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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  February 7, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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faces date over the news live from at least 150 people are feared dead as a glazier hits it down in india a huge flood cast cascades through the carryings mount and to bring into the areas below the search for survivors is ongoing also coming up tens of thousands of demonstrators again marching through myanmar's largest city to announce it because of that threatens to roll back democratic gains protesters and keeping up the pressure despite the military's efforts to block internet communication. and emergency crews are deployed in germany as extreme weather causes disruption to traffic in several parts of the country so storms black ice and plummeting
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temperatures are full cost to continue well into monday. i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program at least $150.00 paperless feared dead in northern india after part of a glaze it broke off and crashed into a dam in the to come state unleashing floodwaters and debris local authorities say rescue workers have begun recovering the bodies of the dead in the flood happened so fast the papal had almost no time to react a search for survivors is underway. amateur video shows the small den being swept away by the water and debris released by the avalanche. that then cut further through the area hitting the hydroelectric power plant in the
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valley below. it's feared that people working at the rashid ganga power plant were perhaps swept away as well as some villagers. the tragedy happened in the top of an area of the northern state of and in northern india. this region in the himalayas is prone to flash floods and landslides. rescue operations were underway as crews look for survivors and try to secure the area. our correspondent is in delhi following the events in the district of the to come for us the maisha difficult to even imagine these takes as it was saying truly shocking how dramatic is the situation there right now. letter back from the getting situation definitely is grim we have heard about the 150
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liberals who were working on one of the bio that was hit another part on to put it down as was on the down and dealt with some villages and homes separating the banks of the river flooding down that would also have been hit thousands of meters from the region have already been evacuated teams from the army of the border police as well as disasters and once forces have been deployed that damage is being assessed and might authorities clean that or does that auditing been brought under control gloss of an extent it's only when all this water actually receives that they will be able to assess the true extent of the damage as well as the loss of like he mentioned the flooding there has terrifying pushes the rest saying and has that flooding really been contain our authorities expecting things to get worse but so far about car tires use i see that what they are insisting on is that people must not responding to the words about volatile lighting rig such
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a determined information about the knots of light that when they want to be sure that it is involved or at least some information has already been seen that further down the water is below did you jump off of there is whole thing for those i began to mention flooded out and there's also all dams the you will still pay dirt storms floors the water. was for want to be in that created it was after it is however the parts of the world where the water has crashed through the bottom of the by generators going to the dams and what would have been severely damaged and that is where the disaster response was and still be concentrating now we know from the eye when the eyewitness accounts that it happened so fast that people didn't really have time to react when there are any warnings that something like this might happen. well remember where there me not have been needed warnings that have been long gone one it's been given by look at an article environmentalist's as
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well as journalists who have pointed out that an emphasis on tourism in the event which is led to the great ruins as well as an emphasis on highly projects jan 2 disasters and must be actually discontinued the guy don't want the government has actually been criticised for not going down more heavily on these heidi plans back in plato dean that was a massive flood that the sword in the region to him are as an awful after all an edict that was going to earth create jobs and train to again at a slow caused the loss of all 5000 names and damages to 4500 villages the salute was legion that does new detention and this disaster will be the focus back on that fact. thanks very much for the update correspondent nimation swan in delhi. tens of thousands of people continue to protest in myanmar after a military coup almost a week ago the internet has now been restored after being cut off for more than 24
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hours but no one knows for how long the protest as a demanding the release of the country's detained elected later on something. just as a back on the streets of young gone for a 2nd day thousands marching against the military coup and me and. they used the 3 think a salute to signify their rebellion and carried ban is demanding the release of elected leader unsung suchi they say they had no choice but to take to the streets in support of democracy and against what they see as injustice. this is really unfair despite their landslide win in the election the military staged a coup unilaterally and with accusations. that the military staged an unfair. they arrested the leaders elected by the people now students under the red fighting peacock flag have led revolutions in the past so we join today the protest
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as well. as. the red flag is that of unsung su cheese national league for democracy all the and l.d. . me cheat on lying seized power on monday alleging fraud in the election held on the 8th of november that vote resulted in a landslide victory for the n l d the country's electoral commission dismisses the army's accusations. footage of sunday's protests surged on social media despite the country battling internet blackouts the images show demonstrators out in large numbers some even facing off against secret police and military there to observe them many protesters say they are determined to show they will not be intimidated. citizens have already made their demands by voting we are on the streets now to show that we are against a military dictatorship without fear. so far protests across the country have been
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largely peaceful however gunshots were heard in the southeastern town looking out what the uniformed police with guns charged a group of protesters there were no immediate reports of casualties. concerns are hard at the unprecedented level of civil disobedience and could cause a stronger military response. well as the stories making headlines around the world around the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei said that iran will only return to the 25th day nuclear deal if the u.s. sanctions on the republic the deal between iran and 6 major powers limited iran's uranium you rich enrichment activity to make it harder for tehran to develop nuclear arms former us president donald trump abandoned the deal in 28.
