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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2021 12:45pm-1:01pm CET

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he can play in researching the marlin and the efforts to protect the species. ghana is one of africa's popular tourist destinations and that's where this week's global snack comes from. with 2000000 inhabitants ghana's capital accra on the west african atlanta coast is the biggest city in the country. ok. if you joyce it has a snack bar on mile 7 where she's been selling grilled corn on the cob since 2009. each morning conus to live it that she picked out any at the market. like that if you knew they were at this point if the corn is brought fresh from the farm it's really tasty and it smells great too but after
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a day the nice taste and smell are gone. never give you. i didn't. which means she needs to go to work quickly she starts to grow using a piece of carbon a task as the night. depending on what the customer wants the grilled corn can be dipped insult horsa and with a piece of coconut. then yeah. well this is salt and coconut this is how we eat the grilled coral there are some people who like it with salt and others who don't want any salt at all but together with coconut is the best. thing for you wrote good morning one of my favorite down and. taken during that time and i get
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attracted to a new way in time that the new i want to buy because it's too good. the price depends on signs and extras. but most customers pay around $1.00 canadian city per piece which is about 14 euro cents. is the joyce's corner of the pub is in high demand neighbors local workers and business people come to enjoy a quick healthy snack. if you go by 5 like 8 in my bag so we can give some new change that i like. and what is the secret to her tasty treats the boss tells us herself. or arm just like our ancestors did that. without using chemicals. they were till the soil and grew produce natural like so it always tasted delicious
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and french in the. fridge. and now we're off to central america rain counts a common features in the skies above costa rica the country's rainy season last 7 months from made to december so water is in plentiful supply and in the land near the capital san jose people are working hard to ensure that doesn't change the reporter catch here do and i headed there and found out what the area's waste disposal service has to do with water. this is the. the eye of water 350 liters of fresh cool water bubble up out of the spring every 2nd. it's at the heart of a large water park much loved by locals. it's
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in bellingham a suburb of costa rica's capital san jose a 1000000 people live in and around the city. the water pours forth from springs across the area. one hand there's that plus a map and what our people used to having a lot of water so they use it for things that aren't really necessary and there wasn't as a feel good and the challenge we face is to teach them that we actually need to protect and conserve water. and we should only use it when we really have to. do is say amen as espinosa works with a bell and municipality on its water conservation program. as part of that the city seeks to buy up land in private ownership where there are springs in order to create conservation areas this plot is the 1st the city has bought. the official list comprises 30 springs in bel n but there are probably many more. s.k.u.
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when this. sometimes people just don't tell us if they have a spring on their property. or they say yes there's a little water in my garden but not much. when we go and investigate it turns out it's a real spring and we need to secure the land. real estate in berlin is expensive so this purchasing project is too it's being financed by means of a levy on water that residents have to pay. costa rica is very serious about water access to drinking water has recently been written into the constitution as a basic right and that covers the conservation of springs. 95 percent of the population do have access to clean drinking water still the government is keen to do even better well it is also upgrading its waste management so that trash doesn't
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contaminate the soil groundwater or springs. at this facility workers are looking for materials that can be recycled. this is also part of the program to protect water resources and the environment. is that. this project is about ensuring that stuff doesn't end up here at the dump it gets recycled. and that we don't use more or more water to manufacture more and more goods. and thoughts of products can't be recycled then we should start using more resources to make them. say well what i said is that. there's also a social aspect to the recycling project that people who saw the trash each faced major problems in their lives here they have the opportunity to make a living they work on their own account selling whatever they find to recycling
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companies. there are 7 of us at the moment living from this project. but with the money we make we 1st cover all costs and then divide up what's left among ourselves. see. some other store go ahead just split up with her partner when she started working here several years ago. suddenly the homemaker was a single mother with 2 boys to feed sorting trash was meant to be just a stopgap. i develop skills i never knew i had. i like to manage the projects and assume responsibility for others i've really come to love the project. and. residents are expected to sort their trash into various categories but many don't trash collection here is on thursdays. but the workers from the sanitation department won't take stuff
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deposited on the roadside unless it's properly sorted. another project only implemented on a few streets so far as inspectors review trash waiting for collection by the roadside. is one of them. sacks may only contain things that can be recycled. but over here we have a problem. this is just garbage it can't be recycled. i'll take a photo and i'll send it to the municipality. such photos help the sanitation department identify the most common mistakes residents make. the biggest problem has proved to be organic waste so 300 households have been given a composter. is one of the lucky ones she's been composting diligently
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for 6 months now. you have to put leaves on top. we can look after our planets we just have to want to. last her job in a hotel when the pandemic hit now the family has only one breadwinner husband. they've long been concerned about the invite. went and use water sparingly. as soon as the other 3 was enough it was a few days ago we got a letter from the municipality congratulating us because our water consumption a solo. the congratulations were printed on on your statement congratulations for doing such a good job. that craze is also a way for the city to encourage people to continue to use water wisely so.
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the springs here yield plenty of fresh water and that's not about to change number less costa rica is working to improve the management and conservation of its water resources. where. bodies are to a large extent made up of water we need food and water to live as a source of life. children. it's. one giant problem and when you get in on the scene. i mean anything we'll be doing to move in a few. how will climate change affect us and our children.
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. islands of the south of. here women are in charge of. the archipelago has a patriarchal system for centuries and. the rare form of society mass. movement. differently. what. works. and how sustainable this culture. comes over rango starts march 8th on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all understand. just 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio program. if you would like and more
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information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcasts you can also find us at twitter dot com slash science. i think is everything the 1st 100 became a muslim. school much different culture between here and there still challenging for if. only. to service i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. my license to work as a swimming instructor shannara 2 children 100 dogs just one of the toughest. what's your story take part cherish on info migrants dot net.
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play. play. this is the w. news live from berlin democracy supporters gathered in the home cong as 47 i. activists and politicians appeared in court charged with subversion on the territories controversial security lol they could spend the rest of their lives interesting also coming up. military attacks protestors but it's the refused to back down taking to the streets again in a number of cities defying the crackdown that is feared killed at least 18 people over the weekend.


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