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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm CET

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this is deja news live from berlin another dramatic day of unrest in russia as activists to 5 police warnings to stay away from protest rallies in siberia supporters of the jailed opposition leader alexina valmy turn out in temperatures of minus 40 degrees hundreds are arrested in cities nationwide including the comparable moscow also on the show. hope for hong kong citizens unwilling to live under chinese rules the u.k. opens a new visa scheme offering millions the chance to gain british citizenship london
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says it has a moral duty to the people of hong kong. and in the bundesliga byron get their revenge against a side which thrashed him earlier in the season we'll have all the goals as the very end santos and hines. unpublished yes welcome to the program we begin in russia where thousands of government opponents have defied police warnings not to join protest rallies they've turned out in cities nationwide in support of the jailed opposition leader alexei navalny authorities have mounted a massive operation in an attempt to contain the demonstrations campaigners say hundreds of activists have been arrested protest the actions have been taking place from siberia in the east to moscow and st petersburg in the west. he was arrested
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on his return to russia from germany where he spent 5 months recovering from an attempt to kill him with a nerve agent several of his close associates have also been detained in recent days. well for the latest from the russian capital we're joined by d.w. correspondent and really sure when emily what's happening where you are. well we're seeing a bit of an unprecedented situation in moscow today because the authorities ahead of the protests had already closed off a huge chunk of the city the the center particularly and now we're seeing basically on telegram which is a social media platform the offices of i like say now vine me are actually coordinating the protesters so they're messaging on a thread and saying where people should go and as the protesters move around the
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city the authorities are closing metro stations and blocking off streets and arresting people as people kind of move around the city so we're seeing a bit of a kind of cat and mouse game we've also seen a lot of arrests already mass arrests taking place here in moscow as well as security being beefed up ahead of today it doesn't sound like it's really just deterred people whatsoever so house of m. and. i think it's really hard to judge at the moment how many protesters are actually on the streets in part you know we're having people coming up to us and saying what's going on why is everything blocked off so obviously because people are moving around the city some people are just normal muscovites who have come out for a normal day normal weekend but it does seem to me that perhaps the overall number of protesters here in the capital today is slightly lower than the mass protests
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last week but people haven't been deterred by the fact that that huge chunk of the capital was closed off it was rather confusing to know i think in advance for protestors where to even where to even go and the authorities also had launched a bit of a crackdown on opposition activists even before this protest perhaps to intimidate them that doesn't seem. have happened we are seeing people kind of chanting chanting for our needs to be to be released from prison and chanting things like putin is a thief and so on. will we be seeing further protests do you think in the coming days today's events. i think that's really hard to predict my prediction would be that the the crack down from the side of the authorities will continue they have been trying in every possible way it seems to
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me to contain these protests particularly after the mass protests that took place last week where tens of thousands of people took to the streets here in moscow and thousands across the country as well there are also hundreds of people out in the streets in other cities today apart from moscow and that's new that's unusual and really sure when in moscow thanks for that update. well now to some other stories making headlines around the world israeli police used water cannon to disperse protesters in jerusalem as thousands gathered to demand prime minister binyamin netanyahu his resignation over corruption charges netanyahu denies wrongdoing but the protesters say he can't run the country property while under indictment protests protests have taken place every week since for some. 8 afghan security personnel have been killed in an attack you claimed by the
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taliban militant group a suicide bomber drove a vehicle loaded with explosives into an army base do you ask claims the taliban are not sticking to commitments agreed to under a peace deal. a world health organization team investigating the arjun's of covert 19 has visited a market in china where the coronavirus was 1st detected the seafood market has been shut for a year and the visit took place under tight security. now millions of hong kong residents are getting the chance to become british citizens the u.k. is offering a special new visa after china imposed a security deal crackdown on the territories pro-democracy movement hong kong was a british colony until its return to china in 1997 and the u.k. says the scheme fulfills a historic commitment to the city's residents china has called the visa visa offer a gross violation of its sovereignty oh. let's bring in d.w.