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voting is underway in ecuador's presidential elections officials decided to go ahead with the vote despite the pandemic leftist candidate has pledged to put ecuador back on the path to socialism all conservative guillermo lassos says it will create 1000000 jobs in one year. in afghanistan at least one policeman has been killed and 7 others wounded in 2 separate blasts in the eastern province of wonder har 1st a car bomb targeted a police outpost then in the city of jalalabad a roadside bomb targeted a police vehicle afghanistan has witnessed a sharp rise in violence in recent weeks. it's now 6 months since the disputed presidential election in belarus led to mass protests on the streets of the capital minsk and many other parts of the former soviet republic official results gave long term president alexander lukashenko yet another landslide victory the protests that followed ended in repression and arrests now 6
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months later with the pandemic is still raging and one of the coldest winters in recent years the protests are still going on in belarus but in a rather different way. it's 9 pm here minsk and that means at least in this part of town it's time for many of the locals to go out and purchase out on the balconies something they do here night after night bringing flags chanting using the torch a mobile phones really making their presence felt i've heard all kinds of child care for my kitchen window anything from will come out and protest every night long live by the roofs looks into behind gauze basically these are the same. since the summer since those 1st protests off that reconnection in early august so there's one major difference back then the protesters had hundreds of thousands of people out in the streets every sunday right in the center of minsk making their presence felt now the government crackdown means that the only place people feel some kind
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of safety is in their own neighborhoods walking around the buildings and coming out on their companies right now it seems like alexander lukashenko who's been you know for more than a quarter century is in no hurry to tilt the opposition in no hurry to engage and has basically jailed next of cool his main opponents and seems to be betting that if he carries on like that these protests will fizzle out. if the people in this part of town and go by they definitely don't want to prove him right if they can stay out of jail that is because even coming out purchase on your own balcony that is something that is far from safe from minsk right now because here handing out since is anything from a month to several years to people who take part in this kind of perceptive ety this really is a situation where making use of those felt coming out speaking out is something that can cost you very dear. germany has been hit by heavy snow and ice with disruption to public transport likely to continue into monday the northwestern
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state of lower saxony and already same heavy snow but so far highways haven't been severely affected as road playing crews on managing to keep up but some train services has been cancelled the german weather service says some parts of the country could see anything from 15 to 40 centimeters of snow. correspondent outrage is braving that weather for us in central germany of sharon looking pretty cold out there the snow is just started coming down here in berlin how's it looking way you are. very cold here there's a lot of snow that fall in this deal a lot more snow to come it's a tell of really extreme weather across germany this weekend because here in the north we're seeing very cold temperatures being brought down by an arctic front being sent down from the arctic while in southern germany a warm warm front is bringing a warm weather so we have
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a situation where there is an extreme difference in temperatures between northern and southern germany experts say this is quite unusual and kind of where i am is smack bang in the middle with these 2 fronts missing and so we have very high levels of noise snow storms very slippery roads and extreme weather warnings for much of central and northern germany this weekend how much disruption is the storm causing cross the country. well the emergency services have already been very busy we've had reports of over 200 car accidents on highways in germany's most populous state which is north rhine-westphalia in germany's west train station behind me here in hanover canceled regional and long distance trains and other cities have to do this as well they've had to cancel buses or what authorities have told motorists here in lower saxony to prepare for
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black on the roads roads will be very slippery they're telling people to stay at home if they can and sensually emergency services have their work cut out for them this weekend more staying at home and so one of the predictions how long are the disruptions likely to last. well weather or. battle of weather will continue into monday but that it should stop then but day are warning people that it is going to remain very very cold across much of northern germany for the rest of the week on dave. staying out there in the gulf shores i'm glad to be talking from the warm studio jaryd to stay warm. watching data from next series reporter so that makes possible bring the headlines
