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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2021 6:03pm-6:31pm CET

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or have fees set for them some experts have their doubts about the law and say it needs to be reevaluated the story is a bit more complicated than just saying that's not what forms of steel but content from news outlets and they benefit from it it's kind of a mucho benefit so then you probably would also need to ask whether. news outlets will need to pay facebook and google traffic that has fought through them to their pages google initially also refused to pay for news content and threatened to pull all services from australia then in a surprise move the internet giant struck deals with australian media firms such as channel 9 rupert murdoch's news corp and 7 west media. australian social media users will be hoping that facebook has a similar change of heart. let's get into this with tom lever who's a professor of internet studies at curtin university in perth in western australia is also vice president of the international association of internet research is
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welcome to day doubly what do you make of facebook's actions. i think face but was trying to make a point that if the logo is 3 and they just have to pay for news that they may and date block news on the services but to do it in advance is one thing but when they deployed the block this morning they didn't just capture traditional news they also capture the whole lot of other things as well including emergency services including health and i think that overreach has made what was happening part of the p.r. strategy go terribly terribly wrong because the main thing that people noticed was that it wasn't just the news that was disappearing but things that they relied on every day through that platform including things like covert information and emergency notifications when those. that wanted to keep their country and floods of the other. facebook is a commercial company what does it say about it all when
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a commercial company says yeah i'm going to remove some of my services and we get in such an uproar over it well it is it is certainly true that facebook is a commercial platform and has every right to do what it wants with its platform but at the same time there was a reasonable expectation that users will have some idea of what facebook is doing and i think to completely withdraw portion of what facebook does without any prior notification to use it was incredibly abruptly showed a lack of respect for users of that platform so i think facebook is a commercial estate but it exists because it has a relationship with uses and for many uses in australia like they were abusing that relationship today why do you think google went one way and reached a deal where facebook has turned around and stopped the buton. i think google had a strong sense that they they were going to. there was no way to escape paying something
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for making chinese content shastra think that the appetite was there across the country the code was basically ready to go and i think google realized that if they struck some deals themselves they would still have a level of control over those deals that it would be more directed to do news showcase product rather than all of gold and that they would have the capacity to put some of their own clothes in and not be fully subjected to this code which i think that there was incredibly important i think facebook clearly has gone the other direction it does not want to pay and has every right to be and from accessing use but of course the value of facebook as a platform for a stroll uses with that. portion of the service missing means that facebook is likely to start shutting users pretty quickly talking to thank you so much for joining us professor professor leiva from curtin university and. let's take a look at some more stories making news around the world the. protests i'm strikes
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against the military have paralyzed many government officers civil servants have walked off the job and thousands have a gary defied authorities to join nationwide rallies police in the capital not use water cannon against protesters demanding the release of elected leader. my dear is president has ordered security forces to organize a hostage rescue operation after gunmen stormed the school and kidnapped 42 people including teachers relatives and students who were asleep one student was killed. 2 journalists who serve been jailed for 2 years for violating public order i can't see arena and i'm very chill so far were arrested in november while providing live coverage of a protest in minsk against a forest area leader alexander lukashenko more than 400 journalists have been detained in baton rouge over the last 6 months. the northern german city of plans
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book has read has reacted to the rapid spread of highly contagious coronavirus variants by imposing a nighttime curfew the town near the danish border has also introduced stricter social distancing rules and says it will not follow the rest of the region in reopening schools later this month. a severe winter weather gripping the united states is that more than 30 people dead millions of texans have enjoyed another day without heating or electricity freezing temperatures have also burst pipes leaving around 7000000 people without clean drinking water. to cold and have some brave to loan icy drives to get their loved ones to a shelter to spend at chess shop in houston has a generator to keep the lights on the owner is letting families stay overnight and . early. in the trailer there's no installation anything like that says call of their week we can't we can't afford to have them freezing not being able to feed
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freedom. hughes grow for propane canisters to power gas stoves grills to cook because millions of homes still have no electricity. but the unexpected cold snap crippled the power grid. of the every source of power that the state of texas has has been compromised whether it be renewable power such as wind or solar but also as i mentioned today. access to coal generated power access to gas generator power. systems froze and equipment failed energy companies used to rolling blackouts to conserve electricity. water pipes best in the blistering cold texas officials warned residents to boil tap or to before drinking it claiming damage to
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water infrastructure. with low temperatures expected for a few more days many texans have no choice but to struggle on. nato secretary-general yet stoltenberg says no decision has been reached on whether to withdraw troops from afghanistan after a 2 day virtual summit with alliance defense ministers mr stoltenberg said nato allies would consult closely before any decision on troop reductions are made currently some 10000 nato forces in the country the trump white house had set a may 1st deadline for withdrawing troops those plans are being reviewed by the biden administration taliban forces have signaled the afghan government could see a renewed spring offensive and more violence if nato forces fail to stick to the may 1st deadline here's how germany's defense minister assessed the situation. what's clear is and this is what the taliban has announced that with the decision
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not to leave the country by the 13th of april that the threat level will rise significantly rise for the international troops and also for us and we are currently preparing it both in afghanistan with our troops there but also here with the options we have here in germany how to react to this situation in an appropriate way. that is as it. could. at the extension of the mandate that we're talking about right now in the cabinet and in the winter this is really a mandate that's about how we shape the next few months this is not a mandate to decide what will follow permanently on a longer term after resolute support after the mission that we're currently engaged in with our nato partners. a 7 month journey by mass as new rover comes to a climax later what it attempts to land on mars most intense possible logging is the 7 minutes after perseverance hits the martian atmosphere and slows down to land
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nasa describes these 7 minutes of terror. 10 minutes to touchdown. the perseverance rover must separate from the spacecraft that has brought it to mars next it must position itself to enter the martian atmosphere the friction of which will heat up its thermal shield to temperatures as high as 1300 degrees celsius. while the mars rover inside the shield will only reach room temperature. when perseverance and speed reaches 6500 kilometers per hour. its parachute will deploy the new range trigger technology will improve the spacecraft's ability to hit a landing target 20 seconds later the heat shield multitracks from the entry counts .
