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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2021 5:30am-6:01am CET

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don't move to the east to the. discomfort. subscribe to the documentary on. this treasure trove of thousands of gold and silver coins was discovered by accident in one of germany's oldest synagogues we'll have more on that later on in
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the show. everyone and welcome to a special edition of your own max marking 1700 years of jewish life in germany i'm your host meghan lee here's a look at what else we've got coming up on the program. that's not kosher so what exactly is allowed on the jewish menu. and how anti semitism can do best dealt with by using humor and even comic books. but we start off the show with a jewish artist who has made berlin his home since 2006 aerial schlepping are moved to germany from jerusalem to pursue a career in visual and conceptual art but his works do not generally deal with jewish themes however the piece which has made him the most famous makes a strong statement about jewish roots and culture here in germany.
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this gold jewelry standing outside frankfurt's jewish museum weighs 1.8 tons measures 11 meters tall and cost some 350000 euros to create in 2019 it made israeli artist ariel world famous. wine country with this work with the tree that is alive but is growing from the ground but this is rooted. in the ground holding above him a tree similar to here in size and shape but the force somehow went through some trouble so that relationship is kind of what happened to the jewish culture here in germany. listener 1st went looking for the perfect tree and found it in italy a 60 year old fig tree. instead of cutting it down he went to a great deal of trouble to make molds of various parts of it to use for his
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sculpture. he then cast those parts in aluminum to be later welded together. when it's always interesting to look at trees because they always change just like people it's always different because they are all different. areas slating has been living among the turkish and arab populations of the lands vibrant no i can't district since 2006 it reminds him of his hometown jerusalem it has its grungy and chaotic sides he's got his studio here too this is where he can let loose and let the inspiration come. fire plays a role in many of his works the 41 year old sculptor stokes the flames to create works in paper or carpeting. i enjoy
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the process i enjoy. the unexpected. consequences i always was. fascinated by fire. i was actually kicked out of of high school because i set my. class on fire but that's a different story. alienating familiar objects presenting them in pairs and evoking associations are the motifs common to aria shlaes in his works jewishness only rarely has any part to play in them an exception is his installation dyna he was inspired by the project of the same title by german artist demick it was conceived as a kind of memorial to the victims of the nazi regime among them of course chameleons of jews. placing a spotted the stumbling stones in berlin sidewalks on his 1st trip to germany in
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2001 i think it was one of the 1st thing i noticed when i came to berlin and it was one of the 1st thing that made me feel like. jewish believing in berlin or jewish and even. in germany. has great grandparents numbered among the jewish victims of naziism now he's a mortal eyes their names inside his sculpture but they're visible from the outside it stands for both remembrance and reconciliation me doing this work you're being jewish in germany is anything special for me it's actually quite natural to do to create in germany and to to show my work in germany those kind of contribution to to my home. well next up another artist who's made germany his 2nd home the israeli
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photographer rafael hellish is a chronicler of jewish life mainly in germany now he's been here since 1975 and uses his work to bridge cultural divides and make sure the past is not forgotten as seen here in this photo well he often gets up close and personal with his subjects in order to document various traditions one of his goals is to raise awareness about jewish customs and offer a peek into a world people might otherwise not see. a bar mitzvah in frankfurt through this ritual a boy is rendered accountable for his actions by jewish law and from this day on he bears responsibility for keeping the laws of the town moot. hellish throws himself into the thick of it he's an old hand at photographing occasions like this his images show how jews live and go about their daily lives his aim is
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to appeal for greater tolerance if only amazing there's so much interest many people come up to me after seeing the photos and say we didn't know how beautiful jewish life could be. and i'm glad it's a great privilege to be able to show it to them this is a privilege to say rafael hellish we'll never forget one particular bar mitzvah the boy's grandparents had survived the holocaust seen in the photos with their grandson are the tattoos that identify them as one time prisoners of the auschwitz concentration camp. the photographer shows pictures like these 2 school classes and explains the meaning of the tattoos. who did this why did he do this and where were they at this what happened this is what is auschwitz this is one of the important tasks i've been performing in germany over the years
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and there's. a concrete block house left over from world war 2 now rises where frankfurt's biggest synagogue once stood before the nazis burned it down in 1938 today exhibitions are held there such as one of the photos of jewish life many of the images were taken from his books mean meaning men and a national team which means women. the photographer shows his pictures to his daughter or the. best of all is when i photograph in a daycare center and the children's trust. that. i'd like to show the jewish life from this place that was nothing but ashes jewish tradition you goes on in germany today. we didn't question vital but there is no today without the remembrance of yesterday. observes jews visiting
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and their reactions. and the search for his own families fate also makes up part of the exhibition the murder of his grandparents by the nazis. it's hard for him to talk about but necessary the rising numbers of anti-semitic attacks leave no doubt about that. because of the renewed hatred of jews in germany today it's important to me personally to show this and not remain silent or look away any longer. visits his father's grave he had survived the concentration camp another stone commemorates his half brother murdered by the nazis when he was only 2 months old his father was never able to talk about it he tried to repress the inconceivable memory of the
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holocaust. at 1st i was angry about it but later i found out everything that had happened to him i can say what a fabulous person he was in his own way he protected his family. i have great respect for that. dedicates his work not only to fighting anti-semitism but to come batting racism and every form of exclusion to this and he designed the exterior of one of frankfurt street cars they reveal the city's diversity the many religions and races it's an appeal for a peaceful coexistence. keep at it as long as i can i won't give it up. i feel an obligation to show this. says his images are his language it's a beautiful language and one that everyone can understand.
