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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2021 10:15am-10:30am CET

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and then and now technology show shift is out next sense thank you for that i'm back with more headlines at the top of the al until then as always our web site data dot com follow us on instagram and twitter as well at g.w. news you can find me at a recent saying. it's about billions. it's about power. it's about the foundation of the new world order the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network. but in cairo there's a show of the morning the ever accept some money from the new superpower will become dependent on the news of the day. the chinese state has
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a lot of money at its disposal in the book and that's how the expanding can asserting its status and position in the world of. china's gateway to europe. starts feb 19th d.w. . the pandemic is hitting businesses except for amazon the american e-commerce dime has doubled its quarterly profit compared to last year what does amazon's market dominance mean for us as cost the most and how does it affect e-commerce in general on topic today on ship. in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus crisis online shopping has been booming the reasons appear to be obvious many people around the world voiding shops. preferred
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to shop from home the following products where is specially popular during the 1st weeks of the crisis in germany headsets. on an increase of more than 900 percent that makes sense as germans are known to be hardworking and had said simply working from home more efficient free weights an increase of 2740 percent for that little bit of exercise between work calls for saw an increase in online demand of close to 3000 percent the current boom in online shopping has especially benefited one company amazon the american financial analyst tom ford says covert 19 has been amazon's growth. what does amazon do so much better than other businesses that's what we asked the economist from cologne she says is based on several factors. amazon takes a different approach from other companies where the customer is 100 percent the sole focus and their strategies are consistently geared towards customers and their
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needs that's what makes them so successful in the amazon success is based on several factors the seemingly never ending choice on its website there are about 300000000 products for sale price many products are really quite cheap and delivery is often cost free. availability amazon delivers right to your doorstep and usually the very next day. claims exchanging or returning something is pretty simple amazon is becoming increasingly integrated into everyday life i can listen to my music there i can watch movies and t.v. series there are many many connecting points. one shortcoming however is being increasingly criticized. the quality control of products offered by 3rd party suppliers. with products of counterfeit or poor quality the company tries to make the sellers responsible. to reach. but despite some bad apples usually on
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amazon the customer is always right sounds great but what consequences do retailers and producers face when almost everything is amazon. today over 50 percent of all online products directly on amazon this is hitting small and medium sized businesses especially they are dependent on participating in amazon's expensive shipping program to remain competitive on the platform. james thompson created the marketplace for amazon today he consults other companies on how to successfully sell products that. your products show up in organic. your product have good customer conversion. so that's one example where. you basically have to accept that if you want to. you're going to have to use the shipping program to be relevant amazon has started selling its own products
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directly on its platform in 2009 company founded. in-house company amazon basics this brand sells everyday products often at bargain prices and the range is constantly growing. very long term perspective they're prepared. in their own individual cells they want. to keep coming back to seattle based company has a clear advantage over amazon's marketplace gives them access to the competitions data this online. identify best and use that knowledge for advertising their own products. they're also persistent claims that. successful products. will represent small and medium sized businesses in their fight against amazon there's a company called green design that. they had to. very well and amazon in great
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customer reviews and then lonely hole they got it one day an amazon had created an exact knock on the amazon marketplace will cut both ways it groans companies access to a growing number of potential customers us also collects huge amounts of data for its own peppa says. products labeled as bestsellers or the deal of the day most successful the same goes for real supermarkets too for vendors the so-called buy boxes on amazon equally important a small check boxes on the website shopping screen but a low cost a must to place products directly into the shopping cart but the algorithm but determines which seller gets a buy box is kept secret what we do know is that pricing reviews and distance between product and cost them up all influence how sellers are ranked but the most promising key to success is f b a f be a means fulfillment by amazon vendors that agreed to this the 0 which essentially means paying more for amazon services have high a chances of scoring
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a buy books stacey mitchell has been monitoring amazon for 10 years and it's consistently causing him more discomfort 3 critical remarks from her up on the view . it's amazon's marketplace and the rules of who can sell their on what terms they can sell who gets to see their products how pricing works are sent by amazon it would be as though wal-mart you know not only came into your town and opened up a big store but also bought up all of their commercial real estate and suddenly any business that wanted to open and competing with wal-mart would have to rent from wal-mart and wal-mart could decide whether they got a storefront or not and how much they paid and you know so it's a monopolization on another. what is true is that amazon actually benefits from counterfeits amazon and uses
