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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  February 7, 2021 7:30am-8:01am CET

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delight is useless way to bring you more conservation. how do we see the screen how can we protect habitats what to do with all our waste and. we can make a difference by choosing smaller solutions overstrained said in other ways. google i do know some fundamental series in towns and on google and online. this isn't just whistling a happy tune on the spanish canary islands listening can make up an entire conversation. hi everyone and welcome to another fun filled edition of your own x.
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with me your host megan lee here's a look at what else we've got in store for you today. in light of the ongoing pandemic fashion designers are finding new ways to present their collection this day and we visit the studio of british artist patrick ewing for a closer look at his optical illusion. but 1st we start off with a 12 year old german actress who has already put herself on hollywood's radar helena's angle has gained international acclaim for her latest role in the western drama news of the world with superstar tom hanks before making the film a single emitted she didn't even know who tom hanks was while now her role alongside him has earned her both a golden globe and a screen actors guild nomination we met helen as ingle in berlin for a chat about her acting achievements so far and what's next for her. hollywood has
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great expectations for this young woman from berlin germany's up and coming star is moving ahead. i find it we're not saying it's right i don't bitch but i'm on my meds for not returning scripted showing up played the orphan you handily on bad in the western loos of the world who grew up with the kill one native american people one day she meets captain jefferson called kid played by tom hanks the german school girl hadn't met the american actor until shooting had already started. it tough 1st time i met him i was in the makeup trailer getting fixed up for the shoot which we were actually supposed to meet later on he just came in and i wasn't prepared at all and he said hello i'm tom hanks it was so overwhelming and at that moment i didn't know what to say and we ended up laughing about it
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a lot. even learned the keel while language for her role. playing awful. to a bird that could. eat it. we had 6 weeks to prepare and all mexico before the shoot again a very big guy and then we had another 3 weeks training actually you know what an hour and a half every day after school so it was really important to me to learn exactly how derek to think that they think morningstar and while high think in a straight line you know and to learn about their culture or to look i'm certainly the art one skill she didn't have to learn was how to write a horse she's been doing that since age 4 on that score she was even quite a bit ahead of her screen partner but she also learned a great deal from tom hanks and he gave me advice like always be punctual know your
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lines and be nice to everybody. and you should always offer help to your screen partner in the last scene for example where we both ended up crying and he cried all over again and everything just so i'd be able to and i thought that was really amazing that he was able to keep doing that every time i can. already has an impressive acting career behind her she 1st sit in front of a camera at age 5 she landed her 1st lead role in a feature film at age 9 early on she tackled some extremely challenging parts of helen and made a splash with system crasher impressing audiences with her raw energy she played 9 year old benny. a severely traumatized and of control girl. and number of scenes proved extrude the challenger. no matter what you always have
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to bear in mind this is what's in the script and the way the director wants it out that's the role and i just have to do it i'm an actress and this is my profession because that's what the film needs if you're close with the people you work with well and you can laugh about things the traps not half bad like. the drama one critical acclaim and over 40 awards and the german film award for best actress went to. part with your help calling on. well i'm not saying. oh my god. the road became hellene as a breakthrough for her international career. the director paul greengrass saw me at the 2900 berlin film festival and said to his assistant what she can do with her eyes and he thought it was just so overwhelming that he no i did my 2 a casting call in berlin or well me and then to london and then i knew i'd get the part done on done. helen i spent 3 months in the united states to shoot
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news of the world in that time she became close friends with tom hanks. was his role was kind of a fatherly grandfather one and he got to be incredibly important to me we still write each other very often and tell each other about what they're up to and that's really great that we have such a good connection that at 1st i never would have thought we could get off and what does the future hold. and well my ambition is to please myself and the audience just to make great movies and maybe have some impact on society or just various topics like in system crasher plus i'd like to have a star on the walk of fame but i think most important of all is to keep my feet on the ground and really clear idea of what i'd like to do. and news of helen as world just keeps coming the latest is that she's been nominated for a golden globe. the show must go on even in
