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this is deja vu news live from berlin the crime that shocked germany a politician shot in the head in cold blood now a verdict is due in the trial of a neo nazi accused of assassinating but had to give 2 years ago. also coming up concerned and frustration grows here in germany as the country's efforts to vaccinate its population against cope with 19 run into problems what is going to wrong with the governments and occupation drug. nationwide protests in poland as a near total ban on abortions comes into effect critics say the country's
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conservative government has gone too far. plus of sexual violence in france ever more victims of incest are coming forward after a book is published accusing a prominent intellectual of raping his stepson survivors choose the government of turning a blind eye. i'm sumi so much kind of good to have you with us a court here in germany is expected to deliver a verdict today in the trial of a neo nazi accused of assassinating conservative politician look at 2 years ago the pope was a member of on going back to you party and had spoken out in support of refugees he was gunned down in cold blood at his home near the west german town of casa another alleged neo nazi is also on trial as an accomplice. defendant stephanie has been on
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trial for nearly 8 months accused of murdering the german politician votto luka has a legit motive hatred of foreigners and rage at anglo-american refugee policies the victim and this local politician who defended merkel's policies stephanie recorded and they're not loaded this video at the town hall well faced far right heckle us. all. over vietnam and you have to stand up for certain values is anyone who doesn't agree with these values is free to leave the country that's a freedom every german enjoys. fascist. luko shot outside his home on the night of june 2nd 2019 stephanie confessed to the killing but the nice the charge of premeditated murder he has a long history of hate crime starting as a teenager he later began
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a family but stayed active on the right wing scene as well as killing luka he's also charged with the attempted murder of an iraqi refugee the prosecutors are calling for a life sentence. we need to recognize how serious this crime is because in our legal system every one of them including people sentenced to life because the prospects of release after 15 years except when the circumstances highlight the seriousness of the defendant's guilt is determined from an overall assessment and where there is a large number of criminal offenses is so in the case of stephanie there's a spiral of violence that started when he was young it's all about me and. the on. the involvement of a codefendant marcus h. is still unclear he's also been part of the radical right wing scene for years stephanie has named him as his accomplice but marcus h. denies this loop because killing is one of several high profile attacks linked to the far right in germany in recent years casting
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a spotlight on the dangers extremists pose to democracy. and we can go now to correspondent pitta hilla he is at the frankfurt court where the verdict will be announced this morning we heard there that prosecutors are pushing for a life sentence how likely are they to get it i think that everything but a life long prison sentence for stephanie you would be a surprise in frankfurt today because the evidence against him was quite overwhelming he confessed to having killed but i look back on that night june 2nd 2019 his motive was pretty clear it was hatred against i'm going to america and to refuse refugee policy refugee policy that by telling you defend it and he led police to the murder weapon a revolver so evidence is why the overwhelming against him and that is why prosecution has a life long sentence question is life long doesn't mean life long in germany
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normally get you can apply for parole after 15 years but the prosecution says since it was such an insidious crime a drool crime that he shouldn't be able to apply for parole after 15 years to defense on the other side they have fleeing for manslaughter there was an investigative report released recently that found that the defendant had dozens of contacts in the far right scene does that mean that there could be more accomplices still on the loose. that is possible i mean of course we know of h. who was suspected of be an accomplice who was charged with murder and we'll see how the verdict against him will come out today but as you saying it's also possible that he had more context stephanie had more contacts in the nanobots you seen in the north of it is a very strong scene there so it is likely that there were people who supported what he was doing and that he had maybe finances or people helping him to get weapons but we didn't see that in his confessions in his confessions he only talked about
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marcus h. and so a parliamentary investigative committee in the one taco has and has since state parliament it's also that question trying to find out more about that because here it is only marcus h. and stephanie who will get the word of today there are a lot of eyes on this trial this was the 1st right wing terrorists killing of a politician here in decades how great is the danger of right wing extremism in germany today. i think it is a great danger that the interior minister saying that is that it is the greatest danger for for security in germany and i think it is also a danger that has long been the collected by security authorities by the domestic intelligence agency and only recently after the killing of. the attack and ha now and take and. i think security forces domestic intelligence agencies are really trying to focus on that far right scene and they are saying that 13000
