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tv   Das Warschauer Ghetto  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2021 12:03pm-12:45pm CET

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and there's a number of pressing questions you know where have the doses gone that the u.s. pre-fight announced and why actually is this cut affecting europe and not other countries like the u.k. those questions are still unanswered so is the you mentioned the ok the u.k. and they get those is that they preordered that's part of the dispute isn't it absolutely that's part of the dispute and the c.e.o. of astra zeneca has explained that the reason for that is that the deal with the u.k. has been done earlier that in that contract with the u.k. it's foreseen that the 2 factories in the u.k. only cater to the u.k. and not to the e.u. but the e.u. reasoning is that no such hierarchy off companies sites no hierarchy or no are no priority of deployment of vaccines is for seen in the contract they have been given and also the point that the c.e.o. of astra zeneca made about best practice doesn't count for the e.u. for the u.
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that's a lame excuse they say there is a clear commitment and that is why they hope the company will publish the this particular contract today for everyone to see that the promises that have been made to the e.u. are unfulfilled so that the e.u. not know that the u.k. would have priority and is was the lack of due diligence on the on the use part or should i have told them. there from from the perspective of the e.u. there is a lack of information though the key issue for them is that if you cut the vaccine supply that was promised by contract by more than half by 60 percent you need to come up with some some really good reasons for that and those reasons have been given apparently there is a problem in the supply chain on the european side in effect 3 in belgium but from the perspective of the e.u.
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arsenic as a club a company they're producing as far away as india and if they have supply problems that bug needs to be shared by all the countries that they are at handing out their vaccines to and it can't be that the biggest customer which is the e.u. only carries the burden well new measures are now being introduced it is being discussed today that could see an export ban of dozes from the e.u. it's not a tit for tat move well 1st of all that that would be the most radical step if you want what the e.u. is currently doing is it's basically flexing their muscles to show astra zeneca that they do mean mean business when it when it comes that they're not taken for fools if you want we'll we'll still have to see whether it will lead actually to an export ban and for the moment officials here rule that out what they want is not vaccine nationalism as some in the u.k. of put it but what they want is to fair treatment and to monitor whether the
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treatment is fair and according to the contract that is why they will introduce this transparency mechanism today where the e.u. can monitor to what extent vaccines that are being produced on european soil are leaving to the e.u. . go want to stay in brussels thank you go. germany's health minister against spahn has welcomed the astra zeneca of a further 8000000 vaccine doses to the e.u. but speaking this morning he also on the line that the european union has paid for and isn't title to the originally promised 80000000 doses. started over you in the european union member states have invested jointly in the pre-production of these vaccines. so they also have a right to profit from not support but this is not about europe 1st it's about a few arrows came from the european union you know showing you one german health minister and spawn speaking then our chief political correspondent linda crane is
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in berlin we had the german health minister what else did he say well he just spoke to a press conference and said that he knows that germany's rollout of the vaccine has been problematic and he understands people's impatience but the fact is that difficult weeks still do lie ahead he also mentioned the vaccine summit that the government will be holding on monday saying that that would be looking to improve coordination on the vaccine between the federal states and the federal government here in berlin he said nonetheless progress is being made especially in the vaccination of vulnerable groups and that the government still hopes to reach its target of offering the vaccine to all people in care facilities elderly care facilities by the middle of february and finally said that as of march he expects the situation will ease not only because of the astra zeneca that scene then becoming available but also to further that scenes that are in the pipeline so that
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he still believes germany can meet its school of offering vaccines to all who want them by the end of the summer so that's national being one side of the story of containment is another germany is planning to close the borders now for some countries tell us more about the. that's correct germany's interior minister said yesterday that as soon as today the government may announce a plan to essentially shut down travel from 5 countries where the new mutations are known to be prevalent so that would be brazil britain ireland portugal and south africa there had been talk earlier this week possibly shutting off air travel altogether that is not the case it would be limited to these 5 countries and apparently there would be exceptions for german citizens returning from those places as well as for people who work in the freight industry there was it obvious
