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no warning of the new shutdown. or wants to table a law that would require online giants to negotiate payment for news outlets content or have fees set for them some experts have their doubts about the law and say it needs to be reevaluated the story is a bit more complicated than just saying that's up from scott of steal the content from new soap plots and they benefit from it it's going to move child benefit so then you probably would also need toss whether. news outlets will need to pay facebook and google traffic that is thought through than to their pages google initially also refused to pay for news content and threatened to pull all services from australia then in a surprise move the internet giant struck deals with australian media firms such as channel mine rupert murdoch's news corp and 7 west media. australian social media users will be hoping that facebook has a similar change of heart. let's get some more perspective on the story now we can
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speak to journalist for shall harrison plus she's in sydney hi rochelle good to see you and this is a pretty bold move from facebook here at we saw what the australian treasurer had to say but what are other lawmakers saying about this. absolutely well the australian prime minister scott morrison said this move was disappointing and arrogant statements ironically posted to facebook actually. authorities saying that they were absolutely blindsided by these measures with with the news blackout coming at around 5 30 am local time here in australia scott morrison also saying that certain australia would not be intimidated by big tech and that they will push on to get this contentious media bargaining code legislated and implemented and pushed through to to become law. we also heard from
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the treasurer josh frydenberg as you mentioned he called the move heavy handed and wrong he also concerned that he'd spoken to the facebook chief mark. this day and said that they'd had. constructive discussion and that they'd buy the grader to find a part way forwards or so what about australians what do they think about what facebook's going here. well it's pretty safe to say there is. an outcry across the board this is a time when people need reliable and credible information more than ever especially during a global pandemic and as you may know australia is also on the ball of a 900 vaccine rollout of those jobs are said to be administered on monday. with
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stray news is being blocked from sharing or even seeing credible and trusted news credible and reliable news sources this is come as a big shock to everybody and obviously it hasn't received a lot of criticism and there were some concern as well that it wasn't just news pages that were shut down here also some emergency services can you tell us what happened there. absolutely well the facebook blackout not only affected news organizations as you mentioned they also shut down the facebook pages of the weather bureau as the bureau of meteorology charities. fire engine urgency services which you know was quite dangerous when for example western australia a part of western the state of western australia was going through bushfire as recently as today shut down the the facebook pages of emergency services they also
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shut down the pages of. charities i think i mentioned and health services and government health services so like i said earlier at a time you know during a global pandemic when people are lying on facebook to to get their trusted news that news on health is not available that is very very worrying indeed journalist rochelle harrison plus speaking to us from said hey thank you so much for bringing us up to date. let's check in now in some other world news 2 journalists have been jailed in ballerinas for violating public order cut santina and daria chilled sold out were arrested in november during live coverage of a protest in minsk against authoritarian leader alexander lukashenko the u.s. has called for their release. the new italian prime minister mario draghi has survived his 1st vote of confidence in the senate he's vowed to do whatever it takes to lead italy out of the pandemic and rebuild the economy druggy is expected
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to win a 2nd confidence vote in the lower house of parliament. and german chancellor angela merkel has spoken by telephone with the iranian president hassan rouhani to voice her concern that iran is failing to meet its obligations under 2050 nuclear deal that it signed with world powers that be a court has been in jeopardy since former president donald trump unilaterally withdrew from it and 28. nigerian president mohamed who bihari has ordered security forces to organize a hostage rescue operation gunmen stormed a school in central nigeria and kidnapped 42 people among them were teachers relatives and students who were sleeping in dormitories one student was killed the local state government has closed boarding schools for the time being. the new development we have on this abduction is that the nigerian government came out to see that it is going to use boat for that to come up with 3 paul was with new shoes
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to get destroyed or a risk without even that to death on these it says that it's a splinter used to simple like to used when over 300 children away abducted. in cars listed when that was switching to place some sources are saying that the government has been identified where distribution because it be moved to the cut list at forest which is about 200 kilometers from where abducted just. to spain now where police arrested around 50. people after overnight clashes with thousands of protesters demanding the release of a jailed musician catalan rapper public was convicted of glorifying terrorism and insulting royalty in a songs and tweets he was sentenced to 9 months in prison on restaurant did in several cities including madrid and barcelona. demonstrators in pavlo as those hometown of you marched to the jail where he is being held.
