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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2021 6:30pm-7:16pm CET

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you know that we can get into but it's not just the animals little suffering it's the environment remain on a journey to find ways out of the machine if you want to know how old were you cliff to the priest and the whole troop train still was in theaters listening to our podcast on the green. this is g.w. news africa on the program today in security in the central african republic people are being forced to leave their homes as rebels push on to seize the capital the un saves more peacekeepers on needed to keep the public safe. on the international day of women and girls in science i'll be talking suit zimbabwe's stephanie travel she's made history as a black woman in formula one. hello
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i'm christine wanda it's good to have your company rebels in the central african republic say they will temporarily allow the passage of aid convoys to the capital . but the u.n. is calling on the rebels to end a blockade off the major road that leads into the capital the rebels who control about 2 thirds of the country and at one point have surrounded the capital have lost some ground the central african republic ministry along with its randon and russian allies reached a series of towns in recent days at the end of last month they head of the un peacekeeping mission in the cia are requested additional reinforcement is if the security situation was testing the ability to keep people in the cia are safe. is good and how 6 children are some of more than 2000 people who fled the fighting
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invalid umballa but a lot of the capital bangui now they've settled here at this ministry compound close to the residence of the country's president. it's hard to adopt to be a new lives now where we're better off in our homes my children didn't have any difficulty keeping themselves clean look at what the war has done to us today we ran away to take refuge here look at the mattress that the children sleep on some of them are getting sick we have nothing to eat well this war really end one day i fear for my children's future if. the central african republic of heart mind president independence period to peace accords and many years of parallel armed groups yet insecurity is still looms large in the country where people have had enough and want protection. as a result the book to the streets of the capital of few days ago protesting the arms
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embargo imposed by the united nations security council in 2013. i am a shopkeeper because of the insecurity we can no longer go to the market to sell our goods and take care of our children we can no longer pay our rent so that's why we have come out today to tell the un to lift the embargo so that security can return to our country i am a widow how am i going to look after my children. after the on successful attack on the capital bangui the government tightened security by imposing a curfew and declared a state of emergency in the entire country. for international aid organizations work is becoming very difficult most organizations have pulled out of the risk zooms in the capital but it will go direct or the united nations form for population activities say that they are all worried what will happen to the people
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left behind in this crisis is having a negative impact on our activities very far under lives of women and girls in this country mostly because of the big teams of people on the move we have to stuff outside of the un mission and we had to bring them back because of the tense of situation operate it is the year when the situation is current favor over for development activities attacks are still ongoing on the outskirts of benghazi and the reason economic meltdown because supply routes from eastern coming rule to benghazi have been blocked by rebels the government is rejecting any form of dialogue with the armed groups one thing is certain the central african republic is a country under siege its 2nd look at some of the stories making news across the continent now gunman have killed 5 united nations peacekeepers and wounded another
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$28.00 in an attack in central mali it's not immediately clear who was behind what u.n. officials described as a well planned assault on groups linked to al qaeda and the so-called islamic state group regularly attacked peacekeepers in the west african country. protests have erupted in parts of sudan over the high cost of living authorities in north darfur and stalled the full provinces have closed schools and imposed nighttime curfew sudan's government faces a tough toss up reviving the economy off to decades of mismanagement. and the u.s. sanctions. and the maybe is cash strapped national carrier has canceled all flights and promised to refund customers despite years of failed outs in the movie it remains have been the end days and now faces new day show the company's lax will leave more than 600 stall from those and.
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it is the international day off women and girls in science and a saying goes we need science and science needs women it's true because women around the world have led groundbreaking scientific research yet gender stereotypes and gender based inequalities continue to prevent many girls and women from taking up and remaining in korea is in science across the world but as you're about to see in the case of zimbabwe that is slowly changing. gracious. and his colleagues are fine now your students at the head are used to 2 of technology. rapidly growing number of female students studying for a science related degree in zimbabwe it's a space that is traditionally been dominated by male students but that appears to be changing i'm standing came to enforce this is the message in a which is the degree that incorporates the term co-operation is that we
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encourage in our day to day lives so chemical variation that's widely almost every industry whether big or small. but what attracted gracious to take up if you would normally diminutive by men. i'm a mets person i love doing mathematics and everything that involves messiness comes to me naturally so that's one of the things that makes me so excited about saints being around it's. even though women and girls make up more than half of the number of zimbabwe's students they have traditionally pursued other subjects increasing examples of women succeeding in the stim sicked are now inspiring many others to follow in their footsteps. we have seen an increase in the numbers of girls that. in stanford lots of subjects in this may move.
