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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2021 5:30am-5:59am CET

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where the impossible to. do justice to the creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like winning the lottery there was a. moon 1st. starts feb 11th on t.w. . these pretty seals might look adorable but they can be quite dangerous we will show you where you can observe germany's biggest predator in the wild. i really want to welcome to a new edition of your own max with me your host meghan lee here's a look at what else we have in store for you today. see why this artist is making
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a wax culture of u.s. president joe biden and find out the secrets behind the licious german great. book 1st 3 kicked off the show with the charismatic multitalented minor the swiss singer of the electro pop 0 yellow has been entertaining fans for more than 40 years he may be best known for his hit single oh yeah from the 1980 s. but michael has other passions besides music which involves beef wine and chocolate we met up with him in zurich to hear more about his calling mary pursuits. dieter meyer the singer from yellow isn't just passionate about you. he also loves
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specialty here in the swiss city of zurich as well as in germany and argentina meyer operates a number of bars and restaurants. they mainly serve wines. and nuts he's produced himself. from the farm to the plate from the vineyard to the ballclub there's no middleman. all the products are ascribed to me people are. an organic farm in argentina located a 5 hour drive south of cyrus it covers several 1000 hectares of land. in the grassland at the pump he breeds hereford and angus cattle myer enjoys mixing with the gauchos on horseback as well he spends around 2 months a year here. argentina and it's fertile vegetation never fail to impress him.
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there are a few countries in the world. from not. you can find areas where they will. it's almost a revelation every time i come here to the countryside and see how things are prospering. but this is how people know dieter meyer best. as singer of the celebrated electro pop duo yellow myers been in the music business for over 4 decades yet he never expected to become a successful artist. i was originally a while. but then i go along and that was how. so to speak. i would never have become a musician or a singer. in august 2020 yellow's latest album point. released and
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stormed the european charts the duo created songs and this studio in zurich he's long been there for i always find choruses sound as if they incredibly inspiring with this case and it goes like this. it's on an endless loop for me if i listen to it 20 or 30 times and then start to see if it was it without there being any content to it you know it's just dog noises. and suddenly a sentence will come together there's something i can hang on to him face tell him not draws me into the song 911. 1. but his musical success is clearly not enough for peter meyer the pop star is also a ventnor he always has a glass of wine with dinner. in
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argentina as well as in the north of the spanish island of a pizza meyer grows his own wine and here he produces among other wines a red convey a blend of cabernet sauvignon vadra and shiraz you can be here only be. elegant i'm up on the hill where we have these fall with wonderfully cool nights and warm bags. with the impression these ones might out there is actually closer to the border of border or $2.00 to $1.00. back to zurich where the enterprising singer has also become a chocolate here his approach to producing chocolate is as innovative as his music using a patented process called cold extraction allows cocoa beans to be processed without roasting them 1st so they retain their natural aroma. is there no one else and make chocolate the way we can with this cold extraction methods obviously not captures 100 percent of the aroma from the. and then needs much less sugar because we've
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been able to remove the potential. wine nuts meat and chocolate when it comes to food and beverages meyer's entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. need for cone to matter is not working any more it's my life. this is should i be so lucky i hope to still be aiming to realize some ideas when i'm 95 or 100 years it's the most wonderful thing there is. both in the music world and the colon ery arts dieter meyer has already made his mark. moving on to another celebrity and a very important one at that joe biden has been sworn in as the 46 president of the united states now most of us will never get to meet him in person but it will
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be possible to get up close to his likeness in wax british artist jethro crabb is craving a figure that will eventually make its way to a museum in the u.s. state of south dakota we met up with him to see how the waxy biden is taking shape . politics. subjects or studio sorry hills area of southeast. u.s. president. being a future wax figure in the presence of former british prime minister winston churchill whose likeness is also in the world. this beginning stage is really about sort of investigating. the form of his head and practicing sculpting some of the shapes so nothing to do with features or dates i was at the stage of the figure was commissioned by the national presidential wax museum in the us state of south dakota jethro crop has been working on the clay model for 4 weeks but it
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will take another 3 or 4 months before it becomes a finished watchword. crab studied sculpture and began his career at madame tussaud . or the legendary london watch museum fashioned lifelike sculptures of many famous people. such as former beatle paul mccartney actress fun being big and composer live begun by coven. war interests me about. the paper i scoped is that everyone is completely individual and capturing what it is about someone that makes them look that way it can be almost a meditative experience you know just getting lost in and the forms and the shots they are sculpting and then you forget about her is that you're actually working.
