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tv   Festakt 1700 Jahre judisches  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2021 4:30pm-5:30pm CET

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alphen throat ha ha ha 7. it's a daily routine that no longer faces his assistance. can you now shock my body and raise my powers. lulu. 10000. thank you god thank you spirits of the light the life into this direct was born in california then i am on the right he says he was bestowed with healing powers by his haitian great grandmother when he was 5 and when she was already dead my team my team came through on the internet i mean the website and the mail to boost his
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image the showman has hired a team of p.r. professionals. this. is just me and sam me and sambo. me in this amazing man right after not thinking yeah they're in the man i don't see our presence well we actually have about it on the scene this is exciting and yes. to do even like more and more people things to like absolutely you know i mean you have to you'd understand for me my devotion to humanity has been there since i was a kid i found that the joy that i got from supporting people was more fulfilling than what i could have thought you could have just by having like a lot of money and a big house and a car and everything like this i find the idea of changing to me is so important. but this evening it is indeed in
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a huge mansion the director is hosting one of l.a.'s biggest soirees. wellness and self optimization are a big deal and hollywood. director has been rubbing shoulders with high society for years his partner manta luisa is a norwegian princess daughter of king harold. durex clientele also includes actress and global wellness icon gwyneth paltrow. dereck has always surrounded himself with celebrities and has in the process himself become a famous face. the features regularly on magazine covers. i
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have done very well under. the night he's celebrating his book premiere. so i have a whole new plan. on this planet each and every one of you with your dreams and your aspirations and your power you don't need to drink green smoothies and work the crystals in order to be spiritual that it was you are not sheep you are a giant. and a sleeping giant. i. think you think you are. the biggest director. with. it. but. i think. the next morning direct has private consultation appointments his rate is $1000.00 an hour.
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this will be alexis's 1st ever session. she's a successful and very wealthy designer but there's something missing in her life. so she's hoping for enlightenment from the shaman. alexis has experienced a series of relationship breakdowns and feels deeply stressed about being unable to find a partner and also what it says here when you go into relationships you can't date anyone and i'm going to say this very clearly where you have to take care of them. like because i feel like every relationship i've been changed i'm not getting any kind of like purpose or value from it. it's very after the diagnosis the shaman prepares her body for healing clean the poisons out of her system. they just need to open up something. activated.
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that's a clear deep download fire into her body i understand that there is fear remove the fear out of her body. during alexis is body has to be detoxified and cleansed of all negative emotion. or uses for us. that's. just that said her body's releasing to a lot of sweats twists. in that meridian in her leg twists. that's it twists twist it keeps twisting it so she coughs it out. your eyes. can you feel the warmth inside your body.
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after the trance alexis says she feels transformed the cat got him a little tipsy but i had this. disease. this is crazy that spent the last 4 years doing a lot. where minute and like what i just got. national. army thing you. wants to dispel the old image of the new age wizard. a few months later alexis is still single but she does believe in the shamans power. europe has for their clients that day one big reason why business is booming is that in california being happy is seen as an obligation. which also require. buying all manner of products. caitlin is a young woman in prime health. but every morning she consumes 15 different
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supplement powders depending on how she's feeling that day. regular dietary supplements. and other products of unknown origin. just. kind of thank you i think having a healthy body and a healthy mind is an essential part of creating a spiritual connection with your reality. there is one product that she values above all others and its side effects require a little preparation just gives a bunch of sound gear to get it ready for. this she shares it with
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others and group ceremonies this. is going to. sort of stash stuff here like under their large tall wall just make sure the bathroom journey area is clear and you guys can say the product has somewhat unpredictable and uncontrollable affects caitlin charges $100.00 per person. so does this 1st time participant feel nervous. because they're going to get rid of any fears that if you go to far too hard i guess. that you might. think it's a ritual called. this is the magic version of the magic frogs. it's a highly toxic substance extracted from giant monkey frogs in the amazon rain forest indigenous people. use it to treat malaria and snake bites and there's a 100 of peptide molecules in your pot are hopefully and i microbial and
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i cancerous an inflammatory seems to kind of get the core of how our spirit can interact with our body chemically and reset the patterning. zealand's trauma arianna 34 is seriously ill and is hoping the combo will cure her. of her cancer and. doing so you're sure has a lot to do with my body. and to push me over it so it could just touch your teeth it is a crime. after a little burning to expose the flesh the toxic substance is applied to the open wound.
