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tv   Zu Tisch  Deutsche Welle  February 7, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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it's typical. chinese gateway to your a large february 19th d.w. . this is day to any news live from at least 160 people are feared dead is that it's a dam in india a huge flood cascades through the broken dam carrying modern to bring into the areas alone to search for survivors is ongoing and also coming up protestors in myanmar keep up the pressure despite the military's efforts to block internet communication thousands of demonstrators again notching through yangon's announcing
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the truth that threatens to roll back democratic and. banned emergency crews are deployed in germany as extreme weather causes disruption to traffic in several parts of the country snowstorms a black ice and plummeting temperatures are forecast to continue well into monday. i'm rebecca it is welcome to the program as many as 150 people are feared dead in northern india after part of a glace it broke off and crashed into a dam and the town of calm state a nation floods waters and debris i witnesses say it happened so fast that people had almost no time to react a search for survivors is underway. amateur video shows the small dam being swept away by the water and debris released by the avalanche.
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that then cut further through the area hitting the hydroelectric power plant in the valley below. it's feared that people working at the rashid ganga power plant were perhaps swept away as well as some villagers. the tragedy happened in the top of an area of the northern state of and in northern india. this region in the himalayas is prone to flash floods and landslides. rescue operations were under way as crews look for survivors and try to secure the area. our correspondent richard just fall is in delhi following the events in the district of the to come for us the maisha it's difficult to even imagine these
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takes as it was saying truly shocking how dramatic is the situation there right now . let her back up from the getting situation definitely is grim we have heard about 150 liberals who were working on one of the bio that was hit another bomb on board and down as well as on the damaged that was all villages in the homes separating the banks of the flooded out that would also have been hit thousands of meters from the region have already been evacuated teams from the army of the border police as well as disasters and once forces have been deployed that damage is being assessed and might authorities clean that up what does that want to do been brought under control it was a new extent it's only when all this water actually receives that they will be able to assess the true extent of the damage as well as the loss of life here you mentioned the flooding there was terrifying because there was saying and has that
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flooding really been contained now are authorities expecting things to get worse as sort of a car tire chains that see that what they are insisting on is that people must not responding to was about writing or in such a determined information about a lot of like the clinton want to be sure that it isn't false or at least some information has already been really used to seeing that further down the the border is below the danger mobs of that is called the border guard again inventor flooded out and there's also all dams the you will still have the storms last the water cause for want to be in that created into a separate area however the parts of the world where the water has crashed through the bottom of the by generators is going to be damaged and won't even severely damaged and that is where the disaster was once was and still be concentrating now we know from the eye when i witness accounts that it happened so fast that people
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didn't really have time to react when there were any warnings that something like this might happen. well remember when that really don't have been immediate warnings that have been long gone one it's been given by local. environmentalists as well as journalists who have pointed out that an emphasis on tourism in the event which is led to the great ruins as well as an emphasis on highly projects jangly to disaster that must be actually be discontinued the garden while the government has actually been criticised for not coming down more heavily on these heidi plans back into a tour de that was a massive flood that stored in the region became our last little field after all and eat out that was going to old creeks and jobs and plain to again at a slow caused the loss of all $5000.00 names and damages to $4500.00 villages the salute was a legion that does new tradition and this disaster will be focused back on that fact maisha thanks very much for the update correspondent nimation in delhi
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thousands of demonstrators have again taken to the straits across man maher and another day of resistance to last week's military coup in spite of blocked internet access and a heavy security presence the protest is a demanding the release of elected leader aung sun suu kyi who's in detention reportedly under house arrest the epicenter of the protests was in yangon was many as 100000 people are estimated to have taken part. just as a back on the streets of young gone for a 2nd day thousands marching against the military coup and me and. they used the 3 think a salute to signify their rebellion and carried ban is demanding the release of elected leader unsung suchi they say they had no choice but to take to the streets in support of democracy and against what they see as injustice. this is really
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unfair despite their landslide win in the election the military staged a coup unilaterally and with accusations. i think the military staged an unfair. they arrested the leaders elected by the people now students under the red fighting peacock flag have led revolutions in the past so we join today the protest as well. the red flag is that of unsung suit cheez national league for democracy faulty and l.d. . the chief men on lying seized power on monday alleging fraud in the election held on the 8th of november that vote resulted in a landslide victory for the n l d the country's electoral commission dismisses the army's accusations. footage of sunday's protests surged on social media despite the country battling internet blackouts the images show demonstrators out in large numbers some even facing off