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chief political correspondent linda crane reporting results from large scale trials in the u.k. and suggest another new vaccine could soon be available to us from a signal company nova said its corona virus vaccine even in 2 doses is almost 90 percent effective as applied for regulatory approval in the u.k. . nova scientists began working on a covert 19 q r one year ago rapid progress meant it wasn't long before human trials were in no way no efficacy tests have shown the hard work has paid off with a vaccine that is 89 percent effective even against the new uki variant of the virus. i think the other bit of news that comes through is that there is slightly different levels of sea against the different strains of the variant so you've been hearing about that's not surprising but it is just a little message that we are going to see some degree of variation in protection
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against these variants a separate trial in south africa showed the inoculation had just under 50 percent effect against the new variant not is rampant there novak says it's already working on a push to try and improve that. british prime minister boris johnson welcomed the headline news and said the u.k. had ordered 16000000 doses beautifully and union has ordered 200000000 hits the 4th vaccine to seek approval from western regulators low doses are not expected to be ready until later this year. the time to have a look at some other developments in the coronavirus pandemic the makers of russia's sputnik 5 vaccine have said they can provide 100000000 doses to the e.u. hungary is the only country on the block to approve the russians mexico has surpassed india as the country with the 3rd highest covert 19 death toll over
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155000 have died and the united nations has called 2020 the worst year in tourism history with global losses of more than one trillion euros. united nations secretary general is calling the distribution of covert 19 vaccines quote global emergency secretary general antonio terrace said more than 70000000 doses have been administered worldwide but fewer than 20000 vaccinations were on the african continent he wants that while every country has the duty to protect its own people no country can afford to neglect the rest of the world for this is a global crisis cd. is free you get does it's about fair distribution not only about money when you flog a fund good fair access to corona virus vaccines around the globe that's what the european union promised the world even before the 1st vaccine was approved the who
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has invested heavily in research and development and member states have put millions into helping poor nations acquire vaccines in the future but as the world scrambles to produce and distribute enough japs india and seems europe come 1st if you can't help that's fine rundowns former host minister and years be a long while want tells me but then don't cast yourself as a savior be frank and say my people 1st don't lie to me and say we will be quote with so so because we stepped. in that we uplift it but we just see that you're not and that's not. while the corona virus continues to spread rapidly in africa only few countries there have begun immunizing their citizens egypt ordered vaccines from china for example and guinea is rolling out a russian vaccine these 2 world powers were quick of the mark of that deal they are
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practicing vaccine diplomacy for 2 army did they are foreign policy object but in the meantime we need to look at the outcomes why you know you feed right to mitigate you know the access gap between poor and the rich nations why not even the europe's closest neighbors in the western balkans have here to see the block deliver on pledges to help here to chinese and russian vaccines are filling the void the european union have that they wanted their global public good they wanted to ensure a quick block that but we're just saying even today and yesterday then you know suggesting or threatening that there might be export bans on the current of our thought in the e.u. and so obviously that's very concerning sign of buckie nationalism here and brussels officials say humanitarian vixen donations will be exempt from tougher export controls they promised help will come soon to say that the e.u.
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is not doing anything i think it's it's is really not correct that we are actually in discussion both with the member states but also with the pharmaceutical companies in order precisely to help this advance the e.u. was quick to call for global cooperation against a pandemic but so far it's been too slow to live up to promises of global solidarity. time now to have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world at this hour experts from the world health organization have visited a hospital in the city a chinese city of one it was one of the 1st places to treat patients with a corona virus the team also set to visit the city's food market which is suspected of being the origin of the global pandemic. at least 4 people have died in a fire one of the main hospitals in the romanian capital bucharest the blaze broke out early on friday and forced the evacuation of the building it's not known how