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the effects are immediate. goal. nice work. and last for a quarter of an hour. or so. it's. going to. afterwords the participants are exhausted. b a. thanks also manifest on ariana's face. like
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a frog. that reaction with arianna will be gone again and then our combo is unlikely to say the least to cure her cancer and it can have severe consequences for her health violent spasms a racing heart rate and short term memory loss what does caitlin say to those who might find it extreme. yet has a really outwardly violent and extreme sort of appearance and i think for a lot of people that is scary. but you just saw how far people are willing to go especially people with with illnesses that aren't getting fatter they're not getting the help they need. even after several 100 sessions kaitlin claims to have never experienced a serious incident. at the same time and the beneficial effects of
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a combo cleanse remain scientifically proven. following a guru's instructions can have fatal consequences. but even then it doesn't necessarily mean the end of their career. in the 2000 james arthur ray became a star of the scene heading his own empire. in october 2009 it all came crashing down when the spiritual workshop ended in tragedy participants had paid almost $10000.00 for the 5 day event subjecting themselves to various physical or deals to purify their mind and body. the final one was a so-called sweat lodge participants were told to stay as long as possible in the sweltering heat. people began hallucinating and panicking after 2 hours 3 of them
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had died of heat stroke. your ghanaians are also arrested and put on trial. james arthur ray on the offense of negligent homicide as follows guilty. he was sentenced to 2 years in prison. 5 years later he was giving talks again making his big comeback in los vegas and 29 teams. ebon traveled 13 hours from britain to see ray live on stage she works in real estate and this trip was a huge investment for her. over $4000.00 for 3 days. she's fascinated by every aspect of her mentor. for you for you james so what i'm looking for in james this because he knows he's being
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mean to the pits of hell and bach and he is still rising he's still paused have he is still a warty hour and he still wanted to help people evolve his 50 and got divorced after 20 years of marriage a tough time that she'd like to put behind her i gave away my power when i. find i got my. i think i gave away my car i was quite powerful well before i got mobbed. and so i came to a place in life where i thought i've got to change this. so i think the most important thing. in a hotel suite james arthur ray prepares to return to the stage after a 10 year absence can they still backlight me in the blue or not i don't remember where those bacteria was blue or was it the lights that were blue. for this guru
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the show will be a chance to prove he has changed and become a new person. it's been hard it's a high price to pay but if you know me is tenderized when you pound it right so if you follow that metaphor when life tends to be pounding you you become you become more tender much more humble now and much more grateful. he's arranged for some assistance for his comeback. not you know even after prison some allies in the industry have remained loyal you don't give brother you're a good thing. so what do you think of the room. even deeper stage of you with your war but when the sun. comes tomorrow he will finally be able to get back into the arena to preach his message to a live audience. was really live. with
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this. film superhero if you if you understand the prefix super it means to rise above so it's literally about 6 becoming more of what to him what the average should be even a man. and 7 the following morning evolve as amongst. 60 or so other followers waiting for the doors to open. her mouth are words that. the cheapest ticket for this 2 day seminar cost $460.00. i. think. they're all delighted to finally reconnect with their idol.
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i. i. i i i i was i. i. i i. think if you. good morning good morning that's today i'm going to challenge you to get 100 percent because you deserve. so yes. on the agenda are 2 days of coaching with one objective in mind regaining your self-confidence on your watch. just. steamy and. just really. teaching. here's your
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business. and to sell his message arthur james ray draws heavily on his own personal story i want from. multiple millionaire and you've got me losing all of. everything how. it was my choice to there's a shot that ha ha ha i'm trying leaders on the entire time you step off your mother's now you've got to make a decision leaders made. this is the most important quantum leadership is making a decision. you know to me my house now right. now that route you need to go big or. take action and
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make quick decisions among truck the guru repeats throughout the day. here you do you work now. he chooses this moment to present his follow up products and services for your own needs so the starter place here's daryn obviously these packages are available for prices starting at $18000.00. or you. know i'm. really worried right. now. there's more here but. there's new groups is. just not. going to get if you're going to do anything.
