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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2021 3:45am-4:16am CET

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one second favorite clubs except for some local all visiting wildlife. in. europe is very much on the agenda for both clubs but when listen 5 matches when you are needed to turn around to keep the dream alive with the teams evenly matched christian strike made a triple substitution midway through the 2nd half to try and break the stalemate. when she did albeit in a nuance favor just moments after the changes the visitors produced a fine move that was converted by the head and creature printed. with european football now back in sight. marcus invites and cross was positively begging to be headed in when you don't stop the rot. a nice present focus fischer on his 55th birthday. often time in braman where level before their clash but only the posts remember where they're shooting bullets the
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last bit who got on the scoresheet 1st. struck down gardner riddle through for half an hour on 2nd. base who turned provider has moved past job or extended leave shortly after the break. just 3 minutes into his legislative debut newcomers who she knew could tell seal the formula only half in time to leave from freeman into level. which took guts pelligrino matter right so extended his contract and 2024 before the trip to come out of his so i'd look comfortable in mid table and lead early in the 2nd half after a dull 1st period. sasha collided with his template goal list impressive stuff. the boss meanwhile was keeping his cool as he sat back and watched his. in forward
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link like a proverbial salmon. cologne handbag 3 wins in the last 5 league games but there is no point doing all the hard work if emmanuel denis is going to finish like this. one nil to stuttgart to sit in 10 and can surely start planning for another season in the bundesliga. we got in my contract sure i was so happy with. the future. to continue working with. so to the day. alone limp on in contrast with relegation still a possibility. away at outsports laver couzens reserve keeper last long was keen to make his 1st bundesliga start but nerves got the better of him early on.
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that let's not punish him for his calamity. sori lomas. replay is a must. because i'm stopped for hopes are being undermined by inconsistency but i did finish the rollercoaster that is labor couzin season took another turn at one time so bad with a last 2nd equaliser. at. one point it's not much help from either side but it's enough it's better than nothing. now off to gladbach. brasil munching glad about coach marco rosa has had a turbulent wake after announcing his decision to move to dortmund in the summer he stirred up quite a storm of angry reactions from gladbach fans. yes of course the wake had its
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effect on me. it was about making a decision and then communicating that decision. it's come to my attention that a lot of people are disappointed if you do it. but how would his team respond on the pitch with their coaches big decision put a damper on the rest of the fall season. the 1st chance to tell would be up against rosa's own former club and his playing days might. rose as men are well aware they have challenging weeks ahead of them the falls face manchester city midweek in the champions league followed by lightning and in the cup and later coups and. but even relegation candidates months proved to be a big challenge for rose's men. karim honesty what made it one nil only 10 minutes see i'm.
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one class back have gone 3 games without victory might have recently shown they're not going down without putting up a fight. roses which wasn't looking any better. but the foes were able to build up plate and square things off the field i found my cats in law still buried a shot scoring his 10th of the season on his 200th competitive match the 1st year. finally a little relief for rosa. but his followers just didn't look at the top of their game out some question missing the target here. and here florian knew it house not even getting a shot off. meanwhile
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the visitors kept at it until the very. yes might's delivered the final blow with less than 5 minutes left on the clock and secured all 3 points similar to last week so like score it was once again super sub kevin still got. another setback which only makes matters worse for glass back and also for roles that. were not truly. the course that counts for me as well because today for the performance i have to take responsibility. but rosa can't exactly take the blame for everything might have been fiercely fighting to remain in the bundesliga and the victory gives them every reason to keep hope. probably 15 years or so down to the most important thing today was to take the 3 points home after a game like this you do tend to take a glance at the league table but it doesn't show it all yet we need to continue the
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way we have been and next week we go from there. credit where credit's due might 7 vital points in the last 3 matches and in the relegation battle every single point is worth its weight seemed go. relegation battles can be fun if you have a joker up your sleeve in this case. but i think stuff. has become that no one dislikes i'm the superstar you want appointed leader cusa last week off the bench again this may be 1 2 this one to mind. children should make since march but a 2nd successive week the minds. of i don't remember how the ball ended up in the books all i know is the ball came back out and i was screaming at robert for what
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felt like 10 seconds to leave it was i hit it pretty sweet and somehow it went in. i was just happy as i am now and as far as going all the time even if i don't think like it. can be. a man liked but go right go now for the results. dropped points a 2nd weekend in a row my 6 frankfurt and full support took the advantage to stay on track as mike says huge win makes shall can start be defeated even more painful. for our favorite goals of the match they. influence bog got such a clear light switch. it comes from the left foot of the wing back and it goes from carlo j h oh no the big goal from the biggest bat in the bundesliga. and
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then of course i mean you this study is truly exceptional from the best player on the pitch. but one man was really flying. a relative with this not but he's already being compared with the greats of the blindfold getting. hold of him for the whole. neighborhood him a bit yes. congrats on another page but did those goals have a dramatic impact on the standings. not really dortmund still have a big gap to close on those champions league places 6 points and meanwhile they have one young sneaking up to challenge for you rope and weak finish the top of my figure now hot on the heels of fire. little movement in the nether regions have to
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remain in major trouble while might so now within a point of beating the drop. shock is still rock bottom but they say but still it's all about. which team will get one over their opponents next week and dortmund are suddenly on a high. they'll be hosting bealefeld the team not to be underestimated the underdogs wipe that smile off dortmund's face. as for shall go well stuttgart put the next nail in the coffin will there be a miraculous resurrection we need to fight the comeback specially mentone. fire and certainly need some work on the mental front as they hope to bounce back in their trip to rome for the champions league and to rediscover their touch. as 2 clubs who after losing to minds now host manchester city in
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a must win game. while brave men will be out to hurt frankfurt in their quest for a top 4 finish. bulbul spork are having a season to remember parents are having one to forget. check out backlash and more on next week's kick off.
