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of society. do women differently than men. what do they do with their power. and how sustainable is this culture. that cleans of the rango starts marching on b.t.w. . my price tag was $100000.00 so if they cost me all maybe canet me all to me then that some people could get paid 410-0000. been the last became a chinese enemy of the state overnight he is one of a growing number of hong kong r.'s who are currently flaming to britain. the trend has been sparked by draconian laws introduced by china to massively restrict the
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rights of hong kong citizens. those who demonstrate against china such as photographer jim long face harsh police measures criminal charges and imprisonment . this is. everybody just knowing about this media and all of them in this style. from their london exile internationally known representatives of the hong kong democracy movements such as nathan law are trying to wake up europe my message to the european freedom loving people is don't take freedom for granted you know liberal democracy seize on the calls on threats.
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nathan law is one of hong kong's best known democracy activists. americas time magazine recently listed him as one of the 100 most influential people worldwide. after china effectively declared the democracy movement illegal last summer citing its so-called national security along 27 year old nathan fled to london and has since been pursuing his campaign in exile. this comes at a high price for him. i think. 3 months ago when i had successfully and safely past the border control of hong kong
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airport and boarded the flight to london i reminded myself leaving is not the ending leaving marks a new start but it's a little you know it's also why our comrades are leaving hong kong more and more for the u.k. due to political oppressions back home. and they don't really have to button it if to say goodbye to my fellows and to my families because on the side that i will and then for them because see that the one who suffer. not only the ones who are being prosecuted but their families. live on nathan law has become cautious after he fled in june 2020 he kept his whereabouts a secret. i don't many of the democracy activists are afraid that unknown assailants might ambush them harm them or kidnap them and take them to china. last speech in october was his 1st public appearance in his new home. they don't. you
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know if they call it all we don't even know if our personal safety would be threatened you know we can never be sure what random guys turning up and approaching us are going to do hey something to get with both i thought i came home i think that. oh it was all. good. in nathan law's native hong kong a battle has been raging between 2 systems for years and it's now escalating. when britain handed over its former crown colony to the people's republic of china in 1997 beijing guaranteed hong kong as a certain amount of autonomy and democratic freedoms such as the right to vote. but beijing has since been trying to restrict these freedoms with laws which undermine the freedom of expression and freedom of the press. nathan law has been fighting
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this since his student days he went into politics early and was the youngest politician ever to enter the city parliament and much to the disgruntlement of the pro china hong kong government. law and his fellow activists were also involved in the mass protests against the growing influence of china in 2019. china finally stifled these protests in june 20 twentieth's with a draconian law which among other things allows for so-called dangerous persons to be extradited to china. to cling to london seems to be the only safe way out for many critics of china but not all of them make it these exiled hong kong ers are demonstrating for the
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release of 12 young democracy activists. beijing had arrested them as they were trying to flee to taiwan they have been detained in china ever since august monza seem how and humble the monk missy and o'connell me and we will not give up when you do not have the we could do whenever we are. not i hope most. nathan law is considered a hero by many hong kong years and particular those who recently had to flee just like him there was one people such as photographer jim walsh see contact with him and ask his advice and want to be around him. more they've all for them or their friends over here. for a dollar with a helmet gas mask and diving goggles. this is the gear worn by activists to protect
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themselves from tear gas and water cannons in hong kong one. for many of the refugee activists such encounters will be a highlight in the coming weeks of their life in exile. photographer jim wong fled to london 2 months after nathan long he too took part in the protests against china for which he faces a long prison sentence. this put him in a dilemma. either stay in hong kong and live with the constant fear of going to jail or swap his life with family and friends for the loneliness and supposedly freedom. when i was leaving i i didn't tell anyone. including my family is about and i.
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settled on the interior and i'm try. to tell my story to my friends to my families to know. the situation off my. when i try to contact my family and the school that this really is a serious problem because i never go back to hong kong and they just cry on the phone. long is currently waiting to be granted asylum. he has hardly any money no job and no new friends as yet. his calls to his girlfriend in hong kong are often the highlight of his day. how about you are you planning to quit your job. not really i'm just waiting to get fired. you are better off being fired you should discuss this with me if you want
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to leave are you planning to come here what's your plan or even had be. it really depends on whether or not i get fired if i haven't signed the contract they would have fired me for a. meeting today so we could only stay cool and wait and see let's talk again later . for the moment you know when i get home along. the border i want to move. the pain of separation homesickness and loneliness. the fact that jim was played in the middle of a pandemic where everyone in the world is keeping their distance makes everything more difficult. when i 1st arrived in london i feel because during the covert 19 order country had been lost i remember the
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fall of the. momand this as i said i'm gong crazy all the work gone crazy because they says so i mean really. since the virus took a firm hold on london it's gone quiet in the metropolis. it's virtually impossible for new arrivals like hmong to meet people. he describes his new life in exile in a blog. to help the unemployed photographer make ends meet readers pay to read it. his 1st blog entry shows his journey into exile.