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against secret police and military to to observe them many protesters say they are determined to show they will not be intimidated. citizens have already made their demands by voting we are on the streets now to show you that we are against a military dictatorship with out here. so far protests across the country have been largely peaceful but there are concerns that this unprecedented level of civil disobedience could provoke a military response. to some of the other stories making headlines around the world this hour in afghanistan at least one policeman has been killed and 7 others wounded in 2 separate blasts in the eastern province of manga ha 1st a car bomb targeted a police outpost then in the city of jalalabad a roadside blast targeted a police vehicle afghanistan has witnessed a sharp rise in violence in recent weeks. voters in ecuador go to the polls on
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sunday to choose a new president officials decided to go ahead with the poll despite the pandemic leftist candidate andre r.-o. has pledged to put ecuador back on the path to socialism while conservative guillermo last says he'll create $1000000.00 jobs in one year. exile bellerose you know opposition leaders fat lot of chicken has called on people around the world to demonstrate on sunday against the rule of president alexander lukashenko 6 months after his disputed election but he has already shown its support for the so-called bellerose solidarity day with a light show on its capital in its capital. germany has been hit by heavy snow and ice with disruption to public transport like . to continue into monday the northwestern state of lower saxony had already seen heavy snow so soft highways has not been severely severely affected as road
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cleaning crews are managing to keep pace but sometimes services has been canceled the german weather service says some parts of the country could see anything from 60 to 40 centimeters of snow. correspondent chad reed is braving that weather for us in central germany chair of the looking pretty cold out there the snow has just started coming down here in berlin how's it looking way you are. very cold here there's a lot of snow that fall and there's still a lot more snow to come it's a tell of really extreme weather across germany this weekend because here in the north we're seeing very cold temperatures being brought down by an arctic front being sent down from the arctic while in southern germany a warm warm front is bringing the warmer weather so we have a situation where there is an extreme difference in temperatures between northern
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and southern germany experts say this is quite unusual and kind of where i am is smack bang in the middle with these 2 fronts and so we have very high levels of noise snow storms very slippery roads and extreme weather warnings for much of central and northern germany this weekend how much disruption is the storm causing so cross the country. well emergency services have already been very busy we've had reports of over 200 car accidents on highways in germany's most populous state which is north rhine-westphalia in germany's west train station behind me here in hanover has canceled regional and long distance trains and other cities have had to do this as well they've had to cancel buses what what authorities have told motorists here in lower saxony is to prepare for black ice on the roads or roads will be very slippery they're telling people to
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stay at home if they can essentially emergency services have their work cut out for them this weekend more staying at home and so one of the predictions how long are the disruptions likely to last. well weather or stories. about of weather will continue into monday but that it should stop then but day are warning people that it is going to remain very very cold across much of northern germany for the rest of the week on day delis dara grade staying out there in the cold fours i'm glad to be talking to you from the warm studio jarret stay warm. in american football super bowl 65 kicks off on sunday in florida the train the tampa bay buccaneers and the kansas city chiefs and fans are determined not to let the cause of 900 pandemic overshadow the biggest spectacle in us. kovi
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19 hasn't hit these football fans from giving their taste of super bowl 55 and various fan zones in tampa with not enough tickets to go around due to crowd limitations for the game some fans don't even have concrete plans we're not sure what to do read cannot walk deal with more than 2 people we want to watch a game together and careful. i'm not sure what we're going to do but we're going to find a way champ of it we're going to we're. sorry that for others have reservations about where they might end up on sunday. how are we concerned about the art of which you are probably called the very people you are with for the border. this is probably the most if not the right situation for me are probably watching it from the hotel room of the very end for those 22000 general admission
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fans lucky enough to have gotten tickets for the super bowl masks of course will be mandatory. time the bundesliga cologne increase their hopes of survival with a $21.00 win at the home of rivals gluck bloodbath in the run tabi the visit is full has been different but they took an early late through l. this wrecks the job i loved equalised but it was rex that high he grabbed another goal in the 2nd half to seal the points for his tank it was a famous davi when the cologne who sits 14th with blood stuff in seventh's. and bottom placed him shall cause suffered another setback in this struggle to avoid relegation losing 3 nil at home to 2nd place. mr c. has made his 1st appearance after coming out of our team is lack of match practice showed as he filed to mock. away at his corner kick just before half time
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the home side's resistance were. broken light in the 2nd half when muscle sabates made it to lots this video been rounded off the wind lighten the guy and now 7 points behind mate is behind. it watching the news live from burn up next our series doc film i was back at the top of the now with more headlines until then there's always our website days w dot com i'm rebecca roberts thanks want you to. imagine how many courses all bloodshot turned out into more climate change pissing off a story this is my placing way from just one week. how much worse can it really get. we still have time to an ongoing.
