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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm CET

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this is to give you news a line from berlin and no more trump on twitter the social media platform announces it is permanently suspending the u.s. president's account to the risk of further violence that's as congress moves to try to bring an early end to donald trump's term in office also coming up a year after the krona virus surface in ruhani china locks down millions of people and he'd be a province in a bid to contain its worst outbreak in months. and a dramatic comeback in german football as mentioned bloodbath turned the tables on
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bundesliga leaders by him you know. a michael okun welcome to the program we'll have more on those stories in just a minute but 1st some breaking news coming in an indonesian passenger plane has lost contact with ground control in the capital jakarta shortly after takeoff local media say tracking data shows the flight path of the jet operated by. air ended off the coast just north of jakarta the plane reportedly lost more than 3000 meters of altitude in less than one minute the boeing 737500 aircraft was carrying $56.00 passengers including 7 children and 6 crew members we will have more on this breaking story as reports come in. with less than 2
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weeks left of donald trump's time in office twitter has announced it is permanently suspending the president's account saying trump has repeatedly violated policies on glorifying violence it's a huge blow for the president as he is stripped of his favorite communication tool at the same time he faces growing calls to step down or risk impeachment after a week that has left the united states reeling. the world watched as hundreds of trump's supporters stormed the u.s. capitol. several arrests have been made to since wednesday's events the man who is pictured sitting at speaker pelosi is desk has turned himself in. and a republican lawmaker from west virginia is facing
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a criminal charge after breaking into the building. president donald trump has finally agreed to a peaceful transfer of power but tweeted that he would not be going to the inauguration of his successor that's turned out to be one of his final tweets as twitter permanently suspended his account just hours later this followed president elect joe biden's comment that trump was unfit for office. is one of the most incompetent presidents in the history of the united states from mark indicated he wasn't going to show up at the inauguration one of the few things he and i ever dreamed up. it's a good thing i'm not sure in. security at the capitol is being ramped up ahead of inauguration day which will take place in less than 2 weeks even the national guard
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has been deployed. the developments in the united states are being viewed with concern here in europe and germany's foreign minister is now calling for the european union to work with the u.s. on a marshall plan for democracy for more now i'm joined by dee dee political correspondent emmanuel shaz emmanuel how significant is this call from the german foreign minister well here we are to see history going full circle was germany offering a marshall plan to the u.s. because the marshall plan was the u.s. program that help germany and other european nations to recover it comically from world war 2 of course decide it's not about economy create cauvery it's about solve aging rescuing democracy. the german foreign ministers say there is no democracy in europe if there's no democracy in the u.s. so the term that he's using the marshall plan it's made is symbolic but it reminds
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of the transatlantic ties and he's no stranger to such historical ties being used just after joe biden was elected in november he had called for a new deal between the u.s. and. germany and it's very telling these 2 years of a cabaret terms also used by i got america to condemn what happened to condemn what happened this week in washington she said she was furious and she was sad and that's very unusual for the chancellor to express such feelings strong reactions from german officials i imagine has something to do with germans germany's only history exactly it's deeply rooted in german history we're in a country which knows a thing of 2 about a thing or 2 about approach about antidemocratic feelings i'm talking about the nazi regime for example in the thirty's in the forty's but more recently in late august and also in the event. but last year people protestants did storm and try to storm into the german parliament as a commission which is examining how they can make it a safer place
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a more secure place so people here in germany have very much aware that's what we saw in washington is not isolated and is not just doesn't just come so washington could very well happen here again what can we expect for u.s. german relationships. didn't ministration well this is a challenge and challenging year for germany rear in an election year as well region of actions and also of course the just city of elections which will see who is succeed america both things to look forward to and a transatlantic relationship would be. the return into the paris climate agreement of the u.s. and more discussions on trade more discussion about iran and more discussions about a nato this would be a challenging year in any case for the transatlantic relationships in many thank you so much as always. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world at this hour
