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tv   Kultur.21  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm CET

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africa's most successful radio dreamers continue. to see the stories focus on. prevention and sustain the local production. all of the surge are available online and of course you can share and discuss on the air because facebook page and other social media platforms. turn fighters to news now. you're watching d w news asia coming up today yet mars democracy in peril again the military has declared and one year's state of emergency citing election abnormalities the country's main political party led by alexander suit she has called for protests against the coup. plus china threatens to retaliate after britain extends residency rights for potentially millions of hong kong ers what happens next.
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i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia history is real windy for myanmar just one decade after its democratic transition the military has seized power in a coup complete with taking over the airwaves and has declared recent elections knoll the national league for democracy on some suit choose party and the main political entity has called for citizens to take to the streets the story on the ground is changing hour by hour and is very volatile. joining us is journalist dave going to bomb in kuala lumpur to walk us through what is happening day not too long ago you were formerly based in myanmar this is a fast moving story but how serious is this political crisis and why is the military moving at this particular time. it when you look at why the military is
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moving at this particular time point the fingers at the commander in chief of the army senior general min long he's approaching retirement age 65 later this year mandatory retirement age and it's no secret that he's had his eyes on the presidency but with the elections in november where the nationally for them ocracy won more than 80 percent of the a valuable seats there really seem to be no way for him to legitimately get there any time soon now they were bringing up accusations of widespread election fraud just over a week ago which the elections commission rejected there were rumblings that there might be of could things seem like they might damp down a little bit that's the kind of impression we're getting over the weekend and then this today but why now really seemed like he was going to have to move now or have an even more difficult time doing it later the new parliament that was set to take office based on those november elections the lower house was set to take seat today so if he was going to make a move clearly in their mind it was this would be the most opportune time for them
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to try to do it of course now they're trying to justify what they're doing which so much of the world is rejecting now she has lost quite a bit of global goodwill because of her position on the country's military action against the rangers and she's tonight it was a genocide against that minority group will that translate into national committee less willing to support young mars' democratic cause. well if you look at it and look at the statements coming out particularly from the west it clearly seems like the west coolly wants to stay behind this democratic process that was been moving forward for the last 10 years until today but here's you know the u.s. talked about taking action the real question is what sort of actions are they going to take are they going to go back to economic sanctions which me m r was under for decades when it was under military rule the military was strict military rule that ended entirety 10 years ago and was loosely transitioning out of
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that over the last 10 years because there's been a lot of concern that those sanctions really didn't do anything that change what was going on with the military in the way they handle the country and all it was doing was punishing the common people and leaving so much of the population in total poverty so the question is do they really want to take those kind of economic sanctions again got it now where do the people of myanmar stand on this do most people say for the military or at the national league for democracy clearly the overwhelming majority of the population favors on the nationally for democracy yes the army does have some supporters on this but they're clearly in the minority the question really is going to come up here is how strong a stand publicly will people want to take i mean when you look at it this is a country that under its decades of military dictatorship public demonstrations in some cases were not only put down violently but in some cases put down with deadly force so the real question here is how public and how strong the public will show
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its support for the n l d and the situation day is going to be always a pleasure to talk to you. talk with you also the british government has moved forward with its offer to many people in hong kong its former colony for a pathway to citizenship 1st with as he said for those with what's called a british national overseas passport they biennale he. still has this report. up until last summer looms wife and his 2 young children have never set foot in england now they've left their jobs their home and their loved ones back in hong kong to start a new life here in the u.k. . my parents they support a communist. they will if. that means i have to lift my mother but i have no choice i have the choice because of my children i have to raise them i have to let them load the truth they do have the right to live by the
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. law says he's long been concerned about democratic freedoms in hong kong but it was beijing's decision last year to impose a sweeping national security law which proved the final straw. but we don't have freedom to speak we are just asking for something we already we should have. we we are having before was dr frank there is no future in hong kong hundreds of thousands of hong kong as are expected to follow you and his family of the next few years a leap of faith made possible by new u.k. visa scheme it's open to those born before the british handover of hong kong to china in 1997 as well as that dependence you know if it's some 5000000 hong kong as a pathway to citizenship for long it's a lifeline but the true test is still to come activists say there isn't enough infrastructure in place to support the arrivals and questions remain if the
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integration officials admit this is a work in progress clearly there are going to be some challenges there's a lot of work going on to make sure all of the essential things are in place around housing around how to settle and integrate and you know if children well get children in schools that some things are everything you would expect in terms of and i you bring people to settle china has slammed these are all for accusing the british government of meddling in internal offense while others in the u.k. say the scheme doesn't go far enough i welcome the government in providing a safe lifeboat to many hong kong ors but i do feel that those who are not eligible like me are a bit left out of the scheme. douglas is active in the pro-democracy movement he fled hong kong after the security law was introduced like many activists he was born after 1997 and isn't eligible for the visa without his parents here alone his