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to increase. individually was now they seem to be more in the food that's kinda. goes all the mini goes into women in the country could be breaking barriers and embracing science related fields this to remain many gender studio types to be broken nose leg must learn anger could benefit from connections between them and seniors in the industry. and stay on that my guests today beat more than 7000 people to get the job that she currently has stephanie travis from zimbabwe is a trackside fluid engineer for the formula one team petronas it's great to have you on the program stephanie but 1st let's get this out of the way what is a trackside fluid engineer i know you studied chemical engineering thank you for
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having me today track cycling engineer monitor. the fluid. so this into your mind you know to turn up the function of learning you might feel during the day to ensure that we are compliant with the sports governing body regulations the f.a.a. and also to see whether we have any problems looming so i wanted to know where in the engine and gearbox and when exactly where we may have a potential problem ok that's it that's incredible stuff stephanie but what's even more incredible is that you made history by being the 1st black woman to stand on a formula one podium what was that moment like for you. it was such a surreal moment i wasn't expecting to be asked because the podium so when he asked me i was in complete shock and i didn't have time to call my friends and family so
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i just embraced the moment and went on the podium i caught him going into something that i look back on and what. i hope to miss a beat as a person a whole put me on the podium for to represent the team collecting the construct the tree it was an immense occasion for myself and for my family and something i'll remember for the rest of my life yeah i mean it's incredible right because i've read a little bit about you and your whole thing was you grew up watching formula one with your dad and this is this is something that you always wanted this is an industry you always wanted to work in and if it were having this conversation on the international girls and women in science daily and i wanted to get your thoughts on how we can get more women into into professions that industries like the one that you're in because you look around you and i'm pretty sure there are not a whole lot of women in the space that you're in so how do we do that because i know that you're involved in some initiatives as well. so i think it's very important
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other young people are interested in the sciences a ma to just continue working hard in those subjects and to really explore when you get the point where you're deciding what degree part the cream because you want to explore all of them you can do a lot of research and ultimately there's so many careers that in the limelight souls that young people don't necessarily get to see the us so fun to do was push legal myself i was introduced the formula one celine young age i was really enjoying watching the boston globe so quaint way i got to be such and how i could get into formula was i think any little spark of interest that you have as a child and she persevered here with that and push and see whether you can get into that korea as ultimately do well in life form the majority of your life on the driving course and do something you're passionate about that's right 50 i mean i don't know if you've had
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a whole lot of time to think about this but but way to from yeah for you for now i'm actually embracing what i'm doing at the moment i love being attracted to juliet and i haven't really thought that far into the future especially with all that happened in 2020 i've just right and why were you. all right is that said stephanie travis trackside philip engineer for the formula one team patron as the good having you on the program stephanie has thanks very much. i'm so proud of these ladies all that is it for now be sure to check the stories on our com forward slash africa we're also on facebook and on twitter we look forward to your engagement it's always interesting to know what you think about the stories that we cover on the program and the stories that we should be following just for fun let's say will leave you with 4 pitches to try this ad where it with the most sadie's patroclus what you don't want to see you next time.