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people in that scene. potentially violent so it is also a large scene that could pose a threat to. security in germany so there might be more stephany's out there. correspondent paid to head i'll set of that courthouse in frankfurt where a verdict is expected this morning thank you. now the european union and british sweet. drug maker astra zeneca has failed to make a breakthrough in a dispute over supply shortages of covert 1000 vaccine to the block the company said in a statement that it had a constructive conversation with the e.u. about scaling up production astra zeneca had sparked anger by saying it would deliver 60 percent fewer doses of the vaccine than promised in the 1st quarter of this year now rollout of the vaccine has been slower than expected across the european union and here in germany frustration is growing. accessing this vaccination center in brandenburg in eastern germany is harder than it might look
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to get an appointment for a covert 19 job you need staying power only those determined enough to get past the overloaded top line will get an appointment like manfred in her to greenberg both are over 80 and belong to germany's number one high risk group. hope your mother got the point for us but it took you a long time to get through and arrange the time. as in other vaccination centers in germany things are moving slowly many remain empty because there's not enough vaccine. only 70 people a day can be immunized instead of the planned 600. the situation is even worse in other regions this center in cologne is not even open appointments are being made for february but it's not an easy process. is calling them to be kept on
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hold for hours and then you don't even get an appointment. and in fact i mean my appointment was made online by my son right on the 1st day in the morning. the hotline in north ryde both failure is overwhelmed. other countries are moving faster israel for example has already vaccinated almost half its population about 4000000 people britain has immunized 10 percent the us 7 germany has vaccinated around 2000000 people 2 percent of the population in line with many other countries germany's social democrats say that's not good enough and it's the envy of the sinew say israel britain and the us are all making progress but there are a lot of problems in the european union and we need to address them quickly vaccine manufacturers contracted to supply e.u. member states are now reporting production delays not good news for this facility
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in brandenburg or others around germany filling these chairs is likely to take some time. let's get more on the story with our political correspondent thomas ferro hi thomas as we saw there germany is lagging behind other countries when it comes to vaccinating is it clear at this point why that is. there are certain elements that can help explain why that is but 1st you obviously have to understand how the process works because it's a very complex process all together it's sometimes forgotten that the procurement of the vaccine does not happen at a local or national level it is actually called a native by the european commission then distributed to each european union member country depending on the number of of inhabitants and then each country so in this case germany distributes then the vaccine to the different states and the different states are then in charge of carrying out the process of making the appointments as
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we saw for example no records and all of those stages throughout the process there has been problems if you look specifically at what has happened here in germany there have been logistical problems there have been individual oversights as well some of the states have complained that the distribution is too slow that they're not getting enough vaccines but this obviously is something that also has to do with the fact that as a european level there is this vaccine shortage so there are different ways to understand this problem but it is clear that it's not only a sign of hope as it was presented by the german government as it was presented by german officials it's also definitely becoming a big headache for german officials and one that they want to make sure that they resolve what about another headache this discussion between the european union and astra zeneca how is that affecting germany. it is certainly a big headache but again it's important to understand this from a broader perspective it's not something that only affects germany because the
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procurement is being done at the european union level that means that the discussions are not being carried out by one member country with a pharmaceutical company but by the european commission with the respective pharmaceutical company the problem is that the european union has put a lot of hope when it comes to the astra zeneca vaccine and the member countries obviously as well because it has been reported that the vaccine is cheaper that it's easier to store so basically they were hoping that this vaccine alongside the others that have already been approved would actually help to reduce that shortage that is being discussed all across the continent and here in germany what are authorities doing to improve the situation the social democrats for example we sold out in our report are calling for a clearer plan they're calling for better communication for example between federal and state authorities and this is something that may well be discussed in the next few days the social democrats called for example for a so-called vaccination summit and in fact we just heard now from the health
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minister the german health minister yes found that they may well be this vaccination summit because germany according to him still has around 10 more weeks of vaccination shortage so there is clearly a lot of pressure for authorities to try and find out a what the problem is and be how they can tackle this problem appropriately our political correspondent thomas sparrow thank you for bringing us up to date. in poland a near total ban on abortion has come into force sparking nationwide protests that brought thousands into the streets the new restrictions mean that all abortions in poland will be banned except in cases of rape and incest or when the mother's life or health are thought to be at risk. but once again they took to the streets once again demanding their right to choose the new law only allows for an abortion if the life of the mother is in danger. now protesters say the government has gone too
