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tv   Fokus Europa  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2021 11:00am-11:31am CET

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china's gateway to europe. storage february 19th on. this is news live from berlin facebook on friends australia the tech giant bans users from sharing news as australia plans to make it pay for journalism the government calls facebook's moves arrogance. also coming up the spanish police face a 2nd night of fury and on the rest of the jailing of a rapper demonstrators demand the release of pablo herself who's in prison for
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glorifying terrorism and insulting the royal family. and the humanitarian emergency on the european union store stepped in your travels to boston yes border region with far away shutting here from refugee stranded indefinitely and the local authorities who say they cannot cope. i'm sorry someone's gonna it's good to have you with us facebook has blocked a news content from its platform in australia it is the latest twist in a heated dispute with the government australia wants to force tech companies to pay for journalistic content now google has already struck a deal with australian news companies but facebook has been slammed for its actions critics are calling the social media giant arrogant and unconscionable. many australians woke to
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a surprise this morning facebook could own friends of them suddenly they couldn't access local and international news through the social media site it's a dramatic escalation of a conflict over australian efforts to force tech giants to pay for journalism. i think facebook beneath is terrible actually i did say 43. and i can get all my news in one spot say it will be the impact me. congress said the ban on news had a huge community impact $17000000.00 australians visit facebook every month it's called an assault on democracy. facebook was wrong. facebook sections were unnecessary their way heavy handed and they will damage its reputation here in australia. finance minister frydenberg said facebook gave no warning of the new shutdown kamber wants to table a law that would require online giants to negotiate payment for news outlets
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content or have fees set for them some experts have their doubts about the law and say it needs to be reevaluated the story is a bit more complicated than just saying that's what forms of content from and they benefit from it it's going to benefit so then you probably would also need to ask whether. you. need to pay facebook and google for traffic that is for food and to their pages google initially also refused to pay for news content and threatened to pull all services from australia then in a surprise move the internet giant struck deals with australian media firms such as channel 9 rupert murdoch's news corp and 7 west media. australian social media users will be hoping that facebook has a similar change of heart. journalist andrea leslie is monitoring the latest developments on the story and joins us from sydney andrea good to see you so this
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is a pretty unprecedented move that we're seeing from facebook and we heard what the australian treasurer had to say about this but what are other lawmakers saying. will soon be the prime minister has been very vocal making a statement on facebook of all places that it was both arrogant and disappointing from facebook he said that a strike he wasn't going to be intimidated by these sort of action and also across the oil you know the life of a party the opposition party has said that up until wednesday not a straight in tone that they would back these maybe a bokken to go which would be supported by scott morrison's. liberal party but just today they have started to split away a little bit inside a. mistakes that of material laws these pages that have been blocks that shouldn't have been plucked is really something that the astride the government needs to figure out and it's their fault with this is happened so look it's being used as
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a bit of a political football but i think it's fair to say that both sides of the house of reps are up against big take taking over these china made history what about the australian people what did they think of what facebook's done. well it's hard to get a clear picture obviously but i think it's pretty mixed. from what i've seen. you've got people on twitter who are mouthing off saying they have no interest in sharing news on facebook anyway and they haven't done so for years and then of course there are still some major pillars of australian bady a lot more of radio talkback radio and the evening today bulletins where a lot of older astroid in still get in use so i think those people be too worried because of course they can still access all of that and they can go straight to the websites as well but there. is a realization that you started populace. controls what it wants to put on its pages
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and over this might be something we've taken for granted for many used to say things on facebook ultimately these decisions are big by agency we can value and i think we're realizing that now under something you mentioned that is of concern is that it just wasn't just news pages that were shut down here there were also some other pages including for example emergency services so what happened there. yeah this was a bit of a strange one and we had everything from the bureau of meteorology to where this is to the south australian health queensland health those pages were being shot by facebook obviously not a good thing to have during a pandemic some of those pages that have been restored and also some major charities around destroyed you as well it being closed down said look there has been a bit of a disaster from facebook out of these and it's only confirmed the general belief here that this has been a bit of an arrogant. journalist under leslie speaking to us from sydney good to talk to you. let's check in now on some other headlines from