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yours and not. i. and for those who cannot afford those prices one of the gurus associates offers loans ready to sign. off on. over the course of the evening over a dozen people book additional courses worth $110000.00. to see he says he appreciates at the sales technique could appear a little aggressive to people outside the u.s. it's yeah you do have to sell your product or service to people because titan know what it will do for you and everybody kind of needs a little a little encouragement to what they need to do because there's all this resistance and fear and doubt and what if it goes on in their head so much just to give
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a 100 percent to help you get past this so you can really live the life you know to live. for that day. for the guru it's been a successful comeback arthur james ray's career is back on track. in the u.s. gurus are reveling in a new age wild west. one of the few people challenging them is rick ross he says that lax legislation in the country makes it all too easy for charlatans to capitalize on their believers. the u.s. has become a kind of mecca in the united states if you declare yourself from a religion you have all types about unity as nonprofit tax exempt status so more than any other country in the world if you are
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a destructive cult leader in the united states is a very good place to. at a business he travels across the country investigating dangerous sects and informing the public about their less savory side their methods would be exposed and that is the way that we can deal with them we can't stop them from doing what they're doing but we can expose them and discuss what they're doing and try to educate people and make them aware so that they can defend themselves. over the last 20 years ross claims to have freed or deprogrammed around 500 people from the various sects described in a book he's published this is the chapter the next. nexium is the name of his most troubling case in recent years. i have done 4 interventions to get people out of the group known as nexium which is the group led by the self-help
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guru sex cult leader they call him q 3 mary is one of the worst destructive cults that i've encountered in my entire career. he threatened yairi stood accused of various crimes including raping and torturing his mainly female followership. banks spent 2 years as a member of nexium. she was introduced to rand yairi when her then boyfriend was shooting a film about the sect. this is where i keep things in my past. she made it out of the sect in time but did stay in touch with other members for many years.
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strange some. things of the past that i probably should just forget about. here's one picture from volleyball cube and i talking i thought he was like a great philosopher of our time and i thought he was helping the planet i thought he was like a steward for humankind. attended seminars and other courses but became increasingly skeptical especially with regard to the guru's treatment of women. they would quit their lives and move there and work for him and be devoted to him and i think in these classes where you reveal your vulnerabilities then he finds the weak women you know and says i wanted to join this other group for women empowerment and we can make you stronger if you're in this group and that's what they did.
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he threaten you every would select a small group of women for supposedly the greatest honor within the sect. having his initials branded into their skin. as a big player. and then in turn it this is a. it's a see it's that's right here the brand is right there so you see it and you feel it every time you pull up your pants every time you know it's like this is inhumane i mean they used a cauterizing tool they didn't use a brand so it wasn't quick like with a cow branding that's pretty quick but this took a half an hour and it smelled like burning human flesh for hours you know because there's like 5 or 6 or 7 of them there so you have to take turns and wait for everybody to be done and it's just like. what a traumatic thing. and yet he was arrested and charged in march 28th.
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his conviction a year later was headline news has. really eerie stands to make to the racketeering sex trafficking and related crimes. among those other crimes criminal conspiracy extortion and possessing child pornography. yairi was the head of a sprawling sect with 12000 members. for the 1st time banks listens to a recording that was used as evidence in court. the. first big. sacrifice. that's you. know i think it's. for us.
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to discuss to you he's just claiming it like it's so casual. but. when it. comes. banks has a sense managed to build a new life for herself. she and her husband run a legal marijuana plantation. going to produce the bowl and the little heritage from you know the ones the pistols just like any flowers. i am happy i'm much happier you know almost like i wish you know like all the colts who did take the time and effort to find the people in there that are the bad seeds and just pull them. can't do that with people so.
