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tv   Kultur.21  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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cancer. and there are many storms. make up your. maid for modern. india green lights to coronavirus vaccines for the public but was the decision too rushed that's what some critics say pointing out clinical trials have not rap for at least one of the approved drugs and being smaller has its advantages how these home bound cooks in delhi turned their limited operations into big business during the pandemic. plus you may think you know this spice but it's likely you've never
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tasted the real thing why lovers of what sabi you want to reintroduce it to the world. i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia we're glad you could join us india has approved 2 coronavirus vaccines the astra zeneca oxford one and a 2nd vaccine called kovacs and developed locally by bharat biotech production facilities in the country will manufacture both jabs prompting a triumphant prime minister narendra modi to comment in a twitter post that it makes every indian proud not all indians feel as excited though with some experts expressing concern over the government's lack of transparency and for its authorization of kodak's in which is still in clinical trials the general public reflects that ambivalence with a recent survey showing that 69 percent of indians are in no rush to be 1st in line
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. everybody's saying if it has so many fade effect. it might have something to make that not good for you that make a film that is taking the oath and then you'll hear the anger that will. it get back to a normal life. or vendor very soon again and then different i'm ready i'm ready to take the thought and. get it as soon as it arrives it means safety for us thanks a nation is safe for our bodies and if i don't get it because of what other people say and i can track over 19 whom does it affect it affects me anon by researcher in bioethics and global health policy and has been following india's vaccine development plans closely he joins me from bhopal in india and not what should people know about the 2 vaccines that will soon be available in the country so thank you for having me so we have 2 accidents which are currently. under emergency
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use conditions one this court is called core issues which is manufactured by the sediments to do this is. actually which is licensed from astra zeneca oxford and it's basically the same axiom except that it's been produced in india and this for this vaccine the data which has come through is based on. missions from the u.k. mentality and in some bridging studies which have happened india the 2nd markstein is a domestically research to work seen from a lot of biotech where they didn't council of medical research and this is a back scene which has been entirely then up within the country and has gotten to face the if because the studies ongoing but has received special permission to be allowed to be allowed to be marketed or to make response this special permission is interesting tell us about the regulatory body charged with making these approvals they must be under tremendous pressure to greenlight the drugs. yeah well i think
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there's a lot of expectation about vaccines obviously being a key part of the response and i think almost in all countries you've seen this that there is a great expectation about the vaccine the same here in india as well or a drug addict later is called say this called the center drug standards control organization and the person heading it is called the drug control general of india and they are the body which are in charge of drug issues and vaccines as well and you know so they have had its object expert committee which met on the 1st and 2nd of january and then made a recommendation which that a creator has accepted and they were not put these to work seems now to be used for for the pandemic response as i said you know they want to put in some specific language to conditions because what would of these vaccines a lot of the studies are still ongoing and the full data sets are not yet completely liberal and so there is some concern about maybe doing the decision too
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soon in the absence of those data sets being available or at least publicly communicated and transparently available we are hoping that that information will be released soon now we've seen this in many countries where the top leader who is not a scientist badly wants a deliverable to show the public do we see the same thing happening with prime minister modi you're talking a lot about ongoing clinical trials should we be comfortable should people in india be comfortable with these decisions the government is making. well i don't know about the politics behind the decisions you know i look at it from other certain a science angle from for my personal perspective what is important is that all of these decisions need to be based on sound data in sound science and then sound regulatory decision making and that is the right questions all of us are asking you know if the vaccine is ready to be used and if that is adequately to support that then we will all be celebrating its usage but we would also all want that to be
