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tv   Fokus Europa  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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join those for the 27th as much as the 50 people who came to speak up for. this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight thumbs down down on facebook and friends all straight without notice the social media heavyweights today banned news content from a platform and move says the government as it plans to make tech giants pay for journalism also coming up tonight has sent 2 young journalists to prison for
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reporting from anti-government protests it comes as president alexander lukashenko widens his crackdown on critics of his government and the humanitarian emergency on europe store still thousands of refugees are stranded in desperate conditions involves mia so what is europe doing to help them put that question to the e.u. migration commissioner and it will now says perseverance pay all the space agency prepares its rotor for the most daunting decision on some long mission controllers saying it will be 7 minutes of terror. i'm burnt off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome facebook has blocked it news content from its platform in. oh yeah the latest twist in
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a heated dispute with the government as camber of considers legislation to force tech companies to pay for the journalism that they carry facebook and google have been fighting the proposals which they say do not reflect the way the internet works facebook's action came just hours after google reached a deal with australian news companies. many australians woke to a surprise this morning facebook at unfriended them suddenly they couldn't access local and international news through the social media site it's a dramatic escalation of a conflict over australian efforts to force tech giants to pay for journalism. i think facebook beneath its terrible sleeve i did you say 43. and i can get all my news in one spot say believe me. congress said the ban on news had a huge community impact $17000000.00 australians visit facebook every month it's even being called an assault on democracy. facebook was wrong.
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facebook sections were unnecessary that way heavy handed and they will damage its reputation here in australia frydenberg said facebook gave no warning of the new shutdown. wants to table a law that would require online giants to negotiate payment for news outlets content or have fees set for them some experts have their doubts about the law and say it needs to be reevaluated the story is a bit more complicated than just saying that's up from scott of content from let's and that and if it for me it's kind of a mucho benefit so then you probably would also when you toss whether. you. need to pay facebook and google. that is for the will then to their pages. google initially also refused to pay for news content and threatened to pull all services from australia then in
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a surprise move the internet giant struck deals with australian media firms such as channel 9 rupert murdoch's news corp and 7 west media. australian social media users will be hoping that facebook has a similar change of heart. joined by our digital reporter army in essence good evening to you. let's talk about what this looks like this news and what is it like for users in australia well 1st of all this is not just a symbolic move on the part of facebook this is an absolute display of might and they've hit australia facebook on multiple sites so if you are in australia and you're using facebook and you want to post a link to a news website you'll get an error message when you try to post it and hopefully you'll get an explanation of why that is some users have reported that they haven't even got an explanation of it but it's not just that brand it's also that if you want to share any if any news company wants to share anything on facebook they
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won't be able to do it and that means for international users as well so you and i won't be seeing any australian news content on facebook any time soon not only that but all media companies that facebook has somehow deemed news websites their facebook pages have been wiped blank think about that so if you go to a facebook page of any company that this book says there's news in australia you won't see anything and that includes news and any kind of text so it really has been for users who get most of their information from facebook has been a news blackout yeah a total blackout their facebook has said argued that the australian government's demands don't reflect held the internet works what do they mean with that statement . well facebook has said that this legislation is absurd because these news companies are using facebook's free services to publicize their their content so
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a lot of defenders of facebook say that news companies should actually be taking facebook in order to post their content there and this may be true of a lot of news companies do pay facebook to post their content there to promote it but this is kind of a 2008 way of looking at how facebook works because since then news companies have lost most of their ad revenue and any kind of subscriber services and have become reliant on google and facebook in order to promote their content so if you think about it from the news company's perspective which is what the government in australia is doing these news companies are paying correspondents to go out there to maybe and risk their lives to get a story facebook is profiting off of the traffic that that generates for them but they don't have that overhead they don't have to pay journalists to go out there and collect this news they just put it on a site that's where the put it on their site and they make money with that we know the critics they've pointed out that the band has had some unintended consequences
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. well especially this week because health services in australia public and private have seen their facebook pages go blank because facebook's algorithm to find nudes content has caught them up in their wide net so this is the week that australia is has received its 1st shipment of vaccines are planning to roll out the vaccination program again scope at 19 meanwhile health services cannot publicize information about where to get vaccines about vaccines and this is kind of left a blank spot on facebook where companies people who are not in news companies who produce maybe even fake news have gotten through that because they're not news companies so they can put this information out there meanwhile the official information is not getting you get the impression that facebook in australia forgot that we're in the middle of a pandemic all right our digital reporter on the story tonight for us thank you.