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this represents keith. we're pulling all the chief in areas of the field. and former. law. smaller tax return inspired big changes the people making a hostile go africa fantastic might. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future. many thoughts to you all for tuning in africa.
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30 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind those walls. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. t.w. world heritage 316 get kidnapped now. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what is the latest. research. information and context. the coronavirus of the code special
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monday to friday w. . this is do you have any news live from birth and one that 1700 years of german jewish history germany celebrates the place of jewish life in its history and culture goes all the way back to the western roman empire focusing on the past present and future of jewish culture in germany also coming out man was protesters there undeterred thousands of people return to the streets to demand the military give up power just one day after police fire on a demonstration killing 2 people. i'm
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rebecca ritter's welcome to the program germany is marking 1700 years of jewish life and culture in the country where the year of anniversary events starting today the nationwide celebration deliberately i was to look beyond the persecution of jews during the holocaust instead the focus is on the diversity of jewish life in germany's past and present. colonial was to 1st see change and many would choose were allowed to serve in a town said they in the year 321 after the decrease from the roman emperor constantine so he's 15 that teaches commemorations of 1700 years of jewish life in germany assented here a ceremony lost to you. year long program of events separating jewish contribution to german culture and society german president. is the patron of the series of
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events. in these in 1st year are there is a lot to discover and rediscover during these years of come immigration's in philosophy literature painting science medicine economy jewish people have contributed to our history shaped it and enlightened our culture judaism made a decisive contribution to germany's emergence into the modern age in the more down the by guitar. along with his acknowledgement that show each culture is part of german culture there was also a warning that anti-semitism is under rise in germany. are hard to know it is still true today even those who have never met a jewish person and who have never shown any interest in jew days and for dos people still harbor anti semitism prejudices prejudices are handed down from
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generation to generation and the less someone knows about jews demoed a prejudice is entier we have to address it in city especially in schools where we must not only convey more knowledge about judaism but also share more information about anti semitism. densher of anti-semitism was also highlighted by presidents time. then they wouldn't as if i could wish something asked chairman president for desir of come immigration it would not only be a clear recognition that jewish people are part of the civil society but i would also wish that we could take decisive steps against those who still questioned is. either does not or in fargas did the come immigrations of hundreds of years. eventful helen history teaches us to german federal republic can
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only be holden if jewish people and you would feel fairly at home here and so i was a few. more on that i'm joined by melinda crane data in chief political correspondent melinda 1700 years of jewish life in germany what's the main message of this year's celebrations well i think picking up on what we just heard at the end of that report is absolutely that message that jews are here at home in germany that in fact they were here before germany was even a country in the year 321 cologne was part of the roman empire and the country of germany didn't come into existence until hundreds and hundreds of years later the message is that jews have been contributing to german culture to german identity to the very fabric of german history
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for many of those hundreds of years and that the idea that interaction between judaism and being german can never and should never be reduced to the holocaust and i think for exactly those people who lean toward anti-semitism there is a sense that. that judaism is something foreign and the whole point of this ceremony and of this year that lies ahead is to make it very clear that judaism is by no means for him to germany but an innate part of its identity. is anti semitism which you just mentioned still a part of everyday life for many that still live in germany absolutely it is in fact
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a new report shows that anti-semitic crimes in germany reached an all time high in 2020 the interior ministry recorded 2275 such crimes in the last year and that is on the rise for a number of different reasons but amongst them for example the fact that demonstrations against the bucktown rules against the corona restrictions often made use of anti-semitic signs and symbols why because those are signs and symbols that are guaranteed to provoke attention and outreach here in germany but those signs and symbols and their use in that context as well as online on many different online platforms they absolutely have made anti-semitism once again something that people perhaps many people don't feel
