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tv   Niemand darf der Folter  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2021 3:15pm-4:00pm CET

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time gunmen have kidnapped over 300 girls at a boarding school in the town of john good day in some far a state witnesses told local media that hundreds of armed men attacked security guards before they took the girls in recent months heavily armed criminal gangs have ramped up attacks on schools and kidnapping children to hold them for ransom. and now earlier we spoke to did abuse. who explained what we know so far while this school goes where abducted and the friday morning in the augusta country school in jane get it down which is on back to la to my father on local government to present what we are hearing is that nigeria and i meet pos natalie and i desk duty forces. chris in these. trying to see how deconstruct them from would be in far away into the forest into the bushes with
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this school goes down um but it's not yet confirmed i spoke to someone who said to people who'd school gets away i adopted out over 400 books but what authorities are seeing now is that day out of a pretty 100 as the news develops. reporting there from nigeria next to the human rights organization amnesty international says it has now evidence that eritrean troops massacred hundreds of people in ethiopia's northern to get a region last november and used witness accounts and satellite images to document the atrocities they report suggests that eritrean troops carried out war crimes in their attempts to take control from rebels in the region. this family goes away they've escaped the fighting in ethiopia's tikrit region and have found shelter and sit on. w. news met them back in november when they just arrived. hoping that's not
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a plane or we cried and our children cried with us and they wept in front of us so i think the shooting started while we were eating and we just had to leave. their home in ethiopia has seen almost 4 months of fighting between local rebel forces and the theater in military the last set allegedly receiving support by eritrean troops gaining an accurate picture of events in tikrit has been difficult to impossible journalists have been blocked from entering the region phone and internet services were at times cuts completely and humanitarian organizations have struggled to get in. in early december un human rights chief michel passionless said there is an urgent need for independent monitoring of the human rights situation in the t cry region for all necessary measures to protect civilians and for accountability for violations that came about 2 weeks too late for this woman and some 800 others
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in ethiopia's holy city of axim that's how many people are thought to have died in an alleged massacre near an ancient orthodox church a recent investigation by the associated press found that the perpetrators were soldiers from neighboring eritrea and a new report by amnesty international backs this up the human rights group says it's collected evidence that ira trained soldiers went on a rampage an axiom on the 28th of november after an earlier attack on them by a small group of rebel fighters nissen mary's church witness accounts describe them roaming the streets and shooting at fleeing civilians with automatic weapons and precision rifles i saw the people being shot on the ground when they were running approximately 10 people or more all of them young men everyone was scared and run away. eritrea's government has denied its forces were involved in any massacre after the a.p. investigation was published the country's information minister called the story
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a horrendous lie relevant ethiopian institutions had long ascertained the utz of fallacy of the story he posted on twitter fighting in tikrit is said to be ongoing and it will be hard to verify what really happened in axum and late november but in light of amnesty international's new allegations the eritrean government may face pressure questions about its involvement in this bloody conflict that is playing out the way from the eyes of the world. to the u.k. now where the supreme court there has ruled in the case of a british born woman who left london as a teenager to join the so-called islamic states in syria so my mom bonded to return to her country of birth the u.k. but the judge ruled she would pose a security risk the 21 year old wanted to challenge the government's 21000 decision to take away her citizenship which left her stateless u.k. argued they could revoke her citizenship because she was bangladeshi by descent
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let's bring in our of course want to fill in a london charlotte place tell us who is. well understand misspoken story really didn't have to go back to 2015 that's when she into another 15 year old school go through life here bethnal green and east london to head the syria they transited through turkey arriving then in syria where miss peggy married a so-called islamic state jihadist spices she remains there then for several years giving birth to 2 children who both lost the lives in infancy she then turned up in 2019 at a refugee camp 9 months pregnant when she spoke to journalists saying that she wanted to return home to return back to the united kingdom it was then then that
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the former interior minister here in the u.k. decided to strip her of her purchases and ship izzy said he claimed at the time that she was of bangladeshi heritage and therefore could claim citizenship that that is something that the bangladeshi authorities later ruled out in essence leaving miss bagan stateless she then appeal that ruling often losing her child also in infancy saying that she had a right to overturn back to the u.k. of an appeals court then said indeed she should at least be allowance or times of u.k. to fight the stripping of her citizenship now they disagree in court has said no that won't be happening so how did the court justify its rulings harlot. well the ruling at the supreme court the u.k.'s top court with the unanimous in this case essentially come down to the inflicted between issues of national
