it changes all over that one or else it was her.
6:44 am
whether surprising people at work or at home the message is the same this could happen to anyone anytime anywhere all you have to do is play. but there is also a dark side to the lottery. what winners do not get along with their to. is advice about financial issues awaiting them for some winning the jackpot can be the start of a nightmare. in canada just across the border from the majestic niagara falls daniel became a victim of his own success. he's a member of niagara united
6:45 am
a counseling group that helped him get back on track. here about their new year and. he was just 23 years old when he wanted jackpot worth $5000000.00. i felt like i was on top of the world and that you know that this money would just never run out is almost like i was living a life as a rock stars just go party and within 2 years to june to me to nath $1000000.00 was gone in bad businesses. and the rest also went down the drain over the next 2 years due to substance abuse a habit initially funded by the lottery when i was or is heavily addicted and. and. i had to resort to song drugs for a backup you know $45600.00 a day. he eventually ended up in prison where he spent 2 and
6:46 am
a half years for dealing drugs ironically this is what saved him he had to get clean. that's.


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