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correspondent kong and who's in hong kong now how are people in hong kong reacting to the u.k. visa scheme are many people day are likely to take advantage of it. well many hoho residents on the ground they welcome the rather generous offer by the u.k. government says sol caught a lifeboat scheme for them to leave the toiletry as the political climate on the ground it's was something they buy they for many of the people here and possibly there will be over 5000000 a whole residence. for plying for the emigration scheme to be and the whole passport scheme of the u.k. government that accounts for over 70 percent of the population as well for this game and i though not everyone will take action the u.k. administration has asked that made at that in the next 5 years that will be at
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least 250000 people's to do so so are we're talking about a significant number a significant wave of emigration it's not only about the people leaving but also their capital talents the profession that they will bring with them to leave hong kong maybe permanent stay so it's a real issue for beijing hong kong authorities and it's not only the protesters the activists and the rather sensitive politicians that considering to leave but also many of the ordinary citizens especially a lot of the people will have spoken to who are willing to take the offer that middle class to educated and the professional investors on the ground they out wanted to do so even at the cost of giving up their high paid professional jobs here but also just to seek more of a more free investments for the next generation and the place that without political pressure. what about china's reaction c.b.
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the foreign ministry says it will no longer recognise the british national overseas passport as a travel document can we expect some retaliatory measures against the u.k. . yes you're right so far beijing has announced that it will stop recognizing the yellow pos fought starting from today so this fast they offer skin care and it's open today in hong kong and also beijing thought it will no longer allow any home residents to leave the border without being a possible that although they are still allowed to do so with their own hong kong travel documents so many see this as a political and diplomatic gesture to retaliate of britain's offer to hong kong residence but there are so room as on the cloud that many politicians to now call they're now suggesting that beijing all parties to vote or come to vote the civil rights of residents would take that offer expression leave maybe to can so they're
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actually rice too are banned from voting or run in office or even their rights. to a more extreme extent so many here that this will only be the 1st hour for beijing to raid the push to push back of you case officer and beijing is trying to do so to send a message to hong kong residents who would take the offer from the u.k. that they may face consequences or even more serious consequences by doing so. in hong kong thanks germany has tightened border controls for travelers from hotspots of new coronavirus variance including the u.k. portugal brazil and south africa the varian from south africa which is responsible for 9 out of 10 cases there was discovered 6 weeks ago and has already spread to dozens of other countries so many it did there's hardly room to bury them. the numbers speak quite loudly in that cell and that is that clearly indicate that
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there's something more serious happening in terms of the mortality rate we are putting all our hopes on the vaccine. official figures show around 40000 have died from current virus in the rhine by nation but the real number is likely to be much higher. than the south african variant of the virus accounts for the huge death toll scientists say it's not deadly but it is extraordinary infectious many hospitals are completely overloaded patients are being treated in tents and only after a long white bed stuff and ventilators are all in short supply oh at the food if they voted but of course that too is them because they present in the goods what to do for you to go to bed someone must die adequate personal protection equipment is also lacking among the dead hundreds of doctors and nurses who themselves became infected. well let's take
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a look now at some other news from the pandemic from around the world austria is now taking patients from portugal where intensive care beds are nearly all occupied russia has begun supplying its but make the vaccine to the rebel controlled region of to netscape in eastern ukraine ignoring a ukrainian government ban and israel has agreed to transfer 5000 doses of coronavirus vaccines to the palestinians they haven't received any shots since israel launched its national vaccination campaign. to sports now and in the bundesliga bar in munich hosted their kinks opponents haas and haim the visitors beat the reigning champions 41 earlier in the season this time it was the other way around. by and munich with a case of the pre-game goes little did they know they'd have plenty more to smile about at the end of the match even though they needed a corner to finally break down often times defense not to mention the jumping
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skills of jerome boyd tank has had a from the back of the net to hand by end the lead in the 30th minute a taste of what was to come thomas marino doubled by n.z. 10 minutes later for his 10th goal of the season but not without the hope of robert leavened off ski sniffed the footwork. by and had barely finished celebrating when hoffenheim put one that just before half time thanks to andre crameri choice 13th goal of the season but that's as close as hoffenheim would get laver noffs he made it 31 after just 57 minutes. king c c'mon with some slick play and the poland international finding himself in the right place at the right time. the floodgates had opened search cannot be added in another to see the 41 victory for bye and a scoreline that might sound familiar as by and eventually
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a 41 loss against hoffenheim earlier in the season. that's all we have time for in this hour but we're going to leave you with pictures from switzerland's renowned engadine winter sports region skiers and snowboarders have been enjoying bumper snow falls and one of the top professional freewriting competitions it's the only event of its type where the riders come down in pairs take care and see if the top of the next hour.