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security and the right to a fair and affective trial and the mistaken defense of said that she wasn't able to mount to the facts is defense while living in that refugee camp still in syria the judges ruled though that this was a national security issue essentially saying that her rights to that that child doesn't trump if she's in the public safety now they acknowledged in their written response that this was not a perfect solution as they put it and it reflects in fact the guy limit that is currently being faced but what is very clear here is that ms begg and has no clear right now to any return to the cag. this is such an important case outline for us what its importance is its significance well this case has been factor 2015 being considered a test case. others like it others of course did also choose to
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go to syria to join so called islamic states and back in 2015 there was a huge op uproar here in the u.k. often how it was possible the 3 young went away to go to syria and now the question what happens now that they have. reporting from london thank you. and brazil coronavirus does have now surpassed a quarter of perhaps a quarter of a 1000000 people the country has registered more than 10000000 infections in despite this brazil's presence a terrible so narrow has consistently don't play the crisis many health workers see and that's making their struggle to save lives even harder. this report from sao paulo. dr fernando got she treated the 1st call in 1000 patient in brazil since then he has had to deal not only with the pandemic but also with the
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government downplaying it speaking out put him under pressure and even cost him a burnout. so if it was going to screech he suffered a lot of criticism because we started to spread information inside and outside the hospital to share our experience with the world and with other hospitals as various or all those then we were criticised for doing that by society by experts and even from our own government the brother was very most 12 months after its fairest case brazil is facing another challenge the new strain his patient is infected with the virus and we decide to be more contagious seems to affect young and old alike in period of us hospital in sao paolo she is a late it on conscious but despite the gravity of the pandemic the government's controversial approach means many in brazil still belittle the effects of the virus
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. there are many people in a very serious condition this is not a joke at most people think it is. currently almost how of brazil's $27.00 states say their intensive care units are more than 80 percent food at the hospital in sao paulo one of the largest in latin america more and more young people are being admitted with coronavirus these women are visiting a 32 year old man. people are struggling to get a bed and get better and while the politicians are fighting among themselves the population is that you. monica see that works in the same hospital i was the 1st person to receive the vaccine in brazil coronavirus that seems to have been at the hurt of a political power struggle in the country. people shouldn't be thinking about politics the important thing is that the vaccine is here whether it comes from one
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side or they're all there it doesn't matter what counts is that we have the vaccine although brazil has been successful in vaccine and against other diseases such as yellow fever tuberculosis a missed list this time partly some struggles hub resulted in the country failing to buy enough but since doses that has cost divisions even within both sinatras ranks in congress it was like you feel it's very unfortunately up we have seen that ballot is the sation of the seas some are ignoring the pandemic and others are taking advantage of it to project and out like your old political plan for 2022 it . may be choice. but the virus does not care about but that's always fighting aids on the front line on those who like. have seen the evolution of the virus from the one. reporting they're coming up next city to asia
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with this story the elite north korean hackers who try to steal more than a $1000000000.00 for their government cyber experts. are targets that story and a whole lot coming up in just a 2nd there with us battered. on behalf of the entire news to thank you so much for spending as part of it with us we'll have the world headlines again at the top of the hour see that.
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india. greenhouse. more than having lots of problems designing the materials energy source have to be sustainable outside also reduces the climate impacts of. living an eco friendly life can be inspiring going green
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looks good to. him 60 minutes. where all. the kids are good. take on the. look out. all the people all of the stories that matter to you. please follow me. we are here is actually on fire. in mexico many push home loves us right now right now the climate change different story. faces much less the way from home just one.
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how much worse can really get. we still have time to. subscribe like this. this is. coming up today. jobs for stealing money. goes working for. the united states. just explains why the regime is often the money. silenced by the lol activists in india are increasingly being slapped with draconian holds posing the government's policies. comps on. pakistan decides.