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transparently communicated a good model of that is the u.s. of the decision making process which was lifeguards so that everyone could have access to the information the discussions the questions of how to pick ations as in that's a good model to emulate right now at a time of a pandemic when everything is being exploited and on by and thank you so much for joining us thank you for. so with india just this weekend approving 2 vaccines it will be some time before most of the 1300000000 people will receive the jab which means the pandemic will continue to run its course and restrictions on life will linger on in india like in so many places lockdowns have hit the restaurant industry hard but that's like to a boom in home cooking which in some cases has become a home business as reports. god has always found comfort in beacon as in india architect numbers and science makes
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sense to her as does the precision of being in radians and baking dion's she's glad she left her job as an architect 4 years ago to set up home because as simple as buy because it made 2020 year design by the pandemic a fantastic one i think because of it being from home because of it being produced by only one posting mean dutch pony one costing the starting level of trust that plants have with us i actually managed to grow grow my business before and if not more customers love what gordie calls her naughty and nice big alcohol biscuits on the one hand and foods that big dietary restrictions into account on the other her new clients are purely tang's to what instagram page i'm bored of my god he acknowledges it hasn't been easy. from working 12 to 14 hour days scrambling to find used supplies ran out during india's lockdown. but she can't hire help in the
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kitchen yet because more hands on deck could mean more exposure if things get better in 2021 dollars she hopes to expand put dream of one. little lunch in a jar and her daughter nicole have had a fantastic 2020 do this on the food delivery service spoiled mood and dandy named after an ever changing menu inspired by whatever is in the mood to cook because of my loves the kitchen and had always wanted to do something with food. 2 years ago she launched mood on instagram that nicole's help cooking dishes from her childhood influenced by cuisines from the boot on and tibet move started as a once a week service after india's lockdown though spiking demand has meant the now also 5 days of to me all those have multiplied 4 or 5 forward. nicole's job
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has been updating instagram and charging the customers she love sharing good reviews they deceive because so much nicole says mood has been ted of putin making the months fly by in a year where she hasn't left since early march it was just a huge blessing because you know we found something we were able to do something that kept us busy that you know michel that you didn't even miss the outside world and i think some days in that kitchen you almost even forget that everything that is happening is happening you know it's just we're just a little food with more than we call of course a must see they found this really sporting 2020 and are actually looking to expand their fresh food output nicole does have some ideas the frozen foods is one and that popular meat because another. last year was overwhelming the event for the do and it will set the tone 420211 of gratitude and enjoy the love for good.
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let's keep talking about good food the plant behind me may seem unfamiliar but for anyone who likes japanese sushi you've had was sabi the green paste that paired with raw fish or at least you think you've had with sabi because most of the time what restaurants call was saab is actually in imitation of the real thing which is very expensive the price makes sense once you've had a look at its production. a showcase of sushi that almost complete the master stroke a swipe of with somebody but this isn't the neon green paste most of familiar with it's the real deal pale green with a hint of hate. for me we use was sabi as it not only masks the smell of the raw fish but heightens its flavor and also has antibacterial properties.
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even in japan real with sabi is not a common fare it's too expensive for most diners this chic sushi joint spends around $600.00 euros a month for its supply. the high price because was subbing is so difficult to grow conditions have to be just right the delicate route requires a year round bath of crystal clear water chilled to around $10.00 degrees each crop needs up to 18 months to mature shooter we don't use fertilizer as was sabi relies on minerals and oxygen brought by the water running down from mt to muggy your. most was savvy farmers sell their harvest to high end restaurants but during the pandemic many hospitality clients have had to cut back on the luxury route so it was sabi growers are on the hunt for a new market. where given that i'm not there yet through our products we hope to make was sabino not just as a spice or a supporting role but as
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a leading role. there wouldn't have happened at that i'll go just to give a bit more excitement to was savvy and to make it popular both in japan and a brought that. though it's high price may be a barrier for some subby growers hope they can convince a host of new customers to continue turning their spicy green route into gold. that's it for today. there's always more on dot com for slash asia and check us out on facebook or twitter as well and we hope your 2021 is getting off to a good start to leave you with a look at new year's celebrations at the lucky world aquarium in seoul south korea that took place largely underwater we're back tomorrow see you then good bye.
