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tv   Bares fur Rares  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2021 12:00am-1:00am CET

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this is new news live from berlin an entire hospital sealed old berlin's humbled clinic is closed to add sizers after several patients and staff test positive for more dangerous strain of the coronavirus. portugal's president set for a 2nd term in office feel action was held under lockdown conditions as the government bottled spirits worst rights of cope with 19 deaths and then factions. and in the bundesliga byron beach to extend their lead at the top of the text all the goals
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including this one from robert evans coming up. on public voting yes thanks for joining us also our g.'s in germany have sealed off a hospital in here in the capital berlin after identifying cases of the more infectious variant of the corona virus no new patients are being admitted and stuff can only travel to and from their homes at least 20 positive tests have been recorded but it's not clear how many involved the variant which emerged in the u.k. last month. the humboldt clinic in berlin where more than one and a half 1000 staff and 400 patients are in quarantine the hospital will not be admitting any new patients for at least
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a fortnight it's not nice the patients they aren't allowed to visit. i'm sad my daughter is inside she's waiting for food and drinks but i can't go in and. it's the 1st clinic closure of its kind in germany it comes after 14 patients and 6 staff members tested positive for the highly contagious new kind of the 19 strain that originated in the u.k. stuff it tested negative can only travel between work and heart but testing of all patients and staff is ongoing. hard to talk today the 1st results are starting to come in and we are not optimistic we hope to have a better view of the situation in the coming hours and days but we can already see that the number of cases is increasing it's up to the industry high touch typed the humboldt clinic is considered exemplary it is one of the early clinics in berlin that has been testing for the mutation since the start of the year. movie. it was
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only because we did a preliminary screening of positive tests that the new virus strain came to our attention and we could act accordingly to protect the population as well as our employees and patients. despite that quick action there is great concern that the new virus variant will still spread both in berlin and the rest of germany. well germany is imposing tougher restrictions on travelers from high risk countries police have stepped up airport controls all travelers now need to show a negative coronavirus test taken less than 48 hours before arrival in the country germany will also become the 1st country in the e.u. to use an experimental covert 19 antibody treatment the therapy is credited with helping former u.s. president donald trump to recover. the 1st nationwide curfew in the netherlands since world war 2 has sparked widespread rioting trouble flared in the
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comp of the southern city of i'm told and hundreds of protesters pelted police with rocks authorities tear gas and water kind of at least 30 demonstrators were arrested thousands of rule breakers have also been fined a curfew means residents must stay at home overnight. well journalist michaud has been following the story in the netherlands we asked whether there is much support for the curfew. well that demonstration that's a marginal to know although it has been the rounds ever since the beginning of the lockdown so i have you seen riots and protests. since late spring early summer overall though there's quite a bit of support from most measures it was 77 percent support by the end of the year and situation now is it bit more complicated because we have to get bigger government and the political debate is heating up. go into elections in march so
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diverse more debates and then morsels of this and people are disappointed things are taking very long that's grown is not going away and the netherlands is very bad that exceeds. those journalist michel kind of us in rotterdam well let's take a look now at some more pundit make news from other parts of the world israel has announced a weeklong ban on most incoming and outgoing flights exceptions will be made for freight and humanitarian flights despite success in rolling out vaccines authorities are struggling to bring and i break of new variants of the corona virus under control. new zealand has reported its 1st corona virus case outside a quarantine facility in more than 2 months a woman who recently returned from europe tested positive after being kept isolated health officials are investigating have she became infected with. the european
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union is warning vaccine manufacturers of possible legal consequences over delays in delivering doses drug maker partners biotech and pfizer are blaming supply chain issues astra zeneca says a production will hamper supplies to the e.u. . portuguese president marcello cabello the souls has been reelected in a contest overshadowed by a devastating surge in covert 19 cases exit polls showed the so-so one around 60 percent of the vote enough to avoid a runoff the presidential post is largely ceremonial but still influential portugal is battling the world's highest rate of new delhi infections and national lockdown has been in force for 10 days. our correspondent philip schulte is in lisbon and we asked him why the infection rate in portugal is now sell high. it's
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probably has several really one of the most important reason. you variance of coronavirus coming from the united kingdom is spreading very. well to probably some after effects from the relaxation of measures during christmastime but experts agree that it's mainly the new variants that it's much more contagious that is causing the problems at the moment and at the beginning the government was quite relaxed with the measures that didn't take measures fast enough. the lock down just started about a week ago and new dates suggests it's already probably 30 to 40 percent of all new coronavirus states that. are. involved. variants are from the u.k. here in portugal. they don't you correspondent john philip shells reporting there
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in lisbon moving on and a migrant rescue ship carrying more than 370 people including a one month old baby has been given permission to dock in the italian port of augusta on board the ocean viking are migrants from guinea sudan and sierra leone they were rescued at sea as they were trying to cross the mediterranean the ship had appealed to several governments to allow the migrants shore it's now june insists any early on monday 11 trapped workers have been rescued from a gold mine in china they spent 2 weeks stuck 600 meters underground after an explosion hundreds of specialist rescuers battle to reach the miners one other died earlier a further 10 are still missing a breakthrough after 2 weeks of intense rescue efforts this man grateful to be alive his eyes shielded after he emerged from underground.