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well you've heard the expression that's not kosher meaning something isn't quite right but the saying actually refers to jewish dietary rules kosher defines what may or may not be enough chording to the rules of the torah or the protocols are quite strict so to get a closer understanding of how they work we visited the only kosher restaurant in munich. right next to the synagogue in downtown munich is the city's. the einstein is under the constant supervision of. brought a native of the netherlands he looks in regularly to make sure the food is prepared according to the jewish dietary laws of the cash root to make sure that. either form. they don't eat.
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vinegar and sugar and salt that many items or fish. meat and chicken will always need a kosher. kosher regulations allow only meat from ruminants. forefeet for cloven hoofed pork is treyf. eggs are parve a neutral they can be eaten together with either meat for dairy even so they need to be checked. these are off he's the rabbis right hand man here's a check to see if there's blood in the. sometimes there is. you have to examine it top and bottom. of it you can cook it. in the restaurants menu feature several jewish israeli and oriental dishes alongside international specialties
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especially popular in the chicken breast. maybe the chef but certain tasks are forbidden to him. i'm not allowed to light the stove for instance only the. devout jew serves the sabbath may do that. only a religious jew can light the fire not me i'm not a religious jew so. for example i'm not allowed to be any eggs they have to be inspected as do various look you want to beings for example all the little bugs might be in them and they have to be picked out a lot it's the same with salads and herbs so those are all jobs i can do i'm going to do it most of us give us. one of the basic rules of kosher cuisine is to keep dairy and meat products strictly separate cheese milk and cream are not used here instead the restaurants pastry shops and work with margarine and soy products.
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boiled replaces butter for the hollow. doesn't cut it soon. this is traditional braided nice thread that's broken on friday evening and dipped in salt for the dinner on the evening of the sabbath. not. the kosher schnitzel are almost done the last step is to pack them carefully so they'll be delivered hot and juicy and above all truly kosher. really from the most hotels we deliver to for example jewish hotel guests who eat strictly kosher. but this. was assaulted and if they order food with room service we tell the hotel employees not to impact the food and not to place it on a non-kosher plate or it won't be kosher any longer and if we so insist this isn't a quarter of. the restaurants dishes are quite popular and not only with its
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jewish patrons so that they have all von braun up at the. border we're going to. let others. down like you see these. stories. to see as i'm going to go smell amazing the best chefs with their best. ships from need to ship to beacon diets and hold a recipe secret while. europe's diversity is a smorgasbord filled my list but you. subscribe and enjoy d. tell you food. there are many places in germany that can boast almost a 1000 years of jewish heritage but era for art in central germany is one of the cities that still has visible landmarks it's home to central europe's oldest
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synagogue with parts dating back to the 11th century this is one of 3 sites the city hopes will soon be put on unesco's world heritage list well d w reporter dion opinion of us took a closer look at some of the jewish gems in effort. yes capital is famous for its medieval city center attracting millions of visitors each year. today you're a max reporter deanne opinion is exploring the city's rich jewish history it's for this reason that therefore it is applying to be included on the unesco world heritage list. this is the 1st evidence of the jewish community in effort it dates back to the levinson 3 days place located in the center of the city is one of the largest and best with 7 jewish prayer rooms from the middle ages. after its
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old synagogue a major tourist attraction has been very well preserved. has been working on efforts unesco applications for over a decade. effort applied because we believe that these edifices are so unique that they should be protected as part of humanity's cultural heritage. but it is a mentor. we know of many jewish settlements and communities that existed during the middle ages but most remnants of that have vanished. kind of. time to meet rabbi alexander who moved to alpha several years ago to become part of the local jewish community reestablished after world war 2 efforts jewish community now has some 800 members. there is hardly a synagogue anywhere in europe has existed as long as this one. that is why i would
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recommend coming to our 1st to see this exceptional synagogue. the synagogue seller boasts a vast collection of 13th century gold and silver coins jewelry and other items. there also you know has been a museum seems to tell us in night here you can find it for threshold which is almost 700 years all in one score by chance in 998 as you can see there is an important call to action of corns there's also jura lee and the friend objects in gold and silver from the middle ages. up stairs in the former ball room historic hebrew manuscripts are on display. next d'anna heads to a medieval jewish bath or mix discovered in central air force in 2007 there she's