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far. stop lying about abortion saying it's not taking place stop lying like the far right and the church do and nuff is and know that most polling is one of europe's most devout catholic countries it already has some of the strictest abortion laws in europe at the good at was the m.p. of the you know top of the constitutional court decided to tighten the law even further. triggering weeks of massive protests across the country. abortion rights activists have announced more protests in the coming days they have no intention of keeping quiet. is that we have to stop protesting again this is the only way we can prove to those who rule us that we are not tired we are not fed up we do not lack strength and we are all united. critics of the new restrictions
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say this is not only about women's rights in poland. but also about the soul of a country that seems to be sliding further away from the basic values of the european union. let's have a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world a team of experts from the world health organization has finished a 14 day quarantine in the chinese city of han they'll now begin an investigation into the. origins of the covert 1000 pandemic the 1st known cluster of the virus emerged in the city in late 21000. at least 53 people have been killed in a collision between a passenger bus and a fuel truck in western cameroon authorities say more than 20 others were injured in the crash near the town of chang officials say the truck was illegally transporting fuel and it was speeding. in the 3rd night of clashes between security forces and demonstrators has a rapid in the lebanese city of tripoli crowds are protesting over 11 on the
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economic crisis which has been made worse by a coronavirus lockdown the protesters chanted feed me calling on the government to compensate them during the lockdown. u.s. president joe biden says his country must leave the global response to the climate crisis biden made those remarks at the white house before signing a raft of executive orders a bit curbing rising temperatures worldwide the orders establish climate change as a major national security and foreign policy issue for the us a biden says the climate crisis requires a national effort and like in the threats to the coronavirus pandemic just like we need a unified national response to cope with 19 we desperately need a unified national response to the climate crisis because there is a climate crisis we must keep we must lead the global response because neither challenge can be met as secretary kerry has pointed out many times by the united
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states alone we know what to do we've just got to do it. well the biden administration has also raised new life into the last remaining arms reduction pact between russia and the u.s. the new start treaty was due to expire next week the russian parliament unanimously ratified a 5 year extension after president vladimir putin spoke to biden on the phone for the 1st time on tuesday putin welcomed the extension of the pact with washington saying it will help reduce global tensions teri schultz reports these raise your right hand with presidents biden and putin both advocating an extension of the new start treaty the move was widely expected but nonetheless welcome in the current tense climate think both the united states and russian federation of tended to put weapons of mass destruction arms control into a separate basket no matter how bad the bilateral relationship is rose got to
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miller negotiated a new start for the u.s. more than a decade ago and says at the moment washington may have needed the deal more than moscow we are entering into a modernization of our nuclear arsenal in the united states the russians are pretty well completed their nuclear modernization and to my mind it's in our best interest to ensure predictability and stability for the next 5 years until 2026 so we can ensure we have a predictable environment for our nuclear modernization and european allies can now exhale too as they look ahead on the extension of the new start treaty is not the and it should be the beginning of the efforts to strengthen international arms control. the whole week on the call for more weapons systems and also include more nations for instance on the nato chief is just one of those calling for a new start to really be the new start up why don't negotiate sions particularly with beijing it's burgeoning arsenals of global concern to trump administration
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tried to bring china to the table literally. staging an empty seat once as pressure russian military experts vessel a caution says the u.s. should not expect moscow's help here at this point russia is not going to. me and to like use any pressure. to join the agreement because such pressure will be absolutely useless and will just spoiled russian chinese relations cashin says it's too early to predict a future arms control cooperation based on this treaty both sides want it to say french president has promised to tighten laws on incest after a new book accusing a prominent political commentator of raping his stepson caused outrage across the country the publicist surrounding the case of the commentator olivia durham it has
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also encouraged thousands of survivors to come forward and tell their stories many say perpetrators of sexual violence get off too lightly and friends. of the noise lost her joy in life when she was 5 years old. that's when her uncle robbed her of her innocence. their village in a group of friends invited us to play bingo my mum was worried i wouldn't be able to read the numbers so she told me to sit on my uncle's slap who'd help me it happened under the table and no one saw anything he touched me sexually within a 2nd i and i felt broken and later in life i suffered several severe bouts of depression spent time in psychiatric wards was an alcoholic and even tried to commit suicide. when a recent book accusing a prominent political analyst of incest triggered