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he had the strength to walk but others like the 1st man to be freed were too weak to stand boreholes with their lifelines vital supplies including food water and medicine were lowered to the miners a psychologist also provided support responders made headway on sunday after major blockages suddenly fell to the bottom of the shaft the rescue operation happen faster than expected after freeing all the trapped miners we were able to locate we will now focus on searching for the other missing miners the explosion happened in an air ventilator shaft on january 10th on sunday rescuers were able to reach a man trapped alone 630 meters underground the others one of whom died were found
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at 540 meters 10 more people remain unaccounted for life detectors are being sent down to locate them. managers at the mine have been detained for failing to report the blast for more than 24 hours it's a dangerous line of work in china nearly $600.00 mining related deaths were reported last year alone. in the bundesliga league leaders byron munich has improved their title hopes with a win against chelsea the 2 sides placed at opposite ends of the table faced off on sunday. it's lonely at the bottom of the table where shall kiss it stuck and at the top where by and have the chance to extend their lead after their 2 closest rivals both lost on saturday. shocker held the fort for 33
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minutes when byron broke the deadlock. first left us were commish and then tomas mother completely on mocked. after the break the defending did not improve and by and got the 2nd robot live in dusky bundling in his 23rd goal of the season already one small commish was the provider this time with a long range pass to find the league's leading scorer. commish then made it a hat trick of assists teeing up thomas miller for his 2nd and byron's 3rd. the reigning champions now have a comfortable 7 point cushion in 1st place while shell could only have 7 points in total and look ever more likely to go down. let's have a look now at the results from this weekend in the bundesliga and there's confirmation of byron's win against. second place team didn't fare as well leipsic losing to mind 3rd place leverkusen most of all spurred frankfurt. had to berlin
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fell to bremen on friday beat dortmund in a 6 goal thriller and in sunday's like game hoffenheim beat cologne. and now let's take a look at the table at the end of match day 18 and byron have more distance between themselves and 2nd place leipzig fall further and now in a virtual dead heat with leverkusen dortmund continue their dropping out to 7th place looking at the other half and at the very bottom that's where you find shelter with mines and cologne just above. one of germany's most controversial footballers mazur has signed with turkish clubs fenerbahce his ill health germany win the world cup in 2014 but quit the team in 2018 over claims of racism now he hopes to boost his career after being effectively exiled from his previous club arsenal of the english premier league
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a site many in turkey for they would never see me as it is offended by such a player. i'm very excited i've always supported fenerbahce. the move follows a turbulent few years for the 32 year old born in germany we've to his roots the 2014 world cup winner quit the gym after alleging racism when he was criticized for posing for a picture with turkish president lets have been one. that one was even the best man it is those wedding opponents say earth one is an unfair terry and leader. has stood up for human rights in other parts of the world having called out the chinese government for their treatment of the we go muslims club level it was gradually frozen out by arsenal after the departure of coach aston vendor in 2018 he's not played for the londoners since march after the premier league club decided he was not enough of a team player despite paying him 400000 euros
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a week now if and about you have given him the chance to restart his career. been a dream is coming true for me as well not just the fun of i'm so excited to wear the jersey and hope that i will succeed with all my teammates. after all the controversy there will no one sees feet to do the talking the details of his deal with fenerbahce are on clear but for the 1st time he is now playing in the spiritual home to. major sporting venues across the united states are being transformed into large scale covert 900 facts a nation centers at this major league baseball stadium in colorado temporary structures are being set up in the parking lot where thousands will be vaccinated over the next week this way in north carolina usually a venue for nascar racing is turning its parking lot into
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a large scale clinic the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention says it has already administered more than 21001000 facts seen so far in the u.s. . well you're up to date with all the latest news coming up next to world stories of the week in reports from the in the rest of the team here in berlin take care and season. listed as personal shows girls to get over i'm sure that of us as we are now. in support of. what the baby who was able. to deliver. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing.
