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3. i think will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary slavery routes starts march 10th on w. . you're watching t w news coming up today myanmar's bloody sunday the country has its deadliest days since the coup as police fired live rounds against protesters so what makes them keep marching many fear the past will repeat itself. and china is ramping up its harassment of taiwan with sand dredge years it's the matsu islands just 9 kilometers off the chinese coast for a look at even brody's situation. i'm
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melissa chan welcome to news asia one month after a military coup myanmar saw its bloodiest day of protests this past weekend according to the united nations at least 18 people are dead and that number may change as we learn more on monday on sun suchi leader of the national league for democracy party which won resoundingly in last november's elections appeared for the 1st time since her detention via video link for her court hearing her lawyer says she faces 2 new charges violation of communications laws and inciting public unrest despite losing favor in recent years for her denial of genocide against the countries within just the international community has called for her release and for the restoration of democracy. the tension is palpable the en masse future is being played out on the streets of young gun young soldiers face off
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against youthful protesters. could coquin is just one of hundreds of thousands resisting the military coup. de la tactic is to maintain peaceful civil disobedience even when the security forces resort to violence we're remaining peaceful and we're not giving up we'll keep going until we win the protesters understand the dangers risking their lives by confronting an enemy determined to crush the our pricing they knew that their future will be. taken away from them they see this as a they lost because they have seen. oh did some research and how they suffered it if they cannot fight back they will have to live under the military dictatorship for all their life the activists a much younger than their figurehead 75 year old son suchi symbolized man mas hoops
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of freedom and democracy until the army deposed the government she is once again under arrest but this charismatic leader is still crucial to me on most future robert cooper got to know suchi well she was working at the united nations in new york in the 1960 s. i think she's one of the most stubborn people life and she came from a family that made it natural. the other side that you want to understand. is that she was always committed to nonviolence so. she was born to rule but she was born to rule by persuasion not by not by force not by orders. after 15 years under house arrest suchi was freed in 2010 the generals needed her as
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a front to gain access to financial help from overseas from 2016 she effectively led the government and in last november's elections she won in one slide victory. general min lang's suki's most powerful opponent he was supposed to retire last year at the age of $65.00 but isn't he strengthened this grip on power. the cornerstone of the constitution is that no one is above the law that is democracy. has been accused of breaking import laws and failing to observe coronavirus rules the generals clearly wanted out of the way on the streets she's venerated by the young protesters well the military is hated the latest violence is likely to drive the 2 sides even further apart.
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let's take a look now at the rising tensions between china and taiwan for years now beijing has been stepping up pressure on the territory it sees as its own one of its latest tactics in that campaign dredging up sand around the taiwan one not so islands since last year chinese judging ships have started operating heavily around the islands which are just off the shores of mainland china dropping anchor and scooping up vast amounts of sand from the ocean bed for construction projects it's a strategy that's testing talons coast guard and officials say it's disrupting the local economy and intimidating residents and tourists ships are also a problem for local fisherman joyously reports from taiwan. cheer a year has fresh the waters here for 6 yes. 2 days catch just one fish. my whole fish used to worth a $100000.00 taiwan dollars
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a year now it's got to $10000.00 only 10 percent left macho used to be called a fishing paradise but now all the fish will are gone. he blames china's illegal son trashing for destroying sea bad habitats and the marine food chain the fish have gone elsewhere to eat and lay eggs that's not the only destruction he sees the sense gived from the ocean bad by treacherous is causing coastal erosion around to. this was covered in sand in the past and now it's all stones the loss of sand makes the beach steeper than before it used to be just 5 degrees and now it's nearly 15 degrees it's much more tiring to move my whole fish up and you double the time and it takes my work alongside. the taiwanese mark 2 islands are just 9 kilometers from mainland china last year chinese chipsets ramped up their
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dredging in the surrounding waters each fossil can take on a full load of 2000 tonnes in 2 hours officials say as part of china strange so many tactics to drain resources and pressure taiwan by nonmilitary means. and her husband left on the south inside of gun island it's quiet tonight but they say they often hear the scent gestures at dinner time noise pollution affects their quality of life it also brings spectrum magic memories of war from the sixty's and the seventy's. i don't want it reminds me of my childhood trying not bombarded matsuo 0 to 90 days of the week we always had to run to bomb shelters when we heard the alarm so we were very sensitive. though i don't think china will start a war on us now it still makes me nervous. when it is the psychological impact.
