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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm CET

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biala guest. managed by from. this is news live from berlin twice kremlin critic alexander valley will stay behind bars a court upholds the russian opposition leader sentence for violating his parole and finds him guilty of defamation in a 2nd trial also coming up. american president joe biden declares a major disaster in texas freeing up federal funding to help texans still reeling
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from the aftereffects of a freak cold snap. and police in myanmar shoot at least 2 people dead officers fire a lot of rounds to disperse demonstrators in mandalay calling for an end to military rule many more are reported injured. i'm nick spicer welcome to the program a chord in moscow has found russian opposition leader alex in a valley guilty of defamation earlier today another court rejected these appeal against a jail sentence in a separate case neither decision was unexpected but the judge in the appeal case did reduce the sentence by a month and a half. well need to put judge's decision calmly he's frequently
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used humor during the trial to draw attention to the charges against him which he says are politically motivated. asked whether he understands the sentence he sarcastically expressed his gratitude to the judge for taking 6 weeks off his 2 and a half year sentence due to time spent under house arrest the failed appeal came as no surprise to no county's lawyers see what. today's verdict was expected for us we consider. nothing has changed all the arguments made in this court in the 1st instance they were rejected then they are rejected now. the court maintained to the kremlin critic violated parole conditions in an earlier criminal case he was recovering in germany after a poison attack in august and voluntarily return to russia in january. is when she was discharged from the clinic in berlin in september.
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didn't inform the people in forstmann inspectorate about his location and didn't register it for 3 months to november 2020. just a few hours after the 1st verdict he was back on trial and received another guilty verdict this time he was convicted of defamation and handed a fine of nearly 10000 euros. in a valley is alleged to have insulted a 94 year old war veteran. now nobody's lawyers fear that the kremlin critic will be transported to a prison camp in the west of the country as early as this weekend. at least 2 people have been killed and several others injured after police fired live ammunition to disperse protesters in the city of mandalay the crowds were forced to flee as security forces chased after them using slingshots rubber bullets and water cannon. protesters were repeating their call for an end to
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a military coup that took place last 3 weeks ago. in myanmar the banging of pots and pans is regarded as an act to ward off evil. police used live ammunition on protesters in mandalay the worst violence yet in more than 2 weeks of demonstrations. began i cut out. the soldiers beat and shot my husband as well as others. he was just standing on the side and watching the protest but the soldiers took him away. i am not. protesters in the capital of naypyitaw held a minute of silence for a 20 year old woman who was killed in demonstrations last week. now
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the number it's possible that many more people will die we ourselves can't even know if we will survive or not but we need to fight until the end regardless of our own lives in order to succeed in getting rid of this military dictatorship. artists from all over the country are joining the protest against the military coup . digit facto leader of the democratically elected government in sochi remains under house arrest the people of me and maher display their solidarity with the 3 finger salute a symbol of their resistance. let's look at some of the other stories making news around the world. a 5th straight out of protest to denounce the jailing of spanish rapper pablo has turned into clashes with. please
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a small group of riders looted stores on barcelona's main shopping street a cell was jailed for insulting the monarchy and praising terrorist violence in his music. far right activists rallied in paris to support a french anti immigrant group generation identity is fighting for survival after the government ordered it to dissolve a counter protest was also held later in the day. authorities in russia have detected the 1st human case of a new strain of bird flu they alerted the world health organization that the strain known as h 5 n 8 had been caught by 7 workers at a poultry farm in southern russia the workers are reported to be in good health. american president joe biden has declared a state of major disaster in texas following a crippling winter weather at least 2 dozen people died in the unusual cold snap which disrupted tricity and water supplies texas residents are still dealing with
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the consequences of a storm many people have been left homeless due to damage from the extreme weather others spent days without power or water. and let's bring in do the deed of you correspondent carolyn and she one who is standing by live for us in houston carolina it doesn't look too cold right now where you are does this mean the worst is over for texans. not really and they don't let this sunshine deceive you and the crisis and is now different if this was a power crisis as you as you said do to the winter storm but now we are experiencing a water and food crisis here in the state. tech says and we have been seeing that there are mass distribution centers of water add of food because there's no drinking water and in some families there's not even water at all and as you know at this can turn to a very very actually situation for