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to. my 1st vice like mosul sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this ocean to miss something as simple as learning how to write a bisect those isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me years to. finally gave up and went to buy me
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on bicycles but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreates for girls than writing i'm biased as knowledge i want to meet those women back home who are drones by their duties and social norms and inform them about the basic rights my name is the about of people homes and i wore jeans and. welcome to arts and culture it's our 1st show of the new year and so we want to take a look at what awaits a little preview if you will of the 2021 culture agenda but hopefully even the coronavirus can't stop that means movies art music and architecture will head to paris for
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a sneak peek at chanel's new creative. now usually at the beginning of a new year we have some sense of the cultural events that lie ahead that didn't work out so well last year so here's our very cautious look at $22017.00 highlights for the new year and they all just happened to start with the letter b. being number one is bond james bond the release of the 21st film in the franchise has been postponed repeatedly due to the coronavirus pandemic. so maybe 2021 will be the year that agent double 07 finally hits cinemas again. he'd be bringing along rb number 2000000000 eilish who are courted the movie's theme song no time to die.
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the number 2 is boys joseph boys 2021 marks the centennial he of the legendary german artist's birth we recommend the excellent documentary about him by director on place 5 it's perfect preparation for the numerous boys' exhibitions planned for this year provided museums are able to reopen. the 4th b is for delhi nala the berlin international film festival which usually rolls out the red carpet for celebrity guests in february but the plan this year is for a kind of trade fair in march for film professionals and journalists and if the pandemic allows the festival will hold public screenings of new films in june for a nonprofessional audience. the number $5000000000.00 specifically the architecture be another postponed from 2020. for the 17th time
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architects from around the world will compete for the main golden lion award with their visions for the future this year's theme is how will we live together. our 6th b. is bob bob dylan's music legend still knows how to make headlines whether by winning the nobel. as for literature and 2016 by selling the rights to 600 of his songs to universal music in 2020 this year dylan want to have to do much to draw attention rather than simply turn 80 years old on may 24th. and finally be number 7. thought we were done with the beethoven here thank you again the coronavirus pandemic resulted in the cancellation of most of the events planned for the bom
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beethoven festival honoring the 250th anniversary of the great composers burt. so they've been postponed to the summer of 2021 when the worst of co bit is hopefully over. given how much there still is to discover about beethoven one year is too short anyway. so this year is also up and tobin year. and that brings us to another big affecting culture of this year brags that the united kingdom is now fully out of the european union but what does it mean for the arts college market kruger is here for more mike and a few days ago we finally saw that u.k. e.u. trade agreement we've all been waiting for what about culture were politicians thinking about culture well i guess not too much because they are still so many questions without an eon so the only thing which seems to be quite clear is that
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breck said we'll make the cultural life and the cultural exchange much more complicated when it comes to british music for example. before bracks said the british musicians could tell a tour around europe without a visa and now it's too friend they need a separate visa for every european country and the fear is that some british musicians may be. not will be able to afford the extra bill your corsi to delays and maybe those musicians were not able to fool around europe any more yet and so they started a petition for musicians passports and they have collected more than 220000 signatures to now who would see what comes out of that so obviously mobility the freedom to work internationally those are some really big issues what about the other way around what about artists from the european union who want to work in the u.k. yeah i talked to some artists in germany and they are all waiting they are waiting
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for solutions and for more information ok artists are were quite good in overcoming obstacles and they are really willing to do but when it comes to museums galleries theaters for example financed so many projects and all those subsidies are falling away now and another example is the european union youth orchestra which has been based in london the idea was always to bring musicians from all around europe together. and now they have to move to italy it wasn't possible for them to remain in the u.k. being financed by the e.u. and now it's still not clear whether young british musicians are able to be allowed to take part of this orchestra what about the art market because the u.k. is also such a big player on the art market. here they are actually really well prepared it seems the small galleries are a bit scared but the big auction houses for example of christie's could even
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benefit in the last year's london has continued to strengthen his position as a trading metropolis for art some say bracks it is also a good opportunity with less regulation from the e.u. so british our merger could be one of $100.00 to speak witness in the michael krueger thanks so much thank you well 2020. 1 is said to be a year of big changes for the fashion industry as well and legendary fashion house chanel plans to open its new creative hub at the edge of paris the complex is set to bring together some 600 of chanel's high fashion artisans for the 1st time the brand's luxury embroiderers how to makers goldsmiths and swimwear creators will all be working under one roof. this is the construction side of chanel's new flagship building in paris the triangular building complex named 1000 m. offers more than 25000 square meters of speaks to 24 metre high concrete threads
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that surround the building were inspired by luxury textiles. french architect rudy rich came up with the idea. you immediately draw a parallel to the works of karl lagerfeld and chanel they always championed the most sophisticated and refined expertise when it came to textiles still it was important for me to honor their craftsmanship many of my designs are inspired by feminine ideals. so for me this concrete is very sensual and feminine so the texture feels like skin through. the food the board of. concrete ornamental work is the award winning architects trademark. as with the new same museum are say.
