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tv   Projekt Zukunft  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2021 4:03pm-4:31pm CET

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cosey in another matter matter actually to prevent the justice system from continuing to do use his agenda for for for other court cases really now and they could as sarkozy has been sentenced to 3 years in jail 2 of which a suspended sentence and even the one year actually he could spend at home with a brace that bright ankle ok so what is this likely to mean for him personally and politically. well it is a real blow for nicola cortese not only because as you said there are other court cases pending actually the next this coming up in 2 weeks simon nicolas sarkozy was obviously hoping that he would win 1st points symbolic points today that hasn't worked and also it's will have certainly a bad influence a huge impact on his political career because he could see the former president he was president from 2007 to 2012 we're still hoping to maybe stage
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a comeback for next year's presidential elections and not that seems quite unlikely really ok so very clearly as damaging to his political fortunes how is he viewed from. nicolas sarkozy this kind of a hate love relationship between he him and the french some people really adore him some people hate him but he has a lot of supporters on the right conservative party really so many people were hoping for him to come back and mind you in france it is possible even if you have been condemned at court or if you have been out of court at the you know you've actually can make a political comeback that is seems really impossible in other countries such as germany for example but here it would have been possible now it seems quite unlikely though with today's sentence because it just doesn't give him a lot of time to clear him of all charges lisa lives in paris thank you. now it's a mirror now of police and soldiers have fired on protesters return to the streets
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after a weekend crackdown that killed at least 18 people and wounded 30 others according to the u.n. police in young girl used tear gas and rubber bullets to clear protestors on monday local media report one person was hurt it's now been a month since a military coup which has prompted daily protests calling for a return to democracy ousted civilian leader aung san suu kyi has appeared by a video link in a closed court lawyer said to new charges have been added to the allegations against her she looked in good health during the hearing. we can get more on this from journalist dave grusin about who's reported extensively from the 1000000 mom and joins us now from kuala lumpur malaysia a welcome dave i was i'm searching lawyer says the additional charges against her include inciting under arrest what is this likely to refer to. i mean this looks he put out a statement that was set up before the 2 actually happened as there was thoughts
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that it might happen that basically told the public hey do not back down do not accept this military takeover fight for democracy that's what that publicly refers probably refers to but the bottom line is this it is more trumped up ridiculous charges on song suchi i mean if you look at some of the charges they have on her they're using in some cases colonial era laws that you can twist and turn to make anything a violation the bottom line here this new military which to me m.r. is just taking pages out of the playbook that the old military was used to use they have been fighting. for 30 years and they can not beat her in a fair fight the november election is just one example of that where her party won by a landslide and now the generals are coming up with this way to try to use the country's judicial system which is not independent to try to put her away for good that way because they cannot beat her fair and square so how will these additional charges
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affect the protest movement you think i mean this is just going to add more fuel to the fire and their bellies they hear that she was in court they see that there's more trumped up charges against her and just a theory it's them even more you see so many protesters they march with pictures of on some suchi calling for her release and now they see that she's got more of these additional ridiculous charges on her it just gives them more incentive to keep going. foreign minister of the association of southeast asian nations that you to hold a video conference tomorrow to discuss they scribe's has what is their view of it and can they bring any pressure to bad. well i wasn't if you look at you know past histories generally been a toothless organization but they do have the potential i stress potential to really have some influence here now in the show and the reason why i should say is because me m.r. the generals included value their membership in an auction more than they value
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their membership in the united nations even oxygen is the one members of that they value the most but i wasn't in the short term it would be an accomplishment if they could just get the generals to agree to no more lethal force against the demonstrators and if the generals actually stuck to it long term though to defuse the situation and come up with a workable situation is going to take is going to require some difficult diplomatic acrobatic work i mean just last week reuters leaked a plan that agin had some members of it add to have an election roughly a year from now and i wish you would send observers to make sure it was free and fair well so many demonstrators were furious about that whole idea because they believe they had their free and fair election back in november and the n l d won by a landslide and because the generals didn't like the result they took out her government on february 1st but the demonstrators want their votes from november honored and the people that the elected into office back in november they want
