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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2021 2:00am-2:30am CET

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our documentary series slavery routes starts march 10th on w. . this is the deadly news live from berlin touched down on mops nasa's robotic science rosa reaches the red planet after a 7 month journey disappearance holds really to the surface collect rock samples and bring them back with so scientists can determine where the life once existed on the money also coming up the humanitarian emergency on europe still still thousands
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of refugees are stranded in desperate conditions in both in the us we'll take a look at what do you refuse doing to go. and kill a bird says since 2 young journalists to prison for reporting in from anti-government protests it comes as president alexander lukashenko why you can see his crackdown on critics of his government. a method held welcome to the show nasa space robot perseverance has safely touched down on the surface of mas a short while ago the 1st signals were beamed back to worth from the probe. this was the jubilant scene earlier at nasa's mission control as the team confirmed the successful landing. and this is what it looks like the 1st image sent back by
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this mission from about 400000000 kilometers away the 7 month journey was followed by what scientists call the 7 minutes of terror and the probe executed its delicate landing minerva with alpha help from earth the robotic vehicle will make history by collecting samples of martian soil which will be brought back to worth that could help scientists to determine if life once existed on the red planet. well joining me now from washington they say is esther biologist and journalist cal and kate an exciting day how difficult was this landing. will they've done something like this before but it was difficult when they did it the 1st time it was deeply just difficult this time but you know as you just showed it laid it exactly where it was supposed to land and the 1st thing it did was send back the actions. incredibly nessus curiosity rover has been operating since 2012 on models what can the new one
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find out that the old one couldn't well it's interesting since i'm talking to a german television imagine a volkswagen beetle from like 15 years ago and one you could buy today similar shape for wheels gets you from point a to b. but if you look at what's under the hood it has much more scientific instrumentation and the earlier version better wheels better tires better sound system the whole thing and it sort of the inspiration for this keep to a very much john grunsfeld who was the head of nasa science at the time where they wanted to build upon these lessons so to your question how difficult was it a little bit less in that they knew kind of what would happen and what might happen right for the 1st time in history of spice like that this time nasa and the european scientists plan to bring moss and rocks back to with how do we get the samples back. as the kids say these days it's complicated this rover is going to
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drive around to do some science and and send that information back to us while it's also going to be drilling to the surface and over the next couple of years it a collect a series of little tubes that they will then put you know location and weight and then europe and america will launch a another mission to mars which will land nearby but a day european rover will drive really fast read those samples bring it back to the american rocket which will launch into orbit and then another spacecraft that your descent will meet up with it where the samples and bring them back to earth if it sounds complicated it is going to say that sound simple enough they've the big question when will we know if there is evidence of life on most well there's 2 ways you could get that answer one is if some of the instrumentation that's on this rover finds evidence that there had been life on mars and again the lineages are a crater which is very much like locations on earth where you could find fossils
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that are upwards of 34000000000 years old so it would be straight for if those fossils on earth where mars this rover would find them and it would probably be pretty definitive that something living had been there now is there currently life in mars this rover might stumble over it but some of the future rovers may do that but the samples that we bring back may give additional answers so it's sort of a step wise process learn something in the next couple of years but then it depends on how fast we get all those other complicated pieces to mars and back to probably be towards the end of this decade as the biologist and journalist kate callan thanks so much. and looking at some other world news now. spanish cities are saying a 3rd not of on rest as anger grows over the arrest of wrath of pablo has a protest began on tuesday night after he was jailed for tweets and lyrics that prosecutors say glorified terrorism and slant of the monarchy demonstrators say his conviction is an attack on free speech. mario draghi has cleared the final hurdle
