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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm CET

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confrontation find out on to the point. to the point. being 60 minutes on d w. in the light of climate change. africa. what's in store for. me is to come for the future. w dot com for the megacity to go multimedia inside. enter. this is the news africa coming up on the program coming to terms with nigeria's latest school attack as families awaits the rescue of the allowed ones comments made by nigerians when a stop to friends top spot controversy also coming up. on ebola outbreak in the midst of a coup with 19 and then make as many consent to meet a man who was infected 2 years ago and has tested positive i guess.
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i. welcome to the program now we've been following events in nigeria after gunmen attacked a school in the country's and i just stayed on wednesday killing at least one student and abduct and more than 40 people including students on tejas now while the government is trying to ensure the assy for 10 it's this response by just defense minister the house and get people. he didn't suppose he would do to know what it would do to keep a like. 50 when necessary but we shouldn't because i don't know why people would run away from. issues turn to reduce. their dis people. religious the computers are capable of teaching defend themselves. now
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that has not gone down well with many nigerians on social media. of tweets the minister of defense said we should stand up to bandits and defend ourselves what exactly did we do to deserve leaders like this and citizens strive to provide food clothing shelter a proper education. and i means of livelihood for themselves and now the government demands we rise to defend ourselves from terror why do we have a government in the 1st place our correspondent has been following the story and joins us now from abuja nigeria hello how have people been responding to the statements by the defense minister techmeme by the national security adviser comes with mixer action from nigerians especially those from the areas that i think ted by this inside some see it partly because at the time when people are creepy in.
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loved ones that were taken out week what did specter from the government use any kind of. a 5 nation that we're going to rescue these not pushing it to the nigerian people this is just me she. did on find themselves in that kind of species of despair what do they do because did look up to the pope in full protection and not this since not to get in now what could be the implications of such a statement. the implication is telling people to find a way out of what they can do because this isn't the 1st time i can remember it for my nigeria's president. and for mine that general to act and to my made such a statement in the past that nigerians have been pushed to the world so the
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implication peace many people would now find solution of how to defend themselves because apparently it's like daddy's been blocked and decide of the government to come and help them come on this could be true for them and now you are telling them that the despair. loosen pool on what is happening. now and this is the 2nd to nothing else school kids in 3 months how safe are our schools not. in reality on what we have seen in many schools and not see if you had to look at what happens in. this. schools in that period to just face different age we'll get back to bush even up to the university system that was an abduction even if you use idea which is one of the 1st class universities in nigeria debacle doc universities completely open to the
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bush so many schools that is fear some i say no i'm not going to send my child to go to school because i'm not sure how safety. health authorities in guinea on democratic republic of congo are trying to stop the spread of the need to break guinea house report at 7 cases with 5 vets by the country suspected to receiving 111-1000. this weekend wow see i was already begun fascinations so what's the situation on the ground our correspondent. i asked the support from. many drug gentleman bangor contracted ebola 2 years ago he spent 6 weeks in the hospital doctors gave him encourage mend but he had little hope here by thinking of him. i thought i was going to die. i was knocked out i was not in
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a normal state any more. than i did but i didn't eat and once i vomited every day. i thought i was dying to give him what he. did but he survived a month after being released from the hospital he was considered cured but during his last test a month ago it was a different story his spam is positive again it was a shock for. game o.c. and i have not yet grasped it. it's been 2 years i did check ups until they told me just spam is negative you can now do what you want. but then they called me again saying you have to come back for verification of your result or a very bad it came out of my spam showed positive again and this the. eastern
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congo early february a woman dies of ebola marking the beginning of the latest and now the 12th it will outbreak in the democratic republic of congo according to the health minister she's believed to have contracted the disease from the infected semen of her husband who was himself an able our survival the woman who was considered to be the 1st place our favorite outbreak was admitted to this hospital you're right behind me half of us are proud to mistake 2nd could save the spread as soon as possible but experts at least back to back him alone bricks and also call it 19 have stretched from the south system to the limits our interview requests to the ministry of health is denied due to time constraints nurse mohmed barry mckee has experienced past able outbreaks in this temporary ward alternate key to a hospital in suspected it will cases will be isolated upon arrival they have 4
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rooms here no more mumbai area fears the outbreak could be difficult to contain the government did not make the outbreak public until 4 days after the ebola patient died. if the government had released the result on the same day. and locked down all contacts the disease wouldn't have spread. those of the party with the when the going to thin. instead the highly infectious body was buried in the traditional manner which in congo means many relatives touching the body more than 70 contacts have been tracked by the ministry of health since then. for nurses like mumbai where it means extreme caution contact with the infected body fluid of an able or suffer a means infection for him too and the mortality rate is up to 70 percent. and
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we risk our lives we here at the front line because we take care of all the sick people who are arrive when we were told that the 12th epidemic had started who was so frustrated and so concerned and were afraid to do so. gemma is also afraid of the new outbreak he thought he had finally been able but his new positive test worries him from aunt as i am now joined by he's a technical officer with the world health organization mari many thanks for your time now that w.h.o. recently declared ebola over so why is there another outbreak. here is a. little. context to go after chemical. engineer in india. this region is you know very we have.