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many people were injured firefighters have managed to put out the flames. a gay couple has been caned in indonesia's conservative province for having sex each of the men received nearly 80 lashes archies the only region of indonesia that imposes islamic sharia law which outlaws homosexuality. and their total ban on abortions has come into effect in poland sparking nationwide protests the move means terminations will only be allowed in cases of rape and incest and if the mother's life is at risk the polls suggest more than half of the population opposes the new legislation. in lebanon over a strict coronavirus lockdown is continuing to spark unrest clashes between residents and police in the city of tripoli now in their 4th day protests are spreading to other parts of the country total lockdown is leaving many people without an income in
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a country that was already on the verge of economic collapse for. protest is out on the streets of tripoli again for the 4th day running demonstrations appear to be intensifying in lebanon 2nd largest city. many residents have been struggling with extreme economic hardship for some time but the country in deep recession. the lockdown imposed earlier this month to halt a surgeon covered 19 is too much for many to bear. the life i'm living is horrible then i came out to die and so i don't have to live through this horror enough poverty and hunger the lebanese people are living in pain and. those days protests came just hours after the funeral the man who was killed the night before. the 30 year old reportedly sustained
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a bullet wound on wednesday when protests turned violent with demonstrators trying to storm the city's government building. witnesses and local media say police fired live rounds hundreds of protesters were injured. lebannon is currently struggling with a massive surge in corona virus cases hospital intensive care units are reportedly nearly full and the country is seeing record breaking daily fatalities nevertheless many say around the clock curfew is just not possible in lebannon. you want to close the country then you have to provide for people it's not acceptable to lock the. well in their houses and leave them hungry they're a day laborers there are people who have lost their jobs there are people who can't earn a living or even enough for the bare essentials that. the government is providing some financial assistance 223-0000 families but with half of the population
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estimated to be living below the poverty line the protests are likely to continue for some time. china has announced that it will no longer recognize the british national overseas passport that many hong kong residents hold passports have been in use for decades and are a legacy of former british rule over hong kong beijing's move to revoke the documents of the liberty comes after the british government recently announced it would opened open its doors to hong kong residents following china's clampdown on the territories freedom starting sunday many hong kong us can apply to live and work in the u.k. for up to 5 years and eventually see for british citizenship. joining us now for more on that is our correspondent phoebe kong for me how significant is this what kind of impact is it likely to have on hong kong as wanting to emigrate to britain . so the chinese policy is specifically targeting people who are
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troubled at mainland china with the fear of passports so but as a matter of fact it's pretty rare for home residents to enter china's border with that special foreign passport so in reality it's not likely to impact much as many imagine because like hong kong as a semi autonomous region it has an open immigration policy so the key question is whether the new or china's policy can be applied on hong kong turtoni and if so how . they play will this they clearly people want to be stopped at the border immediately because they're not using the passport to enter china but in the broader south the new policy send a message if not an alert to people who are considering to move to the u.k. if there were a new pm knows this and ships offered by the u.k. that beijing is trying to tell those people that they may face consequences 5 doing
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so. so is it possible for sorties to keep hong kong as from leaving when they eventually show up at the airport. as i mentioned i though this is not going to stop people immediately after 4 to send the message to people that they will feel even more urgent to leave the country maybe earlier than planned that since 29000 the protests broke out in hong kong many reston's residents on the ground like considering to leave the city and emigrate to a foreign country and many of them chose u.k.p. cuz of the historic place and also they have to be an apostle if more convenient for them to do so and. according to statistics that the hundreds of thousands have already it we knew to be in our passports so this could be run more fat they will feel more pressing and urgent to move faster and for activists and politicians
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because many of them there are whole spots have already been. stated by the home port authority to pay if they face charges or court case that hong called the latest move can effectively shut the fact that i am one of the most convenient exits for them to flee the city. board from hong kong where thank you very much for . the david versus goliath battle on wall street the game stop frenzy seen a group of small investors buying a surge of stock and creating losses in the billions for her trunk professionals but now there is anger on the online forums where this rebellion was coordinated after many brokerage shops took action to stop it. they're placing their bets a group of small time speculators not professional traders have been coordinating the purchase of game stop stocks in online forums even though the retailer is