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a lot of families special for the ones who are living in the suburbs and now the food banks are also struggling with this increasing demand for food because let's not forget we're in the middle of the pandemic that means they're already families who have lost their jobs they were forced to go to the food banks and now what they have have been hit for the 2nd time out with this and freezing temperatures during the last days and now that water and food crisis here in the state of texas. situation for the president declared a state. how does that actually help people on the ground. well these main means of financial help make this means that they're going to get money for their home repairs also for the property losses and also low interest loans to in order to were repaired the losses they have especially the losses of property that for the people who don't have insurance for that so this is the main
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financial help but again this help is not really arriving to the suburbs and the minorities the group of the people who are hardest hit by this crisis because they're living in very old houses and most of them don't have water right now not at all and they don't even have food on the table so the help is arriving but only to certain areas at least here in houston and the suburbs. we were talking to some of the people of houston what are they most worried about. they are very worried about the costs of the damages they feel don't know what they have lost and this is going to be a surprise for them probably they're going to be hit in a financial way again and they are of course also worried that a winter storm might hit this state again because then they you know what last the last things they do they have right now so this would be
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a huge problem for them bad for now help is arriving at least from the city of houston and to some of the families and as we so also from the federal government yes all right thank you for that carolyn achieve more reporting for us from houston texas. rafał grossi the head of the international atomic energy agency has arrived in tehran to really try to resume the international inspections of nuclear facilities which iran has been blocking the visit comes as the new american president joe biden is promising to reverse many of the trump administration's foreign policy decisions and one of the biggest came in 2018 when a truck pulled the u.s. out of the international agreement with iran designed to prevent it from building nuclear weapons now biden wants the u.s. back in and the accord back on track there's a look at the deal. joe biden came to the white house promising to work more with
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iran than his predecessor but he says the u.s. will really and to the iran nuclear deal to donald trump we've through from the agreement in 28. but that's only part of the mess the new administration has to clean up trump also placed tough sanctions on tehran iran responded by increasing its enrichment of weapons grade uranium not by enough to actually build a bomb but the message it sent to the international community was alarming. and with biden now in the white house iran wants to restart negotiations with the u.s. and other security council states but to iran wants the economic sanctions lifted 1st tron says if the sanctions are not gone by tuesday they will suspend some nuclear inspections international observers. but the button administration says sanctions relief is not on the table. so iran and the u.s.
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are engaged in a standoff source tehran wants sanctions gone before talks restart and washington says that's a nonstarter we asked iran expert allie factoid jad which side would make the 1st concession well this is some of the major questions that we'll have to see. this is true i mean it's true that the iranians are sound that the u.s. needs to you know be compliant again to the nuclear deal after it was washington who left it. but as far as things stand we're going to probably i mean the most probably scenario would be a step by step process that is iran reversing some of its reductions of nuclear commitments that it has pursued. but after all iran is definitely interested to eventual talks too with the united states because the sanctions that
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have been imposed during the trouble administration have been truly crippling. and it seems that the biden administration wants to use that bridge in order that 1st of all to have a more robust nuclear deal that is to extend the sunset clauses. and eventually also pave the way to talk to ron with some on some non-nuclear issues when it comes to iran's regional presence of the program something to one's denied to be willing to engage and so for. but it's service and the bonus they get i trash bag for it has blown the title race wide open after beating league leaders buyer nick $2.00 to $1.00 the defeat is buyer's 3rd of the season and comes after they were held to a draw by lowly armine of bielefeld on monday. ensure the punters leaguers most informed team i'm trapped frankfurt having lost at home movie season facing
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the no robert levin doffs the league's top scorer fool him trumps goals only on his buy in were undone down the left daiichi come out and prodding after a pinpoint cross from philip cost it it was the 11th time this season by an of gone behind in the league a sense of deja vu for coach hansie flick and the view soon go it's a lot worse an absolute rockets of a shot from a mean eunice double frankfurt's lead on the half hour mark completely out of reach of man neuer. but leading against by and is one thing staying ahead it's another that $911.51 packs enough to halftime the trysting and turning the rays on a left the frankfurt defense feeling dizzy and don't ski with his 26 goal of the season frankfurt may have been dazed but they stayed standing and by and fail to land a knockout blow. to one it finished the hundreds sixten their own decent
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streak by and drop yet more points in the title race. and you are of course watching did a good news last from berlin remember you can always get more information on our web site interview dot com and you can follow us on social media as well at g.w. news next by sir thanks for watching. german. jewish. i'm jewish so was.
