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be that there's a strong energy for this. and other reason is people who are ignorant suppressed. across some kind of sickness and then it's a very it's a high risk it's. not the result of being the people just afraid of so kind of animals horses dogs and then you need really to consider if you take the time to 1st were in that fear oh it's another kind of animal free therapy would be better for us and rabbits thank you so much for this interesting conversation and the inside see offered on animal assisted interventions neuro back i'm. in good shape your weekly health show on t w covers many aspects of health care. we look at what's new in medical treatment nutrition fitness and beauty. we talk about these topics in depth with experts and give you the chance to pose your own questions so do get
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in touch. and e-mails can help children who have been traumatized by severe violence this is why nina and her husband can stand shoulder to shoulder to center where any notes can make of a difference. it's an exciting day for ben and his sister me let. it come to a very special farm run by nina sherlock and christiane shelter. it's a chance for the children to escape their problems for a few hours. ok ben with that and then when the pet you want to take can you manage to put the show yourself access in on the rosalita go to and anton the sheep are 4 legged therapists the hope is they can help ben learn to deal with his emotions he often feels overwhelmed and gets angry when he's with the animals he has to stay calm. i learned from couple listen here there's
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a lot of body awareness training to the children don't just come in and put a leash on the animals and off we go last they stroke and cuddle them 1st so that they bond and form a relationship. is exactly what rosalie likes. me at. first brush their coats yeah so they're nice and clean and then we'll go out with them. and making. this up you can do it but you know she always pulls that fast what looks like a nice family outing is actually animal assisted therapy. the idea for greatness to gain more self-confidence the age of just 7 he said to take on responsibility burley because both his parents a series of a girl his father suffered a brain tumor while his mother struggles with a vascular disease my mom comes home and i was in the hospital the whole time and then ben said to me mom don't worry if you feel ill or need to die. mealand i will
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never go into homes. well i always go to grandma and grandpa and that's when he started drifting down into sadness. ben's conflicting emotions express themselves as aggression but never with rosalie even though today she's giving him a hard time. this. year come rosalie as well nears the problem is she wants to eat because there's so much grass here. so she just eats and eats and save. fortunately there's help and occupational therapist nina has been to provide therapy for people suffering from anxiety disorders and traumas together with their 4 legged team. 90 percent of our animals are from rescue centers that gives us such a good medium for accessing the children's story without us ever having to ask them
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about it directly i just tell them about our animals and most of the time the rest comes by itself the children can open up much more easily because they have someone who understands them and this is perhaps similar to them in the us this guy is the farm favorite beefy. the pony had been severely maltreated and was said to be slaughtered but nina rescued him now he's helping sisters yasmeen and sorrow violence and other problems in the family have often led to severe squabbling between the 2 girls. missing some call they have to communicate with each other have been saying it won't work if they don't talk or if any one of them does the leading. it's also important for the one who knows the horse better in this case savva to give the other one some guidance and suggestions and that means we've established a line of communication again when you cut yourself. sorrow has to jump on to be
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free using the trampoline that which can be a risky undertaking with a horse resisting yasmeen whole species study and make sure nothing goes wrong. mustn't. after coming here we normally talk again at home in the evening about the stuff we did and for and then we tend to get on better and know things are ok holding the horse just now proves to her that she can trust me that hans provides the kind of progress that gives me an assured rock extra pride in her job. and then since. if we stop caring we'd have to change profession this job involves serious emotional participation and forming a bond with a client. and i in fact our job is to provide moments of joy and help the youngsters find their way forward although the word rescue is problematic because many of them don't want or don't need to be rescued they just want