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policeman is a smart way to buy time. i finished welcome to the news isha glad you could join us the u.s. recently charged 3 north korean members of the country's military intelligence agency but carrying out hacking attacks on banks the department of justice alleges that the hikers attempted to steal more than $1000000000.00 worth of cryptocurrency from banks and companies around the world the hikers are set to be from north korea's reconnaissance general bureau audigy. indictment adds to the list of victims of $28.00 including continued cyber unable to hide from banks and 4 continents targeting over $1200000000.00 it also describes a start detail how the d.p. r. k. cyber threat has followed the money and turned its revenue generation sites on the
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most cutting edge aspects of international finance including through that that have crypto currency from exchanges and other financial institutions simply put their regime has become a criminal syndicate with a flag which harnesses its state resources to steal hundreds of millions of dollars let's get more clarity on this from tom here and he's a cyber analyst for the australian strategic policy institute in canberra mr urine welcome by on north korean government is trying to say and cryptocurrency. well it's a result of the sanctions against the north korean regime they fight to get currency and maybe a decade or more they've invested in cyber espionage capability as and i fear that that not just from stealing secrets as a lot of countries do but also to stealing money. kind of incredibly there's
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a whole string of banks have stolen money from or attempted to steal money from. nice famously the bangladesh central bank where they tried to steal a $1000000000.00. and they've been you know it's a self-sustaining program nowadays because they're able to raise money by they have king it's quite a change isn't it from 2014 for example we're not going hackers were accused of hacking sony pictures over the movie the interview part of a of one that didn't go down too well predictably in north korea have not put on hacking abilities improved over time. that certainly improved they have a program to try and find the best and the brightest and i'm alone into these sites sponsored hacking programs teach them at advanced math and programming and they
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funnel them into these parts into these espionage and and protect aren't stealing programs. a lot of hacking is really just having the organizational structure way you have a lot of people working together for a common goal it is. at this level there's no such thing as. the brilliant individual who can just hack like magic it's all about bringing people together and the north koreans have literally thousands of people working in this program the indictment names just 3 of them they are the tip of the spear they are the just the few that we get to see when there's many many behind them i suppose what's extraordinary about this is that a poor state like north korea with a heavily sanctioned economy as you mention mostly cut off from the rest of the while is still able to carry out such sophisticated cyber attacks.
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yes so this reflects the fact that cyber security is just poorly done everywhere and so if you look at least of countries or banks tash attacked bangladesh multum exco indonesia pakistan most of them are in less developed countries where the standards of cyber security are a bit lower so the goings have been easier they've also done a lot of theft from crypto currency exchanges where it's really like the wild west out there so there's lots of opportunities to steal cryptic currencies so they really. they do a good job don't get me wrong but they also have the whole world of banks so they're not banks in a rich country they pay off the banks where security is poor and if the whole world is your estate you will find many banks way security is poor so it's that combination of a lot of effort combined with the fact that in general cybersecurity around the
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world is poor tom your run from the australian strategic policy institute in canberra thank you so much pleasure talking to you thank you. for the recent arrest of a 22 year old climate activist in india for sharing a document in support of ongoing protests by farmers made global headlines but it was the application of the colonial us edition law against that caused particular concern this year ravi was essentially accused of encouraging disaffection against the dem government a serious job critics say it is symptomatic of a government that is increasingly intolerant of dissent but the humdinger of activists doesn't stop with that law another one use against terror suspects has also been applied against those who don't agree with the government's views. 70 year old mojave noble has not seen his daughter natasha for 9 months now.