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what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information on context. coronavirus of data the coded special monday to friday. this week on world stories. spreads it complicates fishing in scotland digital nomads enjoy the sun in portugal but we begin in bosnia and herzegovina where migrants who flee to europe must endure great hardship hundreds have left refugee camps to live in the forest despite the freezing weather. for the past 3
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months this makeshift camp near boston u.s. border with frazier has been home for he'll suffer the young pakistani shares of shelter in the woods with 5 others there. is. reisa dipping that. is but that bill to me but everything will be able to. use my food to have enough to eat suffer says but other than that but have practically nothing all this time of year temperatures often drab well below sea or suffer has to collect goods from the far east to keep the rule of only one reason the men endure these conditions they want to get to crazy and into the european union thrive in a town quicker in time a little park police catch. their beard while you're gone and of course you know you. don't have enough on my for you coming across the water.
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with a funny. sufferer wants to find work in germany in his hometown of currency of pakistan who says she had to struggle day in day out just to make ends meet and while living in the woods is hard she says it's still better than life in deepa the leaper refugee camp made headlines in recent weeks 1st it was cleared and burned down the migrants and refugees have now been moved into tents but many are saying nobody should live like this in winter it's pictures like these but half attracted unwanted attention to how boston authorities have handled the situation but the region's prime minister says the e.u. and the bosnian government share the blame and there are solutions for the migration situation in bosnia the highest officials in this country need to show political will just jobs and regulate illegal migration in the country and to
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control how the money is spent you know. of all the people we spoke to here not want to stay in bosnia but rather to continue their journey into the e.u. for many the chances of being granted asylum in the year are slim but it doesn't deter soffer who says going back to pakistan is not an option europe have everything. go to school. that's why we wanted to put. your burden. on as soon as it gets a bit warmer for his sufferable try to cross the border again but for now he has no choice but to wait here a life and much rain and severe cold. as of january the u.k. no longer belongs to the new complicating trade with mainland europe fishers in
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scotland are experiencing these difficulties firsthand. new mcqueen would much rather be out on the water right now but what would be the use the lender steams usually catches a lot reaching the continent this year he's only been up twice off the island of living on the west coast of scotland the forced d. the catch never got any follow of a go. because of paperwork wasn't. ship it was written off it never made it never made the journey to the court and the life in the queen's langoustines usually end up exclusively at fish markets in the e.u. like here and lonni sue man in france but at the moment hardly any cargo comes through from scotland since bread said and there are a of additional paperwork is required including you had certificates for life catch
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hell certificate has to then correspond with the order to travel. going on the correct lawdy or the plane. and if there is a slightest if the paperwork doesn't match up in the slightest way then it's rejected. many fishermen on the west coast of scotland feel the same way as mcqueen in the scottish town of open there are a few traps waiting for fish crabs or mussels for the continent. many fishermen like mcqueen want to wait and see if the problems can be sold before they send the precious cargo into the unknown. and entire region has come to a standstill many people here are angry i think it should not absolutely these lads are here into the mine that they are there to just have no help whatsoever prevented in all weathers just from our city and china and a lesson in the county the fish figures show can bear in mind 62 percent of the
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scottish population want it to mean what breaks it and this is exactly because it leads not just for the shellfish but for a lot of the projects from scotland was going to your. new mcqueen is convinced there is no easy fix additional bureaucracy is a new problem that comes with drags it for him and many other fishermen in scotland this is a vital office business is at stake. now to afghanistan according to reporters without borders it's one of the most dangerous countries for journalists in the world critical reporting and bringing prison terms or even death. this is the 3rd funeral of a journalist in afghanistan in 2 months the t.v. and radio presenter malala my wife and her driver were killed by gunmen in early december. and i'm so hot i'm there but i wouldn't and i don't want to know you want