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rescue workers in russia are racing to find survivors of an avalanche that buried turse cabins in a siberian ski resort emergency workers pulled a teenager out alive but said his parents and infant sibling were found dead authorities have not yet confirmed how many people were trapped. 10 newborns have been killed by a fire that tore through a hospital in the indian state of mind. the babies were in the neonatal care unit when the blaze broke out in the early hours of saturday staff managed to rescue 7 infants the government has ordered an investigation and safety. riot police in chile have used water cannon in tear gas against protesters who took to the streets for the latest round of demonstrations in the capital santiago protesters have been demanding pension healthcare and education reforms in the country an outbreak of covert 19 has prompted chinese officials to
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tell people in 2 cities south of beijing to stay at home for 7 days the city's in hebrew province have tightened lockdown measures including a ban on public transportation nearly 350 people have tested positive so far around 3000 medical staff have been mobilized to support mass testing of more than 11000000 people china says it will provide coronavirus vaccines free of charge. we're joined now by fabienne crash were a journalist in china and currently in china has sealed off 2 cities following covert outbreaks leaving 20000000 people under strict lockdown how great is their fear that the virus will actually spread well actually had one for example i've not so affected by it but it is the feeling in the ring around the chinese new year
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that in mid february and the holiday season when usually more than 500000000 chinese on the move that traveling to their hometown and visiting relatives and for me it sounds like it is happy because the yet what the chinese new year season when things got out of control and the virus spread pretty hot within the country i already know from my thoughts those who work in state owned companies to cancel their visit family and i'm expecting if this remote drastic turn of events for the better then that will be a really big travel warning genoa trouble wanting and for the people in a province of the province if they already now go trying to go to beijing they have some problems so yeah it's quite dramatic. so i mean china of course says it plans to provide $1000.00 back scenes free of charge tell us more about the vaccination plan in the country well basically they have not only one big theme that they use
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step 3 chinese spec seems set up very promising and on to chinese new year so temporary government that's already vets in 8 months and 50000000 people and they already investing a lot to skating up the production is quite hopeful but of course you have to see this 1400000000 people living in china. curious if there is some uncertainty as you well know surrounding the world health organization visit to to investigate the origins of covert 19 when can we expect that to get underway well it's not really kids yet and they're really mixed signals officially the chinese government is saying we are welcoming the h o investigation team we agreed in principle that they can visit but they haven't read to us to them and it's quite disappointing and i'm here every day i can pretty experience how sensitive this issue is at chinese state media they cannot. report
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on that topic the question of where to buy rissa originated it's a very sensitive especially since the communist party kept the fight against the pirates the victory against the pirate by risk to a heroic story that does not need any room for criticism or reflection. fabienne crash in china sink you found here. the u.k. has recorded its highest number of daily deaths from the krone virus since the start of the pandemic with a new variant that appears to be more transmissible surging across the country authorities are particularly alarmed by the situation in london mirror study can says the virus is out of control in the capital and hospitals are facing a breaking point. coronavirus patients are flooding london's hospitals on friday alone there were 800 enough to fill even a large facility almost all intensive care staff are working overtime and other
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departments are being converted into intensive care units. one nurse cries tears of desperation things can only go on like this for a week before collapse the hospital see. over as i. can put through of uncivil ruskell coming into our home cornerstones of us on our holidays and this and that so for the most. ambulances queue outside the emergency unit. normally they're called out 5 of those in times a day at the moment that number is almost 1000 police and firefighters are being called in to help out as drivers london's mayor has declared a state of emergency i'm afraid this. control. in london is a risk. because they're working heroically. but the risk over the course of the next. hours reduces and there are people going to hospital we could
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burns a 3rd vaccine this one from a donor has been approved but the health minister experienced 1st hand the difficulty of administering 2000000 vaccinations a week in one clinic the vaccine was notable by its absence precious time lost in the fight to keep london's hospitals from collapse. sports news now in german the leaders by munich have suffered a surprise defeat by in last 3 to a way to move. the last time byron munich came to brucia park over a year ago it was glad baku ran out victorious. when florian noite house handled the ball in the box robert levin dosti converted the ensuing penalty to give fire in the lead after 20 minutes. 'd and then a great solo effort from lay on gorecki doubled by inch lead just 6 minutes later and it looked like the visitors were cruising to victory. but