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to become italy's new prime minister ravi won a confidence vote in the lower house off the already being approved by the senate earlier the former european central bank chief now has to lead italy out of the devastation caused by the penguin. germany has warned iran that it is quote playing with fire i violating the nuclear deal german foreign minister heiko mass accused tehran of jeopardizing the return of the us to the deal trumpet ministration withdrew from it in 2008 thing. protests and strikes against man was military government have paralyzed many government offices civil servants walked off the job on thursday with thousands continuing their defiance of authorities by joining nice and wide rallies place in the capital forcefully dispersed crowds demanding the release of a lake that later on some 60 thank
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water from police cannons rained down on protesters in a pito they were gathered in the same spot for a demonstration was shot in the head and critically injured last week. thank. you thank you some protesters were arrested as they tried to feed and side streets others have their motorbikes confiscates and thank the gods exist as a humane we have no weapons oh my god has my car and when i tried driving away the police starts. b. sing the wind shield and shouted us out of nowhere with. earlier officers had stood by us demonstrations painted the slogan safely on march onto the streets in the capital assigned the authorities laser washed off. the protesters were also as
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again in myanmar's largest city young i. think bill k. did the roads with their vehicles for a 2nd consecutive day to prevent police and army vehicles from moving around. as the protesters keep up the pressure d. w. spoke to the director of human rights watch he said the international community should sanction myanmar's military control of conglomerates. the real next step is to go after the business is that the military. and that it uses to finance a coup and it's repression already there been signs that soldiers are tempted to just switch sides to join the demonstrators against the school and for democracy the only way to keep them in line is to keep paying them to keep paying for the machinery of repression that requires income. the protesters say foreign companies operating within myanmar are also part of the problem they demonstrated outside
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properties linked to global oil giants like the towel and petronas calling on them to stop paying revenues until mia mars democratically elected government is reinstated. 7 was. accorded bella verse has job to journalists for reporting from a protest against president alexander lukashenko the court ruled that the pair had such incited on the wrist by live streaming the event for polish funded a bill said t.v. channel if the government has been moving more aggressively to target critics to cracking down on mass protests that pose the greatest threat to his government indicates. in mid november 2020 in this residential area in minsk protesters rally following the death of an activist journalist capturing a entry of a camerawoman dariya trolls over live stream to vent also filming security forces
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the 2 were then arrested and later put on trial today the court sentenced them to 2 years in prison for violating public order. me me under the pretext of journalistic activity and without accreditation the defendants took to the streets and blocked traffic in some. carrying his grandfather can only shake his head he says the 2 women are now hostages of the belorussian regime but. done nothing at all absolutely nothing in this case that deserves punishment no more. the i am appalled by this verdict our colleagues were just doing their jobs and exercising a global have a fundamental right to school namely freedom of press as of journalists and dello russo are under pressure on tuesday police again raided the homes and offices of journalists and human rights activists confiscating computers and cash. the
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european union's migration commission has travelled to bosnia its border with croatia in the attempt to resolve worsening humanitarian crisis the e.u. has criticised bosnian authorities for failing to rehab hundreds of migrants after makeshift accommodation accommodation rather at the. last year. they doubly correspondent marina strauss travelled to the labor camp to made refugees and local administrators who blame the e.u. for leaving them in the lurch. a whole life in one backpack thank god give. the students. the. few fish and khan and his friends are resting because it's raining and past us border with clay shell and because their feet are hurting they tell us that creation border forces have just prevented them crossing but firing warning shots
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in the air sometime maybe does good dominic and nobody does he take. me by the foreign money and bag and their bun and things and pushed back the goose and the dream of reaching the european union has brought thousands of others to disport a region since 2018 many refugees of migrants have chosen to enter the e.u. that you can see here so crazed from bosnia and herzegovina because other european states have made it increasingly difficult to enter a few kilometers further north east in-born are several families mostly from afghanistan a living in the bend of houses these families here belong to her sorrow a group which is considered one of the most oppressed in afghanistan going to sun is not peace for. for me for all of his. afghan people 1st and taliban and didn't die is.