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the shampoo one stadium in paris. or the new islamic art department. the object of the new chanel building is also to provide optimal working conditions the 1000 m. is planned to host the workshops of couture artisans with unique skillz masters of their crafts. karl lagerfeld once said i only take care of the facade in this case the dress the person who lives in it is responsible for the rest i like that statement here it's somewhat similar we've got the spaces studios and a façade i want the people who work here to be happy the concrete structure is meant to calibrate the daylight so it's not too bright but that the sun still shines and also maybe. another example of a building that connects architecture and fashion is the eaves on the home you see him in america cashmore rocko designed by tea and coffee who knew. the architecture
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reflects the curved and straight lines of song the homes to sign. the facade symbolizes the texture of a rough fabric the interior is like an elegant dress in soft and flowing harmonious colors. to fund us your louisville eternal in paris exhibits art rather than fashion still the spectacular megaproject by canadian architect frank gehry is the flagship of the luxury goods group l v m h curving glass elements cover the body of the building reminiscent of a ship. now another paris fashion house is unveiling its own gem of 21st century architecture chanel plans to inaugurate its 1000 m. creative hub in march. music experts have called i've played brenda
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one of the greatest pianists of all time now is celebrating his 90th birthday here's a look back at our meeting with the austrian virtue of a decade ago when he was 80. in 2010 we had the good fortune to experience the world famous pianist i think planned he'd stop giving concerts in 2008 returned to keisha only to the stage to deliver a music collection such as this one. tender gained international renown as a concert pianist in the 1950 s. his interpretations of haydn mozart list beethoven and schubert legendary though some critics felt they were too cold and technical but for play and honoring the composers intentions was always paramount the leap to invite their work lives largely though latently in the score this is late in life must become manifest in the course of its performance in that debate that the performer may kiss the work
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awake no more and no less. for his 90th birthday i could play and then hopes to stay active he's a respected writer as well as performer and composer he's helped many readings of his poems and essays in a recent newspaper interview he said he can only match tara. and staying with music british singer gerry mars and died this weekend at age 78 will be remembered for his rendition of you'll never walk alone the song originally from the musical carousel that marston's cover became one of the war world's most popular soccer anthems where poor football club says it will continue to play mars dance recording and here it is you'll never walk alone ceasing. her.
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mom. mom i. love mum. blah. therefore om.
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double talk show. strong. clear positions from an internal perspective something like every week we get to the point on a current topic. because there. is an important controversial commitment by the board. not. just. and you you know yes yes we can hear you and how last year's judgment sauce allow women bring you an angle that madoff as you've never had to have before the surprise to self with what is possible louis medical really want. in fact also who talked to people who followed her along the way admirers and critics alike now as the world's most powerful woman
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shaping how they could join us from eccles last stop. story of prejudice and propaganda. they were called the rhineland bastards. and their mothers were germans living in the occupied rhineland their father's soldiers from the french colonies the fees for german children had a hard time and because they were reminder of the german defeat. they grew up in a climate of national pride and racism to follow the european population felt that it was important to be white and to stay dry times like. exclusion and contempt culminated in forced sterilization under the nazis. this documentary examines the few traces that remain of their existence. because of the troop.
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surge to 11th on d w. the book. this is the w. news live from berlin julian assange has to stay on british soil avoiding extradition to the united states is supported celebrated as the british jobs bad the wiki leaks founder on the grounds that an extradition would be oppressive to his mental health. also coming up britain begins administering a 2nd coronavirus vaccine developed by oxford university and drug maker astra
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zeneca this as the government for the past 2 an hours no lockdown tests.


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