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wait and us hoffman pulled one back for blood 10 minutes after that i am on coolly slotting it in past manuel neuer and just before half time hoffman found himself one on one against neuer again and once again he won that battle to all at the interval i'm and soon after the restart knowing house made up for his earlier handball by putting blood back in front what a shot from the young germany international to seal a 32 win. once again sand by him back to munich empty handed. and a reminder of the top story we're following twitter locks trump now the social media platform announces it is permanently suspending the us president you can't due to the risk of further violence trump has said he won't be attending biden's inauguration and biden says that's a good thing. and that's it for now up next our documentary chinese check
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giant. a global force and suspected spine don't forget you can always get news on our website www dot com and follow us on twitter and instagram as well as. michael . thanks for watching. young moroccan immigrants. they know the police will stop the. the road is not the solution. they know their flights could be fatal. but that is not an option shattered dreams starts january 18th on t.w. . another
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blow for law way with the arrest in canada of its financial director again and said you know soon enough janet has sent the markets haywire and reignited the trade war between beijing and washington. we ask the united states to explain the reasons behind the arrest of main one soon and demand her immediate release from. u.s. officials also suspect one way of using its technology to help the chinese government spawn. the criminal activity alleged in this indictment goes back at least 10 years and goes all the way to the top of the company. december 28th seen the arrest of the daughter of the founder of away in vancouver on the request of the us marked the start of hostilities against the company and. the 1st act of
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a deep crisis with china. not going to do with huawei not doing business rather than i really made the decision it's much simpler not to do any business with. my usually made one that united states is fighting us with force and determination we didn't expect them to hit so hard to push. how did it come to this how did the chinese telecom company way find itself involved in new technological and geopolitical war. we're now in an era where technology artificial intelligence quantum computing telecommunications and cellphones are the commodities that are driving conflict at a global scale. the reason behind america's anxiety regarding one way is that its activity reaches much farther than telecommunications is he who dominates will undoubtedly dominate a large portion of to moore's economy. a 5 g. network deep sea cables. facial recognition cameras the cities of the future. is
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weaving a new technological web that covers the whole world. while way is something that's very dangerous you look at what they've done from a security standpoint from a military standpoint it's very dangers. this is the story of what way the symbol of china's success and the importance of the worst fears of the modern world. to assess the ambitions of the giant well way we had to suck in china not far from the city of. this isn't a brand new theme park but the fast and majestic 8 authors of what we. call size
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nature of which is only equaled by the brands growing companies are. having risen up a year ago the complex spreads over a 1000000 and a half square metres deep in the heart of the quandong hills. the architecture may seem familiar to you it's an assumed choice the site is composed of 12 villages inspired by 12 different european cities. so this is the head of the front man and now we also have the line year from italy and city science tell a very italian style and that is paris and if architecture defined is. very fender's international university. in france and it's very romantic and very open and feud. and you have to. 3 in
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27 years old respectively too young while we employees among the thousands that work here. their company holds its head up high with pride and ambition. but they can't ignore the tenacity of a special party now dousing white with ice cold water to cool its authors donald trump and his accusations of espionage picked up on by part of the west are on everyone's minds here of course i feel that it was something that never down to accused of something never down and it's not fair it's you know news all the time sometimes in the trade some sane and everywhere and everywhere in the bars no knows about the cause and one talks about it and everyone has the faith and yes and by. as not happy about of. my.
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dad always one of the great success stories of the 21st century presidents don't trump me with u.s. companies doing business with the chinese for the last week just about every 1000000000 people and more than 170 countries use this product itself more smartphones than apple and if that can only a family or a spouse in just one week this neighbor has become synonymous with the trade war between the united states and china one way the chinese telecom giant weiwei is accused of espionage by washington and threatened with losing access to american markets and technology. a few months ago just pronouncing the company's name was a challenge. since then while weight has made a name for itself 1st even small phones $59000000.00 of them sold across the globe in the 1st quarter of $2900.00 it's fewer than something more than apple with only 36000000 cell phones sold out. first the brand.
