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tv   Americas New Gurus  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2021 10:15am-11:01am CET

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judy. just a reminder the top story we're following for you here today on the w. news bill maher's military leaders have denied their government takeover was excluded and say they guaranteed new elections will be held demonstrators are staging protests for the 15th straight day troops in recent days to use rubber bullets and sling shots to disperse crowds. but next a documentary film called why more and more americans are falling for sex and cults i'm sorry marcia thanks for watching. and you hear me now appears we join you in a puddle stance judgment silence that will bring you i'm going to back off and you've never cut have been surprised to self with what is possible who is medical really what moves that i want. to talk to people who follow the way maurice and
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critics alike join us from eccles lifestyle. millions of people in the us are searching for life's meaning through spirituality . and some are finding answers in a phenomenon that began with hippies in the 1970 s. . the new age movement. here because. it's a mixture of eastern philosophy ancient natural rights and the supernatural but anyone can practice. entrepreneurs. it's also a lucrative multi-billion dollar industry. it turns out that money can apparently buy you happiness. and.
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activate i understand that there's remove the fear out of her body. this is a journey through a spiritual revolution that has been raptured people across the u.s. . september $29000.00 hundreds of people have gathered in the nevada desert hoping for an encounter of a very special kind. of . area. they've come from around the world to a place said to be prime u.f.o. spawning territory. and for unocal this is also a prime marketing environment. unocal claims to have been sent to earth by aliens in 2012. would you like to learn how to tell
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a topic with millions of awesome we're having a class in about 5 minutes or so at this tent right here if you want to come in that we believe in aliens and that we can communicate with aliens telepathically so this class will teach you how to do that you're welcome to go over there and we're going to get started in about an hour and yeah i think you just feel free to come over and sit down with other classes happening to overhear the name is you know call you nicole who identifies as gender nonconforming says that aliens task them with founding a new sect called unical thank you have a good day. i don't know why it's me but i do know that it is me i've got this information from my star family to share with her i'm ilya not a human body i am here on a mission hello thank you all for joining me. you know call quickly gathers around 20 people for a fast track initiation into their religion. so the 1st step to talking to aliens
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is believe you can talk to illions aliens can very easily pick up some this is the signals from our brain and send them back so i have crystals for everyone i'm going to toss them out and we're going to do a. steinman in a. relaxed. dance in. the rolling hills. now there and i listen and allow the information. we're here at the galactic center. information. images are shapes. what you are seeing is a real. class
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. unit called sacked extends to far more than festival workshops she already has thousands of followers list and i sit in 1st among them is will 43 years old and a lawyer. i am allowed and encouraged to be myself and to experience my true past i excel and that is something that is not generally accepted i mainstream religions. like well people all across the us are turning towards the new age trend. the beloved festival is a major annual gathering for the west coast held in the dense woodlands of oregon. young americans searching for new spirituality spend 4 days here cut off from the outside world. the 3000 participants are united by
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a common goal spiritual awakening. was. the buzz a thing of the movie no hero thank you thank you yes yes. yes we can and her partner marco both self professed healers are here to learn about the latest new age trends and to exchange ideas with like minds tom was by the law at mindfulness festival where consciousness of all if you will because not only is there music but there's also workshops there's opportunities to come and learn about specific modes of low dollar the use of wellness. and the path
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towards ultimate wellness comes with its own methodology. after rene if you were to have a spirituality started out this way that this movie is boss at all but if you look at presence in this hall this tibetan singing. is at a frequency of $432.00 parts which is the frequency of the earth the center of town so it does some things you have a system that helps to get lax and centralize your nervous system. at the festival visitors can focus fully on their inner selves and forget about the pressures of the modern world. i'm. on her who i.
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put in this refuge from money driven consumerist society they seek a world without selfish motives and with arab. solutions to their emotional distress. one thing the festival collectively aims to tackle is a perceived lack of love. a sentential where family and love does not. and. the festival also includes even specifically targeting men. as partner marco a practitioner of the reiki spiritual technique organizes all male group therapy sessions.
