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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2021 11:00pm-11:16pm CET

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well this is where all of the stories that matter to you. like. to. believe. we are here is actually on fire. this is news and these are our top stories in russia human rights activists say more than 5000 people have been arrested the protests across russia for a 2nd straight weekend demonstrators have taken to the streets to demand the release of jailed opposition leader alexeyevna valmy his wife is also in custody rights groups say people have been arrested in more than 50 cities.
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the european union says astra zeneca has agreed to make up part of the vaccine shortfall announced earlier this month earlier the drug michael said it was slashing supplies to you by 60 percent due to production problems triggering a bitter rout with brussels for a cynical will now to live up 40000000 doses in the 1st quarter that's 9000000 more than last week's off. germany and austria offering to help portugal deal with one of the world's worst 19 outbreaks germany's military is sending medical aid and doctors austria is preparing to take in some portugal's critically ill patients. this is day to believe news from berlin you can follow us on twitter and instagram at de w. news or visit our website to be found a d w dot com. welcome
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to a special edition of check in this time we head to the bavarian alps in the very south of germany oh before the coronavirus pandemic hosts. and nicole through checked out 3 beautiful winter wonderland around back to scott in opens doors and damaged partition. first off nicole fruition visit the area in and around back to scott and.
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my tour begins in the city a fact it's gotten which lend its name to the region. it's over 900 years old and the architecture reflects its rich history. one building that really stands out is the haitian house on the market square the murals on the facade depict ancient tales about back to scott. and a little further down the road you'll find a lovely schloss lots or tassels square. and i thought it would be nice to pay a visit to the national park here i've met up with ranger klaus mills and we're off to see. we can spot some gold eagle. tell them we'll have
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a good very firm of that because it really is it not just keep going off it's all. gone national park is the only national park in germany inhabited by golden eagles and there are about 10 of them from class back valley we have a good view of the rocky crags. this summer if you look at the trees the treetops up on the mountain those are the places eagles like to that's where you can best see them and see. but there's no sign of them yet. well looks like this is going to involve a bit of sitting waiting and wishing an ideal time for you guys to dive a little deeper into the national park. way too back to scott national park is lake county city only environmentally friendly electric boats are allowed to travel the lake which is almost 200 meters.
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half way across the captain stops because it's from here that the steep mountain flanks create the famous could we see echo. after about a half an hour the boats reach their destination the hair shoutin insula and st bartholomew's and eye catching 17th century brock pilgrimage church. the church lies at the foot of the vox monk mystique with the heights of over 2700 meters the mighty mountain has come to symbolize the national park and the entire region. the national park consists of
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a 4th zone in which nature is left to itself then there is a maintenance down where alpine meadows are cultivated and tourism is encouraged. several information centers explain the park's flora and fauna one of them in the clouds above house is the perfect starting point for a walk to the deer feeding station. when the rangers replenish the food supply up to 60 red deer venture out from the shelter of the trees to feet of the dead lights of visitors. at all that's a 65 but the golden eagles are a bit shyer than the deer we're still waiting. so. they said. no need to separate tourism and conservation they go very well together
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you see tom koenig's a 600000 people visit some both of them use and the lake water is so clean you can drink it because only electric boats are allowed on the lake you have to compromise a little but what do you do here apart from watching eagles. monitoring the golden eagles there's only one thing that it's not a 9 time an important part of our job is looking after tourists we offer guided tours every day and of course we rangers are often out somewhere in the park we have 250 kilometers of trials in the national park from barrier free to steep. and we check them on a regular basis to make sure they're in order that sound jump to the top. that's enough talking for the moment let's see if our luck with the eagles has improved a little right in the middle want to see. he's looking this way and there really is one. is there. and it gets
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even better we are one flying through the air. i want to explore even more of best is god's nature so i'm going snowshoeing i've joined a group led by mountain guide hunters. folks who might want to start. with their tour right for the snowshoe. yeah the myth that he will get on here. just talking about and make it all that fits comfortably. shows it's the. sites that are ready. let's get i want as opposed to get it but one important ploy or you have our polls that are in our shoes so walk with your legs far enough apart so you don't step on the poles or your other shoe i think or thanks stephanie we're off phil's on with
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that in the freiheit. the good let's talk for a minute and you look at the mountains then we're here to look at the next one over with the sun shining on it covered in snow nipissing and that's the horse girl and it's over 2500 meters from when the truth of. the amazing thing about socially is the fact that you literally get to walk off the beaten path on completely untouched snow with views that cannot be fixed. the next item on my a tin or ari is a visit to the oldest gentian distillery in germany their peers here for a tour of france history and i thought i taste my way through your range of
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products through ones are here to stick this distillery has been around since 6092 . wow there is no mistake it was made in here as you can feel the warmth is counted. 60 gentian is an alpine plant that is cultivated and back to scotland and is still to make a better shops to be precise it's the route that's used. to what some say my route looks like this when it comes out of the ground it's 4 or 5 years own about 80 centimeters long it's intimate the course. the roots are chopped and mashed then the liquid is extracted and distilled into shops. and knobs form in some drink schnapps made from tension or her after unwieldy many people drink fruitless cures as a d.j.'s teef but that's not healthy it's not the alcohol that helps digestion it's the bitterness that's why there's a german saying taste bitter makes the stomach fitter. well then
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time to give it a try there's a huge selection in the shop course all sorts of flavors but of course i want to try the classic version so if you're here is ok we are at the tasting you can try all our companies most popular products 1st of course is jensen primary product just from the root of a clear strong spirit no residual sugar 40 percent by volume supports in. both. their words it's a conscience because of the bitters but it has a well rounded taste. this is the that's the tension is the strength of the mountains how many do you drink a day it's worth to at least mornings and evenings one morning is really. well they're definitely able to hold their liquor that's not for me but a bottle of tension she says a souvenir why not. later in the
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afternoon i treat myself to a drive through the mountains on the rust belt panoramic road. that is it and. after just a few kilometers i can say it's well worth it behind every curve there is another amazing view of austria and the fact it's gotten a lot. of. our 2nd destination on this check in special is the alps near open starfish. made a trip there before pandemic restrictions were put in place.
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snow and mountains that's where i'm heading i'm getting closer to the most sobering point of germany the algo alps. the algo is a popular holiday region even in winter especially in winter in fact. well with all is located over there it's the winter sports center of the algo region in southern germany a perfect starting point for discovering the area i want to go up the mountains and of course come down in one piece i'll be on skis and on the snow by i look forward to lots of nature and adventures galore. postoffice many evil origins. and. now attracts over 2000000 overnight guests every year i want to know what draws them here. bush knows guaranteed
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because it's so beautiful the skiing is fantastic it's just a lot of fun but because of the snow and i want to show my girlfriend. the 1st tourists arrived here in the late 19th century. or bust all the fish really has a therapeutic climate it's a quality seal in germany given to places with among other things a certain air quality and spa facilities. the local history museum is set up in an x. farmhouse where visitors can learn about the area. and marvel at the big level ski boot in the world and. you can also find out how ski 1st came to a bus stall. and skiing is the reason i'm here.
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cold feet. it's been over 10 years since i last put on skis so i was booked a few hours with a real instructor. hello yes there was little guy there he is this is alex i warned him that i'm pretty much a total beginner so we'll have to start from scratch yeah yeah i'll explain the basics and then we're off conditions are perfect i'm a little nervous because it's all new to me more for me that's why i'm here we'll take it easy.
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my god what is this have to do with skiing a lot we have to push down.


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