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and here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world protests and strikes against me in mars' military government have paralyzed many government offices civil servants have walked off the job thousands again defied authorities to join nationwide rallies on thursday police in the capital forcefully dispersed crowds demanding the release of elected leader aung sun suu kyi spanish officials have revealed that jailed rapper pablo hossam was sentenced to another prison term earlier this month after being convicted of threatening a witness he's already serving a 9 month sentence for insulting the monarchy that conviction kicked off protests in several spanish cities this week demonstrators calling it an attack on free speech. germany has warned iran that it's quote playing with fire by violating the nuclear deal german foreign minister heiko mosse accusing tehran of jeopardizing the return of the united states to the deal the trumpet ministration withdrew from
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the deal back in 20. pakistan says its most celebrated climber is presumed dead mohammed ali. disappeared when somebody came to along with iceland's john snorri and chile's one public more and intensive search has been underway for the trio since they went missing in harsh winter conditions 2 weeks ago. a court in bellerose has jailed 2 journalists for reporting from a protest against president alexander lukashenko the court ruled that the pair had incited rest by live streaming the event for a polish television channel. government has been moving more aggressively to target critics after cracking down on mass protests that have posed the greatest threat to the government in decades in mid november 2020 in this residential area in
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minsk protesters rally following the death of an activist journalist capturing i'm driven and her camera woman carry a child sofa lifestream t. event also filming security forces the 2 were then arrested and later put on trial today the court sentenced them to 2 years in prison for violating public order. me me under the pretext of journalistic activity having and without accreditation the defendants took to the streets and blocked traffic some times. catherine his grandfather can only shake his head he says the 2 women are now hostages of the belorussian regime the media means you leave done nothing at all absolutely nothing in this case that deserves punishment. with. the guy and appalled by this verdict quote our colleagues were just doing their jobs and exercising a global have a fundamental right to school namely freedom of press of piss if i hired
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journalists and dello russo are under pressure on tuesday police again raided the homes and offices of journalists and human rights activists confiscating computers and cash. there secretary general your bag says the alliance has not reached a decision on withdrawing troops from afghanistan following a 2 day summit allies agreed to consult closely before any decisions on troop reductions are made there are about 10000 nato forces in afghanistan the trump administration had said may 1st as the deadline for withdrawal that deadline is now being reviewed by the by administration taliban forces have signaled the afghan government could see a renewed spring offensive and more violence if nato forces don't stick to the bay 1st deadline hears the german defense minister. is. clear is and this is what the taliban has announced that with the decision not to leave the country by the 30th of april that the threat level will rise significantly rise
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for the international troops and also for us and we are currently preparing it both in afghanistan with our troops there but also here with the options we have here in germany how to react to this situation in an appropriate way. and so could. the extension of the mandate that we're talking about right now in the cabinet and in the bundestag this is really a mandate that's about how we shape the next few months this is not a mandate to decide what will follow permanently on longer term after resolute support after the mission that we're currently engaged in with our nato partners. it was a german defense minister there speaking the european union's migration commissioner has travelled to bosnia's border with croatia in an attempt to resolve the worsening humanitarian crisis the e.u. has criticised bosnian authorities for failing to rehabs hundreds of migrants after
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makeshift accommodations at lippa burnt down last year. correspondent marina strauss travelled to the liberal camp to meet and talk with refugees and with local administrators who say the e.u. has left them in the war. a whole life in one backpack. the students. feel. calm and his friends are resting because it's raining at buston yes border with place and because their feet are hurting they tell us it creation border forces have just prevented them crossing but firing warning shots in the air sometime eview does. beat us he. he'd take a lot more by the foreign money and bag and. things and pushed back to this new
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the dream of reaching the european union has spurred thousands of others to disport a region since 2018 many refugees of migrants have chosen to enter the e.u. that you can see here so crew asia from bosnia and herzegovina because other european states have made it increasingly difficult to enter. a few kilometers further north east in boy several families mostly from afghanistan i'm living in abandoned houses these families here belong to has a group which is considered one of the most oppressed in afghanistan going to sunday is not peaceful. for me for all of. our people 1st. day. is. afghanistan is because no security is not save you are not serving our country.