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mad at. me. but you get the fish it. is very awkward and you do not normally engage and start moving like the aim to return to your natural human state and maintain awareness to see how you do everything. you feel that. a man of the new age must find and step into his animal nature was the order of the reason you stuck in fury through secure the life that you want to leave her we've got your brother not over. thank you. very much and i think you have a separate jason is taking part in this workshop for the 1st time.
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being with other men in an environment where there is not qualified dynamics and men that are trying to display dominance in these destructive behaviors that you so frequently see in our society. it's really empowering. according to participants the beloved festival is one of the few places in the country where you can openly show your weaknesses. but the internet is also an increasingly popular platform for new age followers. fornia has been a hub of new age activity since the original hippie era. it's home to thousands of online gurus giving a 2nd wind to the esoteric movement. the founder unical is among the many based in los angeles.
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really ready. every sunday she holds a sermon for her followers. in the morning everyone. morning please say hello to your friends who are in the chat room. ok there's a halo around $150.00 followers gather on online platforms every week no calls in orlando kelsey's in the u.k. max's in indiana just so amazing we have the entire world here with us today the spirit. guide of me. saying. ok we're praying for happiness and joy to radiate out from every single person and we can rise up and change those planet into one that is pure joy you know topia you need less.
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still. the sex online shop sells products in the unocal colors in 2019 they are in the equivalent of around $15000.00. and i created this song is a magic fox. you can get these on you know cult supply co. to advertise the merchandise you know cold posts homemade videos on the internet. heady mix of pop culture and the supernatural and unocal appears genuinely
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committed to their story they say money is not an issue but exposure is and provocative content definitely helps to attract more clicks and more followers so this afternoon you know cole is doing exactly that with a photo shoot he will leave the bucket closer to the self-styled priest s. intends to desecrate the most sacred symbol of the us the stars and stripes flag it's not about a message as such but rather causing a commotion there is in broad daylight in the middle of the street. a ready.
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kind of shocking. yeah i think that's the one that was there. sneezing. and you know inevitable so there's absolutely 100 percent chance that you know cults will become a worldwide religion. has been ambitions and los angeles seems to be a good place to realize them some enjoy celebrity status. is a star among the shamans he claims to be in permanent connection with the spirits he begins each day with his morning ritual. council members i mean need of your guidance yes how can we help you child can you release these energies from my mouth and
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throat ha ha ha. 7 ha it's a daily routine that no longer phases his assistance. can you know my body and raise my powers the womb of the 10000. 00000000000000000000000 thank you god thank you spirits of the light of the life into this direct was born in california then i am on it he says he was bestowed with healing powers by a great grandmother when he was 5. and when she was already dead might seem odd to me what came through on the internet i mean the website in the mail to
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boost his image the showman has hired a team of p.r. professionals ok. now it's just me and me and sambo. me in this amazing me right after yeah. my mom is now working for us as well we actually have about it on this exciting and yes. to do even like more and more people things to like absolutely you know i mean you have to understand for me my devotion to humanity has been there since i was a kid i found that the joy that i got from supporting people was more fulfilling than what i could have thought you could have just by having like a lot of money and a big house and a car and everything like this i find the idea of changing to me is so important. but this evening it is indeed in
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a huge mansion the director is hosting one of l a's biggest soirees. wellness and self optimization are a big deal in hollywood. direct has been rubbing shoulders with high society for years his partner manta luisa is a norwegian princess daughter of king harold. durex clientele also includes actress and global wellness icon gwyneth paltrow. dereck has always surrounded himself with celebrities and has in the process himself become a famous face. the features regularly on magazine covers. i
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have done very well under. the night he's celebrating his book premiere. so i have a whole new plan. and this plan involves each and every one of you with your dreams and your aspirations and your power you don't need to dream green smoothies and work the crystals in order to be spiritual that it was you are not sheep you are giants. and a sleeping giant. i. think it is it used. to be good for the rest. of the. nightly but. i think. the next morning direct has private consultation appointments his rate is $1000.00
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an hour. this will be alexis's 1st ever session. she's a successful and very wealthy designer but there's something missing in her life. so she's hoping for enlightenment from the shaman history in her life. alexis has experienced a series of relationship breakdowns and feels deeply stressed about being unable to find a partner and also what it says here when you go into relationships you can't date anyone and i'm going to say this very clearly where you have to take care of that and that's like because i feel like every relationship i've been changed i'm not getting any kind of like purpose or value from it. yeah it's very after the diagnosis the shaman prepares her body for healing clean the poisons out of her system. i just need to open up something.