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to come and go with you she was on her way to work and we had planned to do a show together i was on air when i got the news we had to stop the shows were but how about iraq and all of. that to all of us knew pretty much forgot to order for a journalist and a woman in the spotlight 25 year old with a symbol of the new afghanistan a threat to fundamentalists and goes she criticized. that and i have 10 more daughters like malala who could give their lives for a cause but i want the killers apprehended back in the know what was not targeted killings of journalists like my one by gunmen or car bombs have become all too common in afghanistan despite the ongoing peace talks between the government and the taliban the country is still rated as one of the world 5 most dangerous places for journalists and with weekly reports of new attacks threats and intimidation local journalist groups are raising the alarm in november that afghan journalist
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safety committee wrote a letter to the un security council urging it to help reduce the violence. i don't think it's ever been as. scary as it is right now. because it seems that all journalists are threats. only 6 weeks we have lost for jobs so you have all. joked you know are. so ridiculous. so awful. and that's has created that sense if you're an american journalist all over the country. just days after my one's death and almost 300 kilometers away another journalist from atlantic sad was killed. shop close to his home but are not gunmen the next head of the local journalists union and reported for outlets like a.p. and al-jazeera according to his colleagues yet received threats form the authorities about them but little help. an attack on journalists
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is an act of oppression in our society no one is more pressed than journalists i have to say let's question ourselves and let's get united let's ask our leaders to explain why this cruelty happens and how long it's going to continue whether it is the taliban local strongman or government affiliates the question of who is behind these attacks often remains unanswered yet for those who continue to do their work as journalists one thing is clear they should not have to risk their lives to do their jobs. our last stop is portugal a popular destination for digital nomads who prefer opening their laptops on a sunny beach in an office it's no problem in the age of corona. let's spend part you girls picturesque capital is a favorite destination for digital nomads among them. the 28 year old goes to
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and has previously lived in canada and sweden a year ago she began a new adventure in particle. when i came here i was like what am i doing here i didn't know a single person i didn't know a single word put to use i didn't know how to say thank you. but this is not need to come here from me it was one of my best decisions. and it. melissa egeris employer is based in canada who work is digital and flexible leaving her free to live where she pleases and lisburn really appeals to her with its mild climate and the truth on her doorstep. but agger says it's a misconception that digital nomads always work on the beach or in their pajamas and bet she regularly runs a flexible workspace in the city center for a feed people can work here for a day or
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a whole month making hughes of the office facilities being removed from your team from your family from anybody else you want to feel connected somewhere and i think having a place like a corking space which is. your base this very important. melissa agger organizes online events at the appearances for organizations of doctors and midwives but it's funny anyways it's one of us and anything for it would be contracted to get most of her customers are located in north america and the difference time zone that can mean working long hours melissa egger is home often long day she too sometimes experiences delts loneliness and the longing for her family. get that interest. especially during that pandemic she calls her sister and mother as often as she can. yet come along and i don't mean that the 20 year old returns to europe so she could
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reach her family more quickly. it's evening in a bar in central lisbon described the pandemic places that surf rude or allowed to stay open melissa regularly meets her friends here some of them are locals and some are experts like her who loafed in a madigan existence i want to see more before i'm able to i'm happy to be trialling my parents however. both through a it's in the will remain her home but at 28 she still finds its true parochial bear right now giving up reliable us of digital nomad is out of the question.
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swedish design meets chinese electric power the new costar. the electric sedan leave the competition in the dust with dynamism comfort and a. does the pollstar have what it takes to compete with the tesla. on. their tiny magical world and their snow proof. these world famous souvenirs were created by the patsy family vienna. they only use the best materials for their snow globes love craftsmanship and some well kept family secrets. in your room next. 30 minutes w.