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huawei use is one of the biggest chinese companies it's grown exponentially over the last decade in pretty much every part of telecommunications they're building phones they're building wireless networks they're building all sorts of components and they're one of 4 main suppliers of 5 g. technology which is going to be an evolutionary change in the new world punctuated by technology wars and devoured by geo strategic tensions. at the heart of these new stakes is announced revolution. ultimate weapon developed by way the adventure which is tormenting the west. 5 g. technology. 5 g. promises to change our societies forever a new world of connected objects unmatched power and speed of connections. the 5th
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generation of mobile communication is about to change our lives for better or for worse. the stakes are incredibly high and while way knows that the chinese company is the world leader and it's estimated that it has a 2 year technological advantage over its rivals a good portion of that r. and d. has gone and the 5 g. it's. second factor is that we started doing it earlier than most other companies we started investing in 5 g. and 2000 and. 3 the difference between 4 g. and 5 g. is as wide as between a situ and a ferrari from $2.00 to $3.00 to $4.00 g. improvements were made every time will you dear improvements if you like i don't get it whereas 5 g. is a complete break because it involved brand new technologies eighty's and the americans developed $340.00 and sat on their laurels and they clearly did not suspect that the chinese that understood i mean if you you know. they had lost the battles for
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23 and 4 g. about that and then said ok now we'll invest in 5 g. and gain the advantage. on levels yeah ok i couldn't get it to. so what it is is an industrial robot supported by a very stable high speed high quality 5 g. wireless connection so ordinarily these robots would have cable transmitting power to them and controlling. but these are wireless. what we provide is just the network that allows very high capacity transmission data for stable transmission data which means there's no delay a network that will support many thousands anything millions of connections. was a duty shawntel if when you click on your smartphone today you have what's known as
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lag times. in with 5 g. that doesn't exist anymore when you click the page appears immediately what does this revolution offer realistically and tell me which i thomas vehicles at distance medicine and the internet of things is of it and online real time gaming virtual and augmented reality c section you don't so we're going to see whole sectors of the economy switching to this network to the source and that's why the geopolitical stakes are so high he who dominates it will undoubtedly dominate a large portion of to morrow's economy to continue to. look we have to have he did see an operator equipped with find you can gather data as it passes through its systems will possess a vast amount of information on everything going on your goal should be a hobby if he then uses it for his own benefit then there is a real danger. so we will need to ensure that he can't use it but if
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a government of a certain country were to gather and use it for its own benefit it could pose a big threat to other countries closer to. this is the fear of a number of western countries and that the head of the united states. the american government fears that while away with it cements network could serve as a trojan horse and eventually help the chinese government to spy and gather data. 5 g. networks must be secure there must be strong they have to be guarded from the enemy we do have enemies out there. it's difficult to understand that a telecom network has a heart with lots of little tentacles attendee that gather data if you're at the heart of this network and you have access to all this data you can collect phone numbers addresses consumer information etc so this heart is
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a highly sensitive subject. and a good example would be the african union the african union headquarters was ultimately a gift from the chinese government and all the telecommunications equipment in the african union. headquarters building was provided by the way and it was about 5 years into the operation of this facility the engineers discovered that every night significant volume of traffic was being sent back to china from the network which was presumably everything from audio and video from. the private meetings that were happening to the contents of their file server every night it's not clear that while we had any direct role in the labeling that certainly. could have unilaterally put software in place to do something like that. but large scale as you know is like that is the 2nd concern. of always being used in an
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operational networks police are faced with suspicions and accusations from america the founder and c.e.o. of one way spoke up in percy swearing that he had absolutely no intentions. to your real home and does our company use back doors i can assure you 100 percent you know we do not use back doors church and we are prepared to sign an anti backwards agreement with any government that requests. while weight has always pleaded not guilty demanded proof united states sure that its equipment is ultra securitized. that barely reassures the trumpet ministration which fears on top of espionage
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a large scale cyber attack coming from overseas. robert strang is the deputy assistant secretary of state to cyber and international communications policy. because there's so many more devices on these 5 g. networks there's going to be an expanded attack surface area if you will of ways that actors could seek to undermine our way of life we're also going to have opportunities because there's so much more software going over so much more code there will be also additional points of vulnerability for concern that in china unlike in western democracy there is no ability for a company to object to the commands it receives from the government itself or in china's case from the communist chinese communist party they can't go to an independent court for judicial review to object to it being instructed to acquire data. or to disrupt that critical infrastructure that's going to be created by the
