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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2021 2:30am-3:01am CET

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mult. all in europe the chinese. judge in the city is assigned ologist and author who lived in china for 6 years and observed the events around the new silk road development with a critical eye. she thinks the italian government was trying to create an economic advantage for itself but underestimated the plant's political dimensions. but a lot of thought the ricotta he acknowledged mines of this political project by a member of the g 7 had a great propaganda value also in china itself i think a propagandist the kind that an offer of this the new silk road is quite clearly and economic project and like all projects in history in china and the usa it's not in that of charity they are pursuing that own interests and.
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it's obvious that china is trying to gain a global foothold through key infrastructure investments such as for. trade yes to the north east of italy could also become an important logistical center for the chinese. francesco party z. is a businessman who's currently planning to bring a new investor on board to build a 2nd container terminal intra guest. estimate of the mean the movement basement necessary to further expand to have a reasonable container terminal 300 meet your new york we are ready to discuss without a doubt this if they have any interest to further their battle we can easily get
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your debt that we have been discussing for loci with the chinese in finished in the port of tree asked to set to expand further until now it has only handled 790000 container ships a year by comparison iran has handles 6 times as much congo. francesco parties burma has been involved in the transportation business in europe and the rest of the world for almost 200 years along with his son he's the 8th generation to run the business the company has. survived 2 world wars but today's challenges are just as great and now you need the routes to asia to stay competitive he says it is not that we are giving preference to fade nice business path as it out that the reality is that china has grown and and is to trading past the number one in the world and if we are involved in. stick which is connected to
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international trading you cannot simply close your eyes in front of what has developed you try to participate so this is the simple answer. how do you see and his son have invested in china themselves and make 2 thirds of their turnover with asian customers. in spite of their old european traditions they have long become a part of the new chinese silk road. europe is not anymore percent of the world is the long time so we have to take opportunities where they rise and and where we find in specially where we find. people who are willing to share the same values that not only make money but. behave with some. ideas that are part of that is the problem for the
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pointer to has is that china could be an opportunity because china intends to make investments of course and italy needs then fine and buys a can more debates are going to miss the main thing at the same time we have to be very careful when we make any deal with china. they have got of the question of pickett's economic power is vast and can be overwhelming or thought all committee for the boss gets out of the. chang is waiting for visitors from china. as a year for. holidays. i'm like a bridge between 2 countries between 2 peoples. konami's next year and i
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have the chinese really want to come to greece because they want to learn a lot about the culture of eating greece the mythology the history. that's why they love greece so much the 2 countries are similar they both have a lot of history. the roots of the eastern world are in china the roots of the western world are in greece what it is. before the coronavirus hit it was always busy around the foot of the acropolis chiang had groups every day the number of chinese tourists in greece had been growing rapidly and some 800000 works back to this year. now because of the coronavirus pandemic the stream has dried up completely. tourism is an integral factor in the new chinese silk road petros chang says tourists from china bring money and often become long term investors. that the.
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first we have to wait until the coronavirus is over. then greece will need capital and china has capital. eakin that the chinese state really has a lot of money and it wants to invest in every. china has come to greece as a friend not the way the west colonized asia or africa in the past. china's approach is we can. we invest and it's a win win situation for us both she like usual do you want to kill these. the real estate lobbying is profiting from the deal with the chinese more than most other sectors. she would try to foreign money the greek government started issuing so-called golden results in 2013. so when we
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come to the seas we have part wrangling the 5th floor of. the world com it was a lovely apartment in the heart of downtown means it's surrounded by some of the best barrios and it used to be with 2 bedrooms and now we are fixing it and the other i've drawn my next trial bathroom this is the. inspiration for the furnished . there are 3 bedrooms like this. it would be more proud or if you're funny or even if it's not of your family they can think of life as an office space we get from this. and we're going to have the key here. is small and very will be an extra strain so they can use the way they want here i'm going to show you the balcony that comes with a broken mirror and a lot of you enjoy your 1st cup of coffee with a big you're going to have
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a barbecue here you're going to. this place is really big and they can get all the space and a few. months money for. greece has issued 6000 gold and visas to the chinese in the last 5 years. and sold a lot of property to. gold in movies are saying their real estate. chinese came in grays they were the 1st foreign investors that they live their money here that they paid for robert these because after the greek financial crises after started the 1000 say 200-2012 no one was buying glycol the proper things were falling down most of the chinese owners don't want to appear in front of the camera some have come to europe for political
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reasons others are cautious towards the media it's an open secret that money laundering and corruption are also an issue of the e.u. has sharply criticized the program. the claims that we have are usually from the rapidly emerging chinese middle class they come here because they want to secure a future. in europe they want to give their children the opportunity to live here be warned to give themselves the opportunity to retire here. a lawyer in athens puts us in touch with a client from shanghai who is in the middle of a legal dispute over her flat in athens. her whole family laboriously saved up for the 290000 euro apartment. investments in greece and freedom of travel within the entire shang an area for the whole family sounds attractive even in
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times of the coronavirus. like the greek whether or not star greece is a country with a long history. with this visa i can buy a piece of this lifestyle. there are a lot of chinese making this investment including in my circle of friends. gold and visas remain in high demand though the coronavirus pandemic has dampened the real estate market with significantly fewer visas issued due to travel restrictions and a temporary suspension of the residence by investment program unlimited travel and a globalized world where you can commute between shanghai and athens have been put on hold but the estate agents don't think it spells the end of this lucrative market i think that after the recovery that we're expecting from. the chinese clients are going to come here and keep buying property like they did
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before and as you said the chinese middle class is rapidly expanding so i don't see any reason why they stopped. and increasingly globalized world the fish market in athens is still bucking the trend and dealing mainly locally caught produce. most goods come to europe from asia through the suez canal. the e.u. citizens profit enormously from cheap chinese imports. but a sudden shortage of personal protective equipment during the coronavirus pandemic
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has highlighted europe's dependence on asia it's. such a nice thought that if somebody comes in china it was the work bench of the well it's forgotten i met you we used to go there gets good cheaply and exploring chinese one can soon find out there are no going to as we were doing that the chinese when learning from a summit and starting to do it themselves that they have overtaken us in many areas of technology they want down. and that's just how china's new silk road got going. in best mensah ports bridges or roads all serve to bring goods to customers. the u.s. is still the e.u. is most important trading partner but trade with china has tripled in the last 20 years.