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a hand to hold and some guidance. man time for ben and a lot of other children before they get therapists have helped them come a long way. to new friends provide some much needed affection and confidence as they learn to trust others and overcoming receives the trouble that. the docs know is amazing it can smell nearly everything like cash drugs human emotions and even if the blood sugar is to know which is very helpful for diabetics if they can find that doc. for example frederick's labrador is training for some very special tasks to get help in emergencies by fetching the diabetes emerged. and seek it with
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a blood sugar meter insulin and dextrose. or he sounds the alarm if his master's blood sugar levels fluctuate too much. he's trained with a cloth bearing the scent of the patient when they were suffering from low blood sugar levels or hypoglycemia. and. lifesaving drugs for diabetics how does that work. for nothing. more than one of the able he has to give signals depending on smell that's common cause it could be a scratching around it could involve very high the emergency kit that's coming out for it can mean setting off an alarm down he doesn't have to do much more the important thing is that he can do it on his own he is not us is that standard marked. frederick has type one diabetes the dog has to warn him when he's about to develop hypoglycemia but doesn't work in practice. the time of us
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before yeah he's woke me 3 times when i was alone then he came to me and i checked the level he took something then gave him lots of praise. scientifically however it's still not clear how dogs can possibly be able to stiff out hypoglycemia. it was the end of their bones we have to say quite honestly that we don't really know why dogs respond to hypoglycemia there are varying hypotheses which. one explanation is that the dogs note a behavioral change in their owner. for example that they're on focused or getting differing with. the other is that the owner's breath changes along with their sweat. perhaps the smell of the affected person's sweat. there is technology that records drops in blood sugar levels a subcutaneous sensor monitors the situation every few minutes so why the need for
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a dog. you know. as far as diabetes dogs are concerned our patients who have one often say that they feel much safer. diabetes watch dogs might be reassuring but don't feel really completely reliable many studies indicate that dogs are certainly able to warn in the event of hypoglycemia just how reliable they are depends to a great extent on how well trained to they are on average they get it right 70 percent of the town. because the big danger is that if i rely exclusively on the diabetes watchdog hypoglycemia that might go unnoticed. a dog that detects diabetes is a great idea but it can't replace the available technology nor should it get beat
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up on the diabetic watch tank it's not a standalone it's intended to augment the technical equipment we've got measuring blood to obtain a blood sugar level rating still offers maximum accuracy then we have sensors for the arm they're really good and a diabetes watched on as a very very good augmentation to all that. and. so one should never rely totally on the watchdog although in some cases the animals respond faster than technology. and on top of that they give patients something technology never can intimacy affection and a feeling of security. how many at alinea to say goodbye because today's show is over her and rich is say you want to help me out in the practice because he's such a good assistant off here see you next weekend until then let's all try to stay in good shape everything that's going to walk come on. wrong direction tell me if he
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no fines against illegal diggers. in the caruso's jungles this takes heavy weapons the price of gold skyrocketed during the pandemic and the number of forbidding minds is exploding. with company a special unit in their dangerous work against reckless environmental destruction. 3000. and. 30 minutes on d. w.
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. antibiotics are out snorted. the causes of mounting resistance are well known. factory farming. poor hospital hygiene. premature use of antibiotics. yes deadly bacteria keep striking. 60 minutes on a d w. i think is everything challenging 1st on her make a muslim. song much different culture between here and there saw challenging for if he played. the song as a southerner was worth it for me to come to germany. months ago my license to work
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as a swimming instructor up to shine our 2 children other dogs just run past us just as . what's your story take part share it on info migrants dot net. life on the 1st one of the coming to end the bug gigantic coincidence substantial previously the earth was just a mess the chemistry lab i thought mission. where the improbable but such was the creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like winning the lottery there is a good. one if earth. starts feb 11th on t.w. .