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of the us taiwan's front line military base against china and to $992.00. the sign behind me is us fight against the communists and a selfie has removed. these wartime so guns from the cold war era as they were everywhere on the island a 5th reminder of the threat from beijing. last year taiwan's coast guard chased off nearly 4000 chinese structures a more than 6 fold increase from the year before in december taiwan's parliament changed the laws to increase penalties and make it easier to confiscate illegal. but enforcing the law is difficult module parts simply don't have enough space to impart all the facts or scart alone. she says he may have to give up fishing soon. fishing is my passion when there is no more
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fish we have no choice but to do something else. this is not just a problem for the fishing industry we are losing our land as a country if they continue to steal the sand it is a matter of national security. marjah residents typically welcome cross trace exchanges but sandra has crossed the line joining us is steve tang director of the china institute at so us the school of oriental and african studies in london steve this small island affair seems like a small matter for an outsider who might not follow the ins and outs of taiwan china relations why is this important it is important because it is a new it parked. in the park the chinese government respected that it must rule and cumin and are territories under
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taiwan's control and therefore they will not go and direct descend from the from those islands now under siege in pain a policy has change which is that all these are now defined simply us chinese territory and therefore there's no reason why the chinese government should not simply allowed chinese versions and others to extract whatever they want to extract from chinese solvent territory is a very powerful message to type a that things are changing and that taiwan should take the message ok so they're dredging the sand what's the worst thing that can happen here. well it does cause a bit of a problem for the government in taiwan because if they don't do anything they are they facto accepting the chinese assertion op sovereign rights and jurisdiction
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over sue and that to them will in effect be accepting chinese plane talks on t.v. over taiwan which they cannot possibly do not politically. doing so in taiwan and then you have to issue of if it should have been in taipei tries to respond for example by sending taiwan's coast guards to. protect those waters then you are looking at potential confrontation between chinese and taiwanese authorities and that can get. that year politically is this something that might pull other powers into the picture i think you have for example the way things have played out sometimes in the south china seas with the us conducting freedom of navigation operations etc. probably not because the actual islands of taiwan it is case not to really is some place that.
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is completely indefensible from the perspective of either time warned or the united states must or you're really talking about a small island. less than in my off the chinese coast so is a very very difficult. piece of. islands to protect and to defend against the world's 2nd most powerful military power. so i don't see that happening but i suspect that the chinese government not at this stage wants to seize control of all the natural right of the simple reason that if they take all those islands and i want in effect isn't that kind of it stiff saying thank you so much for your time. you know we needed today with pictures from this weekend sweep of dozens of hong kong politicians and activists charged with subversion most are not expected
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to be granted bail which means jail time for these democrats will be back tomorrow . and the by. the fall against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research. information and context around a virus. on t.w. . kick off. those tomahawk missile. means listless play. from. months ago.
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list $0.05 of. nonstop excitement a final match to. your immune system is critical for fighting off disease but millions of people around the world are immunocompromised their immune system is weakened either by a genetic disorder or by chronic illnesses like cancer or diabetes. living with such diseases is hard enough at the best of times but in the age of 19 a positive test could be a death sentence. as nations race to get their populations vaccinated various with an already compromised immune system are often not at the top of the list so how
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can overburdened medical systems keep these at risk people from falling behind. welcome to a new edition of the 19 special here on d.w.i. monica johnson billing good to have you with us and even better if you are among the lucky ones those who already got vaccinated because the majority have to wait their turn even if their health is already compromised full for weeks now tossed in kabul has been at the last arc university medical center in germany the 49 year old was diagnosed with cancer last summer the chemotherapy and surgery made him weak and compromised his immune system while news about the coronavirus pandemic was dominating the headlines. are next of course it's scary you now have this extra danger out there and you don't know what's on the horizon what are we walking into here and what kind of impact will the chemotherapy have because of the
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high risk of infection tossed in kabul lived in strict voluntary quarantine when still at home he was separated from his family with all possible hygiene measures. he will shortly be leaving the hospital and hopes for a vaccination soon to at least get rid of the fear of covert. that would be a huge huge leap for it it would be a massive relief for the well i'm in pretty bad physical condition but i can't imagine that i would survive even a moderate pace of the coronavirus. of the corner cutting. edge him in government vaccination board regulates who will get the vaccine and when several 1000000 doses will arrive in the next few weeks this frees up places on the waiting lists and increases the chances for youngest seriously ill patients to be vaccinated more quickly it's a real opportunity say experts to have at least a little bit of normalcy the psyche plays an important role in healing. contactor
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contacts and social surroundings are a very important resource in coping with cancer and these are now very limited or not possible at all for some patients. and to compensate for that along with all the other problems is quite a challenge the. doctors should now be able to directly register their seriously ill patients for an earlier vaccination appointment how this will work in practice needs to be regulated as soon as possible. in addition to the revised vaccination recommendations our organization is interested in working together with the cancer centers to create a kind of point system so that we can do justice to the situation of the individual patient. that this news brings a ray of new hope for tossin garble he wants to fight for his health a vaccination would take away
