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tv   Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2021 6:00pm-6:04pm CET

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the but. this is you know we knew it was life for a girl and pleading guilty a man is jailed for the 27 murder of maltese journalist stephanie. she exposed corruption within months as political and business elites are killing rock the island nation and sparked protests that forced the country's prime minister to resign also coming up a helping hand germany says a medical team to it or trickles bogle well to health care system the country is currently dealing with a surge in the number of coronavirus cases but is a private chinese own hospital the real winner we have
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a special. on the rocks a pleasure to be with you all we begin our broadcast in malta where the assassination of maltese investigative journalist daphne carr wanna go 27 sparked international outrage now one of 3 men accused of her murder has been sentenced to 15 years in jail well that comes after he unexpectedly changed his plea to guilty and admitted to all the charges against him karr want to go on an investigative journalist expose the island nation's political and business elite ties to offshore tax havens when a car bomb killed her 3 new suspects were arrested on choosing on suspicion of supplying that very bomb that assassinated her. let's cross now over to the recourse one of.
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tracking this story for you barbara is does this mean that now the king closed. now the case cases not at all close but we know that at least one of the men who actually committed the deed in 2017 is going to go to jail for it 3 underworld figures have been rather rapidly after the murder been ever estimate they could be traced through the mobile phone they had used in order to blow up in a call on the his car now one of these men has sort of changed his mind there has been a plea bargain behind this he supplied to the police and the judiciary was for the information about not the gang land for murder off a. lawyer in 2015 on malta and so now he gets away relatively lightly was this 15 year jail term and he finally admitted yes it's me
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and those 2 other people beside me here in court who have actually killed the journalist have we actually definitively learned now who exactly was behind the murder of. absolutely not and that is the main problem because there is another man still in court the organ fenech he is a businessman who was involved in a lot of the shady dealings that it took place on malt of for many years particularly during the time and government of joseph muska the prime minister who had to step down at the end of $2900.00 after those huge protests that we don't we witnessed then and you're going fenech says no it wasn't me it was the chief of staff of the prime minister who did know he of course says no it was me and the 2 are pointing the finger.


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