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activate. that's a cleaner download fire into her body i understand that there is fear remove the fear out of her body. during alexis's body has to be detoxified and cleansed of all negative emotion. or uses for us. that says. it's that said her body is releasing to a lot of sweats. it's. been that already in the leg twist. that's it twist twist it keeps this thing into she coughs it out. can you feel the warmth inside your body. after the trance alexis says she feels
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transformed the cat got him a little different but like i had this well. there's spent a lot more years doing a lot of growth where mended and like what i just got going to fashion is probably more. amazing thank you so much. wants to dispel the old image of the new age wizard. a few months later alexis is still single but she does believe in the shaman's power. jurek has for their clients that day one big reason why business is booming is that in california being happy is seen as an obligation. which also require. buying all manner of products. caitlin is a young woman in prime health. but every morning she consumes 15 different
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supplement powders depending on how she's feeling that day. regular dietary supplements. and other products of unknown origin. just. q i think having a healthy body and a healthy mind is an essential part of creating a spiritual connection with your reality. there is one product that she values above all others and its side effects require a little preparation just gives the bugs out here. you know right before.
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she shares it with others and group ceremonies. so if he doesn't want. her to stash her stuff here like under there or close to a wall just make sure this is about journey area is clear and you guys consider the product has somewhat unpredictable and uncontrollable affects caitlin charges 100 dollars per person. so does this 1st time participant feel nervous enough that it might be a very good engineers if you go to florida hard i get. that. it's a ritual called. this is the magic version of the magic drugs. it's a highly toxic substance extracted from giant monkey frogs in the amazon rain forest indigenous people. use it to treat malaria and snake bites. there is in the hundreds of peptide molecules in here bought our hope and i microbial and i
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cancerous sending flowers or e. seems to kind of get the core of how our spirit can interact with our body chemically and reset the patterning 00 trauma arianna 34 is seriously ill and is hoping that combo will cure her gertrude who are grateful for her cancer and. doing something we're sure has a lot to do with my body. only to push legal stuff so i could just touch it into the this is. after a little burning to expose the flesh the toxic substance is applied to the open wound. not.
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the affects our immediate. goal. nice work. and last for a quarter of an hour. or so. it's. getting. afterwards the participants are exhausted. the. thanks also manifest on ariana's face.