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me. in daily life. and at school something you simply should not be given a special status but be completely normal. this look of shock like wow there's a jew at our school that's a bad thing 11 teenagers 11 stories. case i'm jewish and so. young german and jewish starts february 22nd. you. traffic jams crowded trains and shia and there's way to nothing in berlin stresses me out more than trying to get from one place to another and of the only traffic is a growing concern in many large cities across the globe smart technologies can help us solve this case how exactly that's our topic on ship today.
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to us out there are many still use cars as their main mode of transportation aside from air pollution and the climate crisis this also has a huge drawback more and more traffic jams in paris for example drive us stock bumper to bumper about 165 hours a year mall and you that's nearly a solid week in your car honking at strangers but probably not for long in a thomas car passengers can use their drive to do something much more productive. i for one wouldn't mind brushing up on my friends but for this day to come they are still a lot of things left to work and the biggest challenge developers still face is humans. driverless cars use their versions of sense of state control themselves autonomous like. but so far these cars have merely recognized best rooms as objects of motion. ai systems are unable to calculate pedestrians unpredictable
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behavior or to properly understand their body language. london based tech company humanizing autonomy and other research institutes are working to develop models for human behavior and traffic. this data will hopefully then train autonomy's cars. so humans very complex especially when we come to cities we can treat them with normal motion climate i wear them and our expertise is in combining behavioral psychology with statistical and deep learning . for protest koreans too it's important to be able to communicate with an autonomous car the normal eye contact and gesturing help. developers are working on interfaces that could be used to signal to pedestrians whether or not they can cross the street by using light signals in the windshield for instance. there's
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a problem the protest train behavior and non-verbal communication differs around the world. if you look at for example in munich no one will jaywalking in. which you come to london people are jaywalking all the time the great thing about makers today and of course. goes all the speech is that you know their vehicles know where they are and we have a mission for each of these places it would be a different set of models that would be used for each of these races and these models would be fine teams. wrote. clearly there's still a long way to go and that's what expos from all around the world gather regularly to discuss future mobility solutions like at berlin's the for trade show one main topic is how can a driverless car seat or more specifically which sensors does it need to recognize and respond to its surroundings as well as to be expected tesla's in the mosque has
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a very strong opinion on that matter let's take a closer look. autonomy's cars use cameras to ultra sound and radar to analyze their surroundings as well as the more modern lidar sensors that use lasers . and sinan. these different types of sensors because radar and lidar can calculate the distance to objects very accurately but they don't capture enough details to recognize what these objects really are when it comes to humans it's the camera that's best equipped to detect what their intentions are. are they about to cross the road or not you know i just wasn't you know the nation. the industry's top companies are increasingly setting their sights on light on technology which stands for light to technician and ranger here sensors attached to the car sent millions of laser impulses every 2nd this creates a precise 3 d. image of the surrounding objects tesla basilan musk recently ruffled some feathers
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when he said lighter was too expensive and that cameras radar and ai systems would suffice tesla uses only radar radio waves are used to measuring objects distance and speed using this data and the camera images a 3 d. image of the surroundings is then created with the help of an object. flowing on pity roboticist and manufacture of light are systems disagrees with the law must. be freely and there is the problem is that cameras don't offer direct information about distance and radar isn't high rez so there's missing information. this means you need another source of information to be able to navigate safely the question here is can you said cost and safety and i thought one i'm absolutely against this question in my opinion mobility needs to be completely safe which also means using the best census was the best and then zone. by the way experts believe one out of 10 cars on the road in 2030 will be self driving some are already hitting the
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streets today like this adonis bus at a clinic in florida during the corona pandemic sept i think of a whole new advantage they can help minimize the spread but they said just precursors to truly a ton of those vehicles where a passenger only needs to punch in the destination turn over the engine and then lean back and relax. but do we really want to let a robot take the wheel is it even safe and who makes the better drive out man. dimensions i think humans are very good drivers but machines are better and it's not like their actual driving is better in every situation but they're always paying attention that many people get distracted by their own origin ice cream or dream coffee and that is the problem coffee humans just on always paying attention and machines of programs always be attentive which is why they're better drivers overall since the line if this is the president. is