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meeting karr in cheshire an expert on the city's jewish history. major construction work was needed after a section of the riverbank wall collapsed because we discovered vestiges of an old cellar in the process. we continue digging and found brick work not found in any cellars in this city. so does new quality because it was clear at that point we had found a mikvah. for. this city's so-called stone house isn't far dating back to the 13th century it was once home to jewish residents of the city began carefully analyzing the stone edifice in 2015 its ceilings feature unique will themed paintings which were created by the
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residents. d'anna heads down to the cellar. here over 100 gravestones from the former jewish cemetery on displayed. effort has a very important jewish tradition. and he's 3 there are a few places in europe which are so well preserved and on earth existence of the jewish community for now and the city has to wait for a day you know it's going to see which will be submitted in 2022. jewish medieval heritage could make it onto the unesco list 1st in germany. laughter can be the best medicine especially when it comes to confronting difficult or taboo subjects at least that's how book author and publisher miriam how bush sees it now she's published and then called anti semitism for beginners which uses
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humor and cartoons to address negative stereotypes about jewish culture so is she achieving her goal some would say yes even if humor can get lost in translation. that's art mr goldberg your count is in the red surprising given your surname. you're converting to judaism why we want to become part of the global conspiracy these are some of the satirical cartoons found in. anthology anti-semitism for beginners which pokes fun at anti jewish stereotypes the new york born writer who has german roots came up with the book project at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. not. immediately old conspiracy theories started circulating like the jews are to blame for the coronavirus really bothered me. so i told myself i no longer want to get angry i want to laugh about this
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instead. we're at berlin's jewish. bookstore where books from how the publishing house germany's 1st jewish children's book publisher are on sale. founded it 11 years ago these days she's also releasing books for adults like the kosher comics. more then told i'm jewish humor takes a difficult or a sad situation or what have you. and exaggerates it or adopts a new perspective on it. and that creates a sense of relief. coming russian jewish novelist of lot in the community has been living in berlin for 30 years his humorous works about everyday life have won him millions of fans he
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contributed a satirical packs to harvest downs and biology humor he says is perfect for country anti-semitic conspiracy theory. it's a nice fantasy imagining our planet does not simply circle the sun someone is actually directing communicating and controlling everything. but i don't think it's the jews. at least not those i know. the bestselling author says the humor in his novels stems from portraying tragic seems . like english is of course remaining detached is key i've always had this detachment from the world given my jewish roots which i never chose. we were always treated like strangers we were always outsiders kind of like living in a guest house. but that i believe has helped me over the years of the horror film and. the level so it's been.
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since you did i was so it does performing the jews are to blame for a satirical song written in 1031 by free to their child and mocking the nazis anti-semitism. poland a german composer and humorist of jewish descent who was later forced to flee to the us. where has been named in his honor vivian cannot often performs how then does song she also contributed a satirical text to merely on holiday anthology. whether it's a virus spreading or a runny nose whether it's a failed relief package or a heavy cough whether it's climate change or rising sea levels whether it's a prolonged holiday or wages being cut the jews are to blame the jews are to blame for everything and i'm sure she says humor is the best way to tackle anti-semitism
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well it's wrong because it's so grotesque and absurd that 75 years after the end of the war we're still asking ourselves have people learned from the past and you feel that no they haven't that's why miriam her book is so fantastic because at the end of the day laughing is the best medicine. ok on holiday plans to continue publishing books that provide a humorous and lighthearted take on jewish life. about we wrap up this special edition of your max now don't forget to go to our website for this week's draw and a chance at getting your hands on a d w backpack along with some other goodies you can also follow us on social media as always thanks for tuning in we'll see again soon.
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transferred. managed by from a bought. the boat. this is b.w. news a live up from joe biden declares america is back on u.s. president makes a renewed commitment to the transatlantic alliance addressing a unique security conference he promises close cooperation to tackle a host of pressing issues also coming up on the ship one a year on it germany pays tribute to the victims of our braces attack in the city
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of hama germany a president from foster shimei urges the public to unite against right wing extremism. and in the united states and not.


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