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. in the height of climate change. for cars. what's in store. for the future in the. car for to make a city double to get insight. into. its once again time to take a look at a fully electric car the pollstar 2. we are living during the most extraordinary time for st. francis ford coppola for the electric. image that read the auto and mobility show
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we. all start to. what do you get when chinese electrical know how we dish automotive tradition. paid off. for little bit like like like a roller coaster. what should electric cars sound like. unicycle and alternative to cars. everybody drive very small and the cars are so big so. how do you make. time right now.
12:32 am
the polls start to could this be one of the most complete electric cars on the market right now. it's once again time to take a look at a fully electric car the pollstar 2 and i'm not gonna lie i'm pretty excited at the car looks good and has some really nice specs on paper and i'm wondering how these will turn out on the road. so the 1st thing you notice when you sit inside there is no start stop button that is a little confusing but the displaced got you covered break and then put your car in reverse or either indeed unless you can tell the car then policy up and you can start. to feature 78 battery to electric motor switch deliver 408 horsepower one at the front one at the rear. and that's why an impressive figure can also tell the
12:33 am
acceleration to go from 0 to 104.7 seconds. very nice of course drive and. then there's the ring the pole star 2 scores higher on that than many others evy limousines in their class. 407 the. test procedure any car and the. electric car for any car of their rearrange will be. some of the $307.00 the. especially for city in urban traffic. best.
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faster than most electric cars there if you look at the competitors 16150 or 167 where the. 205. which is pretty decent. pollstar is a joint venture between volvo the chinese firm who took over the swedish car company in 2010. the production facilities are in china with a lot of technical experience showing through in the design. so looking at the car the pollstar 2 is simply elegant much more so than a tesla model 3 for example. an optional performance package will add remove brakes 20 in shallow wheels and a high gloss black roof and gold accents to the come. the pole star has a surprisingly large tail which makes it easier to transport large objects. that
12:35 am
kind of makes up for the relatively small trunk space of 405 to 1095 liters. charge up to $150.00 kilowatts that way filling the battery from 0 to 80 percent. the minutes. on the inside the poster is quite roomy up front and in the back. so what i really like in the interior is this big display in the middle reminds of a tablet and the reason for that is it is one of the 1st cars to feature an infotainment system that has a google based operating system so you will use it just like you use your phone or tablet at home so you can use google maps for navigating let's say i'd want to go to frankfurt it would tell me the distance of 176 kilometers and it will also tell me how much better recharge i will have when i arrive there now as you can see it
12:36 am
percent so i will not make it to frankfurt but it gives me the option to add a charging spot and then it will show me different charging possibilities alongside the route and it will also tell me what kind of charger there is so fast charger medium charger and what's even better it will tell me if those are free you have a play store where you can install quite a few apps most of them are for listening purposes you tube music spotify and so on anything you want for entertainment in your car furthermore you have a 60 degree camera which is pretty important because if you look out real window is very small so he definitely need that. then you have of course a lot of options that you can change for your car one pedal drive so if you take your foot off the accelerator how much recuperation will there be standard low or off usually they don't stand because recuperating is always good and you can also
12:37 am
choose if you want your car to creep so if you take your foot off then should they stop completely or should it go at slow speed just like you know it from your regular combustion engine just high quality materials and excellent finishing you can tell that. at the previous segment. only 3 window. driving to feel pretty good even though it's a heavy car. battery at the bottom just any other electric car. it's pretty good bet of course acceleration. a little bit like. crazy. but pretty good anyway so what i really like that you can change. right here. feel like breaking any more.
12:38 am
braking and you need to keep that in mind but once you get used to that it's pretty nice to move with just one pedal. on the car i really liked it and i enjoyed driving very much the only things i didn't like 3 or. so if you look at it from the outside. here that looks as if you have grabbed it from a $1.00 store. i don't know. if. reminds me of i don't know maybe like. i didn't like. the steering wheel.