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see his detention as an a so on free speech. in nearby barcelona violence flares as protester and set barricades a blaze and police fire rubber bullets. and similar scenes in madrid as demonstrators fight against what they say amounts to censorship. norms is not one it's a shame because it's a significant setback for rights and freedoms within the european union and another step towards detect tauriel and fascist state almost everybody on the place yourself. sometimes i don't mean just this the opposition has to me a blatant injustice and absolute lack of respect for fundamental rights for freedom of expression the facts speak for themselves but it. has no was
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arrested after he barricaded himself in a university along with his supporters. the rapper refused to turn himself in to serve and 9 month sentence for tweets and lyrics that prosecutors say glorify terrorism and slander the monarchy. was the time to steal international says his detention is unjust and disproportionate high profile celebrities have also joined calls for his release ministers have 1st. bonded to the furore by relaxing restrictions on free speech the government's junior coalition partner is pushing for the rapper to be pardoned. protests against the military government and strikes are bringing much of me and maher to a halt thousands have to find authorities to join nationwide rallies police in the capital might be taught to use water cannons against protesters demanding the release of elected leader on some switches officers also stood by as activists
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painted the slogan save me and mar on to the street a sign authorities later washed off. well as these protests continue what should the international community be doing let's bring in kenneth roth executive director of human rights watch mr roth it's good to have you with us here on the show we know that the u.n. human rights council has strongly condemned this coup which you have welcomed but beyond these strongly worded condemnations what levers does the our international community actually have to use here i mean the key issue is financial already the crew leader as you know particularly senior general. have been subject to your targeted sanctions that is to say asset freezes and travel bans by a number of western countries the real backstop is to go after the business is that the military. and that it uses to finance a coup and it's repression particularly to huge conglomerates that really enter
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into many aspects of the economy and so there is movement in that direction but that frankly is what the junta will listen to their pocket i just want come back to that point at the top general man hong kong has been under u.s. sanctions to 2019 if that isn't a deterrent because this coup still ended up happening why do you think that then further sanctions against top businesses really will act as a deterrent down the road. because it meant i'm wrong has basically lived his entire life in myanmar this is not you know a global guy and so to say that he can't travel to paris to do shopping or that you know they're going to seize a swiss bank account i'm not sure that had a big effect on him personally but the businesses that the military runs are essential to keep the repression going you know are already there been signs that soldiers are tempted to just switch sides to join the demonstrators against this
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who would for democracy and the only way to keep them in line is to keep paying them to keep paying for the machinery of repression that requires income and as so many of the protesters are boycotting work you know civil servants not going to work in protest. the military needs these businesses to be operating and if they face sanctions that's going to cut off their life wide and their ability to maintain their repressive ok so targeted financial sanctions against businesses might be affected let's talk about solidarity internationally behind those sanctions where do you see china's role here because if you look at how china has responded to this coup so far it called it essentially a cabinet reshuffle so can beijing be brought on board. you know the chinese government is trying to have it both ways i mean obviously they don't like democracy they are terrified of the idea of a popular uprising overthrowing a dictatorial government you know that's the nightmare xi jinping has all the time
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so you know of course they're sympathetic to hunta but at the same time now they're deeply worried about the reaction of the people of myanmar and you saw this with the chinese embassy there just a couple of days ago coming out of its way to say no no we don't support you know we're standing with the people of myanmar now we know that's not true but the big un multilateral bodies have allow china to get away with that lie on at the u.n. security council there was a a statement put out which required unanimity but it was a watered down to the supporters of human rights democracy have not pushed for a strong resolution at the u.n. security council which would then you know put china to the test are they going to allow it or are they going to be too it would allow them to it would really force them to take a position in public rather than use their pressure behind the scenes to water things down similarly at the u.n. human rights council in geneva on last friday there was a special session there was a tough resolution proposed china watered down i'm claiming that they what they
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wanted a consensus resolution in the backers of the resolution went along with that you know fearing that a public break by china would bold and the hunter in myanmar then what china did is after it got its watered down resolution it backed away from the resolution anyhow as well we don't really support that so enough of this i think it's time to push strong statements and make china to stand in public we'll have to leave it there kenneth roth executive director of human rights watch thank you so much for you. now the severe winter weather gripping the united states has left more than 30 people dead millions of texans have endured another day without electricity or heat and freezing temperatures have also burst pipes leaving around $7000000.00 people without clean drinking water. to cold and some brave to lone icy drives to get their loved ones to a warm shelter to spend the chair shop in houston has
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a generator to keep the lights on the owner is letting families stay overnight. the 1st thing. in the trailer there's no installation anything like that says quote of their week we can't we can't afford to have them freezing not being able to feed freedom. to use grow for propane canisters to power gas stoves or grills to cook because millions of homes still have no electricity. but the unexpected cold snap crippled the power grid. of the every source of power that the state of texas has has been compromised whether it be renewable power such as wind or solar but also as i mentioned today. access to coal generated power access to gas generator power at
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systems froze and equipment failed energy companies used to rolling blackouts to conserve electricity. water pipes best in the blistering cold texas officials warned residents to boil top or to the for drinking it claiming damage to water infrastructure. with low temperatures expected for a few more days many texans have no choice but to struggle on. a 7 month journey by nasa as new rover comes to a thrilling climax later today the rover will attempt to land on mars the moment the most intense part of that landing is the 7 minutes after perseverance hits the martian atmosphere and must slow down to land on the surface nasa describes those moments as 7 minutes of terror. 10 minutes to touchdown. the perseverance rover must separate from the spacecraft that
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has brought it to mars next it must position itself to enter the martian atmosphere the friction of which will heat up its thermal shield to temperatures as high as 1300 degrees celsius. while the mars rover inside the shield will only reach room temperature. when perseverance and speed reaches 6500 kilometers per hour. its parachute will deploy the new range trigger technology will improve the spacecraft's ability to hit a landing target 20 seconds later the heat shield will detach from the entry capsule. allowing the rover to find a safe landing site. at about 2100 meters or 7000 feet above mars surface perseverance will separate from
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its parachute and ignite it's jet packs 8 engines. crews are slowing the research laboratory on fields. to. the sky crane maneuver will lower the rover down to the surface nylon tethers. next perseverance must reposition its legs and wheels right after touchdown it must . tach from the tethers mission control will only find out whether the mars rover landed successfully 11 minutes after the fact. and whether it will be able to explore or just 0 crater its floor was home to an ancient lake delton system about 4000000000 years ago which left a layer of sediment a promising site in the hunt for microscopic fossils.