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process. we know mission we claim on standby name is michelle and munched life and i'm a father of 2 children so i was diagnosed with cancer at about 3 weeks later my life looked radically different views of it's never been the same sorts and. even 2 rounds of chemotherapy couldn't treat mikhail's aggressive cancer only hong let. create a self if left untreated i would die in 2 or 3 months at best just so it's incredibly serious and clear. his motto is a gene therapy with cancer killing cells such as kim mariah from novo artists with a price tag of $370000.00 swiss francs and camera is just the beginning
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a new drug let's turn it was injected into on $850000.00 gens but it's now the most expensive drug on earth the price tag of $1000000.00 was how willing a society to bear the costs of loophole when you let someone die to save money or power at these prices calculated paul. scholes pharmaceutical companies sell the market to determine what can make it a house of it and with a limousine you need the. would health insurance companies pay these record prices . 437-0000 francs that's a lot of money and we can't afford it what can you do. it's tricky it's hard to tell what the future has in store.
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all you want we're going to get this cancer. out of let's hope so. mikhail dion has a rare and aggressive form of lymph node cancer his crooked mouth also comes from the disease. his last hope is camera a completely new treatment just approved last fall. the samples are taken of the patient's own immune cells and these are sent to a noble artist laboratory in the us there the cells are genetically modified and reprogrammed into cancer killing cell. after being multiplied and frozen these cells are sent back to switzerland. the patient receives the killer cells in one single infusion with
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a price tag of 370000 swiss francs according to the novara just catalogue. it remains unclear whether the health insurance companies will pay for camera they have joined together to negotiate a discount. unlocking of ice and i work for the insurer has done where i negotiate contracts with the pharmaceutical industry we're currently negotiating the price of kim rai with novartis. the price is too much she says partly because it is unclear what long term effects can ryo will have and whether the cancer will return. official and it isn't quite clear to us how the price came about we didn't receive any cost breakdown and don't know why the price is so high you see that what i had to get i was all. welcome to pharma companies provide that gonski formally and there is no formula as to how the price breaks down and i've never seen on the whole i mean this and i think they try to start with as high
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a price as possible because in the end it always gets negotiated. the harley in the 1st price they said is just a starting point later it's off now it's a real problem if you ask me i couldn't tell you what we can do about it because in any go. they discussed whether health insurers should pay. only in the event of success but what is success when it comes to cancer there's no solution in sight and for the time being every insurer is deciding for themselves. because times low cost ensure to pretty refuses to pay for khumra the benefits are not clear enough they say. to be honest i was furious as well because this stinks of incompetence she gets in the end it's like the wild west it was the secret life that those who can afford treatment so the ones who get a chance to have. and for others it's not clear whether they can do to your health care yes. mchale's relatives want to fund the treatment
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themselves but the hospital is demanding half a 1000000 francs as security. after a camera infusion some patients reactions require transfer to the intensive care unit to leave because he. believes kindly willing to give 850000 franc advance on her inheritance. fop to its credit also you know. i'm also getting an advance on an inheritance. when my brother spot their houses they call it their share and i haven't needed it so far so but soca want to know i'd like to use it for this and it's hope. it's not me hubbard almost exactly see it be to get it really touch me that a lot of people i know are ready to give 10000 francs if it will help saying they know it isn't much so that. there are
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a lot of people like that and it really touches down the hall who benefits because everyone realizes that in the worst case scenario the money will simply be gone or this discounting claims to fall in the very worst case it won't even have done any good to fall. back east. according to no bart has one and a half years after treatment 40 percent of patients like make. still have cancer. that's a start but could it be better. if. those made of course exceed what the drug i'm currently on had a 20 percent chance of success. in the south as it would there were days when i thought that's it as he gets older. i could only hope my final hours would go quickly. i didn't want my family to have to watch forever and for me to be a never ending with a work out committee and i didn't want to lie around like a vegetable and drugs all strogatz with the dude's shook musique me dog.