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and. video or. w. . and you you know years years we don't need you and how the last 2 years german chancellor i want to bring you i'm going to a man called and you've never heard her before surprised with what is possible who
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is magical what moves. who talk to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles la stops. greetings from the frosty german capital and welcome to arts and. and with subzero temperatures and snow on the ground normally at this time of year berlin would be welcoming the film industry for its landmark international film festival the ballot and we'll talk about how it's shaping up for 2021 and also coming up. a glimpse into the world of german photo artists. whose meditative work documents the traces humans leave on the world around them. and europe is the news that
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inspires a german artist i'm 20 was created a mural of monumental proportions all of it in pencil. signature film festival the belly not that was the last of the 3 major festivals to take place normally one year ago in february before the world was so radically changed by covert 19 most since then the organizers have been working hard to salvage the essence of what's known as the world's largest people's film festival and the european film market of course in the grip of a tough winter lockdown they've had to be creative and so we'll go over to bonnie now to our resident film expert scott roxboro to see how the festival will shape up with lockdown restrictions at the highest they've been so scott this must be strange for you normally that any knowledge would have kicked off today but instead there was a press conference to announce a modest program tell us what's happening. a press conference and a virtual press conference of course because here in germany we are under complete
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lockdown we cannot meet in groups in a public event which would be the case for this announcement of the competition lineup so instead the heads of the bell and gave a virtual announcement in a socially distance and completely empty cinema so it was a differently a different feel for this year but of course this is the year unlike unlike any any other when it comes to the actual films that were selected for this year how. it was quite similar to a lot of lot of that we've seen in berlin it's a bit fewer films just 15 but the type of movies they're sort of these international art house films that berlin is really really known for so there's a new film from. the french director or maybe a shot of the german director who just won an emmy for her netflix series on orthodox she's going to be showing her new movie premier ing at the belly not a what i find quite interesting with this selection is the new team at the are
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really putting a focus also on documentaries which crap is appropriate at the world that we're living in and there's a film who we were it's a documentary that describes sort of a cinematic essay about climate change and about the environmental destruction based on a book and the future of a series of conversations with interesting people including an astronaut and it looks like something that's contemplated but if you're the mood for something a bit lighter we also have a new comedy with michelle pfeiffer called french acts that it's not a competition but will be screening as a special at the deli now and as she play if i for plays sort of. a sophisticated about how woman who's fallen on hard times and is forced to move back in with her adult son played by lucas hedges in a tiny apartment that they have in paris looks like a nice frothy comedy to maybe lighten things up in what might otherwise be
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a fairly dark and dreary berlin. ok scott so berlin is also known for being a very political film festival what can what can we look forward to long on that score. yeah there's one film i'm really excited to see is called mauritania and it's a legal thriller a true life legal thriller starring 2 time oscar winner jodie foster and she plays a lawyer who represents a man whose rendition by the u.s. and taken to guantanamo bay and she's trying to get him free it's based on a true story of a man who was actually snatched off the streets by u.s. forces off the streets of germany by u.s. forces and if it's brought to by kevin macdonald who did the last king of scotland i'm very very excited to see. some exciting stuff lined up there and of course we can't see all of it today it'll be happening as of march 1st but this kind of 2 part solution for that is this enough for the film industry if that's going to be
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sufficient. it's going to be difficult to see they've been a few of those they've done these sort of virtual type of festivals berlin wool from the beginning of march will screen these films online essentially for the film industry and for a couple of film fanatics like myself and then in the summer conditions if conditions allow it they want to have a proper in public film festival with red carpet screenings with dollars for the audience for the audience in berlin that so loves this this festival i think that type of audience participation is needed for these type of movies the specials the smaller independent movies it doesn't it doesn't work just seeing online people don't get excited about them you need a big crowd of people watching a film they've never heard anything about and getting so excited about they go and tell all their friends that's what this festival it really does and i think that's what we desperately need hopefully we'll have it this summer or we certainly do hope so because we're all i think missing that cinema feeling so part one of the 1000000000 dollar to 2021 kicking off on march 1st and thanks very much for that background information scott roxboro in berlin. and in other film news thanks