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a taboo about underage and that of course is something that is often asked so a threat that this young year is definitely designed to change. i know that the focus is hopefully trying to turn away from the holocaust but weak of course can't forget that period of history after the nazis murdered some 6000000 jews in the holocaust the future of the remaining jewish community was in doubt of course many left what's changed in recent years in germany. well things began to change after the fall of the wall with the influx of many many. jews coming especially out of eastern europe and russia many of them. of german jewish origin returning it to what germany and creating a vibrant jewish community is in cities that had never thought they would see
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jewish life again then in the last few years we've also seen young jewish immigrants from israel from other countries. flocking to germany not least to berlin because this city is seen as. a very cruel lively place to be for many especially young artists and others and all of that has recreated flourishing german jewish communities in many parts of germany. or atlanta crane in berlin thanks very much for that analysis. let's turn now to some other stories making news this hour israel has begun easing coronavirus restrictions with the reopening of many shops and services the move comes after the government said almost a 3rd of israel's population has now been vaccinated against code that 19 but many services will only be available to people with the so-called green parts proving
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they've been vaccinated. u.s. president joe biden has declared a state of major disaster in texas following crippling winter weather at least 2 dozen people died in the unusually cold snap which disrupted electricity and water supplies many people have been left homeless due to damage from the extreme weather . in may a muffin thousands of people have defied threats of violence to take part in a new day of protests against the country's military rulers this comes a day after police fired live ammunition to disperse protesters in the city of mandalay killing at least 2 people and injuring several others the crowds were forced to flee as security forces chased after them using slingshots rubber bullets and water cannon the protesters were repeating their call for an end to military rule after a coup 3 weeks ago. they return despite the risk the reality now crystal clear for these demonstrators after police killed 2
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more people with live ammunition on saturday it was the worst violence since mass rallies began weeks ago passed uprisings against the military have failed these demonstrators want them gone for good. i remember my parents fought against the military coup during the 1988 revolution and i too have to stand against this dictatorship if we fail to stand against them this time our next generation will live under the military dictatorship so we can't stop this time. i want to say through the media to the dictator and his henchmen. we are peaceful demonstrators. stop the genocide. and stop using lethal weapons. but they can't go it alone protesters are appealing to the international community for solidarity.
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putting it to you that this will turn off the number of people has increased today . and we will not stop. we will keep going till we reach our goal of democracy so. i don't have to we want other countries to take more severe actions than sanctions. here although they wanted to vote also did it. on sunday facebook deleted the military's page for inciting violence following saturday's deadly crackdown. the killing several me strengthen the protesters resolve. they hope that this time perhaps they can free me and maher from a military that refuses to relinquish power. people in the west
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african nation of measure there are going to the polls in a presidential runoff today after none of the candidates won a majority in a vote in december the election pitches mohamed basu a former foreign minister and member of the ruling party against former president mom on a day both men are looking to succeed outgoing mohammed who is a fruit in what could be the country's 1st peaceful transition of power since end of independence from france 60 years ago. correspondent fred move any talk to us about how voting there is going. so far the voting has been peaceful across the call tree but what we have abilities at the full point fish was we have visited this morning people can just be called to the our fingertips this is very very important to the people who do use it but just because they are wanted for it praise there simply because they all want to step closer to harvey if asked if the transition out of power. but mostly it
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taught men and shall career knew that when this lake as it faces primal ray as they clashed in the ruined darby for visitors door when the 3 points were essential as they have been for champions league qualification bottom place chalco were desperate for a win that would give them a chance of escaping relegation. known in germany as the miners shanker would have to get their hands dirty if they were to be dortmund in their way stude this man mountain in holland he went into this one with as many league goals as the hosts entire squad. shelter held out 42 minutes before caving electric englishman jeet and son to 2 could vantage of sloppy defending to curl home. 3 minutes later in a piece of holland magic extended door leads the norwegians flying volley made it to nil going into the break. chalco were chasing shadows in the 2nd half.