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china has been investing in the boards of piranhas since 2008 and became the majority shareholder there in 2016 it's the perfect gateway to europe. over the last few years the chinese have turned piranhas into the biggest board in the mediterranean. and they're planning to make it the biggest port in europe pledging $600000000.00 euros of additional investment in the next few years. thank you my god i was born and raised in prayers i mean a boy you know it's a city i love him and the men. i have felt connected with the sea in the pool since i was small before you me clean this place where we are now is important to us. not only for its charm an atmosphere now it's deserted.
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but because it's a park with an open access to the sea. and because it was us who managed to keep it that way. on a star francis scott he believes that the old port area belongs to the city's residents and has long been campaigning to get them access to it again. she is the left wing series of parties maritime policy spokeswoman that is skeptical about the chinese commitment. she believes massive investments by beijing what also have political consequences for her country. there may be some of the consequences do not depend on the government that is in power. and accept them with . these things. but i think imma for example when the
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e.u. wanted to pass certain resolutions regarding china's expansion in the south china sea. we had a left wing government here that had its doubts about a. period here left that i skip spanish was raping my. e.u. member greece broke a political taboo by siding with the chinese greece has also been silent about beijing's actions in hong kong. money francis scott he says makes you dependent. she's particularly worried about the e.u.'s divisions over china. but the realization that europe has to speak to china with one voice is slowly gaining ground. out of this thing i mean this awful europe has not yet reached a consensus on how it wants to deal with china what its attitudes towards china are is. europe has no clear now a sense of what china is doing china's behaves differently from western countries
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and is just you in particular economic policies. or you think you're no longer has the to lose that china has namely state owned enterprises and china is clearly using these tools small being. the corona crisis has highlighted europe's left of cohesion. even italians like ricardo rocky otto felt. china exploited the divisions by sending aid to italy. europe eventual he came up with investment programs but small businesses like ricardo's felt this help came too late. i believe that you foresee one or. i would have really liked to have seen
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a united europe as everyone had predicted a strong union with fundamental coordination. for something or again i mean i would have liked to have seen those with more opportunities to help the others a true europe you know the numbers and here you know ok. but in the end it didn't work out that way and everyone close their borders and said here's a brick wash your own dirty laundry a whole bunch of barking about the really. that really showed us that we can't talk about a single euro. on them and i mean 3 and. a lot of the a lot of. anyone who comes to trist can still experience the charm of the old habsburg monarchy. 100 years ago the port city was a trading hub to eastern europe and. the iron curtain interrupted the links for decades. now the city wants to return to its former glory and is hoping the
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chinese will help it. when the silk road agreement was signed in march 29th tree asked was at the center of attention. northern italy was slated to become a major transshipment center for chinese exports. zendo d'agostini who is head of the port authority thinks china's interest interest is proof of its growing significance and. receive that speech that he will up is growing a lot all these nations. very easily accessible by by the board of the u.s. this show you know i feel it is very simple if you look at the bit of a map you see that if you bust through 3 s there and you go to hungary through germany to also you arrive. there are vying busing from an already arranged ports.
