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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2021 2:00am-2:16am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin alex saying of all the loses to legal battles in one day a court upholds the russian opposition leader sentence for violating parole and finds him guilty of defamation of only will have to spend more than 2 years in a prison camp also coming up on the show us president joe biden aims to get the 2015 iran and nuclear accord back on track reversing
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a key foreign policy decision of the trumpet ministration. hand in the bundesliga dawkins claim the spoils and there appear derby overwhelming woeful shots to side the now look i'm doing to relegation. hello i'm claire richardson welcome to the show more than 2 years in a penal colony that is the fate awaiting kremlin critic alexei navalny after he lost his appeal against a jail sentence in a separate judgement he was found guilty of defamation and fined if only says the charges are politically motivated and called the legal proceedings absurd. alexa nobel need took the judge's decision calmly he's frequently used humor touring the
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trial to draw attention to the charges against him which he says are politically motivated. asked whether he understands the sentence he sarcastically expressed his gratitude to the judge for taking 6 weeks off his 2 and a half year sentence due to time spent under house arrest the failed appeal came as no surprise to no but all these lawyers say what. today's verdict was expected for us we consider that nothing has changed all the arguments made in this court in the 1st instance they were rejected then they are rejected now. the court maintained to the kremlin critic violated parole conditions in an earlier criminal case he was recovering in germany after a poison attack in august and voluntarily return to russia in january. is when he was discharged from the clinic in berlin in september. alexina valmy
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didn't inform the penal informant inspectorate about his location and didn't register it for 3 months to nov 2020. just a few hours after the 1st verdict he was back on trial and received another guilty verdict this time he was convicted of defamation and handed a fine of nearly 10000 euros. the valley is alleged to have insulted a 94 year old war veteran. now nobody's lawyers fear that the kremlin critic will be transported to a prison camp in the west of the country as early as this weekend. and. heading to a prison colony to spite outcry from the international community will there be repercussions for russia. dora has been following this story for us so what can we expect. from european institutions in response to these court decisions many european leaders have already called for alexei navalny is release and so too has
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the european court of human rights which just days ago ordered russia to release no volley now russia has already said that it will not actually follow that order now russia is a member of that court and it is obliged to follow its orders but by saying that it will not do so it sets up a situation where it could potentially be expelled from the council of europe now the council of europe is a regional body in which russia sits alongside european countries and if russia were to leave that institution it really would mock one of the worst diplomatic crises between russia and europe even following the russia's annexation of crimea in 2014 and response to the jailing of alexina vali it seems that diplomatic and legal channels have not worked but what about economic pressure well european foreign ministers a jew to meet on monday in brussels to discuss potential sanctions against russian officials these could include travel bans and financial restrictions now ahead of
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that meeting some of those foreign ministers are also going to sit down with supporters of alexina valley in brussels and those supporters will be urging the foreign ministers to go after the russian president vladimir putin's alleged well stored in europe some european countries want to go even further they want to target the big prestige project between russia and europe which is the north stream to gas pipeline which is currently being constructed under the baltic sea and is just a few pipelines away from being completed and landing on germany's shore and that's meant to happen in april but at least one country lithuania is urging that the completion of that pipeline be delayed until september which is when russia holds its pollen entry elections however germany is a really strong supporter of nordstrom to chancellor angela merkel has said she doesn't want to see the 2 issues conflated novelli and. nord stream so we have a situation now where there are divisions between russia and europe and there are also divisions within europe itself on how to respond to the opposition leader is
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now confirmed imprisonment will be interesting to see whether they do indeed decouple economic interests from diplomacy to the reporter joel dollar i thank you so much for that. it's. and let's turn our attention now to some of the other stories making news at this hour a united airlines a jet with 231 passengers on board has dropped a breach during an emergency landing after its engine caught fire the incident happened shortly after takeoff from denver airport the debris was scattered across a large residential area in the suburb of broomfield a boeing 777 jet landed safely. and if it's straight night of protests to denounce the jailing of spanish rapper pablo has so has again it turned into clashes with police small group of rioters looted stores on barcelona's main shopping streets after it was jailed for insulting the
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monarchy and praising a terrorist of violence in his music. far right activists rallied in paris to support a french anti immigrant group generation identity is fighting for survival after the government ordered it to dissolve the counter protest was also held later in the day. when u.s. president joe biden has declared a state of major disaster in texas following a crippling winter weather at least 2 dozen people died in the unusually cold snap which just rocked electricity and water supplies texas residents are still dealing with the consequences of the storm many people have been left homeless due to damage from the extreme weather others spent days without power or water. and correspondent carolina chinmoy is in one of the worst affected areas she has been following the aftermath of the storm in houston texas don't let this sunshine deceive you the crisis is a is no different if this was