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so. we controlled. we expected to have. to bring in science so the most important thing is to be prepared to respond. to this. ok so valuable of vaccines now so should we not panic about the latest outbreak. yeah absolutely because you know of. anyone out of break in on wages could. do kids little. kids i think you wait. how about the review of 20142016 you're looking west africa. look at this. look at it to me christmas capacity in terms of prevention now as you might know we
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have an effective blacks in there is what we call swift meringues there is already by the f.d.a. so we have. to be able to respond properly to any young ok that's always been an issue when it comes to people being vaccinated how willing are people to receive these last nations even i think an example from uni even imagine what people in guinea if you for using it was it by yes of course there will always be. people who view libby you can't you know for the event for fun for mrs bax you know it for a minute. for anybody but we for some of these communication in a community engagement we manage. really to question it or. contact so early thank you to people in this area and there we are expecting nearly
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$20000.00 he says is sunday. and normally. i'm going to be made under seal so that's nation we'll start on monday ok dr mari cate our technical office out with well how this nation thank you very much for your time. and i was all we have for now 4 mos stories go to d.w. dot coms last africa you can also visit our facebook and twitter pages we leave you today with these pictures from can see india see where another mysterious. monolith starts up popping up last year fast in the us than in turkey and romania now in the house see iran about so. much. destroyed it to care for now.
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it's about billions. it's about how work. is about the foundation of the new world order the silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network. but in europe there's
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a sharp mornings whenever accept money from the new superpower will become dependent on the guinness book of the day. the chinese state has a lot of money at its disposal accountable and that's how it's expanding and asserting its status and position in the world that. china's gateway to europe. starts feb 19th on d. w. . a legal battle for control of britney spears' career and personal life take center stage as a new documentary shifts the conversation about the pop star and her troubles with her father the tabloids and the courts coming up on arts and culture. and israeli filmmaker guy little re-using any confronts her own family secrets in
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germany. but 1st since myanmar's military coup earlier this month hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting for democratic freedoms for the country's artists like the indie band side effects' its freedom of expression that's at stake from an darko see remembers the days before democracy when me and mars military were the only let the band play songs approved by state censors since the army seized back power they have been fighting to keep their voice. we all were shocked. i mean. it was. the army. we did not take. but now you know just like turkish industry. that the rising. sea is a musician and record producer who lives in the end he's part of neon mars
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subculture scene which is taking a brave stance against the military the protesters are young angry and apparently fearless. we don't want to be seen as weak more people have to join the protests we the students the young generation have a future we have to resist so we won't have to live under a military dictatorship. the film yangon calling from 2012 gave an indication of how strongly political myanmar's youth culture is. it shows rebellious young musicians willing to take risks the punk band rebel riot and dark side effect tell of life under dictatorship. when the film was made gen tun shwed was still at the helm of the largely isolated country but then came democratic reforms and me on maher began opening up in 2012 side effect were able to tour broad for the 1st time ever their gig in a berlin club was their 1st time playing in freedom other concerts in germany as
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well as france and the united states following. petra try i will push. off. that's all right. gosh i wish make you show them that nobody could show it but i mean it's going gosh i just want to transform them up just like you refuse to do so. and that's exactly what myanmar's young people don't want to accept recent weeks have shown how political rebellious and creative generations eat is they very quickly established symbols of protest such as the 3 finger salute from the hunger games film series and of course they use social media to organize protests and share the results of their protest culture like the song one day by punk band rebel riot a direct challenge to the country's military. and this song got hundreds of
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thousands of clicks shortly after its release revolution i rapper flo grows it also takes a clear position opposing the junta. no because up until. that israel have got. our ball park junko produced the song and he's taken the precaution of relocating with his family like so many others he's taking a huge risk by speaking out but he says it's worth it. i mean to be honest i would rather i. fear. for years britney spears fans have worried for the pop star's well being now their concern is going mainstream thanks in part to the film framing britney spears the new york times produced documentary examines spears' battle to end her father's court appointed control of her life the arrangement dates back to the singer's public breakdown over a decade ago. britney was so serious and so focused this is
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a girl that's coming from strength the new york times documentary focuses on the legal battle britney spears has been engaged in over her father's conservatorship jamie spears has been in charge of his daughter's business affairs and other areas of her life since 2008 1st thing is britney was able to make the judgment hey i get what's going on i get that i'm not going to be able to resist this conservatorship or avoid this conservatorship that's a pretty sound judgment the 2nd thing was she said i don't want my father to be the conservator but the documentary also looks at the media landscape of the 1990 s. and early 2000 its proper razzi relentlessly followed spears his every move and perceived missteps and entertainment news outlets eagerly reported and commented on her allegations of drug use mental health struggles and unfitness as a mother ultimately led to the conservatorship.