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blind from birth and this is. an early morning write in mind leads to the arrest of its leader and a military takeover young sons to cheat and several other senior officials are reportedly being held by the military communication lines have been shut down as mine my senior general to clear is a state of emergency also coming up past the tensions during and on the day of rage in russia police crackdown on protesters demanding the release of jailed kremlin critic alexeyevna found the place of arrest and 1000 percent at least 50 cities
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across the country also coming up a big boost for the being used troubled teens vaccine rolled out after pricing for massive vaccine shortfalls e.u. officials secured a commitment for millions more doses from astra zeneca. and in the bundesliga tadi travel for votes but 3 goals 3 points. into 3rd place on type. i'm at them how to welcome we start with breaking news from where the army says it's declared a state of emergency after attaining key key government officials rather including the ruling party leader wang sung suchi the move comes after days of tension between the civilian government and the powerful military which raises fears of an impending the army is disputing the result of november's election which uncensored
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party won in a lie. and sly the 1st international reactions are coming in the u.s. state department says it's alarmed by the report and is warning by must military to release the detained officials or face action strat these foreign ministry said it was deeply concerned about reports of aung sun suu cheez detention well dive bomb is a journalist who spent many years reporting from mine mine he joins us now from kuala lumpur dave vague reports of a military coup but things are moving quickly now what more can you tell us. well as you said many political leaders have been detained this includes state councilor on from sochi who is the de facto leader of the civilian government the president when. several regional chief ministers also along with some political activists this tamed inside the country we can't say with certainty of this is the beginning
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of a coup but certainly things seem to be pointing in the wrong direction here as you said the army has been complaining about fraud in the november elections. in some cities nationally for democracy political party won 83 percent of the available seats and election that was really seen as a referendum on her government which came into power 5 years ago in 2016 now it's really important to point out though that the army. the constitution that ma'am are has this is a military drafted constitution and the army does not answer the civilian side of government here they control the security forces independently but obviously this is something that is really of great concern to the whole international community especially look at the fact that the m.r. after decades of nearly 50 years of military rule transition began in 2011 and people were really hoping that this transition would continue. this obviously
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changes the game on this the military central his diagnosis spoke about a little bit but let's do some more and still such a powerful force in mind as you point out why it wouldn't feel so threatened threaten the nuff to make these drastic nudes. it will say really they never really like the power that aung sang suu kyi was able to command in terms of respect from the people they've always been i was there kim i don't think that she spent roughly 15 years under house arrest when the country was led by a military junta now if you look at this the senior general the commander in chief of the armed forces senior general men on long he because of his age 65 is set to retire this year it's been well known that he really has had eyes on becoming the country's president and then with a landslide election. victory an election by aung sun suu kyi this really put
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a damper on any hopes that he had of the army was of course raising fraud accusations in the elections but the elections commission and myanmar refuted those so clearly. maybe his goals here we are speculating to some degree here but obviously things he had eye on were not looking like he could legitimately get there from kuala lumpur thanks so much for the update sure. well to russia now where more than $5000.00 people have been arrested during a 2nd wave of nationwide anti-government protests according to rights groups more than $1500.00 people would tank in the capital moscow including the wife of opposition leader alexina valmy demonstrators gathered near the prison when a felony is being held but protests took place across russia on sunday from siberia in the east to st petersburg in the west and the valleys arrested earlier this
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month has increased tensions of a corruption and a lack of democratic freedoms in russia as our correspondents found out on the streets today but also calling on the political battlefield to being told what to do being controlled but young people used to organizing them so that's why i came here today because i want to take in what is happening in my country and watch over the what do you do it's a disgrace. they've stolen everything traumas. i live near oil and gas fields and they're just stealing is all that i mean i have a 2 year old son and if putin stays in power for the next 16 years since he's got planning it through then my son will grow up with him and i don't think anything of it will come of it for you it's. doubly correspondent emily share when is in moscow and said demonstrators were determined to gather despite a huge police presence. authorities in moscow tried their best to prevent these
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protests today from happening at all there was a huge police presence on the ground in moscow and the authorities have blocked off a huge chunk of the center of the city rerouting buses and closing metro stations but what we saw today was kind of like a cat and mouse game between the police and protesters and it was kind of unprecedented alex enough team was coordinating the movement of protesters via the social media platform telegram and every time police blocked off one spot in the city they would tell protesters to move somewhere else now there were somewhat flee fewer protesters on the streets of moscow today than there were last week at mass protests but people seemed just as determined not to go home despite the huge police presence and they told me that this protest is not so much about. himself even though they were calling for his release people told me that this is