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the united arab emirates we'll also explore mars its space probe hope and to the red planet's orbit on february 9th and is scheduled to start work this summer. hope will examine the martian atmosphere for 2 years observing weather and seasonal changes. the chinese have big plans for their 1st mars mission they also want to land a spacecraft something only the americans have so far succeeded in doing china's tionne when one probe has been orbiting the red planet since february 10th it will reach the surface without landing device and research vehicle in may and send data gathered on mars back to her. next the pro bowl examine the types of minerals on mars and make maps of resources such as for deposits. planetary
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researchers and looking forward to hold the new data. well we can talk back to a scientists involved in perseverance and joel hurwitz is an associate professor of geosciences at stony brook university in new york jolla good morning to you there in new york nasa already has a rover on mars it's called curiosity which has been operating since 2012 why is it important to have another one. so this new rover perseverance is jam packed with a whole bunch of new technology that is designed to get up close and personal with the rocks that we're going to be examining and crater in order to address the very detailed science questions we're asking about whether or not mars was both a habitable place and potentially whether or not it was in fact inhabited 3 and
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a half 1000000000 years ago while we heard that all eyes now will be on perseverance especially this tricky landing especially that last part where it needs to slow down it's been called the 7 minutes of terror as we said what will be going through your mind during the landing what will you be looking out for. so i'll be watching the landing with my friends and colleagues from the from the perseverance mission and i think we're all going to be you know there with our fingers crossed hoping for the best we know that the engineers who put that landing system together done a remarkable job so i'm not sure it's all going to go according to plan well you also played a part here here on a team that's provided one of the key instruments onboard this rover we're going to take a look here it's the planetary instrument for x. ray like the chemistry or pixel for short at this what we're seeing right now is an artist's rendering in jail if you can of the simplest terms possible what is pixel and what makes it so interesting. yes so pixel is at its most basic level
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it is a chemical analyzer it reaches out it gets right up close to the rocks and it tells us what those rocks are made of and we can use that information to tell us something about the environment that was present when those rocks were being formed and whether or not really there are fossilized bio signatures in those rocks the kind of telltale clues that microbial communities will leave behind in iraq after they are fossilized in place so that's what we'll be using that instrument for now right so a lot of important scientific and scientific knowledge that can be gained from this and we heard that we can also find out more about what mars that sounds like what are you most curious about there i don't i'm really looking forward to hearing the sound of the wind on mars i've been working on mars rover missions for some time since i was a graduate student actually and we always get these fantastic visual panoramas of
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the scene out in front of the rovers on mars but we never have the sounds to go along with those panoramas so so having the the sort of extra sense sensory sensation i guess of of hearing the wind here in the rovers and motors sort of whirring away in the background i think it's going to add a really interesting dimension to our exploration well it's an exciting moment good luck to you and your team there thank you so much for joining us tell her it's a stony brook university in new york. ok we have a bit of sports for you now of the tokyo 2020 lympics organizing committee has named japan's olympic minister as its new president seiko hashimoto will leave the government to take up the world is a 7 time olympian who competed in speed skating and cycling and she workplaces yoshiro mori who resigned after making sexist comments she will be tasked with regaining support for the games they're scheduled for july but have faced widespread public skepticism because of the pandemic. in tennis naomi osaka
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is through to the final of the australian open after ending serina williams hopes of a record equalling 24th grand slam title osaka powered past williams and straight sets in a repeat of the 20 $8000.00 u.s. open final which osaka also want the japanese player old face another american jennifer brady in the australian final she'll be going for her 4th grand slam title . well spectators got to watch the action that the australian open for the 1st time in 5 days 7 and a half 1000 fans were allowed back into melbourne park after coronavirus restrictions were lifted they were imposed after an outbreak of the infectious u.k. variant the tournament has been severely disrupted but it is the 1st grand slam to welcome large numbers of fans since the pentagon the start. coming up next on news asia vaccine friendship why india is giving away millions of
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free coated doses in this neighborhood. in the garbage dump that became objectionable garden in the philippines town. those stories and more coming right up on news asia with your rush don't go away.
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a good. match. discovered. subscribe to the documentary on to. this is the the good news a shot coming up today vaccines are french air. india is getting away as millions of coldish back seems globally but what's behind the policy altruism other pursuits of soft power plus. from rubbish dump to vegetable garden how the residents of this child in the philippines the cone of water struck today to
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opportunity. after the vietnamese oftenest with the delicate things goes and heaps of fish and producing moss to croft which noticed the.


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