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around the world protesters have gathered in me in mars biggest city yang gong for new demonstrations against a military coup that deposed the civilian government activists are demanding the release of elected leader aung san suu kyi hundreds of thousands have defied the authorities to join nationwide rallies. the new italian prime minister mario draghi has survived his 1st vote of confidence in the senate he's vowed to do whatever it takes to lead italy out of the pandemic and rebuild the economy druggy is expected to win a 2nd confidence vote in the lower house of parliament. 2 journalists have been jailed and valorous for violating public order. and daria chilled sold out were arrested in november during live coverage of a protest and then against authoritarian leader alexander lukashenko the u.s. has called for their release. you're watching d.w. news still to come on our show pushed back by the probation police but left by the
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bosnia authorities to live in inhumane conditions what are the alternatives now for these people seeking refuge in the european union. but 1st spanish police have clashed again with thousands of protesters demanding the release of a musician jailed earlier this week for his lyrics cut a long rap or public was convicted of glorifying terrorism and insulting royalty in a songs and tweets on restaurant today in several cities including madrid and barcelona. demonstrators in pavlo as those hometown of youth marched to the jail where he is being held. see his detention as an assault on free speech. in nearby barcelona violence flares as protesters and set barricades a blaze and police fire rubber bullets. and
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similar scenes in madrid of demonstrators fight against what they say amounts to censorship. norms and a lot of it's a shame because it's a significant setback for rights and freedoms within the european union and another step towards dick tech tauriel and fascist state. the only place you're still. under some roman interest to see opportunities to me a blatant injustice and absolute lack of respect for fundamental rights for freedom of expression the facts speak for themselves today. as though he was arrested after he barricaded himself in the university along with his supporters. the rapper refused to turn himself in to serve and 9 month sentence for. tweets and lyrics that prosecutors say glorify terrorism and slander the monarchy.
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amnesty international says his detention is unjust and disproportionate high profile celebrities have also joined calls for his release ministers have responded to the furor by relaxing restrictions on free speech the government's junior coalition partner is pushing for the rapper to be paired. with go over now to nicole reese is standing by in madrid kind of cold what is it about this case that is sparked so much anger well back in the group now is basically a violation of the freedom of expression for many who also took. great yes this where to make themselves. have a voice to demonstrate against the imprisonment of loss and they feel that if this happens to one person it is it happens the next person is not only about one person
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going to prison because of their it's all things that he thought maybe happened to anyone and that's why people on period and mostly people who are young people who have maybe also sort of left this background who are very angry right now general maybe you can explain why he was prosecuted down because some would say this would be covered by freedom of expression. well i think it's important to understand that pop lost has been in the focus of investigation for some years already mostly because of the incitement of terrorism and just sleep and lyrics i can give you a taste of what you had for example of britain in the past years one of the parts that i don't feel sorry if they shoot you in the next whole thing about members of the conservative party also saying that a particular form a regional president in the basque country should suffer a car explosion now that makes a referendum terrorism which took place
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a few years ago and it's basically glorified what it said in that time many killing its victims by call for me so these are the main reasons why you now in prison has been years of comments like that from also let. and had the chance to live and stuff that for them from themselves and didn't take that stance was given time and probably now was the moment that they thought ok i'm going to prison well a lot of people were surprised to learn that spain still has these laws against insulting the monarchy how does the country reconcile that with its liberal democracy. there and be also it also there extend let us then talk about the more that say. that he has links to ice terrorists and well this is basically an insult not only demonic but also it happened to another person it could be prosecuted it can be fine here that's true we have been fined for that
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as well mainly obviously he's now in prison because of what i told you before and this is also raising alarm bells now among some politicians here in spain we say maybe we need to enough include this legislation maybe it is that drastic and it also will mount pressure on the government to take action i think. nicole reese reporting from madrid thank you so much. or let's move on now to the corona virus pandemic and take a look at the latest developments there authorities in hong kong have relaxed social distancing rules after a sharp drop in new cases indoor dining in gyms will be allowed to reopen police in northern mexico have arrested 6 people for allegedly trafficking fake vaccines for around $2000.00 a dose u.s. authorities have seized more than $10000000.00 counterfeit masks they say the fake