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allowing the rover to find a safe landing site. at about 2100 meters or 7000 feet about mars surface perseverance will separate from its parachute and ignite its jet packs 8 engines to prove they're slowing that research laboratory and be honest. the sky crane maneuver will lower the rover down to the surface and nylon tethers. next perseverance must reposition its legs and wheels right after touchdown it must detach from the tethers mission control will. only find out whether the mars rover landed successfully 11 minutes after the fact. and whether it will be able to explore or just 0 crater it's flora was home to an ancient lake delta system about
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4000000000 years ago which left a layer of sediment a promising site in the hunt for microscopic consuls or. the united arab emirates we'll also explore mars its space probe hopes enter the red planet's orbit on february 9th and is scheduled to start work this summer. hope will examine the martian atmosphere for 2 years observing weather and seasonal changes. the chinese have big plans for their 1st mars mission they also want to land a spacecraft something only the americans have so far succeeded in doing china's tionne when one probe has been orbit in the red planet since february 10th it will reach the surface with
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a landing device and research vehicle in maine and send data gathered on mars back to her. next that procol examined the types of minerals on mars and make maps of resources such as for deposits. planetary researchers and looking forward to all the new data. i'll have more world news at the top of the hour day doctors covered 19 special is next. to. the fight against the corona virus 10 democrat. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest we. information and contacts the coronavirus update coming 19 special. on t.w. . grappling with some tricks. expressing feelings
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i am not very creative yet but i would like to be considered an artist mandate looking for new perspectives real story and not to be replaced by a previous candidate doing things differently. come to the place where we reflect on society angst. teetotal. trying to beat markdown fatigue some europeans have been crossing borders fleeing to countries where they can enjoy more freedom like switzerland and spain only arrest all the others just. seeing the restaurants open is a little shock because in paris it's depressing everything is closed all the blinds are lowered here you can feel there's more human warmth and you can finally eat at
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a restaurant on a terrace it's a feeling i would been missing for quite some time. so it's not just sun seek is what so many tourists really want is a slice of the free life they feel their countries no longer offer. but what does that mean for everyone else. all the snow is melting in much of europe case numbers of foaling officials are easing restrictions and tourists are on the move again the question is with different parts of the continent moving at different speeds and with the ongoing threat of new variants could we find ourselves in trouble again. meeting friends and enjoying drinks in the sun are rare pastime these days but possible in madrid and that's why the spanish capital has become a refuge for young tourists from france it's so so depressing being in a country but is nothing's open it's gloomy all day you have to be back there's
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a curfew it at 6 you can even see your friends there are no cafes there's no you know you can't sit down with anyone you literally can't do anything in france. in madrid coronavirus restrictions are less strict than in other parts of europe and negative p.c.r. test was enough frenzy today $92.00 to come here she didn't have to quarantine and also brought a friend i come here there's there's friends there is. to mazing it's a dream come true. a dream that theodore star and i you could be have also precede the students live in germany and are spending a few days here they planned the trip with friends knowing that germany has advised its population to avoid travelling tyrus countries. you feel bad if you travel because other people are self isolating and you're not supposed to travel at the moment. but i don't think you can stay at home for
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a whole year either. we want to see the world while we're in the prime of our lives . in madrid police sometimes have to break up illegal parties held after curfew with participants ignoring current contact restrictions which is ideal for this page of the virus this party was organized by french tourists. if you want to be a lot of interest to intervene on several occasions all the participants are foreigners who'd come to madrid for a short time 2 or 3 days they rent an apartment and then they party. the. fines for these offenses during the pandemic start at 600 euros spanish authorities are in contact with their french counterparts illegal parties also worry dr laura sons in the end they all contribute to more infections. that
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get in america so we already have to be very careful with family members and in our everyday lives unnecessary contact has to be avoided the young people we met this afternoon in madrid i think both can work being responsible and enjoying the freedoms of life we do all the. everything we wear the mask when we have to we don't want to bother spanish people you know we just want to leave again and in france we can to do that from now madrid is one of the few cities in europe that still allows some leeway that could change at any time. is an environmental and health researcher with the spanish national research council the grass is always greener on the other side but what can be the consequences of a little trip over the border to shake off the quarantine blues so to say. well the
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main consequence is that you may get infected people may think when they go to lengths that may look at the average infection rate but actually they are going to make small most likely we routed people who are the highest because their that they think they're doing mostly only is that they have been the only input in the on the glee is much more is much more so than owning thanks and where you will get people in iran and the county trends by day concert is this because this one is going to go back in 20 different places across europe. and then you will have new cases in very different places so you are going to really have the service that on top of that of them there may and what's the likelihood of their actions leading to not only the spread of the virus but also the creation of a new and possibly deadly embury it. all the same he said it the more all cases we have it i guess is a lie you can bet it will get you a virus and so i don't i actually see what you find out. that of course and that