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afghanistan is because no security is not save you have you are not serving no you know it can't. call have us suffer said there's only one place where she sees a better future for herself hoskins and her 2 boys. i hope. these families are staying here because they're just a few meters away from the question border but they're also official refugee centers in the region one is sleep r m a only camp which made headlines when it burned down last december the military has since set up a new tense my currency you know half heating and 3 meals a day but 30 of them have to share attend many have to stand in line to be treated 1st k.b.'s not the only reason by most of the un men here are preparing for the
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next trial to enter the year so local authorities are the more frustrated because they feel abandoned by the e.u. . spent and. that's actually suggest sending money without looking into a solution for the problem it's not the ride way. to put this problem a local community is not only abroad but also our. mission to. fudge so feigin to shun cancer as they will set off again and direction of the year. inshallah again and again the big go bag again he. again it will be their 5th to attempt to get into creation and from their interests really maybe germany they don't know what will await them there but they're certain their future will be
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better. and before we go a quick look at a surreal winter wonderland from the deep south of the u.s. soccer's trees growing in the louisiana swamplands are always a feast for the eyes and now there's a canopy of ice because of the deep freeze. that's all for now i'll have more headlines for you at the top of the next out. young german and jewish just on jewish does so what. does that mean in daily life and at school 11 teenagers 11 stories. i'm jewish and so. charming and jewish
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starts feb 22nd on d w. it's china's make a project the new silk road a trade network between china and the rest of the world which could turn the old
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world order on its head. with j.c. . hugo goes our cave on the. south oceans it seems a good job you have a single. bite of a god to fight it. wasn't. china is investing in bridges poor. it's railway tracks and roads around the globe. over 70 nations are already part of the new silk road. europe sees the chinese as welcome investors the boards of paris has been under chinese ownership for several years and the chinese are now also showing interest interest in italy. you've got an up until it is of great importance for china again it's at the center of the mediterranean just of the kind of african on it and a strategic point for the new silk ramzan that viral and. he fish it the more the chinese and i get here
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a is the emerald of the mediterranean or my god it was revealed critics warn that china is using the new silk road to cement its power around the world and divide europe. when they say you make an economic agreement with a country that doesn't respect human rights you are dealing with human rights because it means that you don't care much. the coronavirus pandemic has brought life in grotto to a resort in northeastern italy to a virtual standstill. but even though few people visit his beach bar ricardo roky auto is still glad to be back at work. he and his family were the 1st people in the resort to be infected with kobe 19. like the prince of palestine think
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a similar one would be felt like lepers when the site it's a small community with on a picnic when you see in summer it's a well known resort but we locals are all alone on the island in winter and it really is a sort of course on an island because everyone knows everyone else i mean it's that's why it was such a serious issue for me at 1st i'm going to notice when i know what he knew what it would bring it to that and then the rican living will say something about. was a passing. but help coming in from china gave ricardo and his family the feeling that they weren't alone. china sent 31 tons of urgently needed equipment ventilation machines personal protective clothing masks and medication and also medical staff. soft power from china some called it the silk road of help. me some cindy thought you sickly felt more safe because china came to help us you the obvious the
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site look if someone has already faced the same problems before you found solutions but you maybe haven't yet it does give you a feeling of security at least once and you could soon what it's about incremental to the quick as we see in so the because you see these problems building up and you don't know how to solve them in the cycle many solvable. china as the savior in times of need. whether it was politically motivated or not the symbolism worked for ricardo and his family. in the early stages of the pandemic no help was forthcoming from the european union. member amused all want to cheat not good but a prima we saw a china that really experienced a catastrophe in the beginning she thought the pandemic in china was really devastating the meaning so cool so do it still they offered us help us and it showed us that they were prepared i don't know but there are power some of the most
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and they are afraid of nothing and nobody the economic power of the need to be in a small. the radius is greece's most important port it's been known by the chinese since 2016. china started investing in the border after the 2008 financial crisis and has made it an economic success over the last 12 years congo handling has increased tenfold the dock workers here on pier one were here before the chinese arrived and saw the changes pushed 10. pound to be a dock worker it's an honest job and with that i've managed to feed my family that i'm satisfied with the. forty's
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panaji or top of those has been working at the port since 2005 like everyone else here he demonstrated against the takeover of the port by the chinese state company costco. a lot of the only good everything is been amassed since the privatization to get him on ever since the investor got involved here and is only interested in profit and nothing else our situation has changed before the war was privatized our work was much better and easier we worked in fixed groups back then always as a team of 2 at this now we don't have enough people so that's no longer possible now we're forced to do the work of 2 men. one shipped in 6 was cancelled. new jobs were created but hardly any of them offered the same social protections as the workers
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previously had. these proud greek dock workers now work in a port which is no longer their own. got that big number in my state and we think it was a strategic mistake to privatized the biggest port in the country greece is a country with a huge number of violence. the ports are essential not only economically but socially they keep people connected easily we found this you know he had to be visible. greece was forced to privatized the port as part of new demands to tackle the greek debt crisis. georgios go-go's and his men still blame germany and the e.u. for it. is now trying to save what he can and is fighting to protect his people's rights. movement about the most is. probably the best man at my wedding got a state pension. yes because they calculated how long you would work for the poor
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when it was still stayed on but what will happen to us now. the longest serving workers so not our rank might you know i'm telling you my best man got a state pension what will happen when everything else because he had already retired right know. we think it will be like that at all. but goes union no longer represents all the dock workers so it's hard for him and his men to fight against the threats of outsourcing or temporary contracts. little foreshock of the world that i don't know how much longer we can keep this working model with permanent stand dignified work and job security. we request an interview with the ports chinese managers. but it's the greek press officer who explains to us why paris is so important for china's new silk road.