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the city is investing even more in its rail network than in the port itself. built over 100 years ago its direct links to eastern europe are still there they just have to be upgraded. but also it pains to emphasize that although it welcomes investments from china it has no intention of selling off the port lock stock and barrel what was a free as a goal to us to go all e a program a matter of became a geopolitical issue no if you said the port authority you say ok. spot of it that it is no more my territory and the obvious was than an increase this is not what is happening here below is the port authority the president is italian i am directly governed by my minister so you know we don't and we will not said this that they bought the report. the port city on the adriatic sea has suddenly
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found itself in the midst of a global trade war. every investment the chinese make in europe angers the u.s. and exacerbates the standoff between the u.s. and china. francesco parisi has decided on a partner to help treat us to expand not china but a european investor the port of hamburg. he stresses that this is a purely economic calculation but he doesn't deny that political factors also played a role parisi remembers the cold war and is worried about any new confrontation. these calls rotation to situationally there was also another cold war. to ease their method of closure for me personally and for my business in general it will not for me in general also as it is as a citizen of the european union. we can see that international trade for sure
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a bridge we could see that to be helpful to. keep in mind the peace. the debate about the role europe will play in the trade war between the us and china is nothing new and is not limited to the economy. i feel scared ok i hope to some european leadership because if not europe risks becoming the battlefields to china i mean usa and europe can be the 3rd key player in the global arena i hope that's what europe decides to do better could this should all be fired . politicians in rome are also gradually turning against china. human rights violations haven't been a reason to cut down on business so far. but world wide criticism is growing.
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these 3 members of parliament are part of a cross party alliance on china. they want to see a tougher stance towards beijing. when you make an economic agreement with a country that doesn't respect human rights you are dealing with human rights because it means that you don't care much we need that utopia he needs to defy another single counter each city so europe is already too small to add real early should we china all together but one single country can't have a stronger relationship with china and that's true so if you google in debt interaction . as equally. it's sure that you will lose that relationship so i believe that is the most important mistake. of
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an beyond party politics be they left wing centrist or conservative what unites these politicians is the worry that europe is not speaking to china with one voice . because china is focusing on os so we want to focus on china because china has a very strong agenda with using any kind of energy and sign or g. to expand its influence over all the countries of the western world and therefore we must have an agenda to what is the kind of investment they do can have the kind of trade of scientific operation we gave read the gentry which in a sustained me way but events any sort of corporation even now when you have to be in china is totally. and is the country of censorship about the real origin made and consequences of that bombay very.
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soon europe is now coming to realize that china is no longer a purely economic power but also a political one. meanwhile the dock workers union in paris has come to terms with its new chinese bosses and is trying to negotiate workers' rights as best it can. be a media one of the affair over the last 10 years our experience with the chinese has been that they always negotiate as hard as they can and demand as much freedom as possible but if you set your limits if they come up against strong structures like a state or a trade union then they respect that they accept on limits on. the port of. this will remain under chinese control until 2052 when the lease expires although it
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could of course be extended. the the. i think china already has enormous influence and i don't think it needs any move you know it is like this and as a citizen of courageous i would like to see you could return to and return to greece again after the transfer of the 3rd party units has expired. the 29000 agreements between italy and china has caused a lot of us but now there are other investors who are pushing ahead with the development of the port of trust many entrepreneurs however have other worries right now we will have to see you want to call me the impact will be on the world trade because this is still something no one has a clue about. so for now italy is still part of the silk road even though no chinese money has flowed into tree asked so far. i only say what the review that began part of. the over both the rule of the initiative what it is view opposite
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they accept our video of the betterment of our place is on very moderate time she called but they needed this idea of the betterment of all the money every chinese arrive we have funds and they yes we have our i.d.'s we know what theistic can be meanwhile the chemical ruching the man who engineered the deal in the 1st place believes that the fear of china is totally exaggerated and could have disastrous consequences for italy in my forecast because of geopolitics a misunderstanding i think of the likely scenario that i have now is that italy. slows down and the cooperation with asia slows down on the corporation with china slowdown on the development of. ology slows down the development of infrastructure boresome all the ways which are all the things that we need that if we do not to do
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by ourselves sir and so italy will fall back into the middle age. from the top the program on china has plans preprogramed and pursuant to kinetic all economic project when you depart on from all that cheating paying isn't ready finking about 2049 and china is doing exactly what they wanted to do there were a lot of players will now they have such enormous economic power in the world it is natural for them to want to have a voice in the world they are clearly saying we to not want to influence the world more than my son can or for him to know more. live.
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let. let live. ringback. there's been nothing but sadness and anger for the past year. she was their son brother and. shot in the final terrorist attack along with other people on the modalists clear. the justice system in the police are still feeling to provide. some good. 30 minutes on d w. gets back to the new president's words to the war on clear but
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is biden's america too damaged to leave a lot has changed in recent years and the big question is how our own allies positioned sounds richard walker explores whose task this american is moment to global dominance simply coming to an end. the 90 minutes on d w. 3 up to date don't miss our highlights of the w program online w dot com highlights. the career path. and i'm game did you know that 17 trillion landed on the all killed worldwide sure so that
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we can include but it's not just the animals at all suffering in school environment we went on a journey to find ways out in the nutrition if you want to know how awake lifted the priests and the whole trust changed as a way to use this listen to our podcast on the green fence. from. this is day w. news and these are our top stories. that was robotic science rather perseverance has landed successfully on for 7 months 418000000 kilometer journey through space over the next 2 years the astrobiology the biology laboratory who used to drill into the surface and collect rock samples to determine where the life once existed on moms scientists hope to get the samples as early as 2031.


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