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a power crisis as you as you say it's due to the winter storm but now we are experiencing a water and food crisis here in the state. it says and we have been seeing that there are mass distribution centers of water add of food because there's no drinking water and in some families there's not even water at all and as you know at this can turn to a very very ugly situation for a lot of families special for the ones who are living in the suburbs and now the food banks are also struggling with this increasing demand for food because let's not forget we're in the middle of the pandemic that means there already families who have lost their jobs they were forced to go to the food banks and now they have been hit for the 2nd time with this and freezing temperatures during the last days and now the water and food crisis here in the state of texas carolyn more reporting from houston for us there well meanwhile the head of the international atomic
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energy agency has arrived in tehran to try to resume international inspections of nuclear facilities which iran has been blocking the visit comes as the new u.s. president joe biden is promising to reverse many of the trump administration's foreign policy decisions one of the most significant came in 2018 when trouble with drew the u.s. from an international agreement with iran designed to prevent it from building nuclear weapons well now biden wants the u.s. and back in and back on track here's a closer look at the deal. the u.s. and iran say they're willing to negotiate terms u.s. president biden told the munich security conference that communication should extend beyond the nuclear agreement. we need transparency must also address destabilizing activities across the middle east we're going to work in close cooperation with our european and other partners as we proceed. to ron has all the ideas you raney and president hassan rouhani insists sanctions on iran must be
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lifted before talks can begin rouhani has described the mission is as a. theory the people. on the. sanctions and we have to fight against the coronavirus because of our sanctions we've had many problems accessing vaccines and paying for them. for ordinary people in iran the nuclear agreement is the last thing on their mind. high prices combined with unemployment means the economic situation has been getting worse for years. nuclear energy is no use to us people are hungry and completely confused yukiya energy may help us in the future but the priority now is our livelihood now. iran's government spokesperson says the government is confident it will soon be able to solve the political problems with the united states. and let's get the latest from russia as easy as a historian focused on modern iran who joins us now from atlanta georgia russia
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what's at stake here remind us if you can what the iran nuclear deal did and why it was so shocking to the international community when the trump administration withdrew from it. thank you it's great to be with you but you wrote a nuclear deal basically meant that iran. shipped off all the enrich uranium that it made at davis short of international community that it did not have the capacity to move toward a nuclear weapon in response the united states. started lifting off the sanctions on iran since child left. iran has ramped up its nuclear program it claims that it is a deal remains a party to the deal but it has ramped up its nuclear program in ny reaches uranium to 20 percent and analysts say that it might actually move toward a nuclear weapon. it can be returned to the will. or some sort of
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a reprimand. and returning it to the deal iran and the united states have signals that they are willing to negotiate but how do you get around who takes the 1st step toward reviving the agreement. so clear iraq and the united states not all have a basically a shared declared bull they both say that they want to return to d.l. and as you say the main question is who gets you know who does what 1st what they want in 5 messages that he suggested a while back was that the you're not a european union could and i quote choreograph decide on who does what 1st and they don't and president rouhani also said basically if you take one step we'll take will take one and like that so the e.u. could you know could could play important role here it is also of course was the coordinator of the so-called the 2 plus treaty that is you know the 2 european countries plus russia china and the united states that are you know that a party to the deal so. the key thing is on thursday united states basically said
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yes we will agree to a meeting called by the e.u. will show up if that if such a meeting is called and he who has said that it wants to call that call such a meeting so long as to what is your e.u. and the. makeup isms of the deal like the joint commission that includes the 6 countries that i mentioned plus iran. could be could be the body that 'd helps determine who does what 1st and you know iran can do something then the u.s. then iran and like this they can get back to the to they rounded up 2015 what happens after that is up to question of course but but they can get back to that point. russia's easy for us their sports news now and of dortmund and shoulder renew of the buddhist league as fierce as rivalry as they clashed in the revere derby on saturday's laking visitors dortmund 3 points were essential as they bid for champions league qualification. were desperate for a win it would give them a chance of escaping relegation. known in germany as the miners who would have to
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get their hands dirty if they were to beat dortmund in their wasted this month and erling holland who went into this one with as many league goals as the hosts entire squad. shellcode held out 42 minutes before caving electric englishman j. thompson to 2 could vantage of sloppy defending to curl home. 3 minutes later and a piece of holland magic extended door leads the norwegians flying volley made it to newell going into the break. shell who were chasing shadows in the 2nd half. rafael guerrero site fitted who marco voices return pass to make it 3 nil. before jude telling him crossed for holland to score the 4th 11 minutes from tell you the score like was cruelly reflected in the numbers in shelters by adding extra shot in florida to go with the bragging rights for darkman funds the wind keeps their team
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in the hunt for champions league qualification. meanwhile you can creasing lee doomed. for soccer action you can stay tuned for sports life as your news update at this hour remember you can always get more information on our web site at deja dot com or you can follow us on social media on instagram and twitter at the news anchor richardson in berlin the entire team thanks much for joining us. they want to know what makes the devil you and your. mind bendingly the way. i live in other words my god and everyone was lead a holes in everything they're getting are you ready to meet the germans then join me right just do it under. german and jewish just
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one jewish was. does that mean do you.


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