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is a furthest laird's utopian port after the crossing of that this is a very important for the shipping going by needs in order to receive their ports and to use it as it. so. they're very large vessels the mother vessels as we call them starting their route from east asia. europe we see the port of. leave here they've got to go what they're very dangerous or cars and then. a smaller vessel is that we call them their vessels they've got to go and they're redistributed to many other ports. but dock workers are skeptical. only 70 to 80 percent of the containers are
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transshipped which won't create any new jobs. the profits stay with the owner of the port. the chinese state company costco. none of it goes to the greeks. or the konami more horrid thing. to i think it's all about the expansion of chinese capitalism others say here the chinese state has a lot of money and this is its way of expanding it and asserting its status. its position in the world if a ship if you can china is a world power you can't overlook that or be indifferent to it.
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if you walk 13 the streets in easily and then you walk in the streets in shanghai you don't need to do any analysis to understand why countries are girl active 0 percent like here and why some other countries a girl 8 are saying i see in the past to china you just see immediately and i've been witnessing 10 years of a really important social and economic changes i know my eyes i've come back to europe and i don't see any changes the next time i go to shanghai after a few months and i will look at the underground map because there will be new lines the calligraphic she is known as mr china after working as an investment banker and spending 10 years in shanghai as a professor of economics he became undersecretary of state and italy's ministry of
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economic development and negotiated the silk road deal with china he used to commute constantly between china and italy but now the coronavirus has forced him to do business with the chinese via video cause. i hope so too i'm cecilia. i'm pinning my hopes on china that the cooperation with china will help the tourist industry to grow in sicily. for a day. last year we had president xi jinping here sicily wants to see more chinese tourists the chinese are very curious about italy. graci no longer holds political office the government he was part of only lasted for 15 months but the letter of intent that he negotiated with china is still valid. when i came in i took all
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these projects and actually delivered it. so i accelerated the process maybe a final agreement with the chinese counterparts and we implemented then we started and i do think of it this is the base the economic opportunity that italy has to cooperate with china doing business together. this deal with china alarmed europe. italy years after all one of the u.s founding members as well as part of nato. many saw the signing of this contract as a break with the old alliances. the logic of the italian government back then was purely economic. they said everyone else was doing business with china too even if they had no official agreement. there is absolutely no contradiction and no conflict with european strategy if 1st someone worries about the fact that if china
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race the day in the u.s. to give them back to something china has invested in germany holland belgium france spain malta you stumble in greece and u.k. all ports in europe have the chinese all the shit. out of the city is a psychologist and author who lived in china for 6 years and observed the events around the new silk road development with a critical eye. she thinks the italian government was trying to create an economic advantage for itself but underestimated the plant's political dimensions polarised after you recall she acknowledged months of this political project by a member of the g 7 had a great propaganda value in china itself by getting this secret that the new silk road is quite clearly and economic project and like projects in history.


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