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says there's only one place where she sees a better future for herself and her 2 boys. i hope. these families are staying here because they're just a few meters away from the question border but they're also official refugee centers in the region one is sleep a may only camp which made headlines when it burned down last december the military has since set up new tents my parents you know have heating and 3 meals a day at 30 of them have to share attend many have to stand in line to be treated 1st babies are not the only reason why most of the young men here are preparing for the next trial to enter the year so local authorities are the more frustrated because they feel abandoned by the e.u. . just sending money without
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looking into a solution for the problem is not the ride way. to put this problem. is not only wrong but also our. fight again to shun cancer they will set off again and direction of the. inshallah again and again they go bag again he was ready to go again. it will be their 5th to attempt to get into place and from there into italy maybe germany they don't know what will await them there but they're certain their future will be better. well after filing that report marina called up with the e. hughes migration commissioner she wanted to find out does europe have a plan with an end game. commissioner it isn't the lack of function in the mansion
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in your salad on the streets most of the situation and obviously your emotions are normal now and also in the north and not on the human super religious and no i don't really think so but of course that is important and that's the message and in my new crackdown migration and asylum that migration is something that all member states have to manage if there is this huge pressure which have a solidarity mechanist but all member states have to manage migration migration is an enormous thing and you have to have proper systems in place and this is also my message here to boston has to go you have to manage migration you have to set up the proper systems and processes to make sure that you can do that in a fair orderly way and we see also difficulties in typical teams within the european union for example and then we got into less more often to fire and more ya know so now the conditions are no it's the best actually. i agree on that to
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a lot of more things that have to be down on the greek islands and that's why we are set up a special task force but just remember when i took office almost one year ago we were 42000 migrants on the greek islands now they are 17000 there's still too many and still a lot of improvements have to be done but we have been doing a lot to be out every week more or less relocating specially unaccompanied minors some families to other member states so things are improving but yes for sure more need to be done. we talked to several migrants refugees here in the falklands and also elsewhere yes it came off the fire and actually all of them are saying they want to ensure the european union and i believe that there are a few values such as say human rights for example so how can you help these people well of course it's a good thing that people would like to come and union but it's also true is that we do not have totally open borders. we'll welcome those in need of international
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protection but it's not for everybody who would like to move to the european union that just to do that and that's very clear also in the new pact a migration and asylum to make the distinction between those that are eligible to stay that need international protection they should be welcome to open a new legal possibly a studio a peon union they should be welcome but it's not if you come illegally and then have a negative decision you have to return so this is also an important part of a policy that you might not like and right now here it's mostly like all people being fulfilled on the set they tried to reach french shot multiple times sometimes 30 times and been pushed back sometimes violently by placing border forces so what is the u.s. doing in kansas actually we are in very close contact with the creation of sorties on this issue and we are working together with them to set up a monitor mechanist to make sure that these kind of violent pushbacks do not take place and this morning i had a specific meeting with the minister responsible in creation on specifically this
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topic so we are working with the creation authorities and the question government because it's not acceptable that people are being beaten up and pushed back there so we know this is happening because they have to meet and to gay chanson also and she always or it's an old refuge up towards you know here i'm not so how can that you tolerate oh how has the huge celebration with the last couple of years and this is actually happening you have a you. know we cannot tolerate that and that's what exactly what i said and that's why we are working very close and how i have high expectations on creation to improve this and to hide in the meeting this morning specifically with the minister of interior responsible how they can set up an independent monitoring mechanism to make sure that they can supervise that people's fundamental rights are being respected and that was the e.u.