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like. that reaction with arianna will be gone again and then our combo is unlikely to say the least to cure her cancer and it can have severe consequences for her health and violent spasms a racing heart rate and short term memory loss what does caitlin say to those who might find it extreme. yet has a really outwardly violent and extreme sort of appearance and i think for a lot of people that is scary. but you just saw how far people are willing to go especially people with with illnesses that aren't getting fatter they're not getting the help they need. even after several 100 sessions kaitlin claims to have never experienced a serious incident. at the same time any beneficial effects of
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a combo cleanse remain scientifically proven. following a guru's instructions can have fatal consequences. but even then it doesn't necessarily mean the end of their career. in the 2000 james arthur ray became a star of the scene heading his own empire. in october 2009 it all came crashing down when a spiritual workshop ended in tragedy participants had paid almost $10000.00 for the 5 day event subjecting themselves to various physical or deals to purify their mind and body. the final one was a so-called sweat lodge participants were told to stay as long as possible in the sweltering heat. people began hallucinating and panicking after 2 hours 3 of them
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had died of heat stroke. your going to is or was arrested and put on trial. james arthur ray on the offense of negligent homicide as follows guilty. he was sentenced to 2 years in prison. 5 years later he was giving talks again making his big comeback in los vegas and 29 teams. ebon traveled 13 hours from britain to see ray live on stage she works in real estate and this trip was a huge investment for her. over $4000.00 for 3 days. she's passed and aided by every aspect of her mentor. for you looking for in james so what i'm looking for in james this because he knows he's been to the pits of hell and bach and he is still rising he's still
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plus 10 he is still a warty our i'm he still wanted to help people evolve his 50 and got divorced after 20 years of marriage a tough time that she'd like to put behind her i gave away my power when i. when i got my. i think i can fully my car i was quite a powerful well before i got my artist. and so i came to a place in life when i thought i've got to change this. so i think the most important thing. now in a hotel suite james arthur ray prepares to return to the stage after a 10 year absence but can they still backlight me in that blue or not i don't remember where those bacteria blue or was the lights that were blue. for this guru
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the show will be a chance to prove he has changed and become a new person. it's been hard it's a high price to pay but it you know me is tenderized when you pound it right so if you follow that metaphor when life tends to be pounding you you become you become more tender much more humble now i'm much more grateful. he's arranged for some assistance for his comeback. not you know even after prison some allies in the industry have remained loyal you know your brother you are the great things. to get me to get ahead. so what do you think of the room. you get deeper stage with you which was. tomorrow he will finally be able to get back into the arena to preach his message to a live audience. through live. through
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this. series superhero if you if you understand the prefix super it means to rise above so it's literally about becoming more of what him what the average human be even a man. and 7 the following morning evolve as amongst. 60 or so other followers waiting for the doors to open. for a bouncer were they reversed. the cheapest ticket for this 2 day seminar cost $460.00 . i was i. i was. there all delighted to finally reconnect with their idol.
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i. was i was i was. i was. so excited to hear. good morning that was released today i'm going to challenge you to give 100 percent because you deserve. so yes. on the agenda are 2 days of coaching with one objective in mind regaining your self-confidence. just might. just be. changing. workers for instance.
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and to sell his message arthur james ray draws heavily on his own personal story. i went from. multiple millionaire and a $500.00 coming to losing all of those. everything. it was my choice good manners ever saw of that haha and finally leaders i'm sorry sometimes you can't step off magnifiers now you've got to make decisions leaders made. this is the most important for our readership is making decisions. for your me my higher now right. now i've. got you go bigger. take action and make quick decisions
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i'm on trial the guru repeats the route the day. around here you for your future you were. there. he chooses this moment to present his follow up products and services and on your knees so start. pushing his garden obviously these packages are available for prices starting at $18000.00. newsweek or you live. 99. 148 viruses. there's no cruises. just 9 and best going to get if you're going to do anything. yours and not
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yet i. and for those who cannot afford those prices one of the gurus associates offers loans ready to sign. up from. over the course of the evening over a dozen people book additional courses worth $110000.00. you. see this does he appreciate that the sales technique could appear a little aggressive to people outside the us it's yeah yeah you do have to sell your product or service to people because titan know what it will do for you and everybody kind of needs a little a little encouragement to to what they need to do because there's all this resistance and fear and doubt and what if it goes on in their head and so much just
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to give a 100 percent to help you get past that so you can really live the life you know to live. for that dies. for the guru it's been a successful comeback arthur james ray's career is back on track. in the u.s. gurus are reveling in a new age wild west. one of the few people challenging them is rick ross he says that lacks legislation in the country makes it all too easy for charlatans to capitalize on their believers. the u.s. has become a kind of mecca in the united states if you declare yourself from a religion you have all types about unity's nonprofit tax exempt status so more than any other country in the world if you are in
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a destructive cult leader in the united states is a very good place to say. at a business he travels across the country investigating dangerous sex and informing the public about their less savory side their methods would be exposed and that is the way that we can deal with them we can stop them from doing what they're doing but we can expose them and discuss what they're doing and try to educate people and make them aware so that they can defend themselves. over the last 20 years ross claims to have freed or deprogrammed around 500 people from the various sects described in a book he's published this is the chapter the next in the. next e m is the name of his most troubling case in recent years. i have done 4 interventions to get people out of the group known as nexium which is the group led
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by the self-help guru sex cult leader they call them kids remarry is one of the worst destructive cults that i've encountered in my entire career. he stood accused of various crimes including raping and torturing his mainly female followership. tia banks spent 2 years as a member of nexium. she was introduced to run uri when her then boyfriend was shooting a film about the sex. so this is where i keep things in my past. she made it out of the sect in time but did stay in touch with other members for many years.