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at the top of the hour until then you can always get the latest information on our web site that's dot com i'm rebecca racist. it's just so. the idea is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make 6 screen how can we protect our tests we can make a difference. the ideas are a mental series of global $3000.00 on t.w. and online. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we're. just 3 of the topics covered and a weekly radio. if you would like and your information on the front of our us or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it
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wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at dot com slash science. separatists have kept most schools in western cameroon closed for the last 4 years anyone trying to reopen them is intimidated attacked and perhaps killed how does it come to that is beautiful children to go to local to school. is fighting but nevertheless in the village of number he setting up a recreation center between the 2 fronts and risking his life as he does not intervene institutions. can he win his battle for education.
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theft and no lessons at the number of village schools since 26 the. separatists destroyed the interior and forced the teachers to flee. the school simple as a lot for the community that us files for development and growth of the t.v. so painful beyond the physical structure of. the human structure it's true it. is located in western cameroon in the country going to independence in the 1960 s. it's french and english speaking regions with much. on paper cameroon has 2 official languages 2 educational systems and 2 legal systems but in reality the english speaking minority says the french speaking government in the
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distant capital has been oppressing them and discriminating against them for years . and often there were peaceful mass protests in 2016. the government responded with violent suppression. we made our 1st visit to none but 2 years ago along the way we were stopped by home for resistance fighters of several checkpoints they're fighting for their own country i'm designing and they forced the schools to close in hopes of a place pressure on the government has to go see the better then a number we met passed the role and are you by chance he in the local people are living between the fronts with government troops on one side and separatist forces on the other please look at the form of the bill that what food is this is difficult because both parties in the sea in the sea does tend to socal solution also. because the school was closed past the hour a back then plan to set up
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a place where the children could at least meet supply. 2 years later with visiting him again in a shimmer of hope has grown out of the clergyman's initial idea. it's an alternative school the children are in attendance 3 times a week that. their. young trying to give them a light in a busy because it's a wonder mood in life reading writing arithmetic can you really see how the teachers of volunteers from the village like pradesh ekta the 20 year old herself had to leave school early because of the crisis my friends wanted to see should see to know what i don't want any so i move i'm not going to school to fly aboard and how do i try supposed call deputy know very well i like what i'm doing well like so
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in my community so you can isolate help you need to he said desh would like to go back to school himself graduate and then become either a nuss or a doctor. but right now she's just fighting to survive. to do some markets to buy things to eat in the household used to doing stuff but the money's there to buy but the things i'm ready he gets i'm not coming i wish my to it's now just like i'm going to you know have been wanting a house to eat nothing young latina house plantings i dare could be honest but there's nothing to paris who all digital blue soldiers and i nothing else like she needs and you have you don't puff protest became pregnant shortly after the crisis pm and now has to look off to how it will daughter as well as her so. you know. what that. will be. what up. a lot was
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to p.i. freedom to do something the freedom to live around like no my money now you only other times you ask a da he was in your house you're going to say really it was much better but what you risk it to me i don't be on a feeling fine at all. the dash takes us to our aunts house all it's left of it a year ago the separatists set it on fire. he came in would see that we have blood legs which means that we are like inform us like we carry a message to the immunity people so that's how they came where they came like that is that is shooting gone seriously shooting guns like frighten us this scare us we had no way to go inside to ask me to give him a much of a cohesive use it was not that was to kill us but he was done by killing my husband so that i didn't write to iceland we need before you come to me she was able to flee and her husband survived but was seriously wounded. in the government hospital