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to the pandemic the 2021 oscars will also be different from past years they'll take place on april 25th at several locations simultaneously much like they did back in the 1950 s. when for a few years they actually held ceremonies in los angeles and new york l.a. is still on the schedule but as it's currently a covert hotspot other locations will mean less travel and easier social distancing . his work is a good place to turn if you're in search of a bit of stillness or even if during prolonged lockdown conditions you want to do some vicarious travel in your mind german photo artist. has traveled the globe for his labor intension intensive photo series and he trains his lens not on the people in those places but on the actual traces they leave behind on landscapes themselves or in the form of architecture. undiscussed jansch inc goes out into the landscapes
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near his home there he finds images that tell of people and their relationship to the world around them but he doesn't like to leave things up to chance and his photos are planned measured and smoothed out wherever the eye calls for it. 'd doesn't come off well this is a camera i've been working with for more than 20 years i haven't used it as much lately but for me it has the advantage of this really large negative from which you can make large creds and above all it requires that i work with extreme precision i have to consider very carefully where i position myself and what picture i want to create. in chinks birthplace of effort an exhibition of his work awaits the return of visitors after lock down. made a name for himself with photos of roadways in eastern germany since the 1990 s. highways cutting sharply through the landscape altering the time and space of those
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regions these images capture human influence digging up the earth and building as efficiently and effectively as possible. showing photographed a lot of new architecture. and he also went travelling he's taken photos on all the continents of the globe he's fascinated by paradoxes and juxtapositions such as here in myanmar. he's even been able to take photos in north korea. i've been to a total of 50 countries and for the one hour project i actually traveled around the world in a single trip like and around the world in 80 days but i did it in 90 days in. 1 for his one hour project shrink photographed the sun in 37 different places around the globe he used a one hour exposure and the resulting solarization effect created these. blackline
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the sun's path over the course of an hour has a different angle depending on where in the world the photo was taken and sometimes clouds get in the way or a tree. after photographing the wide world the photographer returned to germany settling in mecca gorgon the northeast in his own unique style. bodies of the basically the house was built this way with this kind of orientation in order to have an openness to the landscape there are these wide south facing windows which really capture a landscape image. in a new series called hinterland explores his adopted home of mecklenburg as always the photographer takes his time using his high resolution mid format camera over the past 7 years. interland i've been trying to engage more deeply with my subjects and to take
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a less critical stance toward certain developments than i did fairly often in the 1990 s. and early 2000 i think that's resulting in a broader spectrum of moods and atmosphere. ready. the series dramatic arc 1st reveals itself in the book edition it's less a portrait of a region and more hunt's close stanching subjective collection of the traces human beings leave behind 'd. and now to a very different german artist i'm 20 that hails from life sake and she's currently holed up in eastern germany in the state of saxony on putting the fish it finishing touches on a unique masterpiece of a neural the alter of as she calls it is an incredible cumulative work that covers
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about $100.00 square metres and even more remarkable the whole thing is done in pencil. in a palace in the eastern german town of man's a blog the artist antonette puts the finishing touches on her monumental creation made with just colored lead pencils her drawings cover $100.00 square metres. inflation gamete a lot of pencils for these big homogenous surfaces this panel alone took 36 blue pencils. i didn't draft any sketches or plans beforehand with the work on the scale you wouldn't get much of an overview from small designs anyway. she's gone through $1500.00 pencils in 3 years for the work she calls the altar of europa in mass a book she created only the last 4 of 13 panels in total she drew the others further east in gurlitz and the european capitals of vienna and prague.
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europe has been the focus of my work for 30 nearly 40 years this continent has a prominent position in the world and it's evolving as is the rest of the world so i think it's important to describe the common identity that binds us together and can lead us into the future. goals. the entire alter was united for the 1st time and now has a blog for a work that spans $25.00 metres that's no small feat but the work will only remain here until it's finished and open studio was planned for the final stages but the pandemic put an end to that still visitors can catch a glimpse of the internet's work through the windows. and antoinette a still searching for the perfect permanent home for her altar of europa in all its
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glory. you know we wish her luck finding a suitable spot for more on the web site at d w dot com slash culture you can also find us on twitter at d w culture and without until next time take good care and all the best from us from berlin up i. moved.
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to the point. clear position from the international perspective some place. as close as 19 takes an ever harsher told me are having their hopes on vaccines developed in record time yet in many places there rollout has been patchy the race for covert vaccines rich against for our topic all the time to point blame is top of the minutes on t.w. . we've got some tips for your bucket list. to corner the. market for such and some great cultural memorials to boot. the trouble free go. in and gemini with w at any time finding a place using names. you have at the bottom of the most potent songs to sing along
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to you see just a combo from super slim seats. for. interactive exercises. everything is online. interactive then gemini. why did this person. there are. laws that can be to. make up your mind.