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a moment is going to the moment it's definitely humans who are the better driver seen is and the machine offers good support especially in emergencies but humans are definitely better than in the future it will definitely be the machines the advantage of an automated system is that it's always activated it has a $360.00 degree view and it's crucial for the city and it has a general understanding of the situation what are the other road users planning to do. right now i would definitely say man in the city for sure. but man makes lots of mistakes and this. led to and continues to lead to lots of injuries and deaths in cities themselves i'm optimistic then the future we will have automated systems that create a safer and more pleasant city for already exists. how could a robot possibly be a better driver that was. joking aside how different intelligence does have some obvious advantages it never gets tired of distracted and it always keeps it cool i
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wish i could say the same about myself either way robot vehicles console the issue of in the city congestion on their own they need additional digital assists light software they can factor in my preferred mode of transportation for my current location and the time of day to find the quickest most efficient way to get where i'm going next but at the front of the institute have teamed up with great minds across europe to develop just that. team is a smart navigation system for all. road users cars bikes buses and trucks it's a project that's designed to regulate the entire traffic and help everyone to reach their destination faster. the sat nav supplies information on traffic jams and makes recommendations. for instance what speed the driver will need to travel at to make the next green light the i knew him as a real challenge in traffic management was to understand the needs of all road
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users trying to get from a to b. . then this needs to be analyzed and reconciled with what's actually possible within mobility in the future i could definitely see new technology helping us to react in a more dynamic way than. team would send data to traffic management centers while it simultaneously navigates road users traffic management would then be able to react to the various situations immediately they could adjust traffic like durations and speed limits change the bus schedule at short notice divert heavy traffic on to unused bus lanes and much more these decisions would have to be made visible on the street you immediately. move if i say traffic lanes will be used more dynamically than i have to think of a way to do that maybe with l.e.d.s. or something what can i bring into this space to make it more dynamic. virtual traffic lights could be an option if there are lots of cars maybe we need a traffic light but if the road is quiet then this could simply be displayed in the individual vehicle and for us to go. if concepts like these can reduce traffic in
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berlin and other cities then great but if i'm being honest the syphon it in me was hoping the future of mobility would look a little cooler like flying cars lucky for me there already research out there working on some crazy new ideas check these out. the flywheel is an autonomous lead driving vehicle which could replace cars the wheels can be connected to one another to. longer units. are designed to use existing subway and railway tunnels as a form of collective transport and then they can disconnect again to bring the passengers to their exact destinations the idea came from architect max should. think it is i don't think of the fi world as a form of motorised private transport like a car but it's not a public transport either the subway is something in between it takes the best of
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both worlds and create something new which we've called a collective my billet system collective the abilities of. the valar copters an electrically powered autonomy's flying taxi that can bring passengers to their destination much quicker than other means of transport. the developers aim to reduce the number of vehicles on the road whilst also reducing air pollution. and this is the hybrid the i pod the truth through to almost at the speed of sound the idea came from tech visionary musk in 2013 the era sucked out of the 2 creating a vacuum which with barely any wind resistance propels the passenger capsules to speeds up to 1200 kilometers an hour developers around the world are currently working on hyperloop projects a 2 hour car ride say from abu dhabi to dubai would take just about 12 minutes.
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with that i might even enjoy commuting to work every morning but it remains to be seen if we go like these would be a bailable to the wider public if they remain toys for the super rich whatever happens expos all around the world are working hard on the future of mobility if i had my way i'd hop off my balcony directly into my flying car then use a bike for shorter routes for example and the bike. the future of mobility how do you imagine it what would you would. to see let us know what you think i can't wait to hear your ideas that's it for me for today see you next time. i.