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legs. look. let's hold me close hold loves a certain alamo right now climb a tree different story. faces life leslie went from just one week. how much work. we still have time to our. success. but some scribes like this. blind us
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swing to bring you more conservation lead how do we make see the screen or how can we protect habitats to make a difference globally geno's mental series explosives hose a long t.w. and all mine. lead. this week on the world storms. residents are freezing in spanish slums. and working from dizzying heights in turkey but we begin in germany where the media is reporting new covert 19 deaths every day a new initiative wants to make a grief more public by reminding the country that there are real people behind these numbers. it's the 8 sunday that close john schmidt has come here to set out
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candles a visual reminder of those who have died from covert 19. he's not the only one doing this. germany may have done better than other countries at the beginning of the pandemic but the death toll now stands at more than 50000. and us about it yes during the 1st wave of other countries had these kinds of numbers and i felt like we just accepted it here with a shrug. we thought we needed images to make death something you can see. that's why we started this initiative on top and on the much anybody because. many people come here to talk about the disturbingly high number of new cases others come because they've lost someone who says i'm far from a fog or it's just a question of where you can show grief or where can you go to experience this feeling peacefully like in a cemetery and that's how it should be here are good and. others want to make
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a statement to show that the coronavirus is a real danger. and the stakes get the feel of the there are so many people who just deny the whole thing we should all just hold back to keep our distance so that this pandemic ends and not so many people have to die it is a few toward an even. time is an add another coronavirus memorial in berlin ingrid johnson is mourning robert mann sorry a friend from new york he died of covert at the age of 72 she says he was a man of many talents einstein's art and then for none of his many talents was that he was a lyric baritone and sang in different operas it's always this country but i think that this memorial here and this is stork squared is a beautiful place for him especially because so many wonderful concerts have taken
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place here and he would have loved to experience that. every afternoon a candle in the german president's residence bears witness after easter a statement morial service is planned for the victims. cold and no electricity in some cases the conditions are deplorable in this neighborhood on the outskirts of madrid drug user allegedly topping power lines and residents feel forgotten by the spanish state. it's bitter cold this morning here in kenya that riyadh on the outskirts of madrid some 4500 residents live here in what may be europe's biggest informal settlement since a power cut in october they've been without electricity many inhabitants of moroccan or roma origin most live in poverty conditions how worst in sectors 5 and 6 of the kanya because of the cold many like
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a family now don't even have water. i don't know this is how would normally wash our clothes and then we'll have our hands by the fire. but we don't have electricity we don't have water we don't know what to do. authorities blame the power outage on a surge thought to be caused by illegal wiretaps to power cannabis grow operations in sectors 6 most of madrid's illegal narcotics come through here we can film openly here it's too dangerous but people we speak to confirm they too have no electricity. back in sector 5 a mother who wants to stay anonymous invites us into her house the kids are bundled up and tending classes online but just as long as her phone charger and mobile data lost. when they get upset i try to give them strength i tell them imagine you were sick
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or he didn't have hands i was trying to give them strength i realise that i don't have any more strength myself. it's a similar story for neighbors one man likely died due to the cold and the baby was hospitalized with hypothermia many are resorting to using propane diesel generators car batteries or stoves. it's expensive and very risky says rahma from the neighborhood association. she says that at least 40 people here have suffered carbon morningside poisoning. when in all let us be a light fires and when they notice that the fires dwindle and they throw on more logs on to keep the house warm and because the fire consumes the oxygen this has adverse effects they wake up with headaches or nausea that is a minus a lot of the best outcome will meet those several n.g.o.s have condemned the
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situation here. is how to feed back door rescue not like i know that in 2017 the authorities signed a regional agreement ensuring dignified living conditions for the residents of the county are that we are. going through all this. this is it. in this agreement also cover to providing electricity to the settlement means the electrical some few families have been offered gas heaters and the opportunity to relocate the power utility now wants to shut down illegal taps however many here in kenya feel forgotten i think that if authorities were serious about helping would already have tables clear solutions. landfill sites in russia are a growing health hazard most garbage is simply thrown away on talks and safety levels at the dumping grounds go ignored for many of the people who live close by
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moving away is just not an option. this area says the elections keep it it's as big as 45 soccer fields and is just one of dozens of garbage dumps on the outskirts of moscow residents say just a few years ago with the pit was still deep in the ground now it's more of a hill and as if the garbage piles up the locals health problems due to the dump lies just a few. 100 meters from the village of novel shop of all. of us hometown the mother of 2 says that some days the smell from the side was so bad she couldn't even open the windows and the kids jaroslava and were often sick of it or save or finally had enough she and her children moved to clean as city several kilometers away. the little ones were constantly sick one day their
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pediatrician told me their children have rattling sounds in their lungs i didn't think about it for very long before starting to look for an apartment for us here and clean later after we moved we went to the same doctor surprise surprise the lung rattling had disappeared how did that happen simple we moved away. family's fate is no isolated incident. removal is one of russia's most pressing concerns only 6 percent of the country's garbage is either processed or incinerate that is the rest is simply dumped environmentalist's of warner these landfill sites around moscow in particular are a ticking time bomb are rarely conforming to safety standards if they knew to the soil the ground water and to the air. readings taken by the state civil protection
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agency the area surrounding alec's inskip it is also contaminated 3 years ago after it is found to that hydrogen sulfide levels were $25.00 times the acceptable amount . but nothing has been done to protect a local residence you only have it oh say it was mother is another of those affected the 67 year olds house is dangerously close to the dump but unlike her daughter she says she can't move. where. would i go who would i sell my home to with that horrible smell outside who cares about someone like me and how would i even get by in the city my pension is $190.00 euros per month but i'd have to pay $130.00 euros for one room apartment. meanwhile the mountain of rubbish keeps growing and there are plans to expand to the.