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jethro krupp mainly works using photos of the people in sculpting it's rare that he works with large models he focuses more on physical characteristics and personality traits. the amount of research that idea on a character depends. really are much their interest but i don't think it's. strictly necessary to know everything about me and the venture i'm sculpting once he's completed his play model his team helps with the next steps 1st they make a silicon moat strengthen the fiber glass for the heads a special wax mixture is poured into the silicon mold the hair is inserted strand by strand several layers of oil paint creates an authentic skin tone like here for us talk show host oprah winfrey. left to show off the years and went into
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business for himself making caricature as of figures like french president emanuel mccrum entrepreneur must and members of the british royal family created for the satirical show spitting image. just. the way it was taken from. the falls talking about walking in the process of sculpting a realistic head and sculpting a caricature i had quite similar earlier. the difference being in the degree there exaggerate the things that unite us we would receive sketches caricature sketches. from those though freedom for us to add our own style that's really why i enjoy a caricature of. jethro crowe things joe biden is characterized by his dazzling white teeth and eye symmetrical smile which gives his face
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a slightly longer side appearance. is that enough for a good caricature of a router a caricature a sculpture of biden i'm warming his head as i work on a sort of. seeing the possibilities and. every winter between november and january something very special happens on the german island of heligoland the birth and breeding of gray seals during this time hundreds of young pups are born and raised on the wind protected dunes before they discover the water visitors are allowed to witness these incredible scenes from a distance on a special trail your own x. reporter hendrick belling went there for a firsthand look. heligoland is a nursery grounds for the gracie. i'm visiting the north sea archipelago where
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hundreds of seal pups are born and raised every year. there are a few places where you can get as close to the grave as in your own heligoland and they're much cuter than i thought but also what's more dangerous. after the 2 hour ferry ride i reached germany's only island in the high seas land was once a hideout for pirates before becoming a popular tourist destination in the 19th century but i haven't come to visit the famous sandstone sea stick known as the long ana i'm headed for the heart of do you know the smaller aisle next to the main island in the winter there are fewer tourists but many more seals i'm here for them. sometimes there are so many animals that the ranger will to power she must block off the beach for a while this gives the seal some peace and quiet but mainly it's to protect the students because while they may look cute these are germany's largest predators
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living in the wild from this special path through the jones we can observe the seals and see where they've come from november to january is mating season and the time when mothers give birth. it's more the reason it's so attractive is because it's protected from storm tides and that's very important when it comes to choosing a place to give birth to their young kid gray seal pups need to be on line for at least the 1st $3.00 to $4.00 weeks so that's what counts. on just saved. from up close i can observe how mother cycle very young after 2 or 3 weeks the cow leaves her pup on its own from then on it has to fend for itself. although they look much the same they're very different there are fearful pops and
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ones that are always out for a final stage that are always unfriend likable foods and ones that just peacefully observe everything so completely different characters. are killed. off to a few weeks the pops make their 1st attempts at swimming but only after that if or shut their 1st for a coach their company weidman new go doesn't offer them enough protection and the walked. over 650 pops were born here this winter more than ever before and just 2 weeks after giving birth the cows are ready to mate again. at this time the males are even more aggressive but the bulls which way up to $300.00 kilos fight for the cow's favor. i witness that right on the beach i feel safer by the rangers side they're good most of those audience the larger one is certainly a young boy unfortunately he's trying to mate with
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a very young female. but they might look cute but they really aren't. this isn't us nish. now i know why we have to stay 30 meters away from them too they will bite your they bite design's who i'd say they could bite right through a leg like ours really. once they've raised the young and made to get in the seals gradually leaves helical and then there are only a few left until next winter. seeing so many gray suits in the wire this really impressive especially the babies they're really really cute but when you get so close to them you realize that they are really really dangerous predators and that's what prefer to watch them from the safe distance. not to satisfy my urge to pet one i've borrowed this stuffed toy for my daughter definitely the
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smarter alternative. besides beer germany is best known for its bread now there are thousands of different kinds of bread on offer here with many bakers who relish and it's tradition or for our series food secrets we find out what goes into making that special loaf of bread. we have over $300000.00 grudged the types of bread in germany germans of bread crazy we simply love pretty. good business we shouldn't see bread is just the base for cold cuts or chance cold cuts and cheese or just the supporting acts and bread is the star.
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it's been some stuff on the cinema 30 years old and a 4th generation mass to break up the place great value and tradition across machines it and it all revolves around the wood burning stove which was gorgeous for a good german praed you don't need much more than flour in this cups it's wheat and rye flour. then you have sold east water from the store of the shop sourdough whole together the finished product takes about 5 hours to make like yes this is all good but that was. far all we're planning on beach and oakwood we let it reach about 262270 degrees celsius then we use the decreasing heat to buck when the last loaf comes out the temperature is around 210
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degrees. but not many because i for the salad ripens overnight while the bacon sleep sourdough lends enormous flavor to the kind of also increases the shelf life we always mix up fresh leavening so i can ride been a new every day i will move on i'm taking one kilogram of rye flour and adding 900 milliliter water and adding a piece of salad i let dissolve in the water then i mix it all together you can do this either by hand or with the machine that we cover the sourdough and that is sets of harm temperature for 24 hours so it can develop completely within the next day it will be incorporated into the present. and then or try this daughter from this salad as for my great grandma from 1928.