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can inspire change the people making a baseball go africa fantastic. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future. may cause do you all for tuning it down for good. next on d w. b ending. in romania that change is rearing its. head where we are and in the ongoing race with the say an. environmental activist a local politician desperately trying to reverse the desertification. but
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already too late to. live up. cumberbatch. 30 minutes on d w. i'm david and this is climate change sex. happiness in 3 books. this is the plan for you. smarter birth free do you believe books are new to. you. welcome to the special edition of africa all about other than ization today we're looking at the value of sustainable of an addition drawing on examples from africa and europe i am sundra to a no go here in company uganda and
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a young of course joined by michael course in the age of hi chris. hi sandra clear the force leaving cities in africa that are growing fast more and more people are leaving the contra side in search of opportunities now things can get a little crowded at times and that puts a strain on the environment today we're going to look at where the problems lie and which challenges need to be masjids there are just some of what's coming up. what to do when we want to become sick us can't tell 6 to adapt to drought by diversifying its water supply. what happens to the environment as more people move into the seated we hear from the united nations agency you unhappy to. and from got bitch to go do you think and capital is using the bone to try to generate
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power. from. the movement of people is the driving force behind up in isolation most people move to the city in the hope of finding a better life they may be fleeing the effects of climate change or persecution all sittin up better place to implement their ideas while most people live in the c.t.s. also means that brits a strain on the environment in those areas will begin with ah eco check to bring you some facts and figures the. grave is eating into green more and more land is being covered in concrete and asphalt urban areas currently occupy some 2 percent of the world's surface the landmass of russia and brazil combined. u.n. studies predicts cities will take up twice as much space by 2050. if population
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growth stays at the current rate it will have dire consequences for all more than half of us already the. live in urban areas by 2050 that's expected to be true of 70 percent of the world's population. cities are spreading outwards in asia and africa in particular with more and more prime arable land is speaking developed by the end of this decade will see the loss of an area as big as germany . the steep rise in migration to cities is also impacting living conditions more shanty towns are springing up without proper sanitation or electricity. traffic volumes and c o 2 emissions are increasing and the amount of waste. some 2000000000 tons of garbage are produced road wide annually by 2050 that amount this project to double. global warming is fuelling extreme weather events the pressure on
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urban ecosystems is growing. increasingly people are realizing that cities have to be made greener enter more sustainable in megacities urban farming is beginning to take off along with rooftop and vertical gardening. citizens are doing their bit cleaning up rivers and recycling plastic. and in industrialized nations cities are turning to intelligent traffic systems and sustainable mobility. c o 2 emissions could drop 30 percent in cities if more cars were shared for example but even that the environmental impact of continued urbanization will present challenges for the leaders of the africa's rapidly growing towns and cities. something needs to be done for sure many cities and collaborations already feeling
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the effects the impact of climate change is especially noticeable in south africa with heavy rainfall in winter and extreme heat waves the rest of the year. that is right crease in $28.00 kept down almost reached day 0 when the authorities would have been forced to tunnel the tops during the long dry period to prevent any repeat of that scenario the city is now investing heavily in water and management. and some played the construction work site in full swing the west water treatment facility on the outskirts of camp town is currently being upgraded financed through in on by the german development bank for some fleece the average is long over due the form on top of the wish to water is a clear sign that the plant is struggling currently the brunt of the 372000000
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liters of water. flowing into the plant is about 90 maybe you can see that the problem is overloaded in terms of the amount of flow that's. flashback to 2018 due to a severe drought kept on dams had run dry residents queued to stock up on drinking water daisy. through strict last minute water restrictions kept on escaped the catastrophe. for city councillors sonthi limburg the water crisis was a learning experience the city did learn very important lessons from the trial of one of the key with the need for us to not be entirely dependent on surface water from brain damage because there is a risk of. rainfall patterns remaining very low and we have seen this in the case lost by wind and so we do believe that it is necessary and critical for the city to