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a pandemic therefore fashion designers have gotten creative with how to present their collections at paris fashion week the shows were drastically different compared to past years with either no audience members or a limited number of spectators sitting at a distance so to increase the reach of their audience many designers have turned to making films for their catwalk creations then these fashion films are put on social media we had a behind the scenes look. this downer started fendi show when paris featured the likes of american actress demi moore and big name international top models like bella had lead to kate moss and naomi campbell. but there was no audience for press. in the uk could still buy so now was also presented in the grand finale of paris in front of mostly empty chairs with just a few guests present such as french addresses mario courtyard and vanessa parody
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who respected social distancing. fashion journalist godfrey deni watches the could 2 shows online on his computer they have to. develop. of course the whole point about big fashion shows is there are probably good raw material for social media. never mind the magazines even the people don't buy from their roots just look up long live so big shows are being driven by social media. so they have to create something cultural sots bush. it's just become the trench model louise did she believe doesn't think it's all cool to show by chanel it's much like a normal fashion show either to the station or you have normally we get one shot at going down the catwalk in front of a live audience pumped with adrenaline and all worked up backstage about facing the
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photographers and journalists see what this year is much calmer and we do several takes so they can be edited into a perfect video. the new collection from the your was presented in a high quality 15 minute fashion film that took 3 months for dior designer mary are going to read and italian director matty will get on there to produce. a reason designer julia for he has also the. i'm a director when he specialized in 11 years ago one of his dresses would go for 40000 euros or more and despite the pandemic he hasn't seen much of a drop in sales even if his customers mainly from the middle east and asia are currently looking for somewhat less extravagant clothes his 9 minute fashion clip boasts about the same budget as a fashion show but making a film is more work. if
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a show is much easier the clothes are already on the can for about 13 minutes and models just have to walk in a film on the other hand they have to really act they have to decide with the cameramen what scenes you shoot and how and then comes the editing process you really have to direct the piece keep you busy time but i have a good head is a search so that if you got a show you do a traditional catwalk and just walk in a straight line but in a film i can express myself and i like that better ok fashion films has become a dedicated job with some brands such as gucci now showing whole series here is a scene from gucci says. the fashion companies such as sauna all have stopped organizing any shows and are relying exclusively on social media with creative films the decks designer dual victor and was is presenting their new uk could feel collection in an empty art center just outside amsterdam they say
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some changes are here to stay there or change and. it's all over where is the importance of social. status. issue there should be your horse. which is there. for. fashion films will probably never come to completely replace physical fashion shows but brands have proved ingenious in finding creative ways to present new connections and they will not hesitate to tap this potential to with fullest. now you may think that it's a bird tweeting but actually it's someone whistling most of us whistle for pleasure or to get someone's attention without thinking about a deeper meaning but did you know that whistling was developed as a way to communicate over long distances on the canary island of whistling is still
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used to communicate and it's even taught in school here max reporter hendrick belling traveled there for a firsthand lesson. songs like bees be heard on the mountain. but the island goes on just whistling for fun they're communicating with one another across great distances. what to be honest i haven't understood anything but that makes me sort of curious because that's the way how people can communicate over here unbelievable i think but a good reason to listen a little bit closer. i set out with us in your diary just to discover the secret of the civil camaro the was the language of the volcanic island.
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america's the 2nd smallest of spain's canary islands an archipelago in the atlantic some 1500 kilometers from the spanish mainland. the island distantly populated with a scattering of little mountain villages an estimated 20000 people know the wistful language the unusual way of communicating originated in these mountains which up to 1500 meters high of a new that he has heard his grandfather's go belly up. as whistled language was invented because of the island's geography. you know it's hard to reach and has many gorgeous. made it easier for us to work with the livestock. north we didn't have to walk up and down the mountains to talk to each other anymore. we could just do it by wessling from on high.