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they 1st refused him treatment and accused her husband of being a separatist himself. pasta roland perry his stories like this one every day separatists and government troops are fighting to dominate each other and if people suffer then it's the other side that's always to blame. us in the military and the boys brutalized people in them do things that anger me so to marry nice to try to be less but others. so to say with their brutes it ok to talk to people and how to people anyhow you know because i do have a license to do what they want to do with anybody i mean out for going through this who should to intrude how you're going to lose to me that to my face. we drive back to the regional capital amanda passing checkpoints where security forces are drinking openly and extracting bribes at another checkpoint
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a group of separatists stops us. they're ready to talk. the people have to like contribute money when they come here at the checkpoint or yes at the time so considered in the good morning god and god help you out prove to people how it's never really gotten to like by you they say they're protecting civilians from the military but they're really who's behind the attacks on the schools. the separatists are running on their own at this information campaign. that you just initials dots is an if you know pop artist who was hauled before what else does a last resort we need supervision i'm nothing more than bad that's ok not yet if that is not pretending to be so but on a whim and i'm not really and i would never do it i will fight to my last bit. is the government at least trying to resolve the conflict. because the mayor of
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commend a member of the party of paul bia he's been president of cameroon for almost 4 decades he keeps on appealing on the babies. i'm as the releasing those who have been cups that providing them said you can get me please all reformism these are all the attributes else he's. if you thought that in the. meanwhile president hasn't visited the region once since the crisis. a few hours later we had renewed gunfire and an explosion. i know you're ready if not all we are still i was. a year old in the so was the victim the separatists and soldiers were shooting it out front of his house he went out after the firing stopped and the grenade exploded.
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i don't know our daughter. was there is. the daughter is nearly or not desired does it is father does. not have mercy or knows no more does grow new. poll. a few schools are back open in the men to the next day. but on the military protection many children don't put on their uniforms until they reach the school gates out of fear they could be attacked or kidnapped. this school was attacked and set on fire in the event. alleged separatists who released this video a short time later forced them to undress. back in november as news that someone important is coming to give them the pep talk it's the archbishop from the regional capital amanda.
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b.c. ur. school is not going on normally but this is also part of learning. which means that it is part of going to school. so i found you very much for coming to learn ok. you must always learn because your future on lysine education full care. love for you is that of. the catholic church has been trying to mediate in the conflict since isto. the archbishop says the problem is the separatist leaders are in prison and the numerous small separatist groups on the unified through. the government should do everything possible within its
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policies through dialogue would never solve this problem you know when it war against your own people not possible this jordan why india when i said i'm almost moved to ts they have a right to a future. yet during a service pasta harry tells the villages that they too must do that popped. was there are still a few parents who would much rather see the children working in the fields than send them to the recreation center. the community has a duty to take care of the prisoner to love the project until he used the 1st and. because in the meantime it's become possible for youngsters to even get some career training at the center learn to sew or cut hair for example.
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roland ariz battle for education is very complex locally he does what he can all at the same time knowing that the conflict between the government and the separatists will be resolved elsewhere. we got into this trouble because so they would know listen to would not do what is was to do and this is what was so free. roland perry is one of the few people who is brave enough to say such things on camera. he doesn't want to remain silent. he wants to speak for those whose future hangs in the balance. and. this speech go in doesn't mean it can increase behind because there's enough plastic i'm lying around into a town of 100 c.e.o.
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is clear enough. for spike a link this is an eco brick shell can't educate each other when kids see the bigger picture and they all think that they kill where they live. for. next on the table. is only 12 years old and already on the fast track. a german film award. nomination and a hollywood debut. gushed. eleanor. super talented and extremely successful. she even tells us what tom hanks is like. your opec's. in 60 minutes. w.'s crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio drama series continues from the only disowns are available online to get more so you can share and discuss on w.
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