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diversify its water supply and this is one mechanism in which we will do so wastewater through the average sun fleet will be able to treat an additional 18000000 liters of once water the end product can be used for multiple purposes the different quality that will come out of the strong won't be portable but it will be to a single standard with can be used for industrial purposes can be used for for gays and purposes future droughts in a fast growing population are major challenges for the water supply in kemp town and surrounds especially in informal settlements poor water infrastructure puts the health of residents at risk so long one some see is the community leader of the language settlement contaminated water that is running through the streets is a big problem here at the end of the day all this water you see it should treat a storm water pipe storm water power shoot straight to believe are very far since
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the dam where we get our drinking water you know so it means municipalities should do as much to clean the environment find a way a solution or for the community not to get or get sick you know. only a few kilometers down the hill scientists are trying to solve some of the issues. at the water habra such as test natural processes to treat quantum we need to draw on of from the informal settlement what the expert kevin winter initiated the research site. we are really not pretty enough resources into our wastewater treatment works into our water provision and into our drainage because the drainage is where the victors for disease all started to move and so here's one example we actually intercepted some of that water from what is effectively drainage somewhat further downstream and cleaning that water up and using that water safely then to irrigate gardens stones and couple in sources such as peach pipes actors bio
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filters and clean the water of bacteria nutrients and heavy metals these nature best solutions require space but present a useful addition to conventional treatment plants kept on has learned the hard way only by investing in its water infrastructure can the city be fit for the future the upward of some fleet is she due to be finished by 2023. but a lot more is needed to keep our biggest cities for the future they native nations human settlements program works for more sustainable i've been development so what does that mean for me and how could it change our lives if africa met we all must think from the big regional office. morning good to see you good to see you where you are right.
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but up a trend of. today 2020 you have talked about 6 to 600000000 people living in cities which got to 40 percent of the population and by 2035 with 50 percent of population living settings look at africa sub-saharan 54 percent of population leaving informal settlements water sanitation green energy and really a preschool. the dificid in africa in time of billions of dollars yet to be have to do it if you want to keep those people in this particular area i'd estimate the question today facing this jet and of increased population important for us to see step out of aware of how africa and cities can be nice climate and every month are issues for now.
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it's obviously you know driven by something and i drop by something which is jobs have just a basic infrastructure if you don't have it where we are in the village we're going to do it people are looking for better jobs and better employment they're also looking for access to basic set this is climate change of course what happened in mozambique really pushed people to go to the cities of course because they're not safe and this is happening regrettably now every year so what they can do there but also you have conflict pushing people to come to cities look at what's happening decide reagents people are fleeing from reality to come to the cities because that's where they can find peace. i'm tending to water to you out overloading the cities. those efforts let's take it to other cities and bring jobs and opportunity for people to be there instead of
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just concentrating on one city's you heard about this program of you inhabit and public space and green which is more about you know allowing cities to have a such a consideration to the green and trees come you know to planning but also allow people to get out houses and get access to those green area will help assist them with reason in terms of integration and social cohesion we are putting the emphasis more on so going to the cities before last but also to loosen the pressure on big cities so that people have access you know to basic services they access to water sanitation health for system schools where they are instead of needing to compete cities thank you very much to. do you know the feeling of pain in the middle of the city and the heat just becomes unbearable with not even a breath of fresh air to cool. is the coal so cold heat islands build up between