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rafael guerrero site fitted hole marco voices return pass to make it 3 nil. before jude telling him crossed for holland to score the 4th 11 minutes from tying the score like it was cruelly reflected in the numbers in shelters barge adding extra shot in florida to go with the bragging rights for daughters and sons the wind keeps their team in the hunt for champions league qualification. meanwhile who can creasing lee doomed. and in men's tennis. serbian novak djokovic has won the australian open by defeating russia's daniel medvedev in the final the world number one won in straight sets extending his record of australian open titles to 9 djokovic has now won 18 grand slam titles just 2 shy of the all time record held by roger federer you're watching data over the news up next our reporters series with a look at a russian hero in the taiga make spies it will be with you next hour bringing you
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the headlines until then you can always stay up to date on our website that state of any dot com you know what it was on social media as well at the end of a nice you can find me at rebecca races i am rebecca griffith thanks very much for watching. t.v. and this is climate change. happiness book. this is the point for you. to get smarter for free you know we were. passionate drama competition marketing numbers that was here by that time and
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childish love hate money millionaire the fans from cyberspace and. from leave. to go off on you tube joining us. picture of a has arrived to pick up the locals. the train driver brings life to the taiga we are united and i do it for the old grannies their villages are dying hours . case of it takes him to the village of sika yeah i hung gals in northern russia. over i
5:17 pm
used to be a village. basher i do love driving these grannies around the always bring me gifts and hug me saying patrol bitch you're still alive and i see it but you're not getting rid of me that easily. and when you come back next year. i'll be here for you it's a good question that we're going to need in. the old days a locomotive pulls a what in trying a long 31 kilometers of nowadays truck through the expanses out there russian tyga . this is the wilds of bars for travis who men who everyone here affectionately calls petrov it. he tries to psych around back on mondays and fridays and in
5:18 pm
the winter he lives a fire in the stove before the passengers climb aboard. the trip takes $1.00 to $3.00 alice depending on how much snow is on the tracks that got together when i drive a little over a 1000 passengers a year than they did in summertime it's mostly this is hers. but in the winter time a lot less people take the train your $30.00 to $48.00 most per month the us to be so good that your legs sure they're getting good. i'm starting with stu. i should use birch bark of gasoline works too to keep the fire going faster. well to use the door seen as a warm up. it would keep warm. today petrovich is coming right on time at a table. the
5:19 pm
village is looking forward to his arrival. here and i guess all our hopes have been on the slow train and if it breaks down why be stuck here forever we are attracted to strain is all we have without it would have to walk 40 kilometers and there's nothing but old people here. this is just over here 35 this area dotted with a few day lap a day 2 cabins used to be teeming with life. in the soviet era so it was an important part for the lumber industry when millions of cubic meters of timber what cut down and shipped off. the last lumber mills closed their doors in the year 2000 . what remained was a heap of derelict equipments that patrol which used to organize a working passenger service it's punctual and reliable like the tropics himself and the locals love him for it. yet because wherever i go i'm
5:20 pm
a guest of honor at. the grammys you have new farhood that i magine live in the forest with. no one looked after the viewers because they have just as the decision to turn their well come on i don't know. but it's not for free. play ladies and i get those 100 lives that great very good business woman or money bags where you comfortable virtue of your you're here in my state good hard working yeah. they head into afm you got the closest not just settlement on the only one far on white with a school and a few shops. still to be young people here but know their own. their villages are dying out of tears and i feel like the joke here that's why they
5:21 pm
were killed but i didn't make any money from the us would you a ride from the little studio $1.00 you 20 you could get but they don't want anybody. where else would they go. to get down to the day when that plane ride that i'm back sometimes to go to the hospital to see that that's it we have everything else he brings us bread and groceries and you. find that it used to be a lot of traffic here with all the cargo trains but it would take a sleazy he says all that's left now is us he says and i would just like they said that he. was very mantic as described for the tiger might seen as a set to maske for the passengers despite petrov it just technical skills. sometimes the train just tips over it's pretty rare now you have the family structure there is a few years ago which it was almost every day looking for different get to go to
5:22 pm
one of the train went belly up at midnight here to show 1st a car to 2 over and then we'd look at motive with that bit of what i just said about that material just wondering what do you fly out of the car. to go to do you go to the next thing i knew. you were lying on her back it's pretty sure the tracks are worn down at the cherry soo many millions of cubic metres of lose they're totally ruined it's not just the trucks that are broken but the order and the social structures that once existed here. in this village most of the male residents have tend to alcohol. you. go on in the fear because we're all similar supposed to live i'm retired. you can get.