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those people back in their elected seats dave good about thank you sure thing. dozens of prominent hong kong pro-democracy activists and politicians have appeared in court charged with conspiracy to commit subversion $47.00 were charged under the new national security law which beijing imposed last year critics accuse china of using this law to stifle political dissent around a 1000 pro-democracy supporters gathered outside the courthouse but have since been dispersed by police. flashing the 3 finger hunger games salute how congress is using the same symbol as fellow democracy campaigners in thailand and me and mark. this is one of the biggest protest gathering seen in hong kong in many months the crowds are here to support some of the city's best known activists brought to court on charges of subversion. they were your licensee
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today sacrifice their future for hong kong and maybe this is the last chance to see them or say goodbye that's why it means so much to me it's all good of all all that i think the activists alleged crime organizing an informal primary election last year the hope was to select pro-democracy candidates to run for legislative council elections every teen matter in much of the world but it took place shortly after the national security law took effect and for china's rulers it was a threat one they say was manipulated from abroad. a small number of countries are vilifying china by spreading lies about territories including hong kong they're up to their usual tricks of politicizing and weaponize are human rights issues to interfere in other country's internal affairs and we will resist there's. the activists taken to court in these vans today face up to life in prison if convicted
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. $47.00 individuals being charged. with chinese uncalled for if you promise that the national security is in a very narrow sense. it's clear that iraq is not going to be. sufficient for such margaret and with a number of other foreign countries the international community can see the results of the hong kong people we want to judge just to be fair to be independent and to be objective and give them a fair trial. activists are concerned that the court could be pressured to impose severe sentences in a bid to cripple the democracy movement once and for all. hoping for international support. they say hand comes last freedoms are at stake. so more headlines from around the world now starting garner where the country's president and monaco for add though and his wife have become the world's 1st recipients of my corona virus
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vaccine from kovacs that's a global scheme to procure and distributed occupations for free for poor countries 76 year old said he hoped to encourage others to get vaccinated. in their prime minister narendra modi has reserved has received his 1st dose of the country's homegrown coronavirus vaccine as the country begins vaccinations beyond front line workers people over 60 and those over 45 suffering from certain medical conditions are now also eligible for the job. thousands of police and soldiers in the czech republic are enforcing tight new covert 19 restrictions which ban people from nonessential travel to other countries and 500 checkpoints have been set or to help stop the spread of the highly contagious u.k. coronavirus variant and czech republic is currently one of the in use hardest hit countries. a bit of good news for anyone in germany battling with and can't
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box grown out brutes or do it yourself trims gone wrong as a barbers of reopened after almost 11 weeks and they were shuttered back in december but are now among the 1st businesses being allowed to serve customers as restrictions are slowly east. matalin opened office one of the lucky ones she got the 1st appointment at helen hill has alone after months of waiting it's finally time for a cut and color. shop culture in way people now i feel really really good i would. the last time i went to get a haircut was the 18th of november i normally go every 4 to 6 weeks so you can imagine how happy i was. this has alone in light so he's going to do 3 shifts a day in march from 8 am to midnight to avoid having too many customers at once staff will have to take a weekly corona test a small price to pay for being able to open again these small steps and easing
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restrictions don't come a minute too soon for many locked down for tedious growing. it's very they have to use some more restrictions you can't keep debating it you've got to open up a model of the most shop i'm really getting fed up and slowly getting too much. always at home at home with the kids. we want our flat is too small is just getting too much. it's difficult. nobody wants to stay at home anymore. as the obvious but last spring we had the same thing and they said when it gets warmer and it's going to get better. and that's what i'm hoping for. another concession in time for spring garden centers and hardware shops have also been allowed to reopen in some german states this d.i.y. shop in saxony wasn't overrun with customers just yet. a former
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u.s. president donald trump has hinted at a possible presidential run in 2024 addressing a gathering of conservatives in his 1st speech since losing the 2020 lection mr trump also attacked the republicans who voted to impeach him calling for them to be thrown out of the party the w.'s washington landing in the days when donald trump was the president of the united states i don't know connor is the co-chair of the floyd off adoration of teenage republicans they have a stand at this year's c pick. the conservative branch of the grand old party is holding its annual meeting in orlando florida at a time when the republicans are doing some soul searching about the future we're going to situated right now were gone from the republican party lindsey graham that a republican party of president donald trump we have some newcomers coming out like not it's a massive called going to really bring a change to the party some good change. that's for every party and successful fight