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dream job is cleaning the for sands of. skyscrapers. she is also the 1st woman to work in this male dominated job in turkey she hopes to encourage others to break free from generals. with bucket and cleaning products in hand the crew has to balance along the edge of the roof top attached to a thin wire they slowly move forwards. this red rope is where nazli humors gets to work now every move is a matter of life and death are met is laid under the safety rope so that the edge of the roof doesn't cut into it her life hangs on this thread. now the real work can begin. we are 130 meters up it's
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a wonderful feeling i really feel free i'm not dependent on anything apart from my rope. knowsley uses mountaineering techniques she learned during her training it was hard both physically and mentally but she believed in herself against all odds. going through the training pointless you'll never be able to do that job even my friend said that. 5 years ago mostly you almost worked inside a highrise like this at the reception desk for the window she always admired the cleaners as they scaled down the facade then she asked them or after they have shelley who's now her boss if he would hire a woman on his so far all male team. proved that women can do this too. it doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman what's important is if you're able to do this risky work or not.
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today. is the only woman working in this previously all male domain. she doesn't have time to admire the view of istanbul below the skyline of the city of 18000000 live it's 161 skyscrapers has been totally transformed in the last 20 years. for cleaning up here in wind and weather knowsley almost gets hazard pay meaning she earns a 3rd more than the average in turkey just don't drop the sponge. played.
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in a world filled with beautiful images talk of hers have to work hard to stand out. to find the special place this in a compromise. to the perfect moment to. the court just have some pretty crazy ideas by the way this time around was made up of she's. missed. it completely. it can be amuse her a guaranteed recipe for success. but can a i replace him interested in. one artificial intelligence right paints and sing does that mean true masterpieces can be created by calling art. in 45 minutes on w. . they want to know what makes
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a dentist you just hit the joint. i'm batting getting away from that unlike the other was my own caught up and everyone was late a holes in every step getting are you ready to meet the servants then join me right just do it on t w. egg yolk as a substitute for a nail polish find out how that works and later on in the show. hello and welcome to the special edition of your own max with me your host meghan lee today we are focusing on the world of photography here's a look at what else is coming up. how brendon barry from britain makes cameras
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from unusual materials. they print spaces and through the lens of french photographer t.v. so far he means. but 1st we kick off this special edition with swiss landscape for tar 1st off on 4 star who heads out into nature sometimes for weeks on end to get the perfect shot he uses both his camera and a drone to capture images of pristine landscapes without trying to optimize them with filters now while many of the places are recognizable 1st are tries to keep some of the locations secret here's why. images of iceland greenland and the faroe islands taken from a drone. by photographer and camera man stefan
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foster he sets out to capture nature's finest moments. of modern art in my images and film productions trying to show people the world the way it was before humans can fold and how it will be after human. and the way it should actually stay with humans this is for me to come very very important to me to show nature completely. to talk. for i get almost. the northern lights over icebergs in southern greenland. flamingos after a storm in the highlands of chile. foster spends about 7 months a year and photo safaris. loyd to follow when people ask me how to make a beautiful landscape photo or create a great atmosphere my answer is always the same gloss the more often you come to a place and the better you get to know it and the better your chances are of being
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able to capture that special picture and that's the civic place of the small dolphin and so can. you stefan foster on a hike near his hometown vienna in eastern switzerland to him experiencing nature means sensing himself as part of it something that fascinated him even as a boy. thank you so much up and all walked with i think everyone has some place where they're totally happy. for me that place begins when the door closes behind all the but i can walk out into the woods like you slide some point in the woods were replaced by iceland i actually started walking across a day it's only because my camera along to record my memories in this house cuts how i got started with the top irish male it's more a by product of my love for nature. and so i'm up to all. the renowned photographer who strives to reveal the beauty of the world around unadulterated if possible he