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the buildings and it's not a problem of city life in the era of climate change let's look at what happens. urban heating is the name given to the so called heat island effect. temperatures in towns and cities rise more sharply than in the surrounding areas because of the density of streets and buildings and the many people cars in trains on the which produce. spread over the year the mean air temperature in in urban areas is around $1.00 to $3.00 degrees celsius warmer than the areas outside them were large green spaces within them. on top of this town and city centers often cooled down far less at night because the building density doesn't allow cool air to move around the city. on hot summer nights without a breeze the temperature difference between the city and its surroundings can be more than 10 degrees celsius. so what to do above the
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ramp. is not friendly solution we all know well there are a number of sustainable ways in which tells can prepare for extreme weather in germany steps are being taken to protect cities both from extreme heat and loss the very for with the help of nature. these young trees fresh from the nursery are being planted in the new residential neighborhood complex and one day the leaves on some wonderfully green and fresh especially when compared to these beach settings. this space alter is a hybrid species bred from japanese and caucasian all day with many beneficial characteristics that are not fun evans says when it gets hot the poorest in their leaves close to retain valuable moisture. we haven't planted many of the spades out there yet it's new here a climate change tree
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a city tree of the future. we still have to see how they fare in urban settings my suspicion is they're far superior to native species. climate change is playing havoc with cities around the world. one reason many cities can't deal well with heavy rain or floods is that so much city surface is covered by concrete and water can't see into the ground. environmental scientists complained that this sealing effect means half of all rainfall is lost compared to woodlands and meadows and not available to people all nature. rain water that's channeled straight into drains and carried away is gone it can evaporate and it's removed from the natural water cycle very effective evaporation cools the air and we feel that. all the sealed surfaces heat up a lot and stay hot if there's no cooling effect from evaporation that's one reason
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we get urban heat islands and alternative approach can be found in southern belle them in a neighborhood where sponge city water management principles have been adopted here rainwater is collected on open ground and roofs and channelled into local pools it doesn't just disappear down the drain and it was to weigh on a clue that is a hydrologist who works for billions only in a simple water company think tank. as being rain water is a very valuable resource we need it to adapt our city to a changing climate that's why our goal is to manage and use it locally. so the entire project takes up 10 hecht is it's full of unpaved surfaces strips of garden and the roofs here also covered in soil and plants lots of opportunities for rainwater to be soaked up and slowly released into the ground and if i have to come up and rain water seeps directly into the ground between the paving stones or it
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flows into little depressions in the ground it's like this pond. that's why there's a gap in the curb what. i mean and that water sinks in order to evaporate it's just benefitting the trees just. then heard from him haven't set up his climate cups 5 years ago his heat resistant trees can't do entirely without water but it will take time to find out just how much water they need and how well they adapt . using that someone found. yes it's still in the early stages. we're testing $61.00 species of tree seeing how they fare. we've been growing some of the species for decades so we already know their strengths and weaknesses for human shark news up on a business where he has so far raised 10000 trees new to germany's landscapes but better able to weather climate change trees like the turkey oak and you climb
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a tree which is being introduced more frequently into hamburg's neighborhoods all of which should make for some pretty cool cities. all huge charland with urban isolation with a growing amount of garbage here in lagos the producer the estimated 10 pounds in council trash every day and only a small amount of bread to dispose off instead of. things can get the prettiest men in the city and more than that disease can spread and a water supplies become contaminated i think a problem sometimes requires a huge investment if you appeal spent millions setting up a new polling station on the other and get it using the plant supplies a quarter of the city's households with electricity sounds like 2 problems solved at once. this incineration plant called repeat is the
10:49 pm
1st of its kind in africa it produces electricity for his capital city. every day at around 2000 tons of garbage delivered here 2 thirds of that is burned . first the waste is stored at the bunker for 5 days to release moisture then it is burned at a temperature between $8850.00 degrees celsius. khamis same to you who has been working here since the opening of the plant. the trash come in. and burn it after that you 3 would be hit so what's up so i thought we'll create a system that is the. 3rd that i want to throw away generate electricity.