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savings are running out and now so too this is tourist visa he'll soon have to leave the u.k. but with co the travel restrictions in place around the world he and others like him are finding that doors but firmly closed. as we always see during protests no matter we go up or down we go together i hope that those who are eligible for be you know will think about those who are not and bear in mind that some are still struggling to find a safe place to settle. me that douglas nor little know when they'll go back to hong kong. longs hopeful that his children's futures and now secure. but for douglas even the next few weeks are unclear we have hung activist nathan la with us he lives and works in exile in the u.k. nathan beijing is not happy about this and has threatened to retaliate what
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realistically can it do well for now beijing. not recognising the n.o.'s of the hong government follows this process so we can see if there are just a little bit inconvenienced attitude or wanting to use of you know trouble because of they have to use our hope or as they are asked to leave the border in hong kong but i think in general there are very limited retaliation measures that beijing boy so on our. student observing how the situation escalate the most possible on retaliation would be. doing something on the notion of double nationality and on but i don't think it will come in any time sir. that's very interesting so beijing will have to be creative if it wants to do something now on the british front what else would you like to see the government do there after they've limitation
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of the national security law actually the british government has imposed a lot of measures counter measures through at least if you were issued a freedom a home call in what do they offer a piano. thing that they should have been trading with hong kong cetera so i think of all but now the next step would be settling into the officials in china and hong kong what we're sponsible is that here more isolation and also being very vigilant towards that if you trade off the chinese from this fall to the u.k. and higher scrutiny to the state and to price i think these are very much needed measures to protect democracy on the one hand and on the other serious so that they are holding china accountable for their human rights violation. now i was just thinking about what beijing could do what china could do in terms of putting pressure on people heading to the u.k. there's been some disturbing sinister stories of what appears to be plainclothes intelligence or police officers actually watching at the hong kong airport gate as
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people depart for flights and that's police state activity will we see more of this kind of thing. i've talked to a few people all at concert a u.k. and they have also. complained cove. of authorities patrolling in the airport i'm looking very suspicious i think this is another signal that the hong kong government has been. growing measures to increase its surveillance on on these people and the states is a say no that city's freedom is once the tear it is so for me definitely will be a lot more severe both on people not only on india but also in our daily life you know of digital communication and everyone is introducing real name seemed carts circus and also
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a lot of other measures to really. impose more surveillance on people and this is the very worrying trend and what is your sense in terms of the actual number of people who will likely shop and u.k. over the next year or. so if all 3000000 eligible and all of us and ask them asian from the u.k. government. 102200000 people coming to the u.k. in the 1st year this is actually coherence to my summation because. you have to consider when you think of immigration and where anna made of pandemic it really. involved people. nathan la thank you so much for joining us. thank you so much. that's it for today there's more on our website www dot com ford slash asia we leave you with pictures of global protests against the military coup in myanmar
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thanks for watching and see tomorrow. we're. going to. take on the. police. fire.
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and you you mean all the years between you and i last year's german sauce now with bring back all the times you've never caught have surprise yourself with what is possible. for people. the way maurice and critics would like to join us from apple sauce stuffs. that is a clip from judas in the black messiah about a man who betrayed the black panther movement in the 19 sixty's more about that and other films premiering at the sundance film festival in
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a minute also coming up today. world class pinnace argues the case there is no difference between classical and pop music it's all intertwined. the novel payback by leading harrowing lee encapsulates one hour in a world war 2 under fire. now normally at this time of the year park city utah is teaming with the great and the good of the film industry for the annual sundance film festival well as you can imagine that is not the case this time as for obvious reasons the festival is happening but mostly online sundance is the biggest film festival in america for independent movies and also there's a strong emphasis on documentaries to. film
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expert scott ross has seen a number of important movies shown so far and joins me now from. scott let's start with the movie that opened the festival in the same breath a topical choice to start the festival and i guess not an easy watch. no. definitely not i mean this is a documentary and it's about last year it's essential about the coronavirus pandemic the director. is chinese but she lives in america and she takes a look at the i guess government and media mismanagement of the cone of vias pandemic both in washington and and in china she looks for example at chinese state propaganda and how it initially downplayed the seriousness of the corona virus and to provide some pretty compelling evidence that the official death toll in china from kobe is much higher maybe 10 times as high as the official numbers but what i
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think is very interesting about this film is a wang also looks at america and looks at very sort of scary parallels that that how in america. fake news spread that led to and locked down demonstrations that really worsened the facts of the coronavirus pandemic in america so this obviously is a credibly topical documentary and i thought it also very very emotional and very moving but it definitely isn't a comfort watch ok not a film created quite a stir is judas in the bottom so we showed a clip top of the show tell us more about this film. yeah this is probably the biggest film showing in sundance this year judas and the black messiah it looks at a story from 50 years ago about the f.b.i. infiltration of the black power of the black panther party and also the eventual murder by the f.b.i. of black panther party leader fred hampton and fred hampton as played by daniel who
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you might know from the film get out i'm here he gives us sort of astounding early career high performance but i'm still a mess amazing about this movie is as i said it's a story from 50 years ago but it could be ripped from the headlines from from from last year i mean it really touches on the hot button topics of american political life right now particularly the black lives matter movement and the debate over the origins of systemic racism this film is premiering in sundance but it's already a front runner for the oscars particularly for daniel and his amazing performance. and the actress robin wright great actress directing her 1st movie starring it as well it looks a bit like a tour de force she seems to be in every frame. yeah yeah pretty much this is quite amazing the film is called land and as you say it's robin wright's directorial debut the the story she plays the lead and it's