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civil monsters like when your dad yes can make themselves understood at distances up to 3 kilometers the tradition dates back thousands of years but the advent of mobile phones eliminated the need for this form of communication and the wisdom of language seems doomed to extinction yet today young people have rediscovered for themselves. but i'm near him but about those who can see it will go by all means and not tomorrow because it's kind of a heritage and culture and it remains an active part of our lives to this day. i learned to whistle when i was 6 years old and i grew up listening wherever i go whistling is a part of me you could say it flows in my veins and it's very important to me. it's my turn to try. sadly i failed utterly. so i set off in search of
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a teacher in sons of us john de la camaro the capital of the island with a population of just over 9000. but i don't have much time to take in the sights i have to get to school. the special thing about the metal is that is even taught as a compulsory subject in schools here that's unique in europe and my chance. so i'm back in the classroom my one on one lessons begin with a greeting. good day i'm kiko carre and where are. their. malviya he the union. i think he was idea. for the book. he said will go marrow in its present form is based on the spanish
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language the sounds of which are condensed into a few whiffs looking notes to 4 volts and 4 notes for a consonant context helps clear up any misunderstandings everything you'd like to say with speech you can also say by whistling for example my name but on cisco i can either say francisco all whistle and. in 2009 unesco declared civil camero intend to build world heritage a sculpture commemorates this centuries old tradition and inspires me to give it one more try. ok it's much more difficult than i expected to communicate only by whistling but it's very 1st amazing to listen to those old traditions at least as fascinating as the landscape in which serve america was born.
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and you can see more of hendrix whistle ing adventures on our you tube channel. next up we are going to get a new perspective on art with a british painter patrick hughes now he is known for his unique 3 d. optical illusions and not only did he invent the technique he also invented the terminology we met up with the artist in his studio to learn more about his view on a reverse spectrum. seclusion is on 3 dimensional surfaces. they play with trap a zoid and perspectives to trick the viewer into seeing what's not really there. british artist patrick hughes calls this reverse specter for the 1st perspective the painter developed the technique in self. it's extraordinary because it uses
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you to create the movement. to make the moves with machines inside but my makes it work by having you move the painting seemed to me. he's got a team of 6 to support him in his london studio the actual creation is a very involved process. it can take up to 3 months to complete one image. the 1st step is to build a 3 dimensional base out of wood. then patrick you sketches out his ideas. he uses a computer to project his designs on to the canvas then he and his team paint the pictures and all those techy cues likes to reference the work of other artists we choose by city hall because people like him and i quite like i'm not mad about it i quite like him. because their walls though any
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graffiti house would prefer to work in a concrete hole but we like to make brick walls. here patrick he was detailed his vision of venice. he feels quite inspired by it he's clean of the adriatic. in appreciate this it's made already in perspective this small of this is very difficult to my eye and the. pull out side 1234 will move against the sky and the end of the judaica across the lagoon that on the water hit so you see it in a stage now where we've painted the pole outside and they will appear to turn against the background move as you move they will move in synchronicity with
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yourself like the perfect spot. patrick user created his 1st reverse effect a picture in 1964 and called it sticking out really. but not until the 1990 s. did he set himself perfect this painting technique. the work titled jazz from 26 teams made him world famous. he mostly draws inspiration for his projects from the architecture he sees all around. when i was 'd a kid i used to think why aren't buildings like apples all pez all horses more imaginative but i don't. think. in there in the end buildings are boring you've got to make them alive you make them interesting. the sizes of the reverse effect of works very greatly. as to their prices. some of those pictures have gone for as much as 160000 euros. and my work is
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not just visual he's physical it's a combination of the whole person is for 2 feet and you knees and your legs your body and your stomach because your as well as your eyes so although i have been an internet troll and salt is all in the mind it's actually all in the mind and the ball. the more perfect feel lucian the more complete the experience patrick hughes creates fascinating perspectives. in our world. moving on now to something sweet and as you can see i am standing on the skyline of copenhagen well this one among other famous skyline serves as an inspiration for baker mario trout sky she loves architecture and baking so she figured out a way to combine the 2 into tasty desserts well the results are quite mouthwatering
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. the skyline of copenhagen the eiffel tower in paris the sydney opera house and park well in barcelona these edible works of art are the creations of maria trucks going. yeah i'm primarily interested in the artistic ass backwards it's a kind of performance before originally the 25 year old studied architecture in moscow and paris but in 2012 she discovered baking and it became a passion now she mixes her 2 fields of interest and she's found definite parallels in the process. trust me to do a little crowd in there often i shape the casing by hand but i use the mousse like concrete wasn't there so the elites i can poured into the form just like concrete. or i use the 3 d. models and fill them with ag r. ag r.