10:50 pm
the filters of the incinerators are made to e.u. standards so that as little pollution as possible leaks into the air. that makes it more eco friendly then open burning off waste on landfills which is still common in african countries the plant was built on parts of the former kosher dump site at the outskirts of the city. that director element here who says that cautious for about 50 years to discard the waste of this. his administration has transformed the dump site into a manageable landfill if this keeps away fires in better order through a street meant and guess venting there are a number of course this is what is never acceptable this was 2 analogy because they are not valid source out of this was this which cannot be governments and which can this facility will be dispersed on the land. they repeat incineration plant was
10:51 pm
constructed and funded by an international consortium and the ethiopian government it provides electricity to around 25 percent of households in a the suburb. that is. low capacity 25 may go but it is contributing 4. cleaning the city it is contributing for. energy to the system so it will serve us. other cities to. cleaning the city. of course all fired power plants or gas facilities officials in making electricity then this incineration plant. but this waste energy system is not only generating electricity it is also saving land space preventing the release of toxic chemicals into groundwater and reducing the release of methane into the atmosphere. getting
10:52 pm
around in megacities is often a grueling business and can take hours there is so long in tanzania has been growing fast bowling steadily out wanted to cover more than one life it is now home to over 5000000 people but it is unlikely and and right now the city is starting to talk of the problem by developing a walking transit bus and it was more than 100 kilometers of new pastorate are planned for coming here. there was a time when it will take up to 2 hours for it to get from his house to walk in the morning although it is within the city limits of dallas to nam he was dependent on mini buses that are the most common means of transport here. they're usually jam packed before you even get to and everyone is pleasing to get the other
10:53 pm
problem is that they are so many traffic jams and to spend a lot of time just sitting and waiting to move it's also exhausting a couple. with more than 6000000 inhabitants that he says is well known on its way to becoming the next to make the city in africa in the next couple of years the book nation is expected to belong to 10000000. look atari heads one of the agencies danced with that up thing and improving infrastructure. people were experiencing you know just. their infrastructure out words. some of it was not very good so many hours were ghost. being on the road going to work in the morning sun in the evenings when people went back home. one solution about business rapid transit system with a network of bigoted bus lanes that bypass much of the traffic across the city this is themself i don't do 21 kilometers and has already cut travel time for some
10:54 pm
residents in half. when we consider the options the bus systems appear to be easier to implement in your city because of. the crew train system and we also looked at inclusive it because when you. bring in a bus system most of the people who are working around our school be absorbed through into the new bus system that turns on n.p.r. object was supported by the institute for transport and development policy. before the b r t came into doors along of public transport services provided by heavily polluting mini buses and appear to be was able to replace 3000 vehicles with a 140 high capacity busses meet a much better emission standard for the new bus system has been
10:55 pm
a blessing for each and he is just one of the many thousands of passengers will cut their commute by 50 hour was a month the money. before i felt bad because i was always getting home so i let the kids will be asleep by the time i advised but it's so much better now i get to spend time with my kids. play with them because they're up it gets me home so much faster because you don't want to. once the project is completed in 2000 at the time and it will cost $6.00 nines we'll cover $100.00 vanco to kill in times until then so no need and either visit it's all gotten so numb we have to rely on. what least some of the journalists. that's it involves a special edition of alba night vision think open showing as well if you're currently doing something to protect the environment would like to hear from me so please do get in touch with us on our social media platforms i am sundra to nobody
10:56 pm
else lining up in kampala uganda. banks on drugs do join us again for another they should all i cooperate metric from a crystal lens it's go buy from lagos nigeria take care o. say you like straight.
10:57 pm
the expanding desert in romania that change is we're in if. and when we are in an ongoing race with the say an. environmental activist a local politicians are desperately trying to reverse the desert situation. but is
10:58 pm
it already too late. why gosh. garber by. coming up on d w. the only. times unorthodox p.m.'s unexpected at times very kosher. is my great pleasure handyman 70 years the jewish life in germany. the moment. w. . how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss them trying to do through the topic from cover and the weekly and read your book. if you would like and new
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information on the crown of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us and dot com look for it slash science. they were forced into a nameless masse. their bodies and their tools of. the history of the slave trade is africa's history. describes how the greed for power and for profit plummeted and entire continent into chaos and violence the slave system created the greatest player accumulation of wealth the world had ever seen up to that moment in time. from its very beginning until this very day
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schuman trafficking has shaped the world. this is the journey back into the history of slavery and i think really truly be making progress when we all accept the use to use leverage as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 10th on d w. this is news and these are our top stories of course in moscow has found a russian opposition leader alex a not guilty of defamation if you hours earlier another porch rejected the felonies appeal against a jail sentence in a separate case but it did reduce his sentence slightly. must now spend around 2
11:01 pm
and a half years in a penal colony for violating parole.


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