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about fighting for a better future and a better russia. and only shipment in moscow that well the european union says drug astra zeneca has agreed to make up part of the vaccine shortfall it announced earlier this month the drug micah's said it was slashing supplies to the e.u. by 60 percent because of production problems in ousmane triggered a bigger raul with brussels astra zeneca will now deliver 14000000 doses in the 1st 4 to 9000000 more than last week's. officials were pushing the drug company to uphold the original delivery agreement. and so way will all these extra dices come from they doubly correspondent bantry get as more from brussels they've certainly not come from british to rezone seneca because also great britain now has an export ban on vaccines so it's most likely that as a recalculated its original delivered plan and is now are saying that the yeast in
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the belgian and the dutch company a bigger than estimated so that they can promise a little bit more but it's still only hoth of the amount that was or originally bolted from the european union for the 1st quarter and also the other companies making behind because they have exceeded. delivery so it's still a struggle to keep the time to. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world after months of silence india's prime minister narendra modi is condemning the country's long running protests against cultural reforms have been demonstrating for more than 3 months and took a deadly turn last tuesday thousands of families descended on the capital new delhi and clashed with police that one person died and hundreds were injured. thousands of brazilians took to the streets on sunday demanding president also now as
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resignation accuse the government mismanagement in the country's coronavirus vaccination program and many say also now as lack of leadership has led to an oxygen supply crisis in the amazon capital of. a major winter storm is prosper northeast of the united states blanketing cities including washington d.c. in several centimeters of snow and causing travel disruptions the national weather service warned more snow was expected on monday as the storm moved north towards. well hong kong citizens with a british national overseas passport can now apply for a visa to live and work in the u.k. they can then apply for british citizenship after 5 years the u.k. government says it's fulfilling its historic commitment to the people of hong kong a former colony handed back to china in 9097 events the measure last july saying a tough new security law imposed by beijing via life of hong kong's autonomy. it's
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a potential escape route for millions of hong kong citizens more than 5000000 people over 70 percent of the population are eligible for the visa scheme although not everyone will take action the u.k. administration has asked that made it that in the next 5 years that will be at least 250000 people's to do so so i we're talking about a significant number a significant weight off and. gratian it's not only about the people leaving but also that capital talents the profession that they will bring with them to leave hong kong that poses a serious issue for beijing kong many educated well paid professionals could leave the territory. full with them why i'm thinking about the various aspects of the u.k. like the economy are not particularly good but i think it's still better than hong kong for young people like me we don't know how to live or survive here so i won't
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consider this method so you know the way how ready are. already understand the saying that people are worth less when they leave their home country if they want to move abroad and think the u.k. safer than hong kong during the pandemic that's their decision i would seriously doubt. on friday china condemned the u.k. visa scheme. this sanctions severely violates china's sovereignty grossly interferes in hong kong affairs and china's internal affairs severely violates international law on the basic principles of international relations china's indignant at this and strongly opposes a. beijing says it will no longer recognize the british national overseas passports a largely symbolic move as hong kong as can also use the hong kong passport or id card to travel further retaliation could be in store.
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with this league of football now and news of an incredible treble for the surprise team of the league this season the men here in green both book 3 goals against freiburg men 3 points to move into the place. the con of intimidation the sun beaten at home this season and they want everyone to know about it. when 5 works. sagal to neutralize a corner 20 minutes into the game the hosts pounced thanks to john anthony brooks. the body and it right it is feet. the u.s. international smashed it home for his 2nd goal of the season. the hosts came knocking again 20 minutes later down the course this time to strike a demagogue of sporks lead with his 13th goal this season the credit goes to a quick thinking and not for stephan who had the vision to pay it in from
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a cost. but the wolves were hungry for more yani yeah had to made it 3 known minutes before the end. they needed baku with the assist and all get out how to do was tap it and. look defend their fortress and jump to threat and the going to see that table. well meanwhile a pair of goals from midfield headed cologne their 1st win of holland in almost a year full scored both in the 1st half against villa filled the 2nd one almost almost standing still his goals moved to cologne towards $31.00 victory the wind moved the billy goats one point clear of the relegation zone for now. falls to 16 players. and you're watching news up next awaken reports takes us to istanbul moscow madrid
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and berlin please stay tuned for that remember the web site is there d w dot com for all the latest from my not all around the world twitter and instagram as well the handle you need is at d w news on socials back at the top of the next hour to when i find out. got some hot tips for your bucket list. no magic or no. consequence for some sunshine and some great culture memorials to boot. double trouble all. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing.


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