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about a dozen cancer patients cannot be treated due to the price dispute critics might claim the health insurers are at fault with terminally ill patients running out of time and dying while negotiations my gone with no bar to see the full no or there's this level of need i thought of but that's not the case we all share the responsibility because we have yet to find a solution to this all around less than ideal situation fall is it not so. mikhail monch times family has scraped together half a 1000000 francs he is the 1st lymphatic cancer patient in switzerland to receive can ryan. the morgue or. mickael has
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a new cells taken from him that will be shipped by plane to the us where they will be converted into cancer killing cells referred to as car t. cells. will the treatment work week aisles cancer is growing so every day counts. he says how the end of it takes a while for the cells to be produced in a best case scenario it will be 4 weeks but it may take a little longer since so many products are sent in put up that i'm concept of that i would call it to me. but i do ensure the funds are available to go come to ny is prepared to issue a bank guarantee that i and we are supposed to deposit everything into a special escrow account that spec here's dan c. we'll make sure it's not touched it but this way we can proceed with treatment by their father murphy earlier lymph node got it while. i was
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a pro. moved through clinical trials funded by novak in. brooklyn to see here i can feel at least 2. experts criticize the fact that the effect of can riaa has been tested on less than 100 patients worldwide before the war period was less than 2 years and came royal was not compared to an existing treatment so the long term effects remain unknown this criticism generally holds true for other trials on rare diseases. but naturally patients want the treatment as soon as possible and the companies present the study results as positively as they can says antonia miller. this is the case everywhere and it's intuitive although there have also been studies with carty cells that have to be aborted because test subjects were dying and there were too
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many side effects up or and. because that went out isn't that crazy. wow by men's i will say yes but we're also talking about patients who would otherwise die along with all the can comets and diseases that's. done as a world has gotten impatient and our patients have to we're not just going to say to them let's wait 5 years and all that's the problem it's walking a muffin if you have that is those 4 being. the trial with these deaths didn't concern of artists which conducted follow up studies on safety and efficacy. but what do you say about no barter system price as it was our food in price i find the prices in general to be staggering and many areas and not just those of. you in the or and these prices are completely nontransparent to patients and to us doctors. mr
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someone enabling all. all of this to go on because there are vested interests and mine so there are reasons why they want to be on the company's good side this pushed into interestingly that they're stacking the 1610 film and then measure their wives stand off it because they could also produce in india or china. and so it means jobs in basel alberts that's and it's the jobs of course and if you look at switzerland for example it doesn't have much industry but it does boast a few of the world's most important pharmaceutical companies a 55 i can sell it. at no fortresses plant in the town of dine in argo switzerland we meet with the head of cell and gene therapy in europe a month away or. so this will be. this will be a key site for us. they avoid talking about
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numbers here but cancer patients expect a price discount if the transport costs to the u.s. are eliminated. no says mr austin e. because the production side doesn't affect the price it is the value of gene therapy that is relevant meaning a prolonged life. this is a paradigm shift because the pharmaceutical industry used to justify its prices with high research costs. the principle of value based prices is wrong health insurers say because a human life is ultimately priceless and they estimate that premiums will rise by more than 10 percent over 10 years due to the cost of medicines. and you're not afraid that the health care system could break if you continue like this. no i'm not afraid i think we can find the solutions we are open to
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take the resources the kinds we're open to take risks with with our stakeholders to make sure that we can bring the therapies that patients. the pharmaceutical industry calls this risk sharing with those insured bearing part of the risk including the risk for camera which was not even invented by no far too small. these cancer killing cells trace their origins back to the university of pennsylvania and this is far from an isolated case with more than 60 percent of newly approved drugs in the us not stemming from pharmaceutical companies that are coral german army a professor at the university of pennsylvania my team invented. in 2465 years old but i've been working on the.
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1992. carl june was named one of the world's 100 most influential people by time magazine in 2018 and the 1st actually test of this is in patients or at age i.d.f. actually because they had lost 3 of the virus many of their own t. cells. 2 years later my wife died of ovarian cancer in 2001 and so i really needed to move from a child be to really all cancer or. at the time however he did not receive a dollar from the pharmaceutical industry because the treatment initially only worked on mice but not human so ok well what we know for sure is that the. fun day in essential way was essential to make a new industry so to have philanthropy and the government support.


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