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was the need to control you know i said come on you ask somebody crazy if they are . very friendly or graphic beacons going to end where there is hike number of cases it is what increased and not only your model community but also aki that the rest of it the rest of europe basically the rest of places where all are cure is maybe a. nice place so what's the solution close the borders and close them quickly. i think the solution is. the morris the t.g. it would i'm alive in a stony whole nation on european level you se an integrated on long term planning that really acknowledges that this is a long long term fight and that we need to be cases oath that is something and when it's when they are in he a waste of money on life then what i would suggest is to have
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a system of press forcing with different measures are in force and only. hope the country who grows older is to protect all those but my impression is that countries close in borders to prevent people coming in are infected is not the solution under solution east area infection rate being the ones that close holders who protect the rest of the night with the risk of your so which countries here in europe of god that strategy right would you say. it i mean we have probably the worst examples on the under best example of the worst examples crawling through the u.k. where it was very i mean and you need some pros and not to worry. and you are a radical 0 on any growth borders on. the outside out until you spoke always another has to be protected from you and. then proceed to oversee
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it and i think about raleigh one of the end of the best examples it has been very proficient making messes in the beginning of it and then me and then when he had a number of cases it closed borders and i think the main reason was that there. was a bit of the way it was percent and in between i mean most countries. approach the problem properly this would be beat up on european are starting to think that it is actually locking the funding to support others studies show so very late the reason why can't the politicians get a bright i mean they've got you guys the scientists are such as in the area. well this isn't a good song is the sequel and i understand that it has been that you sent for google and if i just can then make the population in general our paper so that has been exceedingly over 380 or already to make sure of it.
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and it seemed you know elections of bottom 5. being the way it. soaked in planning all of that and then it is the worst. jory as though he's about to get thank you very much for joining us today from the spanish national research council and so i keep sending in your question says his alice science guy there who are humans with his latest q. and a on the coronavirus. what will the longer term impacts on the generation growing up with called the 19 be. this is a very tough topic for kids and young people and also their parents and i think it makes sense to look at it from 2 different angles the 1st is the question of how the disease can affect a young person's physical health which in some ways for me at least as
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a parent has surprisingly turned into the less scary aspect of the equation that's because it's grown clearer that as a general rule the younger the person the less severe the symptoms of coded 19 tend on average to be if you get it i don't want at all to imply that children or young people out there haven't suffered and died from it many have but that happens a lot less frequently than it does in adults especially in older adults the question of possible long haul or effect saying kids this is kind of a separate one data is still too sparse to say much of anything about that with certainty we'll only know more when more time has passed what's also already clear however is the longer term effects that pervade 1000 will have on the other
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important aspect of this issue it's psychological and it's developmental impacts for a lot of older kids and young adults all over the world the opportunities like internships and entry level jobs that provide a springboard into life is an adult had just disappeared in the last year and that's led to a social crisis of unprecedented dimensions in that age group i think that will unquestionably have long term consequences and for younger children and teenagers where we're socialization play. it's such a key role in developments and because education is so closely linked to certain stages of it educators and experts say the effects of shutting preschools and schools are going to be severe and long term just how severe will
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depend on how much longer the pandemic continues. finally the pandemic has brought back a fable winter tradition in canada we leave you with the backyard ice rink families are installing personalized patches to avoid skating will playing hockey in crowded public places the instructions are easy to find online the number of family outdoor rinks in the bank has doubled from past winters to almost 1600 days here. thanks for watching a bike. that
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you don't need to keep. and there you go of the people go for the over mentioned on the 4th time for the most missing men that we can come up with at least about on the ballets at the nasa dragons which were called to her through the. debris of books on. passionate
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drama competition drive marketing numbers here fight that's time and childish hate the money. the fans friends find us and in fact only. because we love football. because on you tube joining us. this is the w. news africa coming up on the program coming to terms with nigeria's latest school attack a family's awaits the rescue of the alps worms comments made by a nigerian spanish talk to friends have stocked controversy also coming up. on ebola outbreak in the midst of a covert 19 and that make as many consent you need to.


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