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that as leverage against suppliers so we saw this a few years ago with the shoe company birkenstock they had been complaining to amazon because there were lot of counterfeit birkenstocks on the site and they could not get amazon to do anything about it and eventually amazon said oh yeah you have to sell us your full line issues on the terms that we want and then we'll clean up the counterfeits. those that do find a way. may find that they're successful for 2 or 3 years in the actually begin to build up a bit of a business doing it and hire people and wow this really works well once they sort of get to a certain size certain amount of say oh this is though amazon kind of notices them at that point and then it starts to get harder suddenly there are more fees and it
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becomes more and more costly and more and more difficult to be successful the more successful a kompany is on amazon the more expensive it gets for them to use the platform to sell that sounds like a pretty bad deal for individuals hallo's can we as customers do something about it yes but the alternatives usually require a little work one example checking office directly on manufacturer's web sites usually as cheaper than you think and it even might be beneficial for your warranty they also platforms but icons of climate change and sell products which are free of plastic or make sure to use carbon neutral delivery globally e-commerce is the stream of profitable which is why other tech giants and now trying to catch up google wants to focus on expanding its e-commerce business and is currently testing a new app shop and the app shows short clips of influenzas presenting products which can then be directly auto shops target audience is instagram uses so far it's
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mostly been about beauty products facebook has just introduced shopping on his platform to. increase its paper produces greeting cards for part of a growing trend amongst small american companies from iran business from charleston south carolina uses antique printing presses to mint the carts and the new online shop and facebook to sell them. or get introduced only in shops to facebook and instagram. during the corona crisis he says it's to help retailers receive some of the financial losses suffered during the pandemic this is going to make up for all of that lost business but it can help and for lots of small businesses during this period this is the difference between staying afloat or going on over $160000000.00 small businesses use facebook's infrastructure to advertise products and services they use posts to embed links to their products but 1st the users had to leave the
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op and buy products directly on the retailers websites but not anymore. in meats paper is one of just a few small businesses and though to test the new e-commerce features jamie no june the owner loves it. like amazon and sellers here don't need to rely on an expensive shipping program. setting up shops is free no programming skills required. the we want people to handwrite words of instagram's i mean it's really. kind of helped us and telling that story so as we looked at their e-commerce features that were coming out. you know it was like wow this completely reduces the friction of going to a separate website your credit card is registered you can use it's own all apps across the platform it's convenient and it increases how long you stay on the site
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institute for local self-reliance fears that facebook is using this as a backdoor to collect things in a consumer behavior the whole business model is based on data stacey mitchell says he is using this moment of desperation to position facebook in that market facebook may in a moment be offering a little bit of competition for amazon another way or small business is to get to market but you know we should remember that facebook itself is looking looking to corner the market dominating the market is key facebook introduced the new shops feature amazon is offering an all inclusive experience and apple has been excluding troublesome cell us from the i o. s. universe who can stop the big 4 heads of state as well as small time online sellers regularly complain about their dominance but then nothing happens that might be about to change though in the u.s. home to these tech giants opposition is growing the big 4 tech executives came
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under strong scrutiny in an anti-trust comedy hearing in the u.s. house of representatives whether it's through self preference in predatory pricing or crying used to buy additional products they don't want to platforms have wielded their power in destructive harmful ways in order to expand that spot on the bigger question is whether the u.s. will take action which means working against the interests of big american companies what do you think do kompany is that dominate the market like amazon need to be broken up or is the market salvatore doesn't know what you're. think on facebook on g.w. dot com and if you want to know more about amazon's founder jeff bezos make sure to check out our you tube channel that's it for me goodbye your next time.
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the 77 percent. fencing in kenya that's a room for everyone and i'm going to. kick boxing in uganda kenya. and soccer culture in south africa you know on. this episode is all about school let's fight all the city 7 percent. next on t.w. . swedish design meets chinese electric power the new costar. the electric sedan leave the competition in the dust with dynamism comfort and above all range does the pollstar of what it takes to compete with the tesla red. 16 s w. 19 years of his holiness wait to bring you more conservation.
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how do we make signals greener how can we protect habitats we can make a difference global ideas environmental syriza can blow through thousands on g.w. and on mine. hi there thanks for joining me on this very sporty at this in the 77 percent sure i am michael and also you can tell for myself this is going to be quite special show. so here's what's coming up. we meet one of germany's best female faces and talk to pay off a project in case.


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