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also already baked toss than that in a wood burning of the 65 percent wheat and 35 percent raw so selecting the right flower is enormously important just a. few dots 3 germans have some advantages in our own country we can find the 3 major grains used for bread that's spelt wheat and rye we grow all of them here so we don't need to import anything and can use the type of grains we have my mum you know my name is bettina lewis and i'm the 2nd bread somalia in germany bread so my game means con a sewer we listen to the bradley savor the bread and that's how we create the perfect bread for the perfect meal. and i say we are one of the few countries that offer this qualification from apprentice to assistant to master i master needs to be able to create bradish and that's why we have so many new types.
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no but come up there are so many things happening inside that was that i think nothing of the process is within the pred and within the crust of the bread. front bar and since all it takes the crust carmelites is which results later in the christmas and also adds to the taste and over to. the i board. is an important factor so here you see we have a wonderfully brown crust. for it to also home and then the baker has to have an if for the finished product. if you take the loaf and turn it over and knock on the bottom you should hear this hollow sound and that's all signified that's how we know that bread is done. and finally here in berlin we haven't
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had much snow this winter but one place you will always find it is in a snow globe now they are one of the most popular souvenirs in the world but did you know that they were invented in vienna austria a surgical instrument mechanic named evi patsy came up with the idea by accident over 100 years ago all the parents a family still makes no clubs and can count some high profile celebrities as their customers. month i should shake a snow globe instead you have to turn it on its head and wait until the snow settles then you turn it back over and it snows. avin patsy the 3rd knows all the secrets about snow globes his grandfather avin patsy the 1st conducted his initial experiments in this workshop indiana he was
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a mechanic of surgical instruments and an inventor using a glass bowl filled with water he was actually planning to enhance operating room lighting. the windows for the hot more than 120 years ago my grandfather invented the snow globe pure charm something to keep you from he happened to find some semolina in his mother's kitchen and he tossed some in the bowl of water and it soaked up the water and floated down to the bottom of the bowl very slowly that he thought it looks like it's snowing in this cloth bowls that's how the idea was born from the snow globe pretty quick. his grandfather found a miniature version of the basilica in the area at santa and austrian pilgrimage site he painted a pedestal with shoe polish and glued on the church setting it in a glass globe in 1900 he applied for a patent on the world's 1st snow globe the flakes fluttered down gently thanks to the viennese formula. yes meant my father was the 1st to produce the mixture of
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snow that we used to the degree and that's my secret so far i'm the only one who knows exactly how it's done. every year the viennese manufacturer produces around 200000 snow globes almost all individual parts are made locally the figures are made by hand a process in which liquid plastic is poured into metal forms and pressed into shape the patsy family has also been experimenting with 3 d. printing. via the data is sent. the printer and the printer produces the figures layer by layer. if you can with. a couple of hang with i mean joe. as the 1st woman in family history daughters of being a patsy the 2nd has recently joined the business bringing it into the 4th generation she sees the future of the company positively customers value tradition
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some wishbone my back to the source bosman people want to know what they're consuming these are the things they're buying come from you can trace the provenance of every snow globe that leaves this building this globe has a face and that's how that's my family view this is manna from media. i mean county's wife is a bean a patsy the 1st paints dozens of snow globes a day many customers commission designs the family uses originality to survive against copycats and low cost competitors proving they have a sense of humor even during the corona crisis.
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the for. the 77 percent. financing in kenya also for. kick boxing in uganda can do is pray. and soccer culture in south africa you know on. this episode is all about school let's fight all the 77 percent. and 30 minutes on the dollar with. swedish design meets chinese electric power the new costar. the electric sedan leave the competition in the dust with dynamism comfort and above all brain knows the pollstar have what it takes to compete with the testimony
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. read. 90 minutes on w. . people knocking for coverage. there are many answers. there are many reasons. and there are many visitors. make up your own. make for minds. it's about billions. it's
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a color power. it's about the foundation of the food order of the silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network and so to play china he's promising his partners rich cuts but in europe there's a sharp warning whoever accept money from the new super power will become dependent on it china's gateway to europe. starts feb 19th on d w. play . play.
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this is new news live from berlin and the u.k. sounds the alarm in the fight against covert 19 prime minister bars johnson says there is evidence the coronavirus variant of 1st identified in the u.k. could be deadlier as well as more infectious. and another setback drug maker astra zeneca warns if old full short on delivering supplies of its vaccine to the european union coming up in sports news gold skull or put a dent in dortmund.


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