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virtually broke this has been causing share prices to skyrocket at the peak of the frenzy the stock had risen 2500 percent from its price at the start of the year played out that those who are pushing this year prices higher are on the winning side but those hedge funds that are short the stock. leave that the price will be going down are getting squeezed and so concerned is that we maybe we end up with some hedge funds that have financial difficulties. game stops rising share price has already caused problems for hedge funds and major investors who were banking on the firm stock dropping in value now every penny it increases by no means a loss for the short sellers but on thursday the surgeon share price was halted when brokerage apps like robin hood barred users from buying game stop stocks a move that's left many small investors furious. more on that fury from
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robots from the w. business what have you and brokers like really not been saying why are they blocking trades in these companies now you know they've been very clear to point out that they haven't been you know got to buy dark market forces that want to stick it to the little guy i mean actually robin hood for a statement saying to be clear this was a risk management decision and was not made on the direction of the market makers we root to so what's behind this is the fact that brokerage apps like robin hood at times of market volatility particular particularly we're seeing with with game stock are required to give more money to what are called clearing houses these are the organizations the coordinate the transfer of cash between the buyers and sellers and also the movement of the shares the money that the brokerage has to put forward is kind of like a security deposit security against the fact that maybe down the line the people who've been buying the shares won't be able to pay up from them is robin hood was
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running out of money to be able to do this because it requires liquidity so it froze sales of these shares and in the meantime what it's done is it's been seeking extra credits and it's found more than a $1000000000.00 of extra credit so that when it does restart trading which is planning to do later restrict the trading but it's planning to restart it it will have enough money to give to the clearing houses do you think that absolute robin hood have. done a good job in communicating that to their customers but i've had discussions with my friends on facebook about the dark forces this well i would say they've not communicated it well enough to those who do still believe that this is a move by robin hood to do exactly the opposite of what robin hood being little legend would do which is take from the rich and give to the poor they say they are siding with the big guys on this nephew areas about it but it's not just you know uses of apps like robin hood that i rang green as well we've got politicians in the united. states from both sides rip democrats and republicans saying that what the
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apps have done is unacceptable because while these small fry traders have been prevented from trading in stocks of the likes of game stop major traders hedge funds have been able to continue because they have the liquidity not because they have the liquidity but because they're not relying on these apps functioning and allowing them to sell into their own brokers would have the liquidity but it's just the fact that these small traders rely on these maps to actually carry out the transactions very briefly what's what's next in this saga well so we're going to see where the stock goes when the likes of robin hood do start to allow trading again on this whether they go up whether they go down we still could to see some more winners and losers in this group was from a business thank you. and to sports some of the world's top tennis stars have been let out of covert 904 until you know ahead of next month's australian open rafa
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nadal novak djokovic and syria williams were among those stuck in australian hotels for 14 days but they were the lucky ones as they were able to train outside for 5 hours each day $72.00 other players had to undergo full quarantine with no outdoor practice after possibly being exposed to the virus on their flights to the country . and a masterpiece by the italian renaissance painter body cheli has fetched a record prize for his work or action in new york the painting sold for $18000000.92 with commissions and fees that's 76000000 euros young man with a roundel is thought to depict a young nobleman showing off his own prize opposition decorative medallion bearing the image of a saint it is considered one of the chill is finest portraits and or probably dates back to the 1470s.
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and that's it from me and the news jean don't go away though up next i'll debate show to the point looks at the showdown between russian president vladimir putin and the jailed kremlin critic alexei anough author that's it for me and for joining us.
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to the point strong opinions clear positions international perspective such. a real threat to vladimir putin down some commentators see the kremlin sophia's his critique alexander found slow who is courageous in courage magic opposition leader or an opportunist fighting a personal vendetta find out also the point of showing up to this point. which the next mcconkey doubling. in good shape there appears stana must provide value.