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play. play play. play play. this is developing news live from berlin bars johnson lays out a plan to end england's coronavirus look down the british prime minister details a multi-stage proposal to break open the country starting 1st with schools all limits on socialising could be lifted by some pop bottle if strict conditions a mix also coming out. boeing grounds dozens of its triple 7 aircraft following a catastrophic engine failure that left at a denver suburb littered with plane debris. also on the show the champions league
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serves up a footballing 1st german giants by gear up for their 1st competitive clash with lots the old italian side of playing in the knockout stages for the 1st time in decades. i'm jarid raid welcome to the show british prime minister barak's johnson has unveiled a step by step plan to easing glynn's coronavirus lockdown under his proposal schools will open again on march the 8th followed by a gradual opening of the economy starting in april infections and deaths have been declining in england then made a strong vaccination drive or a strong sense that his lockdown road map was designed to be cautious but irreversible. pupils across england just still learning is home
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but in just 2 weeks they'll return to the classroom opening schools is the 1st step in boris johnson's plan to successfully measures every 5 weeks. there is therefore no credible route to a 0 code britain or indeed a 0. word and we cannot persist indefinitely with restrictions that debilitates our economy our physical and mental well being and the life chances of our children allowing people to socialize again is the priority with restrictions on outdoor gatherings relaxing just before easter next on the list is reopening non-essential businesses by the end of april followed by pubs and restaurants by mid may all limits on socialising could then be lifted by the end of june everything stopped and there's an awful lot of people that need to pay their rent feed their kids so i would like to see things open up quicker but i think if we did a long time now i know it's not not if you know now it means potentially some.
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distance on. that something johnson wants to avoid with hopes of a complete end to lock downs pinned on the vaccine rollout the biotech pfizer and oxford astra zeneca jobs have so far offered strong protection the prime minister says the plan will be adapted if infection numbers rise but also insists that measures must be eased soon. the lifting look down will result in more cases more hospitalizations and sadly more did and this would happen whenever. is lifted with. or in 6 or 9 months because there will always be some people who are not protected by the bout. the government is investigating a controversial proposal to introduce covert status of terrific it's that's despite
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ministers repeatedly denying they would consider the use of these vaccine passports fearing they could be discriminatory a report of the review is expected to be published before june as we just heard there the u.k. is considering introducing vaccine certificates our reporter joel dahl roy has been looking me into this joe how has this idea been gaining traction well it seems almost certain that vaccines to tickets will be part of the post pandemic reality in some form the u.k.'s prime minister boris johnson says he thinks they may be used to allow travel but he says they shouldn't be allowed used to grant access to services or for example to go to the pub however other countries are already granting special privileges to those who have been inoculated israel has recently rolled out its green badge program and that gives recipients the opportunity to go to gyms to cultural events and hotels across europe countries are quite divided
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about this idea spain and denmark for example want to have digital certificates to allow people to travel to the southern countries which want to revive the tourism industries however leaders in france and germany are far more cautious they say they're giving special privileges to the vaccination vaccinated would be unfair especially as not everyone has access to the vaccines and we're not even sure if they restrict virus transmission now but whether governments accept the idea or not private companies may push ahead for example the air. and industry is working on a digital vaccination app and air new zealand says it will begin trialing that within a few weeks ok now the u.k. has said about how laying out how it's going to reopen what are the european countries doing and lifting restrictions will some european countries are actually going ahead of the u.k. and reopen even though they don't have the same level of vaccination here in germany schools have reopened in several states for the youngest classes and that's
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at the same time as corona virus infection rates are actually increasing across the country chancellor angela merkel says she's working on her own step based reopening plan although as always she's being very cautious about that now other european countries are also unlocking spain and italy in parts of those countries bars and restaurants are reopened but the crucial difference here is that in the united kingdom more than a quarter of all people have already received their 1st vaccination showed while here in europe it's only around 4 percent ok let's let's turn our attention to the u.s. now joel because they have just rates $500000.00 coronavirus related deaths the u.s. president joe biden put that number into perspective here's what he had to say. today we mark a truly groom heartbreaking milestone. 500071 did. that's more americans who died in one year who spend them in
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the newer one. ward to the vietnam war combined. that's more lives lost to this virus than any other nation on earth. but there's a big knowledge of scale of this mass death in america. remember each person in life they lived. u.s. president joe biden describing what he called a heartbreaking milestone jole dull roy what else did joe biden have to say but he gave a very emotional address there and he was really at times talking about the pain of losing loved ones in very moving terms he also called for an end to the politics and misinformation that is divided families is trying to reduce the bipartisanship that is surrounding the pandemic approach one year ago today before the price of president claim that his administration had this virus under control
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a week after that the u.s. markets 1st death and then here we are a year later with half a $1000000.00 deaths that's one 5th of the entire global death toll from covert $94.00 president biden has been taking part in ceremonies to mock that milestone and he's ordered the flags be lowered at half mast at all federal buildings for the coming days. to terribles and jolt d.w. reporter thank you ok let's take a look now at some of the other developments in the pandemic slovakia has called on other e.u. countries to help with its core tragic coronavirus situation slovakia's foreign minister has requested an advance vaccine shipment as the country battles a record number of cases and the world's biggest faxing make a india's serum institute says it's been told to prioritize its production of the astra zeneca vaccine for india it's asked other countries to be patient.