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5 g. networks. by 2025 they could be between 50 and 100000000000 connect you don't get on the. machines and equipment running thanks to find jean and many of them open to attack . if they have access and they have the off switch and suddenly if there's a war if there is a conflict in 2 in the u.s. and china it's the bad case scenario but if huawei is in your network maybe they can shut it down shut down your phones should down your calls shut down your power plants shut down your water infrastructure all these critical things. president johnson signed an executive order on wednesday allowing us to ban foreign telecommunications equipment and service that this is part of the white house the president's commitment to protecting information and cars technology there saying
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that the president here is declaring a state of emergency a national emergency. just this once the u.s. president seems to be backed by a large portion of these countries elected men and women in his face off with well wait and china in the corridors of congress in washington numerous sentences both republicans and democrats fire off rounds of the chinese company with no holding back the major risk is one once you have something built in your communication system that has a back door in it that means whatever's on your cell phone or whatever's in your communication can be intercepted by someone else and so people want their cell phone communication to be protective a don't want to be public they don't want some other foreign entity whether it be an individual our general or foreign nation and what actions to your data well i think wall way is a security threat not just the united states but to france to the west so i think it's very important that allies. around the world. recognize that this
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is a long term security threat. the united states allies are also beginning to banish the chinese giant straight to plan and now new zealand. i'm naturally donald trump's blacklisting is harming wildlife financially. its international smartphone sales have fallen 40 percent in 2 months. so cooling down what the americans are forbidding is access to gas that the big 5 of google apple facebook amazon and microsoft set up. and they put it will cause problems for wall ways because if they want to find a route they won't have access to google maps if they want to video no you tube they want to send an e-mail no g. mail anymore they want to send a message to friends on facebook they don't have it anymore all of these services
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are de facto excluded from one way smartphones even for the way. in china that doesn't really matter because google is not allowed to while away sells about half of its phone somewhere else a lot of them are sold in europe and some of the phones are some of the best phones in the world right now some of the best phones for the money but now a lot of customers will think well wait a 2nd if i can have all these google applications right the go go after or google maps g.-mail google drive then i'm going to go ahead and buy another brand. for donald trump attack in what way is another means of putting pressure on china of destabilizing a competitor with a commercial shoulder strength. or a long period of time china has taken advantage of our cut $375000000000.00 in trade deficit came about year after year we don't want that now. fair or not right.
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for that's if i have no idea why donald trump is so intent on waging war on while way we have several theories. one is that he doesn't want foreign technology notably while ways to be better than america's technology ali that sees will be one just a 2nd is that what ways technology is so advanced and so secure it would prevent the united states from spying on its own people and on other countries audition away if that's a valid comment about. as made confronting china on trade a major issue for his administration and i think the waterway. problem is part of that if wall way was located in brazil if it was an indian company if it was a european company nobody would care but because it's part of the storage or
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picture of aggressive china a china that uses predatory trade practices and a china that is now the leading source of espionage against the united states put all that together and they've decided to go after them. you could imagine this company's great destiny. how is it grown so quickly to become emblematic of an entire nation in time in its history. when one was founded in 1907 china was in full growth. 10 years beforehand the new leader thing shopping had launched his great modernization reforms with a single objective to elevate china to the rank of a world superpower. today's
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china is entering a new phase here we are now focusing our efforts on the modernization of farming and industry science and technology along with national defense so we can we do our country in a typically chinese way. in the 1980 s. when huawei was born when it was just getting started and. the chinese market economy was also in just getting started so the chinese government in beijing which is thousands of miles away in the north of china decided you know we're going to have a few cities where we're going to try out capitalism and we're going to try out in very small steps the chinese leader at the time a little small man named them shell king said we're going to just do trial. we're going to cross the river is by feeling for the stones. among the places chosen to test chinese style capitalism was shenzhen a small fishing village
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a stone's throw from hong kong. it was there that while we was founded. if the reforms put in place by deng xiaoping were very progressive it started with agriculture and giving farmers the opportunity to own some of their land and yields started to skyrocket 20. 8 months or so after that he extended them to industry was going to be a. people in them began to think you know i can make some money i can become a company it was a change if you had a private sector it didn't exist before well it wasn't really totally represents the rise of the economy of china a country that no longer produces a low cost products and also the end of plastic objects and textiles made in china it now represents china as a technological power a force of innovation investing in r. and d. and that's why while way is the chinese symbol.