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for the young voters would be crucial for the future of the republicans generation 0 which in my current age group is very conservative because we saw dick the backlash of you know the millennial of being like more socialist and we see like well there rob. you. saw in the doshas the daughter of indian immigrants she says trump whites all she needs to be a free and successful business woman i want him to say he's running for 2024 and make america great again because right now i don't think it's great since ronald reagan and see peg is a forum for conservative ideas a barometer to identify the future leader of the g.o.p. this year it is all about donald trump every person i talked to didn't leave any doubt that he is the only presidential candidate they will vote for in
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2024 making it very very difficult for the republican party to ignore him even so this year's event is pretty empty. and finally he's here for the last act of this year's conference. but who knows i know i may even decide to beat them for a 3rd time ok ah. this message is enough to keep the hopes of this. supporters i'm very excited you know charles that everything i wanted here the young republican going forward with the republican party so you know i'm excited you know that very hard to see the future the public parties and get it. for now the republican party seems to be going in one. of the united states is calling on the african union to intervene in the deepening crisis in ethiopia steger i region washington has expressed grave
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concern over reported atrocities and the worsening humanitarian situation a mistake international has accused eritrean forces of killing hundreds of civilians thousands have fled the region and many tell how rowing stories of violence. stranded in a border town in sudan burdened with traumatic experiences cinema and grim a are both refugees from to groene the likely never forget the day that soldiers invaded their home town. but i knew. they shot innocent people assert bodies they took people's belongings and everything we had. all over that left of the clothes on my back on the end. tens of thousands of people fled the ethiopian army's offensive against the provincial governments and. reports of atrocities and massacres of civilians followed the hamdi yet border reception center has been
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overwhelmed by the flood of refugees there's not enough tents often just plastic sheeting to fend off the searing heat illnesses are rampant and food is scarce some lucky few managed to get bus tickets to refugee camps farther away from the border . but these facilities are also full now the omer quba camp is now at twice its plant capacity many children here a 2nd emaciated their mothers are desperate. mamas out of and when we arrived here no one could give us food for the children we didn't have enough to either i didn't have any money to buy food at the market this is a holiday like that and. fears are now the upcoming rainy season could bury the camp in mud no one is prepared for that here aid workers predict a catastrophe if steps aren't taken quickly to cover that up as it did that has been built is going to be broken the resilience of that if it is going to be booking again and so there would be but to
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a point where we have to stop supplying them with that source it's from square 0 in the coming weeks it's feared tens of thousands more people could flee from ethiopia over the border into sudan one of the world's poorest countries. and the berlin film festival is always one of the most hotly anticipated events in the german capital's cultural calendar but this year the pandemic has forced the brahman allah into lockdown the audience has been limited to a select group of critics and industry professionals who watch the contenders for that golden best via live stream but that won't stop us bring you the highlights starting with 2911 inspired offerings you need to tell me the truth you need to tell me what happens here i can't defend you do you understand there's a 3rd nothing whatever i say. it doesn't matter. a defense lawyer and her client mohamed 2 old slahi from mauritania is in custody in kuantan amman he's accused of having aided the terrorists who carried out the 911 attacks but is
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he really guilty golden globe winner jodie foster place lawyer nancy hollander like the real person the character is based on she also believes in the law. you know how our country is shaped by that how the world is shaped by that and if there was ever there was anything that made me believe in democracy in the rule of law it's been me that's from. the film copilot it's also based on a true story having to do with 911 astley love to say yet a seemingly perfect love story but then he becomes one of the terrorists on that fateful day september 11th 2001 he was the man she must have asked herself at some point was that a monster could i really have loved a monster how could i do that but on the other hand she knows very well that he was also lovable. no one has to make a line in the last. the film dissects the main character's pain without