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this is d.w. news life from germany's chancellor defense extension of the country's lockdown. to shortcomings in dealing with a 2nd wave of the corona virus infections and says extended restrictions on necessary proportion are also on the program president several drama lays out a road map for steering south africa out of the coronavirus crisis amongst his pledges stepping up the fight against corruption ambitious infrastructure spending and boosting production. overseas hong kong is trying to keep their traditions
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alive we visit a market in taiwan by that free to buy and sell political merchandise. which as a possible back home is beijing crackdown. i'm so gail welcome to the program. we begin here in germany where the chancellor has admitted to failings in dealing with a 2nd wave of corona virus infections i'm going to medical told parliament the government had not been careful fast enough opposition members jailed as she defended the decision to extend the national law to. germany streets will remain empty and its stores closed for another 3 long weeks at least because while in fiction numbers keep falling worries over dangerous mutations remain germany's lockdown will be extended until sunday march the 7th but those despairing over bad
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pandemic here can go a week earlier than that to the south lawn schools in kindergartens will begin reopening in february already and the government has set an ambitious new target for the 7 day in fiction right. chancellor angela merkel told parliament that while people are exhausted by the pandemic restrictions this is not a time to be opening back up again not worth the cost to the research is still ongoing but we shouldn't doubt the assessments of many experts here in germany and abroad. all 3 mutations are more aggressive and significantly more contagious than the original virus. merkel in the state premiers haggled over the next steps long into wednesday evening the states insisted that schools and daycares should reopen markel would have preferred more caution on this point
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by ended up giving in as she's done before merkel sought to remind the public of the thousands of lives the pandemic has ended in germany. the fashion. well over 60000 people have now died they are our mothers fathers children relatives friends who we can no longer predict it morning game it's always on our minds when we make decisions in this pandemic is up and. the vaccine rollout in germany has been much slower than hyped to the opposition it's an obvious failure of the government. form pundit we've gone from masters of the pandemic last spring to europe's vaccination stranglers today our vaccination centers have been empty for weeks millions of citizens stuck in queues for hours on end and you say nothing's gone wrong we're behind remain behind greece behind slovakia on vaccinations. even though here salons will begin reopening in
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a few weeks they'll be subject to strict hygiene measures many other businesses that i will just have to wait for better times. or following the chance of a speech to the bundestag. political editor here because we'll discuss germany's lockdown strategy with one of the country's leading health experts professor carl lauterbach also happens to be a member of the german parliament for the chancellor's coalition partners the s.p.d. is a lot about and usually the dems didn't mention europe in her address today can't be this. indeed is impossible for us to be to spend was a little bit surprised that you are norco did not mention europe this time we are in this together we can only defeat corbett and in particular the mutants that are currently running as a variant if we keep working together europe is becoming more important not less important with the new wave of mutations europe is seen to have failed when it
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comes to vaccinations what has to happen now it is extremely regrettable. indeed in my opinion not personal opinion failed to deliver the vaccine early enough there was too much focus on the supporting research and too much. focus on getting the vaccine. available process but there was much too little for course on. lines and there was much better in the us so therefore in the run for your boss on what the. we cannot afford to run into that pods a 2nd time when we address the 2nd vixen challenge here because they will not be the only opportunity for us to come with the vaccine the effort to use was the shots to the new waves of the vaccinations we have to become much quicker in europe than we are currently we have to get better we have to deliver in the future the old tech scene force also has not been vaccinated at all even outside of europe but
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at the same time you have to be able to deliver as a vaccine for 2nd rather boost around in order to protect against a dangerous mutation in particular that are coming from south africa or brazil and there isn't much more to come left side is short so there's the imminent threat of another wave and public patience is wearing thing how are you balancing that out we have to explain why we cannot open up currently that we are in a very dangerous. pivotal to asia nurse with as i would call it and that we have to lead and get a good grip off the crisis at the moment if you do that there is an investment for the next couple of months a real investment for the next couple of months in the next 3 or 4 weeks we if we deliver in the next 3 or 4 weeks we will be in a position to really control the next couple of months on to the summer when
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vaccination rollout is gearing up call out about thank you very much. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world will start in washington the 3rd day of former u.s. president donald trump's 2nd preachment trial has begun democratic impeachment managers and mr trump's lawyers each of 16 hours to make their case before the senate wednesday's proceedings are featured dramatic video footage showing just how close some lawmakers came to being physically attacked by rioters. the family of saudi women's rights activist luzhin i'll have to have credited u.s. president joe biden with for her release from prison was have spent nearly 3 years behind bars if the come painting for women to be allowed to drive president biden described her release as the right thing to do. voice now to south africa where president cyril ramaphosa has given his annual address to the nation is main focus