12:39 am
a lot of manufacturers and a lot of. the same problem a middle part of the steering wheel simply doesn't look good. really really nice car. to sum up on the plus side the pollstar 2 is a very good looking car especially at the front the infotainment system is easy to use and there are lots of options personalize ation on the downside there are some questionable design decisions but the key for the rear window there is way too small to return to open questions yes the whole star is one of the most complete evey's around. electric cars that make engine sounds when you step on the gas. electric vehicles are required by easy regulations to produce
12:40 am
a sound the industry is working feverishly to make that happen b.m.w. has even hired the italian musician brains of eternity to develop the right kind of sound. i enjoy the silence it's great but what happens if for example i want to experience the emotions of driving when i suddenly accelerated. the turn a composer is a different sound collage for each model. he works on it just like with a piece of music for a concert hall. and. sometimes what i do is just endlessly improvise because when you improvise and you know this as
12:41 am
a musician you don't have time to think. you just have time to feel a sense of. magic that's where the magic often happens so i consciously decided to bring that into the automobile industry as well because i thought there must be another way of giving sound to these machines. to keep. each color has its own resonance and that inspires the unique sound of friends of the town is compositions. i close my eyes and open up and i ask myself what would you sound like if you talked to me what would your voice be like. composing the sound for this electric present time was a unique experience he spent 5 days and nights at the hollywood studio of oscar winning german film score composer hans zimmer who knows how important proper acoustic sound. sound to 5 person largely
12:42 am
guards a brochure that struck character. the sound of the life of the soul of everything right now with a really exciting part shaping the song of the future. and this is how the b.m.w. vision in next sounds. crazy to tell they also delights concert goers over europe with his music. his experience as a musician has been very helpful in the development of the electric vehicle sound and he's already looking forward to the day when there are no more cars with combustion engines and streets become concert halls. the front side is the vehicles are our instruments and the drivers are the performers. and traffic is the most
12:43 am
interesting sonic phenomenon of all. because when you listen to a beethoven symphony it's always the same but traffic is always different. as a musical instrument renzo vitali and his colleagues are making sure that driving a car will soon be an excuse to keep creating. it's a rhythm city. 35 years old. i grew up. in the beginning as i was starting doing that i was completely overwhelmed. from childhood true so. you stand on those. and you think you are. even without this like magic like
12:44 am
this is like crazy so you can glide like where ever you. go up to like 506070 kilometers per hour it's a very very low energy consumption so the future is now. that's. this is what i. did i grew my hair. this is quite a long story. so i studied mechanical engineering my plans has been being a professional i was a key player then afterwards or while doing that in the fashion or engineer having my save money and all that stuff as a unified goal the 1st time my my my head was exploding. so how is this freaking thing working right so i knew ok now oh. only if i do this i have.
12:45 am
stuck to words like until the end of my life so there's enough to do. my devices for the events and for the coaching so today is a very important day where a lot of people want to write and drive. this year is my storage room where i prepare and where i store my vehicle so this is my garish and also my working bench there run about 15 unicycles 15 twin wheels and some segues and some have aborts and all self balancing vehicles. i can make my business with ranting and with doing course. this is my usual morning program so that i can activate my body and
12:46 am
the body when. it's a very nice practice. to just send still. and drink a little bit of water by the time. since till the. age of sail with those things i like and i've got. a pretty good driving ride with those. police catch me i would get
12:47 am
a fine. after you get through the field. because i'm not allowed to drive. on the street so it's illegal. so we have to care for the legalization. so. everybody let's drive this this is very small and the cars are so big so the street is a mass it will be nice to have free. have a smaller city no more cars on the street. little small he called. my practice in the morning with electric unicycle with. normal unicycles and with skates so i started with electric unicycle to make some pirates
12:48 am
to warm up a little bit. my father he wanted to always letting the ice skate so not not ice hockey but like figure skating i never did it. so we were always like that i suppose you were always saying like all of this is not a good figure skaters they make on the scratches in the eyes and so on but like with the electric unicycle it was nice too or just to generate and to get the sensitivity and so i could change to like to it's moved and to to practice pirates to practice handstand to practice all that stuff and to create some kind of figure skating on the back to create electric unicycle. so the step from i suck you to electric unicycle. is a nice it's a nice death. figure
12:49 am
skating it's like a higher level off body controlled and you can switch into another world which is pretty pretty cool. if you mix qubad excuse me we it's it looks like it's. you know. this is both styles right. but. what he did to me in the last 7 years. i was allowed to or earn my money like from several different business cases over that but still was able to connect like to a lot of people. the serving we know each other since 2013.