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making her seem naive that makes copilot into a successful illustration of the maxim love is blind even against the backdrop of the terrorist attacks that changed the world. this year from scott rock for our culture the public welcome scott so strong political beings there which is kind of what the dollar has made its neighbors. yeah definitely i mean this this is a film festival that was really started as a political statement i mean it was set up in west berlin as a statement of artistic and political freedom in opposition to what was on the other side of that was the berlin wall that time east berlin and the communist bloc and the censorship and political repression that occurred there and berlin has always put really strong political films in the spotlight and those are often the films that end up winning the top prizes at the festival they often seem to be the
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jury often seems to choose political films in some ways also make a statement i mean you saw that last year with an iranian film which won the golden bear and this was from a director who had been censored in iran who was actually under house arrest when he received the award and i think the jury really was trying to make a statement there against repression and for artistic freedom ok so what other films of call your attention amongst this year's offerings. yeah i mean there's a lot of really interesting political movies on offer this year we saw a couple of them in the piece there's an iranian film a really good to see it's called the ballad of a white cow and it seems that some magic similarities to the film that won last year it's about a woman whose husband is executed in a miscarriage of justice and she tries to fight to 2 to have that overturned or at least to address it in the government and then there's a film from bella ruse called courage it's a documentary and it looks at the the protesters who are still in the streets bellerose really inside look at these people who are struggling really against the
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odds to try and find to try and create real change in that country ok so the as i understand it these films are going to be live streams to the judges so when will the rest of us got a chance to see the news. well feel lucky for a lucky few like myself will be able to see them this week but for the vast majority they're going to be showing them at a real festival an impersonal festival in june in berlin assuming that the virus lets them but that's the idea that the films particularly ones that win in berlin this week will be shown at proper red carpet events in proper theaters in the german capital in june. or thank you for that. we take you through some sport now we'll start with our football news from the world of bond the leader armenia biller felt parted ways with coach or no house as they remain mired in the relegation zone peter bosh meanwhile is still in charge at
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leverkusen despite the club sinking deeper into crisis after a loss to 5 now without a win in 5 not just in the coach's under mounting pressure. like the coach peter busch liberties and fans have been waiting more and more in patiently for the reemergence of the side that lead the league early in the season hosting freiburg the intent was there if not the execution tonight by the hand of florian miller several times they would pay the price in the 2nd half when the visiting side chances came they were taken. and married into marriage gave freiburg delayed in the 50th minute and it was to write only alomar. when lucas hurler was just the right side of offside to make things very difficult to live accusing leon bailey she made left on the edge of the area to get things going in the right direction after 70 minutes but it proved to be all they've accuse and could muster . finish with freiburg deserved to one winners and eyeing the european places later he isn't are still there just that the outlook is bleak. for
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a place in spain have detained former pastor warren f.c. president josep bottom for questioning after reading the club's headquarters on monday morning place they are the detentions were made but didn't say who or how many clubs made no official statement it's due to hold elections for president in less than a week. and a reminder of our top stories this hour of course in paris was sentenced former french president nicolas sarkozy to 3 years in jail 2 of them suspended after he was found guilty of corruption and influence peddling he served as president from the 2007 until 2012. security forces in myanmar how far the protesters who are in charge of the streets after a week had cracked out and killed at least 18 people for a new violence kyra's ousted civilian leader i was home suchi of it it was court file video link the lawyer says she faces 2 new charges. to
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chew up today talk more feel tougher talk off a follow up next but tomorrow today how good. food.
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plants are climate heroes. they store huge amounts of c o 25 of their genetically modified believes. they can also enable higher yields which would help in the fight against food shortages. the green collar. in a small town. come tomorrow to do the. next on d w. we're
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all set. to go beyond. me take on the world lead out to all the families where i'm all about the stories that matter to you. we're going to take my releasement from me. we are yours actually on fire maybe some items. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word i'm looking for nico is in germany to sunshine. why not permit him. to suffer in simple mind on your mobile
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and free. t.w. zealand in course the german made easy. the 1st. green house gases trash and heavy metals we humans are really hard on the earth. but many industries have been roofing to how they've dug and science is lending that hand. today we take a look at a few funded projects that are hoping to reduce c o 2 emissions for eliminate then tiny. welcome to this edition of tomorrow today the science show on d w.


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