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strange. things of the past that i probably should just forget about. here. here's one picture from volleyball. and i talking i thought he was like a great philosopher of our time and i thought he was helping the planet i thought he was like a steward for humankind. attended seminars and other courses but became increasingly skeptical especially with regard to the guru's treatment of women. they would quit their lives and move there and work for him and be devoted to him and i think in these classes where you reveal your vulnerabilities then he finds the weak women you know and says i wanted to join this other group for women empowerment and we can make you stronger if you're in this group and that's what they did.
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he threaten you would select a small group of women for supposedly the greatest honor within the sex. having his initials branded into their skin. this is a big player. and in turn this is a. it's a see it's that's right here the brand is right there so you see it and you feel it every time you pull up your pants every time you you know it's like this is inhumane i mean they used to cauterizing tool they didn't use a brand so it wasn't quick like with a cow branding that's pretty quick but this took a half an hour and it smelled like burning human flesh for hours you know because there's like 5 or 6 or 7 of them there so you have to take turns and wait for everybody to be done then it's just like. what a traumatic thing. and yet he was arrested and charged in march 28th.
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his conviction a year later was headline news. york city we really are he stands to make good of wreckage cheery sex trafficking and related crimes. among those other crimes criminal conspiracy extortion and possessing child pornography. yairi was the head of a sprawling sect with 12000 members. for the 1st time banks listens to a recording that was used as evidence in court. you guys have received. the 1st 3 to be. sacrificed. that's the only issue. you know i think. of for us.
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c to discuss to you he's just claiming it like it's so casual. when it. comes out of a. bank's has since managed to build a new life for herself. she and her husband run a legal marijuana plantation. going to produce the bowl and. heritage from the other ones the pistols just like any flowers. i am happy i'm much happier you know almost like i wish you know like all the colts who had to take the time and effort to find the people in there that are the bad seeds and just pull the big. and do that with people so.
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this represents keith. pulling all the kids are in areas of the field. and. form. lose. lose. chick our. friend frank is on there my. son also plays a disc one story it's fun to chain around. my games with. a good laugh team in the meat house leverkusen too much costs going to the last
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minute gone. pick up. 900 w. . the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what is the latest research so. information and context. the coronavirus of the coded special monday to friday on t.w. . young german and jewish just one jewish son was. does that mean in daily life and at school. we shouldn't be given a special status but be completely. normal. 11 teenagers 11
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stories hey i'm jewish and so. young german and jewish starts feb 22nd on d w. this is deja vu news live from berlin me and mars military leaders say they will hand back power after new elections but fears are growing that the intel will resort to a violent crackdown we asked the un special envoy on n.p.r. what the consequences for the winter would be. also coming up hungary welcomes its 1st shipment of the chinese sino farm vaccine the country's decided to break away
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from the e.u. joint plan and go its own plate to fast track rollout. china tristesse.


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