12:50 am
so this is the way we say hello. creating a foundation for electric unicycle so i think we're in one of the phoenix area of the fierce and one of the best things about this is like that it's a great hobby and fun and sports but we're not allowed to participate in the traffic yet so that is something we want to change to become normal members of the day the contagion. events went on the month of july and also through my ability to launch and legally did look. i'm fighting for the legalization of electric unicycles and all other large electric. so 3 rights and everything and the better flow in the traffic for everyone. these protesters these rides these massive gatherings where lots of people just go
12:51 am
right down the street with police escort and this time it's in berlin germany it's a revolution of. transport and you can commute very very quick from a to b. like with a car you can always carry it inside so it's safe you can combine it with every kind of transport it's very smart this is a big picture. and transport. i'm preparing a course to test that people are able to drive safely we did slalom test we're doing tests to avoid obstacles with a sharp turn. and having a braking test over there that we show that braking possible.
12:52 am
so we have to practice it like in a driving school. now we are testing if the electric unicycle is braking as good. which is allowed and legalised on the street yet so let's have a test let's have a try. so we tried really hard and we saw ok it's pretty comparable so the braking a little bit better and faster sol yeah i think we're ready to roll on the streets legally it's pretty nice to have a. so if you are you're very very free to. to go where and however you want you know so you have like all the opportunities like going for the front ward or back ward so it's a free floating system that's really very minimalistic free floating system which
12:53 am
is very adaptive and very intuitive if you can ride it. this is yulia and we're doing 2nd lesson today so all to try to keep. we are under control with only one leg and we do like guess. this not that easy and it's a long long process until this is like inside of you. so from my experience as a coach i would say normal people need 10 to 20 hours of exercising until they can pass the test join the traffic safely. lost in the cold and. we have a little ride steward with some arts playing an artist and celebrate that we want to legalize the thing and have some fun.
12:54 am
in the pink. i know now. what it did to me this electric company as a medium many many people i was allowed to get to know in many crazy situations just so she lies how to connect how to know how to do business how to relax my life changed in the last 4 years and so i'm standing here with electric unicycle fans doing their thing. now on the scene and there's no way. to.
12:55 am
the fish. it's a little musical jam that tesla holiday show. an easter egg hidden by tesla programmers in the software of the model x. . its only purpose to make the card dance. to activate the light show and simply press the tesla t. logo on the display. and church model x. miss as the access code and enjoy the show. but be careful the falcon wing doors move in time to the music so stand back.
12:56 am
read hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did. hungry for more tune in next time for another portion of rev.
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after. their tiny magical world and their snow proof. these world famous souvenirs were created by the gutsy family via. they only use the best materials for their snowblowers love craftsmanship and some well kept family secrets. to relax. coming up on d w. such
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a good this mosque and state of. the dispute the country imports millions of tons of coal footage. building train tracks to transfer the call to destroy the environment the deliveries pollute and poison everything inside. global 3000. and 30 minutes d w. life on earth one of a kind and. gigantic coincidence. where the improbable happened the. to the fullest extent of the creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like winning the lottery because of. one story or unique
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starts feb 11th on t.w. . it's about billions. in took about an hour. it's about the foundation of the new movie order the new silk road. china plans to expand its influence with this trade network also in europe conflicts are inevitable the consequences unpredictable but instead of what ever since the chinese investor got involved here our situation has changed again before the war was privatized homework was much better and easier. china is promising its herders rich country but in europe there's a sharp warning whoever accept money from the new superpower will become dependent on it the commitment of the shaking of the chinese state has
1:00 am
a lot of money at its disposal. and that's how it's expanding and asserting its status and position in the world the face of the board. china's gateway to europe starts feb 19th on d w. this is d.w. news and these are our top stories hundreds of protesters have clashed with police after the netherlands imposed its 1st national curfew since world war 2 protesters set fire to cars and damaged shops in amsterdam and i'm told and the demonstrations broke rules on public gatherings.


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