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we can make a difference by choosing smart solutions overstrained set in our ways. the ideas limited series of including $3000.00 on g.w. gone. a real threats to vladimir putin that's how commentators are describing kremlin critic alex in the valley so who is he a courageous and charismatic opposition leader or an opportunist fighting a personal vendetta against president putin told the russian authorities certainly responded nervously to his recent return to moscow novotny was immediately arrested in turn he put out a documentary film showing a giant colored selectively belonging to president putin that triggered more claims and counterclaims and violent protests across the country so on to the point we
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asked in the valley against putin. who will win the russian showdown. thanks very much indeed for joining us here to the point and with me in the studio is. a freelance reporter and presenter born in russia and based in berlin. investigations and the attack on him have for the 1st time politicised many young people in russia also with us is that xander our expert on russia an advisor to the energy giant gazprom he argues that russian society can live with corruption bunch of the younger generation feel that losing out that could change quickly and a very warm welcome to steven pifer academic analyst and former u.s. ambassador with a focus on europe russia and much else besides. the west should push back against
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the worst of russian misbehavior but it should also leave the door open for dialogue thank you for those 3 statements thank you for being here and i'd like to begin with you daria if i may and begin with vladimir putin himself he's clearly under pressure that's big news he's under pressure from alexei no vile nice so tell us a little bit about himself. missing the volley has been around for over a decade has been a big presence on the protests and 12 which a lot of people here will probably remember the biggest today actually the protests that took time that took part took place this sunday were smaller than what happened. is well known for his. nose and i should say he knows how to speak the language towards the young people that's why i talked about it in my statement so he's charismatic he's charismatic and he knows how to
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play. i are in the how to make things stick so for example he is find in this last video was that he talked not only about the giant pile of but he also talk about the toilet brush for 700 euro which became beneficial symbols of protests in the if you noticed but a lot of people turned up the toilet brushes some of it sprayed with gold or i've seen one of the price sticks at 100 euro which is something this kind of stuff sticks. definitely knows how to reach people he's very well organized he's got the so-called headquarters like offices actually without having an official political party. movement has offices all over russia no political party has an uproar quite bet not tonight or russia we think your party does not have an up or going with this is why the protests the some they were remarkable for the number of towns they took place and we had about 100 towns small ones like to not just moscow st petersburg and maybe novosibirsk ok so these pretty
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impressive stuff does that mean that when we say the xander oh that he's that. putin feel is the most it's not true if you buy into that if one thing i want to tell you. of course correctly working with. but i have also looked like a democrat. was a position is true so i want to be here is a political presence a rarity here. is of course as presented to all of the very young generation in russia or the young generation who have never experienced communists who never experienced this kind of future which their. relatives fathers and grandfathers and mothers mothers have experienced during their life this is a generation which grew up with i would say democratic traditions in the ninety's but felt this more positively then there are the tiffs who suffered in the ninety's
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and they have a kind of perspective for us which is completely different from that of the and here i come to the point where the majority of the russians was still conservative traditionalists and who wants to have a strong russia 1st of all the majority of people in russia will not follow in the because they have other values and many of. them are also oriented negativity towards the west because of the ninety's where a lot of the west is being seen as it's a faithful for assistance of what it took to russia but on the other hand of course for put you in for the kremlin it's a big danger that if not only could unite and organized the urban use behind his political platform also the political football from of him is not quite understand the bullets for me at least he is against corruption but we don't know
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if more right wing or left wing. incidents are playing himself very mixed record. and he wants to become president this is old his character he i think he doesn't want to be opposition leader he doesn't want to sit in the parliament he fights 1st and it was put in and this is again something what makes the political career of him of himself in the future a very dangerous ok let's proceed yeah if i could follow up next i think it's going to be interesting to see what the young generation in russia does now because if you look over the last 25 years the russian population has been i don't want to i mean be passive in the protests that you saw 800000 people in 2000 live in moscow but moscow the city of what 15000013 yeah right he in the my don revolution at some point you had a half a 1000000 people on the sea of ukraine ukraine a city of 3000000. so the russian population has not yet come to the streets in the way that you've seen people come the streets in ukraine or in eastern europe
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earlier in the ninety's or maybe even ok but the question is going to be a younger generation now come out and it was interesting 2 things about the protests on saturday one was the numbers that you cited 100 cities all across russia that's pretty widespread the 2nd issue that was kind of interesting is that when you watch the protest the protesters were pushing back in the past if you watched russian protest the protesters are relatively docile i mean they don't really push back in the way that i think we saw happening on saturday and that might be of concern to russian security services ok very important point. is up next 1st of all the controls power in russia for 2 decades but his leadership has become increasingly authoritarian and now for the 1st time there appears to be a real challenge of his dominance. he is the pop star of the russian opposition.