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you can see this is the video when i was leaving hong kong. it just feels so unreal and so horrible and uncertain when i want to see hong kong again i can watch that video because that video means a lot to me. and there is no forever in the world when i look back at those things i feel it still complicated. yeah i wish i could go back in that moment. i am back to the time when he and all the others in hong kong still believed that they could succeed in their fight for democracy i was the
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31st of august 29th teen was the day that shattered that belief. in this underground station police action against the demonstrators was so brutal that hong kong hours have now turned the place into a memorial site for their protests. jim walsh is one of those who was seriously injured. i feel i will be that natural because. the scenes all the praise i saw station on that night he said horrible you know everybody got her just like at the sauce this movie. this is a i am god was everybody just knows that about this we do and all of them we did this stuff was so you can see that still chasing. 5 of them and i just ran into their faces because the people who could protect me.
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the prosecutors accused wong of participation in an illegal gathering 8 further charges were added later he was threatened with up to 10 years in jail was where i realize that we are latino and i'm so desperate after 3 days i brought my ticket from the internet and tried to leave in the release secretly i don't even tell anybody just leave. the u.k. had previously granted hong kong a 6 month stay without a visa. in summer the british government announced that citizens of the former colony could stay for up to 5 years and then become naturalized this is why so many of them are heading to the u.k. . this former employee of the british consulate in
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hong kong was accused of espionage by the chinese authorities he was abducted and tortured. today he lives in a shared flat in london the u.k. has granted him political asylum. simon chang volunteered to work for the british consulate in hong kong when they were seeking local staff. his job was to report on the protests from the inside and document the activities on local social media channels he completely denies any allegations of espionage. from some of the people's perspective they thought that i'm spying but it just depends on your position i feel this car information as you see this kind of things all public information but if i want to collect those public information and let the british government to get better to get better
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understanding what's actually happening so why not. china saw it differently and arrested chang at hong kong airport in august 2900. 1 i've been outscored its engines and i almost immediately have been hanged shackled. and bly food. and then to trot me on to the price of. the horse and their open like a kidnapping and then stay true of me to a normal places and those to hold me up i cannot move just a little bit and cleanse in a few painful sort of get shuffled ones you feel sure for the picture. there it may at the because. it's way towards.
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i can't feel for how many rounds but it seems like it was. for 15 days nobody knew where cheney was. whether it was due to the public campaign or pressure from the british government china released him after various detours he arrived in london 6 months later. i have always have been like for example a chinese agent want to bring me back in the u.k. or i realized i was suddenly in hong kong always that sense of feel in haunting will be the uncertainty and fear. from the last time i. i was still a worker for the car so that's now. a refugee. i. lied to my hometown. simon chang is currently living from his
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savings and sometimes writes for the media. he doesn't know how long things will continue like this. china's policies also affect hong kong years who have been living in london for a longer time. property expert finland now moved to london for a job in early 2019. as mass protests got going in hong kong nobody realized he was one of the organizers of the movement writing in online forums under his pseudonym launch out. last fall the hard problem that his slogans fight for freedom and stand with hong kong have now become battle cries again i ask.