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was the coronavirus pandemic which has hit the country harder than any other on the continent and wreaked havoc on an already devastated economy this was another major topic of his address as well as a promise to fight corruption president robert poser came to power in 2018 after his predecessor was forced to resign over corruption scandals. straight to cape town and then we joined d.w. correspondent adrien creech welcome adrien let's start with the pandemic what did the president have to say about this and indeed his government's response. well to be announced yet again vaccination program some weeks ago the government already made a surprise announcement after lots of pressure that it had could chased 30000000 doses off nexium last week the 1st 1000000 a rifle from any count huge celebrations but a few days later it turns out this particular vaccine seems to be not effective
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against the new garage at least when it comes to 2 miles diseases so the government now decided to put those once in storage for now and we will wait for the next delivery off the johnson and johnson vaccine which is and as far as the current studies look like it looks more promising against the new the ryans come up with announced the 1st batch will come in the country next week 80000 only at the moment but at least that's will mean they can try to at least starts in december i'm up what's already said will start the vaccination program in january nothing really happens now he said oh program will only start in march so a lot of people have frustrated because there's also not a real timeline and we know that 1st it's going to be health workers who will be vaccinated but no one knows when the 2nd phase will be implemented and will be starting right so that's that's that's of the physical devastation to people i want to. they add devastation wrought to the economy by the pandemic what's he doing
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about that. right i mean the economic situation is indeed a disaster devastating impacts off of the pen demick every state person almost unemployed if you go to iraq we're still wherever you are in the country will find dozens of young people day laborers trying to find a job trying to make at least some money offering their services and i don't force i didn't try to sweet talk the situation you know is how bad it is although he was busy basically telling all the projects that the government came up with to try to mitigate the consequences and we have to say yes the government did things they came up with the strongest economic recovery package on this continent trying to get things back on track but it is only starting very slow and the way things look like the government seems to just run out of money on the run up which i didn't say that clearly we see some indications government has made some delayed some major payments in the past weeks also for vaccines for example so that is worrisome and actually it many people and analysts are waiting for another important speech in
7:11 pm
the next week by the finance minister who will probably say how bad the situation really looks like for the country economically. i don't cringe in cape town thank you. i was the lunar new year approaches a traditional market in taipei is taking on a special significance it's the only lunar new year in market where collison time long afraid to purchase and sell political merchandise it was something quite common back home in hong kong things have changed drastically since beijing's i have a 100 crackdown in the city. the smell of hong kong time some walk through this taipei alley this is the chinese new year market told a nice spot hong kong us who have gone into exile the wrong home. i hope the hong kong people can get a taste of home to encourage them to support each other as we struggle to survive in a foreign land. this is the 1st lunar new year many hong kong this in taiwan now spending
7:12 pm
away from home most of them are stuck here because of the pandemic and the political turmoil back home. the for beijing and post this national security law last year you can frequently find political merchandise in the chinese syria markets across hong kong now that tradition can only be continued in democratic taiwan. free hong kong revolution now these slogans have been banned in hong kong how ironic is it that we can still chant them as much as be like in taiwan why has hong kong become like that. go along with. all the booths year our yellow ribbon stores indicating their support for the pro-democracy movement in hong kong some so products made by hong kong to sina's some of the revenue will flow to needy hong kong listen time on. the market
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attracts a few 100 festus mostly hong kong students and university in taiwan. there are those in the whole the whole dalai. lama we've been studying here for many years we never had such hong kong peoples gatherings before we used to be scattered across different schools but because of the pro-democracy movement and the political upheaval we gather together and spread the word that you will be arrested if you speak up in hong kong only be a doctor because you are as all that are they to be honest we can experience firsthand what happened in hong kong we feel more or less guilty we come here today as a group of guilty hong kong nurse hoping to do something or simply to support each other. you know at the high home. tens of thousands of hong kong ers have already fled their hometown in fear of beijing's crackdown those now overseas are
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trying hard to keep their traditions alive but i thought this event has a spiritual meaning there are things we can no longer do in hong kong but we can still do elsewhere in the world we can't stop what we're doing because of the oppression we must keep going wherever we are. these hong kong most don't know when they can go home but home is always in their hearts. just entre mundra top story this hour german chancellor i'm going to machall has admitted to failings in dealing with a 2nd wife of coronavirus in the infections but she was jailed by the opposition in parliament says she defended the decision to extend the national lockdown until the 7th of march. but golf will have more world news for you at the top off in the hour stephen because they had 0 at the end of the business update next another good
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that. every day counts for us and for our planet. the ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities scream or how can we protect animals and their habitats what to do with the race to. we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over de forest.


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