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crafts giant boeing is facing another setback airlines have grounded more than $100.00 of its triple 7 planes will wide after a jet engine caught fire over the u.s. city of denver at the weekend large sections of the engine broke off and fell on a residential neighborhood boeing says triple sevens with that engine top shouldn't fly until an investigation has been carried. moments of horror for the 231 passengers and 10 crew members aboard the boeing 777201 route from denver to honolulu one of the plane's engines exploded into flames and debris rained down to the ground. and it was late the worst 20 minutes i was just praying and i was like this kid no. i was in use these billy the oldies but goodies in there we had landed for mon. and my life would be ending later that. the plane made
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an emergency landing in denver no injuries were reported but united airlines announced that it would ground 24 aircraft until the national transportation safety board finished its investigation. a total of $128.00 boeing triple 7 czar affected the large twin jets are grounded for the time being most are older models and that includes the 26 year old united plane all of the boeing 777200 in question have pratt and whitney p.w. 4000 engines. boeing has delivered 6900 of the planes. japanese authorities have now issued a flight ban as a precaution affecting japan airlines and only upon airways this is not been the 1st problem with the boeing triple 7200 on december 4th there was a similar engine failure. let's turn our attention now to some of the other stories
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making news this hour former u.s. president donald trump has lost a supreme court appeal against his tax returns being released to prosecutors the manhattan district attorney is investigating trump for possible tax and insurance fraud just by their court ruling secrecy rules mean that the tax returns will not be made public. a year foreign ministers have agreed to impose sanctions on 4 top russian officials who they say are responsible for jailing opposition leader alexei novell me the e.u. says it's a signal that debate and protest must be allowed in russia the kremlin has called the move disappointing and unlawful. and russian president vladimir putin has hosted his belarusians counter bought alexander lukashenko for a winter sport meeting in sochi the pair went skiing and rode snowmobiles in the black sea resort afterwards lucas chink a thank persian for supporting hillary is financially. in israel thousands of
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volunteers are working to clean up a massive oil spill votes for speeches to close authority authorities are investigating the source of the spill which has affected wildlife such as totals and seabirds it's been described as one of israel's worst ecological disasters. champions league football and on tuesday night by munich will play their 1st competitive match ever against the taliban side lot c.-o. who have reached the knockout phase of europe's top club competition for the 1st time in 21 years by and have won 6 titles in the last 9 months but will need to avoid the mistakes that led them to stumble in their last 2 games by a munich have been coming face to face with their weaknesses in recent days they don't have the same depth in their squad as last season which has become more of an
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issue with players missing time due to positive coronavirus tests. travelling during a pandemic only adds to the stress. as they prepared for their 1st game of the champions league knockout phase away a lot c.e.o. coach flick knew what he was up against. they have to get up to speed. said i don't want to make excuses but we know what's happened in recent days and so it's an issue just being designed for of course i want my team or our team to be presidential from the very start. from the. flick won't want to see more scenes like these from saturday when byron failed to track frankfurt just 5 days after only managing a draw against be the failed at home but he'll need is team to step up their game if they hope to prevail against a lot c.e.o. at rome study olympic oh. yeah absolutely and i have absolute faith
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that the team will perform well on tuesday tomorrow. i'm completely convinced of that. before the team has the quality and so we're going to put it to use. by and have always stepped up to the task in the champions league under the flick now they'll have to dig deep to rediscover their good form and find success in rome . electronic music pioneers dot splitting up after feeling dance floors around the world with mega hits over nearly 3 decades the french musicians called time on their career in a you tube video a publicist later confirming the breakup without providing for the details the jew a famous for hiding their identities by wearing futuristic helmets released their last album in 2013 they started out as a rock band changing their style after
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a viewer after i review it described a music as dost punky throw. up next 19 special that's up next remember there's more on the d w news out on g.w. dot com and on instagram and twitter toobin thanks will. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update 19. on t w. i i call me old and i'm game did you know that 17 trillion dollars out of all killed worldwide sure.


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