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a lot of his worries. let's bring in kay have an exam the professor of epidemiology and medicine a johns hopkins bloomberg school of public health a good to have you with us and 1st of all please what is the difference between a weak or a compromised immune system and a suppressed immune system well thank you very much for having me and it's a pleasure to join you and your audience sometimes we use these terms interchangeably a weaker compromised immune system and a suppressed immune system but in health care sometimes we seek to suppress a person's own immune system using that dozens of people that have auto immune diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis or schroeder's syndrome and so sometimes we use medicines to suppress the immune system and in other cases people have diseases such as cancer or aids hiv or advanced cardiovascular disease that
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weakens their own immune system so when i have either a weak and you system or my immune system has been suppressed how does the for affect my chances when fighting code in 1000. well it's an outstanding question and i wish that there was a completely simple answer for you of course we can start understanding that it's better to have a fully constituted immune system when possible but the effects of immunosuppression on being able to fight cove it may depend in part on why one isn't you know suppressed and there's some good news as well for example we've been looking at the effect of medicines that cause chronic immunosuppression such as prednisolone or tacrolimus or michael fennelly these are medicines that are often given to people to help suppress their immune system and what we've found is that individuals
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taking these medicines don't fare any worse than their counterparts if they're infected with cove it so the bottom line is that individuals with immunosuppression need to be vigilant need to engage in what we know are evidence based public health measures such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing in order to minimize the likelihood of covert infection but the likelihood of severe disease if you do get infected may depend in part on why your immune system is being suppressed oh well that brings me exactly to the next question because when it comes to a suppressed or a weak immune system is the situation the danger of getting seriously ill with 19 is it the same for you mentioned any accounts of patients of those suffering from diabetes for example and those whose immune system has been actively suppressed because of a heart and kidney transplant patient is there
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a difference. i think that the totality of evidence to date suggests that the risks of severe cold it or the risks of infection may vary depending upon why once immune system is suppressed so i've already told you for example that for individuals taking medicines that suppress the immune system that they appear to do ok i mean just as well as their counterparts if they get infected but we do know that many people with one condition that can sort that can cause immunosuppression say cancer don't just have cancer many of these individuals are of advanced age they may have diabetes some may have obesity and they may have a history of tobacco use i mean there are other risk factors and so what we see that really put people at the greatest risk is not necessarily when they have one specific condition that can pose potential harm but individuals that have multiple
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co-morbid conditions and these stack up on one another and can really put people at increased risk of more severe outcomes right and of course there are already quite a few healthy people out there they're very skeptical skeptical to want to getting vaccinated. should people with a we commune system be more it. well i'm an active internist and i have a clinical practice and i encourage my patients whether there are you know suppressed or not to get vaccinated the vaccines that are out there such as the m.r. and a vaccine these are not live virus there is no risk of causing posted by getting these vaccines but we do have to recognize that that the that the vaccines have not been studied in the large numbers of individuals with immunosuppression so we don't have all of the information that one might wish for i think the most likely thing is that the vaccines will ultimately turn out to be less effective because people
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may have a chronic condition such as cancer or they may be taking medicines that suppress their immune system they may not be able to mount as aggressive or as robust a response to the vaccine itself and so it's very important that so so i think this is an important consideration absolutely absolutely cane about xander there professor of epidemiology and medicine attempts hopkins bloomberg school of public health think you so much for your time thank you for having me. now while vaccination seems to be the best way out of this pandemic effective treatment is also important and that brings us to one of your questions and our science correspondent eric williams. could you use convalescent plasma from people who have been vaccinated as well as from people who have our coverage this turned out to be tricky to answer i need to run over some
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background again convalescent plasma is taken from the blood of people who survived an illness and given to those who fought the illness it's a method that's been employed with varying degrees of success to treat patients for for over a century now the idea behind it is that the antibodies to a pathogen contained in the blood plasma of a survivor might help hinder the emergence of full blown severe disease in those who've been exposed to the pathogen for the 1st time potentially saving lives and in the current pandemic there's still no really solid evidence from trials that convalescent plasma is definitely an effective treatment for carpet 19 but there are enough indicators that it does help when given at the right time for the f.d.a. to approve it for emergency use in the u.s.
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now vaccines also prompts an antibody response in recipients so theoretically blood from someone who's been vaccinated could also be used to produce convalescent plasma however in its guidance the f.d.a. says people who want to donate have to have actually had the disease within the last 6 months which is to ensure the covert 19 convalescent plasma collected from donors contain sufficient antibodies directly related to their immune response. infection which is pretty vague so no specific reason given really for why but it's likely the decision involves the fact that approved vaccines only produce antibodies against a quite specific target on the virus the spike protein having the disease on the other hand for uses a wider spectrum of them so convalescent plasma from people who've been vaccinated
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would be different and require its own trials confusing the picture even more for a medicinal product where the experts are still trying to clarify effectiveness. that's all for today thanks for watching.
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this is the w. news line from but i live in full of french president nicolas sarkozy sentenced to jail after a 10 day trial of paris court finds a 66 year old guilty of corruption and influence peddling also on the program. military attaches protesters with tear gas. demonstrators were back on the streets following a bloody crackdown i'm basti pose leader sounds to cheat the 1st court appearance since the.


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