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a woman who is suffering from cromwell who decides to go off the grid and tries to live basically an isolated life in the wilderness of wyoming and what's interesting about this movie is it's a very unique take on this type of story this isn't i guess the typical male version of the story which is the isolated individual against the wilderness and this is more about our common humanity and this character rob writes character survives because she's helped by others because really of the kindness of strangers and it's really a life affirming film robin wright gives an amazing directorial debut. i hear but also as an actress i mean she is literally in every frame of this movie and i think it's a career high performance it's astounding i think again oscar voters will take note . very very flee all these films sound very interesting so the festival is virtual this year does it mean we could all watch these films. yes sadly not if you're in
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america yes in america in the states you can watch these films online you can buy tickets online and stream them if you're outside the united states you're a fortunately out of luck you don't have to wait until they either come on to a streaming service near you or eventually hopefully theaters will reopen and some of these great movies will be seen as they should be seen in the cinema score as always a mine of information thanks very much for being with us today. the book paid back by gap bleeding is not only a disturbing rebuild but it was originally published in the 1950s it wasn't successful in germany is novels about the 2nd world war one thing exactly popular at that time the book paints on unflinching picture of the savagery of just over a wanna of the war in a bunker as bombs rained down around. this climbing wall behind me is actually part of a world war 2 bunker when the allied forces were dropping bombs on nazi germany as many as 15000 berliners took refuge here fortunately for most of us today it's
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impossible to imagine what the air raids were like for most civilians who didn't have a bunker to run to. pay back by get out the lady is a relentless and excruciating account of a world war 2 air raid on an unnamed german city it's a shock to the system from the very 1st page when the 1st bomb fell the blast hurled the dead children against the wall they had suffocated in a cellar the day before had been laid in the graveyard because their fathers were fighting at the front and their mothers were still missing only one was found but she was crushed under the rubble that was what payback looked like. and then just a few lines later. 100000 people felt their hearts pounding the city had been burning for 3 days since which time the sirens regularly began to wail too late it
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was as though they were being set off like that deliberately on the grounds that people needed time to live in between being bombed to pieces that was the beginning . the 70 minutes of warfare described in this novel tear through civilians and soldiers good guys bad guys germans americans russians all tied together by their catastrophic absurd fate author get laid experienced world war 2 both as a soldier in combat and as a civilian under airstrike he published payback in 1956 but back then most german readers just wanted to forget the war the book wasn't published again for more than 40 years today it's an important tale for anyone who hasn't experienced war and if you have any illusions. about the glories of battle payback were bought out to pieces.
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the russian german pianist august is renowned for interpretations of and ethics a team and it was the music of ivan god is he that fostered her interest in the connection between different styles of music meanwhile she seemed on our own classical version of the hardcore techno music of scooter which created quite an uproar indeed the more she investigates the more she feels the association between different genres we met up with her recently to find all. and this knowledge. was originally controls and 1929 and from what we did with this melody. cyclists
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'd ringback. although john a lot of us all pianists know the piano concerto number one but it is your cross keys to certain movements which is the famous beginning. and this is a very famous ukraine and folk song which is in russian called we do we divide in korea that means even come out led them together and then there were dancing all together and you see the most famous piano concerto which is performed today on all
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the stages and so on is basically a full cool song variation that you can save us all 50 percent folk music i realize how wrong we use the word classical music. a pro coffee of piano sonata which. this is not classical music this is modern music art if we talk about here. this is romantic music this is not classical music and. this.
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this is classical music and i do play 'd. i i do play classical music but i play also among take and contemporary music and also sambar congress last piece is. different melodies are going from different centuries from different countries and how they meet holiday inspired different artists to do something new but in the end all of this. doesn't really matter because what music is about is the motion you will never forget the small one that made you cry.
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intriguing lots more classical music can be found on our you tube channel d.w. classical music soul for this edition of arts and culture though thanks very much for watching and do join us again soon if you can buy from.
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the land to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan for you. so nothing is just the children who have already been the boy and those that will follow are part of a new. they could be the future of collapse it will be. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines. hi neal and i'm game for studios that's 17 trillion land on the minds of killed worldwide sure so that we can do good but it's not just the animals of all suffering it's the environment we went on in germany to find ways out of the question if you want to know how awake lift off the priests and the whole just change stuff as they think there's listen to our podcast
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on the green thumbs. it's about billions. it's about how it works. it's about the foundation of a new world order the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network and so in europe the conflicts are inevitable the consequences unpredictable look in his book of the shaky of the chinese state as a model of money at its disposal to get most of them and that's how it's expanding been asserting its status and position in the world to be fair to combine forces moving the to china he's promising its partners rich profits but in europe there's a sharp warning you could never accept money from the new superpower it will become dependent on any. chinese gateway to europe. starts feb
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19th. to. come up. the to. play play. play. this is the. military see. state of emergency civilian government officials including. she have been detained international leaders. also on the program germany's. growing frustration at the.


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