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britney spears gained international fame in 1999 at the age of just 17 with the single baby one more time. it was the start of a meteoric chart topping career that earned her millions and won her a fiercely loyal fan base that has been very vocal about their support for especially in the wake of the documentary. yeah that mean it was disgusting and i think a lot of people are 'd genuine apology you know to ask a young girl of his or virgin is just not ok and not something that i would see happening in 2021. you know in the way that they they were massaging the stick to her and everything that they said about her they just always had a negative negative view point on britney no matter what she did she could never
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you know satisfy that i know you know i love britney and you know i've been a fan ever since i was you know little boy really means the world to me talk me out of be you know independent that's what i'm here for to be independent of her to be able to live her life on her own terms the conservatorship has now been divided between spears' his father and a trust company cheney spears says he's only looking out for his daughter's business interests but exact details of the arrangement are not publicly known britney spears's most devoted fans are calling for the conservatorship to be ended completely they're pleased that the new york times documentary has drawn increased attention to their campaign. and my colleague james jackson has more on this story james tell me a little bit about the impact of this documentary has had so far well considering that up the moment it's only viewable in the u.s. i don't think it would be an exaggeration to say it's been a global hit because it's started to change the conversation about women and media as well as highlight saying britney struggle to get the conservatorship removed of
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course is a father's control over how to finance a life that's something that the free britney movement has highlights how it's. it's always sort of a fringe movement for many years. well that's how it seems beginning so again with a look kind of like. maybe but actually it's a movement of people who are fighting for britney's rights to control her finances under control her annoyance so what what's new what do we learn from this documentary are there any revelations that were not out there already. so for people who've been following the story very closely i don't think there's much new in that but what this documentary has done the fact that it's by the new york times is credibility to the fights of brittany's freedom to and it's also changed the conversation and made us look back at that era especially on how women were tried with figures like justin timberlake who was of course britney's ex-boyfriend now
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he's issued an apology because he in the past bragged about that sex life it claims in the documentary that he sort of demonized. he's also said this industry sets up men particularly white men to succeed and women to fail reckoning with the ninety's and early 2000 what does how does brittany come across herself in the film so i think one really interesting thing in this film is this tension that comes across throughout britney's career between womanhood and go ahead now she's referenced that in quite a lot of hits and it kept it's something that keeps on going for. but in the scenes with her of a young girl she comes across the son mature and so in charge of her artistic career later on it seems like she's a fully grown woman playing a young girl how voice what really struck me was the voice actually changed quite a lot so when you see how speaking she has quite a deep louisiana quite a normal voice but then later on it sounds like she's kind of doing a bit of
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a baby voice and what i'm wondering is is this conservatorship stopping her development maybe making her maybe age in reverse i don't know but it's great that we're having this conversation and that britney's case is being heard in the public jackson thanks for checking that out for us. this weekend's germany kicks off celebrations marking 1700 years of jewish life in the country and the lead up we've been meeting jewish artists who live here including israeli filmmaker. her video installation at the jewish museum in berlin gives living faces and personalities to a people many germans only know from history lessons. that i was taught you know. this. is not. a religion with many faces yeah
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vinnie's installation message being gathered presents germany's jewish population as colorful and diverse. very often people have a very. strange image of jews here in germany sometimes some people think they're all very smart are all very rich very. great event he was born and raised new television. was part of her family's history her grandmother's family was almost wiped out in the holocaust 3 of any has lived in berlin for 15 years she's among the 20 to 30000 israelis who have moved to the german capital. there is something very fascinating about berlin because on one hand it's very. contemporary and on the other hand it's very haunted and you can you know there are really ghosts everywhere. where you have any move to germany her parents were horrified for them it was unthinkable to move to the land of the perpetrators but
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for her it was liberating. somehow being in berlin. opened up something for me and suddenly i realized that with this you know this trauma i can deal much better i'm able to deal with it. she dealt with that trauma in part by exploring the previously unknown and taboo subject of her family's history in her 1st film she follows the trail of a great uncle who was thought dead their great uncle never returned after being deported to both invited concentration camp through her research the filmmaker discovered he had actually started a new life in east germany with a german woman and a german name. it became much easier for me to think about these things when i realize it's not my job to forgive. it with the ghosts of the past put to rest the director's focus has now turned to her birthplace of israel in her
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latest film ray of any profiles her own generation of israelis. i'm finally ready to deal with my israeli with or with zionism which is in a way in my biography a much more complex. for young child rail veni and many other young israelis living in berlin means creating a for your life for themselves. that's it for this time for me and the whole culture team here in berlin thanks for watching. good.
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to the point strong opinions clear positions of international perspective such as. can anybody still china's surge to global dominance sunspots the biggest foreign policy challenge facing u.s. president joe biden so how will he respond the beach meek ation confrontation find out on to the point. to the point. below 30 minutes on g.w. . slick . carefully.
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the soon. to be a good. match. discovered . subscribe to a documentary on. what is different. my lines of the south. here women are in charge. the archipelago has had a patriarchal system for centuries. the rare form of society. women differently. what. and how sustainable is this culture. of the.
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starts more on. this is you know you news live from berlin tonight thumbs down down on facebook and friends all stroke without notice the social media heavyweight today banned news content from its all stroy platform an arrogant move says the government as it plans to make tech giants pay for journalism also coming up tonight has sent 2 young journalists to prison for reporting from anti-government protests there comes
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as president alexander lukashenko widens his crackdown on crew to.


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