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may use filters on occasion and process his images but he refuses to manipulate the colors. the rocky mountains in canada. and back to iceland again in particular devon fossa is attracted to the rugged landscapes of the high north he returns to them again and again. he's devoted an entire photo book to the region nordic islands with images from over 80 trips to greenland norway the faroes and of course iceland. he selected 160 images out of some 600004 the volume not in easy
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task. finishes doesn't he still showing that this isn't the best part of the work for me is that all since the best part is being outdoors to me i've always been that way and i'm fairly unemotional i lock the door to my office and my studio and sorts my cell phone to the light loads and then i look through all the shots bam bam bam bam walk but i don't spend much time evaluating them and b. if an image doesn't jump out at me right away it's gone up to spec. these days fausta shoots about 40 percent of his photos from a drone his aerial images appear in international documentaries the flying camera has the added advantage of not leaving any tracks on iceland's mosse for instance. feel if you saw flesh and it takes many of these lichens and losses in the north decades or even centuries to grow and if i come along in my heavy hiking boots and
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90 kilos of weight and walk on the course everything would get destroyed cellists austria. the photographer knows all too well that in many places the pristine nature he's looking for no longer exists it's been altered and often endangered by human activity foster concedes his photos to appeal to our emotions. to oppose the feelings they evoke don't have to only be positive off the air maybe a little sadness and melancholy makes sense all things must pass and nature shows us that all too well. often different foster explores yet untouched regions in search of film and photo motifs. keeps the exact location secret so as not to attract tourists. he considers that an obligation to show the beauty of our planet and how much he needs protecting.
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say cheese as you know and that is the typical phrase we use 1st smiling when taking a picture well british photographer brendan berry perhaps took this thing too literally he builds his own cameras using all kinds of materials but perhaps the most interesting and unique one is out of cheese but how good is the photo quality of a so-called cheese camera well that is something we had to see for ourselves. and she's camera. telephone box camera and camp the camera all built by the british photographer breynton barry let's start with a cheese. grater and barry teaches photography in exeter in the southwest in england. but he's more interested in the process than in the flashes themselves.
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so he builds his own cameras with all possible and impossible materials. today a camera made of cheese. one thing i like to do. is kind of play with people's preconceptions an understanding of what cameron is and what it can do. when you make a camera of a block of something that people don't usually expect they respond. to the camera so obviously in a different way but also the pictures that you take whether. it's trying to make easy to build the camera like this but it's not so easy on the net. a frame for the light sensitive paper is screwed to one side of the hunted up block of cheese and twisted into the of assigned and one of. the light passes through the lens and hits the photographic paper which can then be developed.
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it works stressed out. after just 2 hours of slicing and putting the cheese cameras ready for a time to session brendan barry uses old polaroid film develops itself. 3. the fillmore users out they run out they start making about 10 years ago i've kept my fridge since then which we're using today so the effects could be all over the place. and lego camera an accordion camera camera and so on one side of full. even converted an entire camp and equipped it with a darkroom. today brandon barry's taking his camper camera for a little drive through the country side of the car. when i thought 'd well
12:40 pm
if i can just be inside the camera and have a dark room inside as well. then i could take my dog. car anyway and sort of being in a store space which was the. everywhere else can be the. final preparations for a fashion shoot with his mobile x x l camera. light is pouring through this lens and projecting the outside world inside upside down i move this focal point further closer away from the. you see how different things come into focus. and place and bury positions the model and they're ready to she tiny bit too right. prospect so long for the moment.