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migration commissioner johansson speaking with arena strauss. a 7 month journey by now says new rover comes to a climax when in the about an hour when it attempts to land on mars the most intense part of landing 7 minutes after perseverance hits the martian atmosphere and slows down to land nasa describing the news as 7 minutes of. 10 minutes to touchdown. the perseverance rover must separate from the spacecraft that has brought it to mars next month position itself to enter the martian atmosphere the friction of which will heat up its thermal shield to temperatures as high as 30100 degrees celsius. while the mars rover inside the shield will only reach room temperature. when perseverance and speed reaches 600 kilometers per hour. it's
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a parachute well deploying the new range trigger technology will improve the spacecraft's ability to hit a landing target 20 seconds later the heat shield most attach from the entry counts . allowing the rover to find a safe landing site. at about 2100 meters or 7000 feet above mars surface perseverance will separate from its parachute and at night its jet packs 8 engines. true they're slowing the research laboratory fields. the sky crane maneuver will lower the rover down to the surface and nylon tethers. next perseverance must reposition its legs and wheels right after touchdown it must
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detach from the tether. mission control will only find out whether the mars rover landed successfully a move in minutes after the fact. and whether it will be able to explore or just 0 crater its flora was home to an ancient lake delta system about 4000000000 years ago which methane layer of sediment a promising sign in the hunt for microscopic fossils. the united arab emirates we'll also explore mars its space probe hope and to the red planet's orbit on february 9th and is scheduled to start work this summer. hopefully examine the martian atmosphere for 2 years observing weather and seasonal changes. the chinese have big plans for their 1st
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mars mission they also want to land a spacecraft something only the americans have so far succeeded in doing china's tionne when one probe has been orbiting the red planet since february 10th it will reach the surface without landing device and research vehicle in may and some data gathered on mars back to earth. next the probe will examine the types of minerals on mars and make maps of resources such as for deposits. planetary researchers are looking forward to pull them into. or getting closer to that landing to talk about that i'm joined now by paula dean issues an expert on the economic and security issues in space exploration at birmingham city university good to have you on the program i mean this is an exciting time for everyone connected to this mission is space exploration but talk
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to me do things change once we have a human stepping foot on mars in terms of security. wow basis politician something different i know that there is a long tradition through 2 project in space what we have on earth advice for a full analysis in addition he said exactly what you say space is rotation and we shouldn't even talk about race because this comes from the period when we as a u.s.n. and this whole vs at the where really racing against when each other today there are so many people countries non-state actors in the in the space said this is a new space age and operates yeah it's not a raise but we do still have these different missions would you would you be happier if we saw more international cooperation well that that's
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exactly the point i think we need more and more nations to have anything national competition stronger because this is what is needed right now and they issue if there are issues now address a definitely more known presentation allah try to like for example that every. justice or piece of this is what really is in front of us he had a most you should send resist a not not really what on his national states. i'm going to about 30 seconds left here to follow me to ask you people like you on muscular these these billionaires who are racing to get into space are they going to accelerate our missions and bring us to mars faster. i think product companies that fool enough on coffee can the fundamental role just making things happen so i think that's really our our stepping up on the long march and on the more not me let me let me be. kind of
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company weekly that we have a month for all that yeah ok chevy impala dini joining us tonight from birmingham city university we appreciate your time tonight and we've got our fingers crossed for a successful landing on mars thank you steph thank you for having me all right. when you're watching news from berlin right here on earth after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around we will be right back.
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the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what
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does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus update the code of special monday to friday on g.w. . it's about billions. it's about power. it's about the foundation of the new movie order the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network also in europe conflicts are inevitable consequences unpredictable but in benefit ever since the chinese investor got involved here our situation has changed before the door was privatized our work was much better and easier. china is promising us foreigners bridge cuts but in europe there's
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a sharp warning does whoever accept money from the new superpower will become dependent on it the committal got a shaky the chinese state has a lot of money at its disposal. and that's how it's expanding and asserting its status and position in the world in the face of the bubbles making. china's gateway to europe starts feb 19th on d w. in the middle of a pandemic information can save lives lockdowns give social media more social value so what is facebook up to down under this morning facebook blocked all news leaks for users in australia no viewing no sharing tonight hash tag delete facebook is trending again australia's prime minister has a reminder for big tech you may be changing.


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