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a japanese jelly where form isn't it i've still got i've got a. car copenhagen berlin cake is especially elaborate and took 3 days to complete it's made of short crust pastry with nuts chocolate sponge without flour coffee mousse and a grassy glaze made from salted caramel the optical highlight is the chocolate skyline. what's important is that the landmarks of both cities are recognized. this danish german cake is the pastry chef best known dessert to date it was a special request from a customer who loved both european capitals. of the copenhagen berlin cake has many textures one such as chocolate coffee and like your so it's something for real men were. baked version of st basil's cathedral of her hometown moscow was of course a must the shape of a cake is just this essential to her as its taste each recalls the flavors of the
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respective country was the was moscow tastes like the typically eastern european blend of spices but combined with something light and fluffy like a butter cream. it may consist of very simple ingredients but still tastes soft and silky. also interprets the taste of famous architects like this cultural center by renzo piano as a special flavor prevailing. this hotel in spain is a designed by american architect frank geary it served as a model for this apple cake with the song to the pump you do in paris hazelnuts and caramel dominate the complex of flavors absolutely french according to maria. and the famous veins by finnish designer all over also has a taste quite reminiscent of nordic countries blueberries no matter how simple or
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complex or creations work on every new cake begins with a sketch much like the design for a new building would. go i think i've invented a new profession pastry architect ice that betwixt and between i'm not really one of the other well i haven't designed any buildings for some time and i'm not a proper pastry chef either. you know and i'm not going to be interested in thinking only about recipes and a gradient scale goes even so early it gives the ingredients high priority and uses only top quality products she brings some of them back from her travels to france for the united states it doesn't seem to bother her that her existing creations end up being devoured. in america that's the most important part of the taste is everything. and with that we wrap up another show now don't forget to check out our website for
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this week's draw and a chance at receiving a d w backpack with a bunch of goodies inside as always for me in the rest of the crew in berlin thanks for tuning in we'll see you again soon.
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everything is quiet without art and culture. but when a moment. is it possible to experience a closeness while social distancing in. a new social togetherness is reflected by our. feels what everyone is missing right now. aren't
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20. and 30 on g.w. . does the. scientists have been trying to find out for decades. the key to the answer gravitational. researchers are using the sensors to listen to infinity. to receive signals from the dark side of the universe. in 75 minutes on d w. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. the magic on a trip to. the top for food. and some great cultural memorials to
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boot. double trouble for god. it's about billions. it's about how the word. gets out about the foundation of a hoarder. silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network and so on the conflicts are inevitable the consequences unpredictable the guinness book of the shaking of the chinese state has a lot of money at its disposal to push it and that's how it's expanding and asserting its status and position in the world he said difficult but fortunately china keeps promising its partners rich profits but in europe there's a sharp warning you can never accept money from the new super power will be coming to london tonight. china's gateway to europe which starts feb
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19th on w. class. this is studio b. unusual live from berlin germany is hit by treacherous weather as winter begins to bind emergency crews are on standby as extreme weather warnings are issued for several parts of the country snowstorms black ice and plummeting temperatures are expected also coming up protestors in miran want to keep up the pressure despite the military's efforts to block internet communication sow's ins of demonstrators
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marching young guns for a 2nd day denouncing the coup that threatens to roll back democratic.


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