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a nationwide discussion she decided to speak up publicly under pseudonym. together with a group of women's rights activists she launched a hash tag me to incest story was there 1st tweet city room or. the mc closest verso a suburb it was now or never to talk about this we know how widespread incest is we wanted people to understand that there is a problem in france and help victims come forward speaking about what happened is the 1st step towards requests tracting a solid cook who are not poor or. off work or scoop so what they have made clear in the local folks know. at least 80000 victims have so far shared their stories with that hash tag that's little surprise to homebuyer s.l.e. her group defense incest victims in 11 countries she thinks rape culture exists in france. mistrust entry to come are. you can review lucian
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a real movement of $68.00 argued that nothing should be forbidden so for a long time she having sex with minors was considered cheek plus francis laws are just too vague and we don't even have a proper age of consent we are demanding the age to be set at 15 in general and 18 for victims of incest. i d's read on dolly jaguar since. but the government says it is not considering putting in place an age of consent and that it will take for the measures. in place because i think everybody has now understood that we need to respect children the president has announced that a new commission will be created and the 1st thing we look into is how to better listen to children and detect abuse of the engine. for money this is a 1st step into the right direction although she hopes more radical change will
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follow. cities like i'd like to see what they actually implemented but we need to thaw really change the mindset of our society things like that just shouldn't have many more we have to educate our children differently and teach them that violence is just not acceptable in all of europe. she hopes the discussion will continue and that the hash tag will help more victims come forward and deal with that trauma. that report from lisa lewis and she joins us now from paris hi lisa we mentioned that this movement was triggered by a book about a case of incest in a very well known french family tell us more about that. well it's a book written by comey christian are the daughter of former foreign minister and founder of doctors without borders. she writes of the alleged rape of her
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twin brother called victor in the book not his real name at the age of 13 and 14 or 14 the book is called meaning ground and that's quite telling because she describes how from a certain point on lots of it if you do on there it's friends and you know the you know who were polluted who are well known writers intellectuals they all knew you and everybody was silent no one came forward to say something is wrong with that and she's obviously asking for this or motor to be broken now all of you do on mallets in the meantime step down for more his positions amongst others the supervisory body of the very prestigious universities seans paul and victoria her brother coming brother has come forward to press charges against to hama. the outrage president mark karr has announced he's going to establish a commission to change laws so what do you think we can expect to see there.
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well announced on social media that he would for example push for psychological support of children it also put in place to doctor's appointments for children to detect sexual abuse he also says that teachers should be better controlled to control to make sure that they're no sexual offenders amongst them and there's obviously also talk about putting in place an age of consent so that is that actually means that below that age if you have sex with an adult it is by definition rape now there is a discussion of. putting in place an age of consent at the age of 13 or 15 but there are already outcries against the possibility of 13 of the teen years as the age of consent and one online petition has gathered more than 100000 signatures basically saying that at the age of 13 you're just not mature enough to make
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a conscious decision to have sex with an adult our correspondent lisa lewis reporting from paris thank you. so. let's get a reminder now of our top story here and of course here in germany is expected to deliver a verdict today in the trial of a neo nazi accused of assassinating conservative politician pasta duke that you years ago look at was shot in the head in cold blood at his home in the west german town of casa. coming up next our interview a show conflict zone as sarah kelly sits down with a probation member of the legislature in hong kong and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information on our web site dot com the latest headlines for follow us on twitter our handle there is out of these news for all of us here
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in berlin thank you for watching.
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it's. complex when china imposed a national security law on hong kong last year it promised the principle of one country 2 systems on the face of christ in a shrine zwicky up else for critics points to a rapid on motion of freedom 6 my guest this week is michael cole beijing member of hong kong's legislative council and deputy china's national people's congress. complex.
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images from the warsaw ghetto secretly filmed and released for the 1st time. they include disturbing footage taken from the jewish district during the nazi occupation of poland. there are documents of horror. and memorials of an unprecedented genocide. the warsaw ghetto. in 45 minutes on d. w. . sleep. listen carefully. don't know who says she needs to be a good. edge of.
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discovery. subscribe to the documentary. about a book that. the whole world has overreacted personally i don't think holding a primary as a lawful yes there's been a tightening all you don't do express views when china imposed a national security law on hong kong last year it promised that the principle of one country 2 systems and the basic rights that it enshrines would be upheld but critics point to a rapid erosion of freedom since my guest this week is michael t. probation member of hong kong's legislative council and deputy and china's national people's congress.


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