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way has created $160000.00 jobs worldwide and posts a record turnover of $100000000000.00 because it has discreetly taken advantage of china's opening up to the global markets. by the way was founded by mr van with a mere $21000.00 u.n. about $5000.00 at the time and a handful of employees there was a huge need for telecommunications on the chinese market because nothing existed so he sees the opportunity. rendering for the founder and big boss in what way. the embodiment of chinese ambition and success. wrenching for a visionary. warlord. these military past with the chinese people's liberation army is at the heart of the west's fears on the current trade war.
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we do know that the founder has a military past so he was with the people's liberation army at the start reportedly news reports suggest that they had an early contract with the people's liberation army so that they might have helped them was becoming a contractor with the chinese government and the chinese military. there's a significant concern that the people's liberation army the p l a could use those connections to either get access to walk away equipment worthwhile way source code or have the ability to insert malware and while a product. or something for the eastern man served in the engineering corps of an army with millions of soldiers so if you follow the logic of our detractors it means that these millions of people are still closely linked to the chinese government and militia what else can i say to prove
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that mr wrenn has no such links he's just an ex army engineer who became something else once his tour of duty was over the west should be able to understand that while ways history shows that it's the product of a china which has reformed and opened up in order to strengthen competitiveness and bring prosperity to the chinese economy so that it can enter into global markets how the. well wait also promotes itself as being a totally private company. gets 0 shares owned by the chinese state. our founders owns about 1.4 percent of the shares so the company is almost completely run by our 90000 employees decent media i'll tell you that's very rare in china i'm also. shareholder albeit a very small world but every year the dividend is shared out among us all.
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to demonstrate its technological lead while weight exceptionally allowed us into its laboratories in warehouses in southern china. they stretch out as far as the eye can see. these immense concrete hangers spew out thousands of brand new smartphones ready for export across the globe. to enter special clothing simply to drink the phones are assembled on the last section of the production lines 30 hours is required to manufacture a single unit. for a few employees most of the work being performed by robots. beyond the production lines the true pride of the chinese brand is hidden on either side of these corridors. and austere and mysterious mood reigns to these are the labs of the well the research and development center. this engineer
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for example is developing 5 g. and 10 i capable of withstanding the worst weather conditions. to disprove the world office of these last ones at home but it's a common culti. and this is what. the water want to get accumulated on the surface so while we are developing this technology as you know that. just signal is a millimeter wave it's transmission abilities kind of weak soul when. used especially some called bases you know for us even though it's also kind of called it may be crowded with a 6 layer i was not we developed this. she called in technologist to stop water ice accumulation on the surface so there was b.s. to claim that. there. is a company which has filed the most patents in the world 5428
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a record that's twice as many as mitsubishi and intel who trail in 2nd and 3rd place inventions dreamed up by young scientists like the 32 year old tundra 2 which were developed following further studies in germany saying chloe is the 1st team to use the weaver chamber because now other companies are using it has we are this is a plan for them inside it's just a job it's water so especially where you play games you can feel your interest in temperature into corners. to get where it is while we started out like many chinese companies drawing on western inventions through forced technology transfers. versal a company wanting to operate in china must surrender its patents and transfer them
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to the chinese. 7 or levy don't need we've seen this in aeronautics and in manufacturing you're obliged to transfer your patents and explain your manufacturing processes of it is what's more china also obliges you to help build their plants and set up the whole process from a to z. a little. illegal practice for sure but one to which all too often copies and even theft of intellectual property already. showing them to trick is a bit like the original sin of all chinese companies while we store. it by copying the big western brands even at the origin of their base products which were network components was on high so i spoke with an engineer alcatel who told me they
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discovered products they're identical to there is in china. chinese aircraft manufacturing china's high speed train which looks very much like a german high speed train it's part of how they built their industry stealing technology has been part of china's opening to the west since the beginning when shopping said china would now open its markets to the west. in the u.s. and bailed weeping charges against chinese tech giant huawei on monday formally accusing the company and its affiliates of stealing trade secrets to keep tightness a while away employees undertook a scheme to steal t. mobile's robotic technology mean tapi employees allegedly took numerous unauthorized photographs of tapping and secretly removed part of it from