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natasha a student activist was arrested in may 2020 months after the february delhi dry it's she faces multiple charges including the while ation off an anti terror law the unlawful activity for vention act better known as you a. father a former professor and an activist himself says natasha is an activist not a terrorist he says her high profile role in a women's rights collective put her on the police radar he claims she became a target simply for supporting protest against a controversial new citizenship law in 2001000 mother good there. she was helping people out during the protests. people are facing issues or if they needed food or blankets at the protests there's no reason for the police to book her and
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others like her was under a law like you repeat this was selectively done to terrorize them as. the past few years have seen a rise in the number of cases filed against student activist under these 2 particular laws sedition and the us being the latest name to join this growing list has been of the. many lies an activist describing to no other anti people and say that these are brought to new people under the laws law pretrial detention and extreme difficulty in getting the many say it's high time these 2 laws get to be a government that borders on the other one maintains that it is only the judicially that can decide on the method of such cases. and senior advocate calling guns out this says these laws are being misused by the government to suppress dissent and crush student protest the police uses the said this should be law and
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it uses the us the law recklessly and again and again and again because it gives the impression that both these laws are the most serious crimes that could possibly be committed and it gives an impression to the judge this person is a diabolical terrorist. and it starts off on the footing against the accused that i plan to set a course now rather misses his daughter now in prison for 9 months he speaks to her on phone every day but yearns to see her in person which girl let me look at her i do not feel very optimistic at times i do not know whether i will be able to see my daughter or not i'm advancing in age and i'm not sure when she will be released from prison and i feel anxious about the possibility of her being locked in for
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a long period i don't know when i'll be able to see her. there was says his daughter has done nothing wrong he says she is a committed activist and he is a proud father. in neighboring pakistan in the city of karachi i've come up with a novel way to combat crime a special rollerblading unit the idea is to have cops roll into action much quicker to choose criminals and track them through some of the city's narrow alleyways. the training programs that run smooth as silk these people are not gliding through this compound in karachi for fun they're a team of comps made up of 10 women and 10 men tossed to stop theft and harassment in the city of 20000000. starting here this is just the beginning to me i feel that through this training we will be able to cut crime
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in the future if i don't like to see the rollerblades really benefit does we can reach narrow allies very quickly where it is usually difficult to reach. and a new dia meant to close encounters. to states to better catch criminals who often sleep on motorcycles. we have felt we needed to come up with some innovative approach to control street crime in karachi. when analyzed and saw that there are certain spots where crime incidents say for example mobile snatching but on a more frequent for example by financing to. the rollerblading police are following in the footsteps of similar units in europe they're all fishel go out starts in march but the unit has already begun patrolling karate speech front.
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seeing them here in clean uniforms since the morning gives us a sense of security. would push us even in the daytime it's not ok here. we didn't maybe there what is it. the rollerblades have limitations though over. in areas with poor road conditions will be difficult but on paths like these catching criminals with speed and agility will be just a brick house. that was by the dump and delivered today with pick up because well if you're a poker one you're probably know what i'm talking about the iconic japanese gaming franchise started 25 years ago capturing the hearts of fans worldwide everyone has their favorite oakum on but many used to watch them all the background there into that over. the phone. to.
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the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update. on t w. and you hear me know yes yes we can hear you and how last year's german sausage i want to bring you i'm going to a man called and you've never had to have a surprise yourself with what is possible who is medical really what moves and what
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also we talked to people who followed her along the way i admire those and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles law stops. exploder truly on god we have out of we've in the time that i've been in court. more than normal yet back to write his scythe rogan is not alone celebrity or not and david pot smokers are on the rise according to a global survey of 55000 respondents boredom and loneliness are the most frequently cited reasons. the same for consuming more alcohol take a straight year before the coronavirus arrived 6 percent of respondents drank alcohol on
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a daily basis that surged to over 30 percent during the pandemic. your health and well being are at stake plus there is the risk of covert 19 which increases for patients with substance use disorders that's according to analyses from electronic health records in the united states i totally understand though sometimes the pressure is just too much. at some point i caved in i couldn't carry on i couldn't stand it so i got something to do. deanna is addicted to alcohol she has done inpatient rehab and psychotherapy she had been off doing for a while when the pandemic hit and she hoped she could stay off. her dog is a great comfort she also find support and alcoholics anonymous she used to attend meetings regularly and felt part of a caring community. my name had to resort to tag a vendetta on katrina i had turned my life around things were good and i felt
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renewed hope and then came the pandemic and this new world these new contacts were suddenly gone contact with people i was very rough the alarm bells started to ring let be able to go home i got more and more agitated and the cravings return of talks on the come up during the 1st lockdown alcohol sales in germany rose sharply in spring 2020 sales of spirits were up 30 percent over the previous year surveys suggest a 3rd of the population has been drinking more during the pandemic d'anna got through the 1st lockdown without resorting to drink but the isolation started to get to her and in october she had a relapse and chapman klein a supply didn't just have a little drink and went straight for something stronger than the curb you wanted and i drank the whole thing of course really fast it was gone in no time and then i woke up right here was from a gunshot a half then i started calling people full of shame admitting that it had happened i
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know from a self-help group that i can may and even must call on others and that i shouldn't hide away they can call the relapse lasted for weeks and then she stopped drinking again that was quicker than usual she says because she had people to turn to this time several times a week she takes part in an online alcoholics anonymous session that may not be as good as face to face but deanna says virtual meetings really do give her strength and support and help her stay off the drink. she also tries to stick to a daily routine to help her through the pandemic create if work helps her pass the time. but given her history of dependency there is always a nagging insight as you have the anxiety panic i am frightened that if the pandemic just goes on and on and the isolation i will have another relapse and i know that a relapse could kill me but so far so good yana hasn't had
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a drink for more than 3 months. deputy of the german center for addiction issues christine a whole mood joins us in your opinion which addictions are the pandemic exacerbating . the. problem from here. that it's more consumption in my closet. in restaurants thoughts reasons to change more people can home in their own clothes their worth because they're walking this solve problems there are national. health for health correlates it's naked men lost relationships who have to have that back and so we see a change. people at home alone and they're sure. that it's daytime which wants. yeah very common. so we
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see here and it very. heavy to. walk through looking for patterns. you know i was always told never never drink alone but you're telling me to a lot more people are doing this how many more people would you say are actually a risk of addictions during this pandemic. yes and we need what they tell us in the 1st look we have the sad day to watch more. and more people. before our crisis or months maybe even more slow we have some small others on via situation from 1st life and yes for trying to 2030 hour our data and once the need for others is there anything in that data that's also new to you or new types of patients who are receiving. there are more.