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is mobilizing people across the country is. free from corruption and. video posted on the. graduate explains how. he has been experiencing the state's power through arrests and courts trials his popularity is growing especially among the also controversial initially aligns with democratic party. temporarily on nationalist slogans. he finished 2nd in moscow's 2013 mayoral elections in the 28000 presidential election he was barred from running against. 2 years later he was attacked with a nervous. secret agents of the f.s.b. the russian president makes without. never mentioning his name. if they had wanted
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to fade. into the guns with me upon his return from germany where he was treated and he recovered the kremlin critic once again arrested how dangerous cannot be for the president. of the voice of young russia. i was just wanted to bring up the thing is that we're talking about protests on the scale of them and yes it is impressive but right next door to russia through which has been protesting on the streets since august every week sometimes even more we have pantries of thousands of people turning up every day they have been arrested they still haven't given up but. there have also haven't given up bella was politically essential remains the same country that it was it hasn't changed which and they have a charismatic we're going to hold off i would say for many younger people from russia and from belarus there has been
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a lot of writing about for the long haul skin russia she's interesting for us she's understandable she is more mainstream and. i have to ask the question the question that begs is it is there something more general. just talking about absolutely something else happening here the west was an anchor for russia and then. i'll start with the evolution of people looking towards the west. turn into if it was a soviet regime now the west. for the majority of people that it is set for the west in the years to hear it but it's true because the west to sit still problems. seem to. be liberal. the west is violent this is the primitive no he's saying they have the same problems they have the same police brutal police which would be up to. and straight doesn't that say it's in germany and holland and so on so don't teach us and the problem is that
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the russian society is becoming anti western in many sense not the younger people but the older people and the traditionalists in russia saying we want to live in europe but in a different system of values and i think that the conflict of values between the liberal europe and the liberal of traditionalist russia and many parts belorussia of the countries is the main conflict which we have seen in the between the west and russia in the past when ok let's pass the ball and. but i'm not sure totally because if you look at them i don't river and ukraine in 2014 well it morphed into a broader protest against the kleptocracy a victory on a coach and the growing authoritarianism it started out as a protest because you're on a coach said he was not going to sign an association with the european union and for a lot of ukrainians they saw it as a you're taking away my chance dark closer to europe so i think europe still has a draw it may not have the gloss that it did say 15 or 20 years ago and the
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question is going to be in a place like russia where i think you're right there is this clash of values do younger russians say no we still want the values of europe and then how does that work out internally with russia and i think that the problem russia has is i think russia would. there's a segment of the russian population and i think this might include of many people in common who would like to join europe but on russian terms and i'm not sure that europe is prepared to accept russian values and i think that's the clash of my point with the values of europe have changed you might disagree but it's also true in the west that become somehow militant also in the wars a lot of i work with many russians in the people a sense you know there is a western. yes but it's all king about. germany it's can hardly be described as a function as a liberal society we can we can talk of germany's probity the. best model for a liberal democracy in the world is as i'm saying this as
12:43 pm
a german but in the same time we see that we are having problems and problems inside europe well that's not the subject of all talk right now i'm only talking about the russians who i work with young people in the in the u.s. parliaments in russia made surveys there saying yes we want to be a part of your we want a utopian values but not at any price they should stop such us we also have something to bring into this europe this is this is not a contradiction what to what you have said it's only not even a correction but an important point which i what the to make that things have changed a little bit from the times which we know when the the if the the college revolutions and the other revolutions were conducted they took place in eastern europe ok that was the world in many ways according to putin and he put in the russian leader has surprised many people by actually responding to these documentary that we heard about the russian leader said he had yet seen the film but he nevertheless
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dismissed it as boring and brainwashing for the 1st time devalues the film to attack putin directly there's plenty of footage of a lavish black sea palace the largest palace in the world apparently alexander. you're going in the background almost. how corrupt is not in a pollutant. i think he's not himself is not corrupt russia is corrupt and he doesn't keep the. person least not corrupt i don't think that he has personal that he was i don't think so it has to be proved i don't think so you ask me i think around him the oligarchs are corrupt the world in russia has a problem of corruption the major problem is that he has his cronies i will listen same to you as it's cost of building this to demonstrate the world that they can build a better car the cost of the french 400 years ago or. i have
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a number they want to have more yes yes we laugh at this and i'm trying to explain what they what they wanted to create big moment. for a strong russia at the bottom of the coast yes for us of the coolest. i think it's it's a symbol of power to show the presence of the black sea lions that like the palace that we remember so well in the rumanian capital bucharest this is far more a i think more expensive but it's built by the oligarchs and accounts the project of course probably one day they thought that putin lives a uses costal that he steps down but he's not stepping down. and i think that it's been interesting that while the kremlin says you know putin has nothing to do with this they could say who owns it who built it and they're totally silent on that point or it's clearly it's not be there for somebody else and i think in the absence of any further information you know it's clearly been built.


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