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safety gear could have put hospitals and medical facilities at risk and china has reported 11 new infections up from 7 a day earlier authorities say all of these cases originated overseas. the availability of covert 1000 vaccines is feeling discussion in many countries on vaccination strategy who should get the shot 1st the elderly or should health workers and other front line workers be prioritised if you're in the russian capital it doesn't matter the kremlin is promising that anyone who wants a shot can get one. shuttle reports. ever seen with the potential to save lives. is russia's a weapon against the coronavirus pandemic. enough or you know is on her way to get vaccinated and to go moscow's luxury shopping mall. first she has to list any preexisting conditions and show her i.d. then she's ready i mean is that action is not i'm not afraid i had covert 906
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months ago i was sicker than i've ever been luckily i didn't have to go to the hospital but i don't want to get that sick again so now i'm getting vaccinated. since the vaccination campaign was rolled out here 2 months ago almost divides have been offered as you could be shot people can get vaccinated at a one of a 100 clinics but shots are also being given at large shopping malls and an opera house ads for the russian developed a vaccine are visible of a city which unlike a lot of people come here with their whole family if russians didn't have confidence in the vaccine there wouldn't have been such a run on the center since it opened up. between one and a half and 2000 muscovites are becoming infected with carpets 19 every day and over the last of the city has lifted to many restrictions mainly for economic reasons theatres clubs and restaurants have reopened it seems that the russian state is relying more on the vaccine then on restrictions the vaccination campaign in moscow
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is in full swing that's a good thing because of the russian capital absolutely needs it moscow leads russia why is corona statistics for the number. deaths nowhere else in russia so many people dying from it's 19. similar to its western competitors which have recently been approved the russian vaccination requires 2 doses administered 3 weeks apart according to money for trust off sputnik he almost 4000000 russians have now been vaccinated and around town of of those have already received their 2nd dose but independent experts down to these figures they say this to 2 sticks i embellish and that's creating at dangerous situation. that doesn't severe. it affects people's behavior it makes them careless or it positive they lose their sense of danger if you think millions of people around you have already been vaccinated words you
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might be careful about protecting yourself if you sort of issues going back to the garden. each year katerina for noster on at department stores she's about to get her 1st a dose of the vaccine and hopes it might bring her a little closer to the normality we all had before it 19 she does not stay. in 21 days i'll get my 2nd dose of the vaccine in a few days after that it's my birthday and i'll be able to celebrate without being afraid to get sick invite friends over and we'll have a drink. but even those vaccinated can still get infected later sent to evidence of jests sputnik the protects against serious illness but doesn't mean someone can't pass a virus on. she's gone on her way out she can't hear enough or you know get a chuckle that i scream just told she has to be careful for the next 3 weeks because only then will she have produced and nuff antibodies for complete
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protection against a grown up virus infection many here are hoping that this post vaccine ice cream may be the 1st step to enjoying life to the fullest to once more. the european union's migration commissioner is heading to the bosnian border with croatia in an attempt to resolve a worsening humanitarian crisis the e.u.'s criticized bosnian authorities for failing to rehab was hundreds of migrants after a makeshift accommodation burned down last year due to be a correspondent marina styles travelled to the camp on the border she met refugees as well as local administrators who say the e.u. has left them in the lurch. a whole life in one backpack thank god good. spirits. thank. the few. fish and khan and his friends are resting because it's raining at boston
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as border with play show and because their feet are hurting they tell us a creation border forces have just prevented them crossing but firing warning shots in the air sometimes the view does. he can be does he. he did go badly by the foreign money and beg their bund things and push back the goose and the dream of reaching the european union has brought thousands of others to just border region since 2018 many refugees of migrants have chosen to enter the e.u. that you can see here so. from bosnia and herzegovina because other european states have made it increasingly difficult to enter. a few kilometers further north east in-born are several families mostly from afghanistan a living in abandoned houses these families here belong to her sara a group which is considered one of the most oppressed in afghanistan going to sun
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is not peace for. for me for all of his. afghan people 1st and taliban and didn't die is. afghanistan is because no security is not safe. no it can't. says there's only one place where she sees a better future for herself and her 2 boys. there. are. these families are staying here because they're just a few meters away from the question border but they're also official refugee centers in the region one is sleep a male only camp which made headlines when it burned down last december the military has since set up new tents my parents you know have heating and 3 meals
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a day but 30 of them have to share attend many have to stand in line to be treated 1st k.b.'s not the only reason by most of the un men here are preparing for the next trial to enter the u. so local authorities are the more frustrated because they feel abandoned by the e.u. . just sending money without looking into a solution for the problem is not the ride way. to put this problem. community is not only wrong but also our. fight again. they will set off again and direction of the. inshallah again and again they go bag again he was ready to go