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turn of the lights off closed. kind of things a photographic paper. in the paper. and a time to sports. will make an exposure by opening and closing. one. 3rd. he puts the 1st read through the 1st inside the camp and does the rest outside. it's incredible it's really nice because something interesting. incredible photographs. even a telephone box can become a camera and print it is already planning to repurpose many other objects to. owners of a boat boat camera one day. a double decker bus submarine because likely but using the periscope as a camera. his camera concepts may sound rather
12:42 pm
eccentric. but they do show a new perspective on photography. and they produce unbelievable images. designing and building churches has probably always been one of the most challenging feats in architecture . is from france and a devoted churchgoer although not so much because he's religious he visits them as a traveling for torah for and is always on the lookout for new motifs. for me it's definitely the architecture and the power of this modern architecture through the 20th century ringback. i always have a central point of view in that the churches are always empty. so
12:43 pm
my goal is really just to create a sort of. feeling so that people can you know immersed himself in the architecture . table pouring a seeks out modern churches around the world for his photo series sacred spaces. like notre dame to try in paris it's original it's different from anything you could have seen and also it has this visual impact with the difference of materials with you know the wood the steel the lighting is very very interesting and ever it represents the. you know the workers of that era so it also has a very emotional. impact i think on the whole neighborhood. this perspective presents the architecture in the best possible light. and yeah you see in this one what's really beautiful is that the pillars are you
12:44 pm
know all aligned so you really want them to be you know popping out of the photo so in that way you know the architecture speaks for itself there is no destructions it's always the same the same angle and when you put them all you know next to each other they're all very different but you get a cohesive. shieling of you know all the different churches. tivo quite a lives in paris he discovered his passion for modern churches 4 years ago since then he's photographed 36 of them in europe and asia. the most difficult part is finding them. because. when you start the series basically you start from 0 and there is a few that are kind of thing this but most of them are not so it's it's mainly finding all the all the churches in the remote spaces so you would maybe never
12:45 pm
passed by and you would actually not imagine what this is like maybe offices but not really. maybe a museum. this is notre dame to lash to learn young a cube shaped church on the outskirts of paris. she bows approach is always the same he looks around chooses a point of view and takes a single shot. that's it. at home he makes only minor corrections to the image most of the work is already done table is actually an interior designer and for him photography is just a hobby. yes his photo series have attracted attention around the globe. since 2015 probably has also been taking pictures of libraries around the world this photo series is his most famous work to date.
12:46 pm
it's a specific space that everybody understand you know libraries or churches everybody's been there at least once in their lives and they were made for a specific reason and so what i really find interesting how these architects have you know created. you know these different buildings but with the same the same purpose. one of his favorite churches is notre dame do not sell it in paris he feels that the round concrete structure emanates a sense of tranquility. i guess i'm a pretty cool guy i mean i like it when i'm alone in the spaces because you actually get to experience the architecture in a very different way you know. it's just for you it seems like it's been built just for you when you're there and you can witness it for you know however you perceive it. and the photos people can imagine themselves in in the picture.
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people point to his photo series sacred spaces a testament to faith in the power of modern architecture. when you take pictures of food you want to get people's mouths watering but one spanish for target for is targeting different emotions and her images make us look twice now they are collaterally compose works of art rich in color and whimsical ideas well food still plays a key role in her work but not as you might expect. spit up the word breakfast and this is what you might end up with. these images are from tested on the guy's photo series break fast. despite his for talk of a takes foods an ordinary objects and uses them to produce extraordinary pictures.
12:48 pm
if you need any that last 3 would use to describe my work on a. particular vehicle and up said. efforts result in sue real compositions like an egg being shocked with i mean nation. of pancakes cooked with a minor rather than a frying pan. today taking photos to advertise a shopping mall in madrid as the campaign's creative director she's to produce for images that will grace posters and appear on social media. because photos have little in common with classic food photography. by the one they're ok sit up straight and show how much you like the shoe. that will go on out here in my fiction is the food usually looks
12:49 pm
a little out of playing sports as you've never seen it before in a way yes. they got enough it's been taken out of context is on display and it overtly staged. it for you know what hey we have a model i you know i know fashion and a campaign there that deals with it but in a playful way. discovered her passion for photography and film while she was studying art in 2015 she founded her own agency she shoots commercials and produces for 2 series for magazines. still colors and minimalist composition are her trademarks and food is her favorite subject sometimes eccentric sometimes provokingly staged the biggest challenge is to make it look fresh and perfect. in manhattan well for a photo of the perfect egg is one that shines as a nice color and isn't overcooked. of course we added the pictures later but in
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general the glossy and fuller the better. just photographing the sandwich would be too simple instead the you'll be strong. formed into nail polish because i'm usually stories are guaranteed to attract attention. and is a city best i guess that's a casing patches are a dime a dozen are the incidents one of them is that you know yourself again today everyone has a smartphone and takes photos. so it's become harder to tell a funny story or set yourself apart from the crowd around. whether respect 1st lunch or dinner tessa dhani those photos will leave you hungry for more. when you think of the alps normally images of hiking or skiing come to mind when german for tara for stuff on head for goes out into the mountains he's looking for
12:51 pm
something completely different he's fascinated by abandoned buildings or so-called last places his photos cannot save them from decay but at least he can preserve their memory. ruins in deserted places have always held a magical fascination for people. they make us wonder who once lived in them and what happened to them. stephanie helpfully explores places like this with his friend felix who said in looks into their histories. of the superman perfect here you can clearly see the roof has caved in the windows are broken it's essence of the planet or is crumbling from the walls of this all together it makes for some beautiful photos.