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patients and more. wrong variation of clients. problems. there are a lot more people here were far more crime mentioned in houston one month or more later this month the lake is called also snow. white so actually the person that showed mark will gain a lot more it's foolish not to cross the room and many things are done by mike in any gambling well this is more of brought variation of people who call us and slash us lucky to have one positive out of this pandemic i guess is the fact that you can get counseling virtually no longer have to actually sit down face to face with someone which may be conducive to some situations or some people but which areas do you see being
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really tense or difficult to to deal with when it comes to the counseling size of side of things. if. you can do more to get you to write. more to such hope it's more you need face to face contact this is mom uppermost. on how the face to face contact. received more are very big problems in some other groups the house. yet many people who are sober since years wraps. have to be very creative to say income thank you thing with a touch of y n y y is that face to face contact so important. yes it's a very special problem. others which she has who are you have to talk public person in. france to face and. it's
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actually to raise our grants for one some people like nick glass this is. our hell even contact with the faith what would you recommend then for people who are struggling right now having a difficult time and who have. turned should be types of solutions or what they think is is a solution but may not be. the last one who who needs help with this market then get how you can somehow unprofessional. they have opened us for problems and this is the 1st and the most important step to search and to talk. if you don't want to go through all of. you can talk to you later if you can talk to a hard one to someone else you know to talk. to this is the most important
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thing to do to take in stark to talk to our problems marketing departments and markets what a lot and we are very very mind. you get help if you. if you it's invest our yes this is other and all the really the 1st big step thank you very much nice talking to you christine all the deputy head of the german center for addiction issues. and now science corps one of their it williams has been saying to an interesting question that's been trending on social media from one of valid generic each of followers. does the vaccine make you infer tal. since the start of the pandemic we've seen one corona virus minute after another so it's no wonder that vaccines have spawned many more this one of those that m.r. any vaccines cause infertility in women is especially worrisome i think because
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it appears to be having a real impact on vaccine uptake among younger women. like a lot of fake news that gains traction the infertility myth uses science to distort rather than to clarify in this case it twists the scientific fact that m r n a vaccine strain the immune system to recognize the structure on the outer surface of the corona virus called the spike protein this information campaigns build on that with a claim that the spike protein resembles a protein found in the placenta that protects and nurtures a developing fetus that means the claim continues that an immune system primed to detect spike proteins in order to attack and destroy the corona virus can also
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mistakenly attack and destroy up with senta causing women to either be infertile or to miscarriage this is not true for a couple of fundamental reasons 1st the defense in the immune system react in a highly specific way to the proteins that they've been programmed to detect they have to because proteins are only made up of 20 different molecular building blocks . called amino acids but our bodies can produce at least $20000.00 different proteins from them and possibly a whole lot more so of course there can be structural molecular overlap in many different proteins which is why the immune system has to be so specific and 2nd is the fact that the placenta protein in question turns out not even to be very similar in molecular terms to the viruses by protein so short and sweet there is
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0 evidence that being vaccinated against cove at 19 affects a woman's fertility in any way and actually a growing mound of evidence that it doesn't. thanks for watching. the food. you can.
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this is it every news live from brolin fleeing in syria security forces in me and mark fire warning shots to break up protests in young got. the confrontations the latest sign of deadly tensions between the military establishment and pro-democracy demonstrators who say they have no.


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