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the man who nobody knew became an anonymous hero by day and in conspicuous employ but after work and undercover force driving the democracy protests i cannot stand. my friends what they're doing and on the other side in. the those days i would not let them through no too many if this goes against a safety issue so i'm struggling because i cannot tell. and what i face. his cover was blown in the summer of 2020. journalists discovered and revealed the identity of the person behind the pseudonym mom chow virtually overnight the 26 year old became an enemy of the chinese state at 1st he didn't know what to do
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after 2 months of calling the railfan and i just feel that i need to do so he's now a wanted man in hong kong now decided to be proactive and publish the video in october a declaration of war on china from exile greetings this is land shall alias feed now yes this is my actual appearance it was never our aim to become refugees hong kong is scattered across the globe must demonstrate our unique words and strengths in impending the c.c.p. creating our own future and earning respect from our international allies in the meantime give us liberty or give us death yet. many of the hong kong democracy activists started getting organized in london in the fall. some of them are more radical like these demonstrators in front of the chinese embassy. but most of them are fighting
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a peaceful campaign for democracy in their native country like photographer jim was . a lawful focus know that protests on friday and every friday they would have a lot of guys coming to the u.k. from the hong kong and just want to. understand what the situation they are facing . in the regular fridays for freedom demonstrations during the winter have also increasingly become a networking event for the democracy activists. many of them are worried about. their livelihoods. i know you have been staying in the same place the high water of the same place and i've started looking for a job. for you this shouldn't be too much to worry about it's wiring i'm running out of money. it should be all right i should manage to find myself
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a job you shouldn't have any problem. often say how about either has ended up i have to beg for money these days. the former staffer of the british consulate in hong kong simon chang is part of the group. i thought was. a. was. a. game where. each one of us is insignificant and holds power and yet there is no difference between the ones who is standing in the front line and those who is the poor back stage we should encourage them to speak out if there were no he dares to speak out her own congress voices would be heard in transit this is being what the chinese communist party is trying to achieve so you know it's all i see is i i then they
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start singing their secret national anthem glory to hong kong was now a days they could be arrested for singing this in hong kong the f.b.i. can speak for myself i can't speak korean so thats a things how much money cannot buy so i was still feel like i'm still alive who was not. there is no different from what i do while longer and chad campaign for hong kong from exile events in their homeland have come to a head. hong kong's security forces are arresting more and more. democratic politicians and journalists who are critical of china. the whole democratic opposition has resigned and increasingly more famous activists such as joshua wall are being given prison sentences. how do the activists in london
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react to such news from home. nathan law tweets his feelings. it is despairing to witness your dearest friends being imprisoned while you are living in exile yes you have your role overseas yet no matter how hard i work a sense of guilt always haunts me i feel like i owe them something that i cannot repay a speechless night. this is surely a reason why nathan law travels tirelessly throughout europe. here he has become one of the main activists of the democracy for hong kong mission. when china's leadership is on a state visit like here in september in germany nathan law is not far away
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condemning the chinese regime and supporting local activists. not written to the foreign minister some also saying that germany could take the lead to take the sanction of mccann is a main european union to implement all the chinese officials who are responsible for the humor i saw lation and you can see the countermeasures towards the national security law. back in london the autumn's 2nd coronavirus way may have restricted laws travelling diplomacy but it has not. slowed him down his mission. my message to the european freedom loving people is don't take freedom for granted your liberal democracy says under constant threat by the most basic we've heard them for the past that case so i'm
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urging you to really get your head straight to start working on constraining these author and tearing expansion and trying to implement policies that hold these people accountable there are millions of people there are suffering under these sort of terry gene and we're not going to pretend nothing happened. 2 doesn't talk about how he feels personally or how he's coping with his lonely life in london. he hasn't yet decided whether he will stay in london and apply for asylum. law makes a clear distinction between his political activism and his personal life. he does reveal this if we realize that there is a probability that couldn't be able to go back for at least that case it's not a good feeling. emotionally is very demanding but for me i see it as more than
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myself about myself it's about how we could advance the cause of holocaust movement even though i had to pay the price are i'm willing to do so. then lo organizer of the protest movement stand with hong kong also constantly wonders whether his mission is worth the sacrifice. my price tag was $100000.00 pounds so if they caught me all maybe kidnap me all. you mean some people could get paid for 100000 a 1st it will i was quite shocked after hearing such a room but then i just at that to be a source off fear. and it doesn't stop me from all fighting.
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so what is next for the activists. jim walker has plans for a future in exile. as soon as his asylum is granted he wants to move to brighton on england's south coast to watch the ocean and hear the crashing of the way. look at that new. they spew they've always said. this is the 1st time i see the old certainly. when i look at all since i feel peaceful you. forgot a lot of bad things you know. i
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think i will try. to. decide i'm also my son my on my son off my father on my boyfriend micro friend and i also on the forefront of i need to think of my future my girlfriend due to my family. to you. there will be another force open for you this is the concept that i need to have faith and i believe that the homers can freedom. in the future of china c.c.p. would downfall.
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saeco india. green home means more than having lots of clunkers designed for materials energy sources all have to be sustainable up cycling also reduces the climate impacts of. living an eco friendly life can be inspiring going green looks good to be coping. 30 minutes on t w. cut
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. this is d w news live from berlin the standoff in myanmar escalates security forces are using live ammunition and tear gas to try to end the protests against the military seems or else power but the demonstrators show no signs of backing down also coming up. germany's coronavirus style.


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