12:52 pm
tooth. built in the night 128 it served as a summer camp it's almost as if we can still hear the children laughing in playing who spent their summer vacations here until the late 19th seventy's. this method other than i want my pictures to reflect what i feel when i enter places like these it's a little scary i get a queasy feeling or hearts pounding i go to shot of adrenaline and that's exactly this feeling i'd like to reproduce in light and shade i want people to see that in the photos in a sort of discrepancy they shouldn't be evenly learned but rather have more atmosphere like in landscape photography shop. carefully travels the world as a professional landscape photographer he brings back images like this one of the grand canyon. and the jungles of hawaii many of his pictures have won awards
12:53 pm
he's widely recognized as one of the world's leading landscape photographers. heavily has been fascinated by abandoned houses since childhood he's published his discoveries in a book of photos. once splendid villas. first world war bunkers. hidden chapels. and factories where no machine has operated for decades. and. he doesn't say exactly where he finds the abandoned buildings so they won't be overrun by visitors. also many of these buildings are in decay and hazardous and most are hard to reach.
12:54 pm
steffen have fillet never works alone. it's fight as much as all for an immense pressure to go in with someone even when i'm just photographing my landscapes if something were to happen if someone broke afford to restrain the ankle it's safer but i'm lucky that it's never happened to me no major injuries but it's better to have a good pair along those able to help you. finding motifs takes some effort and detective work one of her family's methods is to scan satellite photos on the internet. postings from here you can see the place is abandoned it doesn't even have a roof. it can be just that simple if it's harder you can browse certain blogs on the subject and you can find out lots of those that still intact root center still nice on the inside and there's nothing more to see here or you happen to pass by i don't find something by chance. stephan have always photos document traces of
12:55 pm
civilization that time is gradually a racing. his works are a kind of monument to abandoned places. that were that we've come to the end of this special edition on the fascinating world of photography but before we go just a quick reminder to follow us on social media or check out our website for more information about the show for me and the rest of us here in berlin as always thanks for watching we'll see you again soon.
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after. a guaranteed recipe for success. can a i replace human creativity. when artificial intelligence rights came in c. . does that mean true masterpieces can be created by coding the art. 15 minutes on d w. national
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drama competition rivalry marketing numbers atmosphere color fight attack intuition love hate money. fans from santa stands and friends told to go on you tube join us. by calling meals and on games did you know those that 17000000 land on the moon was killed worldwide so that we can be done but it's not just the animals that are all suffering it's the environment meanwhile on a journey to find ways out of the ignition if you will to the old one click to the priest and the culture has changed as we 3 says listen to our podcast on the green limbs. how's it feel of the world.
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where i come from that oh is that clear does this go it just like this chinese food that's a measure of where i am it's believed reminds me of home after decades of living in germany chinese food is one of the things i miss the most but that taking a step back i see something undertow of difference to me now and. then i have for it's a person as a regulation that exists as a part of the wall haven't been ever mentioned in china that's why you cannot have chinese people wondering if they're going to take that move but if you can have a ride to another that is this is the job of just under 30. how i see it i know why i did my job because i tried to do it exactly the day. i was acting. 2
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this is news live from berlin another dramatic day of the unrest in russia as activists to 5 police warnings to stay away from protest rallies in siberia supporters of the jailed opposition leader alexei navalny turn out in temperatures of minus 40 degrees hundreds are arrested in cities nationwide including the capital moscow also on the show.


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