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a laboratory in washington state. all sets of charges expose was always brazen and persistent actions to exploit american companies and financial institutions and to threaten the free and fair global marketplace. while it has a bad track record when it comes to intellectual property a great example of this is the pending lawsuit between the us government and walked away around a team mobile testing robot called api and tapi is a device that is used to test smartphones. they stole a robot arm during the visit and gave it back the next day with an apology as if they had left with the arm by accident and 24 hours later suddenly realized they had it only what's this doing here made all you already did maybe i'm exaggerating
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but still they gave it back to avoid being accused of stealing it or perish good boy during the night they had totally disassembled it and taken photos of all the parts to get all the info they needed. he's the indictment issued by the us justice system dated january 29000 regarding the team obama case the united states versus white signed by a federal prosecutor. meet the 28 page document lays out in black and white the e-mails that while i engineers on american soil exchange with the head office in china. i went once more to the a.t.m. most mechanical on testing that are touring into an overall understanding of the environment i summarized and please take a look. once again we can't get any further information about the t.m.o. robot system from t.m. oh they've complained to us a lot about this because we asked them too many questions about the robot on h.p.'s
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request t.m.o. said to me that if we asked them again such questions they want to allow us to use their robot lab. she gets accepted but it's a classic case it's a part of their technique but don't let other countries do exactly the same thing. this is where we have to be careful because when it concerns our allies we tend to look the other way but when it's our enemies there's an outcry one interesting allegation that was part of the indictment was that while he has essentially a bounty program where any employee who was able to compromise and watch a property of a competitor will get a bonus from the company if they access that intellectual property and post it on an internal server at wa way accusations of industrial espionage denied by way the lawsuit is still ongoing and no judgment to be made by the u.s. court. when ways spokesman insists that the company
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legally purchased foreign technologies but nonetheless admits to past areas. we collect royalties on our own i pay and we pay a lot of loyalties on other people's life $80.00 i believe each year we pay about $300000000.00 in royalties for various forms of technology that we license you will hear some people say sometimes oh woe is a chinese company chinese companies cannot innovate they are copycats all they do is steal other people's technology and other people's ideas there may have been a time when that had a lot of truth to it but things have changed and huawei is at this point i think the 5th largest investor in r. and d. that gives us a lot of our own intellectual property that we want to protect so we protect our own ip and we respect the ip of other companies.
1:50 pm
brackets wise h.q. in shenzhen in southern china. a megalopolis of 20000000 inhabitants. in. the city is considered to be the new silicon valley and on its own accounts for 10 percent of china's g.d.p. . and like in the rest of china the local authorities rely on an ultra high performance network operated smart surveillance cameras and. a symbol of a modernizing china sometimes excessively. here if you jaywalk across the street your face and full name appear on a giant screen. and you receive a text on your smartphone. these cameras are fitted with facial recognition.
1:51 pm
system widely accepted in china where respect and order are key values. technology to serve security. video surveillance to sort of connect to dissipate. the video surveillance network developed in china is called skynet. it comprises 500000000 cameras installed in urban rural areas by a number of chinese companies most of them are fitted with facial recognition capable of identifying human faces and detecting suspicious movements on the street . in the long term the system will be able to scan the entire chinese population of a 1000000 and a half in 31 seconds. in this whole well in world while weight is creating safe cities that would be entirely futuristic connected. and want. one part of business and hallways and that
1:52 pm
a lot of people know less about is in surveillance technology so the company calls it safe cities and the public will talk about this when you go to hallway headquarters they say one of their areas is safe cities and they talk about it in a very in a very nice way. and safe cities are kind of an extension of smart cities and smart just means basically connected to a network. our technology can recognize the license plate in the car in case there is a criminal one car or company has employees facial recognition technology in case you have criminals in your city there are cameras that are basically connected to a network and what they do is they allow police to project.