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again it will be their 5th attempt to get into creation and from there into italy maybe germany they don't know what will await them there but they're certain the future will be better. well that report from our correspondent. and she is standing by for us now at the refugee camp and which is close to the croatian border hi marina we saw the 2 men in your report are now trying to cross the border into croatia for the 5th time do they have a chance of making it. it's really hard to tell how many people actually make it's over do border i mean these 2 guys are are confident they will make it one day of there is also a reason for hope because sometimes they told us and other refugees in riker's who met you're also told us that they get messages from their friends and they say hey we're just arrived so this really everything went well but there are also other stories for example yesterday we went to an abandoned shelter here in this region
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with a local volunteer and we when we came out we met a young man and he said he was just pushed back from italy into slovenia integration into bosnia and now he's back here again with the people you spoke to and we should say also human rights groups have reported physical abuse by croatian police what is the creation government saying about that pressure is actually denying these claims that's a former prime minister told a t.v. station not very long ago and she kind of admitted these allegations when she said that a little force is needed when pushing back people. so the thing is that crazy show wants to become part of the schengen area so this area in europe where free movement is possible and therefore some critics say they might just put
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a lot of effort into protecting that use external borders but this push backs do break international law so why hasn't that been addressed. the e.u. says they're looking into it and this you mentioned earlier the commissioner responsible for migration and asylum in your home so she will come here to come prepared today and she will also talk to local officials about not just harlem and the problems related to it and so they're actually looking into it but there's an underlying problem should this situation that that's the fact that you are a member states cannot decide on a calm. in these years and so critics say countries are turning a blind eye not only on what's happening on creation but also for example in greece is that all an option arena that some e.u. member states could offer to take in some of these people who are stranded.
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well some for example in germany's some local communities like towns and cities have offered to take in migrants from here from leap out for example when the camp burned down and people were camping outside here and many of us really really cold spread yet germany did not want to do that and that you say it's also half inch offered so far to be as merry nationals reporting for us thank you. to sports now and the tokyo 2020 olympics organizing committee has named japan's a limp dick minister as its new president seiko hashimoto will leave the government to take up the role hashimoto is a 7 time olympian who competed in speed skating and cycling she replaces jodi. who resigned after making sexist comments as she'll be tasked with regaining support for the games they're scheduled for july but
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a face widespread public skepticism because of the pandemic. in tennis naomi osaka is through to the final of the australian open after ending serino williams' hopes of a record equalling 24th grand slam title osaka powered past williams in straight sets in a repeat of the 2018 u.s. open final which osaka also won the japanese player will face another american jennifer brady in the australian final she'll be going for her 4th grand slam title . well spectators got to watch the action at the australian open for the 1st time in 5 days 7 the half 1000 fans were allowed back into melbourne park after coronavirus restrictions were lifted they were imposed after an outbreak of the infectious u.k. variant the tournament has been severely disrupted but it is the 1st grand slam to welcome large numbers of fans back since the pandemic start.
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all right coming up next a look at the european union's trade policy and the growing importance of china monaco jones has more on your business coming right up after the break stay with us .
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there has been nothing but sadness and anger for the past year. on the can she was their son brother and uncle shot in the final terrorist attack along with
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each other people on the motive this is clear. the justice system and the police are still feeling to provide. some clues. in 60 minutes on d. w. i subscribe to do you know where your books are something more in the world than what we may be captured fobs want to go read up on to. try meal and i'm game did you know that 17 trillion landed on a skilled worldwide ship so that we can intercept but it's not just me on a little subtle suffering it's the environment we want on a journey to find ways out of the nutrition if you want to know how awake lift the priest and the whole trust change stuff as a thesis listen to our podcast on the green thumbs.
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1700 years of jewish life in germany our series this week on arts and culture we journey from berlin to munich to meet cultural leaders commemorating the past taking creative risks and building community 1700 years of jewish life in germany. this week on sin culture and d.-w. . where is the european union's trade policy headed the latest policy review says that climate change and workers' rights should play a bigger role in future talks at the same time china has grown to be the glocks biggest trading partner how can the e.u. aligned business interests and fair trade policy we talk to them like they're from the european parliament to. also coming up winners and losers in the pandemic
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a dime was flying high while big players in the aviation. tom.


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