5:23 pm
them all right you know we're drinking wine i do you do you know that we deal with words not really we're not going. to do it would be what else is there to do here besides drink and drive and. that leisure activity can be disastrous as we will find out just a few hours later. in the meantime gets another vehicle ready to go and motorized or easy and all speed. if those days are locomotive broke down this light rail car is all you would have to get from sorry go to have new guy on the same track all 31 kilometers of it. but this time with no woodstove. in the
5:24 pm
summer which average takes tourists for rides on the trays even. in russia there are numerous societies dedicated to this exotic means of transport. the town of new guy at the other end of the route is where patricia calls home. he lives in 1960 settlements built for the timber industry. in 2010 around a 1000 people lived here but after the lumber mill closed in 2030 and many more moved away. now there's not even a doctor just. a few shops and a little school. most presidents lost that way and some have time to drink. unemployment turning people into alcoholics. good to get angry at the rest of the world and feel unhappy cheated. but there is work to be had they just don't want it
5:25 pm
. to those guys this afternoon they were so drunk they burned her in the room real car the seething i got a call from the emergency services you know what it. was but you didn't hear the people there we were on the move and then bam he fell into the ditch. will all be filled. petrovich has to lend a hand. in the middle of the night he has to get the right trail car and it's intoxicated crew out of the snow and drive them to have a new guy for a pass until sober up. everything was burnt in the front of the electric system was busted this was a 1st in 6 years well after midnight the rescue mission is over. the end of a very long day and now she lights up the stove once you get that birch bark burning
5:26 pm
in the game nice and interesting. washout and that's. everything to try if it had a mishap maint. here's the jam. for the last taking you so long valentina is petrovic his wife. we also get pickles and fruit preserves barra's petrovic and valentina have been living in harmony for 40 is. he like the. yes man in the world i wish everyone could be just happy. and i also dream of traveling with her. i'm 65 now and i've only travelled once to my brother's funeral no where else just work work work work out of work on the truck its needs is what
5:27 pm
to live. think there's always been passed away that and she as long as i've not have always the photius if you don't put some of it i always have to be doing something i need to. call it adrenaline. if i just sit around for several days i go crazy. even a month working. everyone needs this much energy not just to make the let. me. yet you have a day and night where you know and i'll come get the bread don't worry yes just like you plan the bread at 4 am. we'll be bringing them to the people inside at this point they can't imagine life without
5:28 pm
the trumpet or even death for that matter. you're going to blow up because what it's going to do one of the grannies called me and said the truth it should if you still make your rants please don't stop as long as i'm alive but recite when i die one day i'd like you to be symmetry in saigon my husband and family are very healthy and advanced the please don't stop it if you get that i said oh are you crazy but you know just stay alive yeah but you know what the 3rd the snow day the month later the left and i granted her last wish is to get into debt and here you just see. a child which doesn't want to abandon his elderly passengers so he plans to keep his tiger express running for 10 more yeahs and then it will land.
5:29 pm
a small x. can inspire change the people making a mistake go in africa fantastic right. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future. many thanks to you all for tuning it out for. next on d w. only theory. at times on orthodox and unexpected at times very kosher. always my great pleasure dan c. . 1700 years jewish life in germany. 16. w. a y d
5:30 pm
u s is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make soup is greener how can we protect habitats we can make a difference leave my genius the mental series of maybe 3000 g.w. and online. good. welcome to these a special edition of it up a go all about a bit as they should today we're looking at the value of sustainable of an a station enjoying one examples from africa and europe i am tsonga to a no go here in company uganda and i know of course joined by michael in the julia hi chris.


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