1:53 pm
police protection essentially. you know position china is obsessed with controlling society and one of the tools needed to do that is to see every. things like this 5 years ago there were already quite a few cameras but it was an excessive but in recent years in every chinese city you can see them everywhere everywhere all along the sidewalks there are posts with cameras to capture every pedestrian addictive and some are fitted with lights to take pictures at night yanna so these are clearly cameras for the facial recognition of citizens the people. we help the city governments use digital technology to manage the city's better one aspect to better manage its safety. one way only supplies it safe cities to the chinese government. but it exposes his model across the globe. there are now 236 cities in the world in 40 different
1:54 pm
countries. most capital cities in africa central asia and central america have deployed the what way system but also belgrade in serbia and gelsen creation in germany on its website the company also promotes its city of the future. with everything needed for video surveillance a complete package to see and scrutinize everything which way is it junk province of china traffic behavior has changed tremendously after using bali for the camera . once more and ai enabled camera can look into certain details of each image specifically for example it can detect if someone is wearing a seat belt or not now the challenge is not just what the chinese are doing to watch that the other chinese people is that this chinese technology is being spread out to other parts of the world to to watch people delicate what is facial recognition for to check the entire chinese population but if you installed all
1:55 pm
that in european cities to morrow it would be exactly the same thing which will is she is in some ways worried about political stability he is. the feels fragile and so they have communications surveillance facial recognition other kinds of espionage and some countries say this is attracting a lot depends on what your government does so if you have a government that respects the rule of law and respects human rights using one way technology by itself doesn't mean you're in a police state but if you have a government where those are a little dicey you might want to be careful it's designed to control populations. in the case of surveillance cameras like for 5 g. once again it's the presumed connections between well way on the chinese government that people question. what would happen if beijing which
1:56 pm
ask well wait for its foreign users they took. over video footage filmed by its cameras across the world. well way swears that its information will remain entirely confidential. to chinese law on intelligence and passed in 2017 he sowing the seeds of doubt. china passed a law in 2017 a national intelligence law that says essentially no chinese company had refused to cooperate with the minister's security every chinese company must. with the directives of the ministers states and this isn't like america you know tim cook the head of apple decides he doesn't want to work with the f.b.i. and it goes to court and there's a lot of squabbling and all this in china you decide not to cooperate you're going to end up harvesting turnips and mongolia if you're lucky. he said you know what
1:57 pm
the u.s. has exactly the same law so we need to be fair you know it is a little early what patriot act applies. just ask them to give the government their user data when there's a risk of terrorism or national security to secure within us from the duplicious of the chinese merely passed a law that already existed in the us but there's nevertheless a difference if in the us i'm involved in a trade dispute i can file a lawsuit if it's a civil dispute i can file a lawsuit whereas the chinese justice system is political it belongs to the communist party of. the only presence of the chinese state. proof and technological dominance has become a major strategic issue. for 2 rivals washington and beijing have made artificial intelligence the next absolute priority the window would depend on who invests the most. robotics biotechnology 5 g.
1:58 pm
8 and 16 and works in space weapons quantum satellites the high tech races on the war for technological superiority has been declared. one twilight fawns their creativity. these artists are night owls in the truest sense of. their work thrives from and in the dark. and it shines brightly even when surrounded by darkness to join us on a magical journey through the night. duramax. in 30 minutes on d w. it's
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about billions. it's about power. it's about the foundation of a new world order the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with history network. but in europe there's a sharp morning when for accepting money from the new superpower will become dependent took up the fate of the chinese state has a lot of money at its disposal. and that's how it's expanding and asserting its status and position in the world place china's gateway to europe. starts feb 19th on d w. cut
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. this is news live from berlin an indonesian passenger plane disappears from radar as after takeoff from jakarta flight data shows the aircraft lost more than 30001000 meters of altitude in less than a minute we go live to calm and to where the plane was heading before he vanished also coming up no more trump on twitter the social media platform.


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