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and prototype space ship blew up just a minutes after the landing but the touchdown itself represents the 1st successful one of these type of rocket bursts into flames shortly after control they started celebrating the touchdown rockets a big developed to carry people to the moon and to mass. you know many business is next week for kate but. the most anticipated the need to keep a lot of the books both for over the french and home the 4th time for the most news in the. valleys at the last dragon this word. to use to agree books on. india. how can a country's economy grow harmony with its people but when there are doers look at
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the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges. in terms people are striving to create a sustainable future clearly projects from europe and india to. call g.w. . where are you in the line to be vaccinations around the world i mean i think some programs have got off to a very to start well many of which are nations are making swift progress towards vaccinating their populations in other parts of the world and the waste counts steve and let's. also coming up germany's top economists hold a virtual stop but to discuss the long term impacts of the concept next we'll talk to one of the participants. on deep into the pandemic and fresh eyes of the
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e.u. the city of london is changing because we'll take a look at how it's investing and. this is business i'm paid ferguson welcome to the program. the rapid development of vaccines has raised hopes that the end of the pandemic could be incisive but how close that point is depends very much on where in the world you live while some countries like the united states israel and chile have won praise for their immunization efforts and other parts of the world whether for economic or logistical reasons the weight canteen painfully long. the 1st shipment is here 800000 doses flown into khartoum airport the sudanese government is set to hit the ground running. out of the music of youth the leg scenes we have received today will be enough for a big part of those working in the health professions because they are more
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susceptible to being infected that they will get vaccines 1st the vaccine will be free for all citizens. within hours similar shipments arrived in a wonder in nigeria senegal and i rico sed it is high time says the director general of the world health organization. it's encouraging to see health workers income countries starting to be vaccinated want it's regrettable that this comes almost 3 months after some of the wealthiest countries started to be out of work solution. industrialized countries with funding readily available have been fast ordering their wrecked scenes with canada expecting enough to vaccinate the entire population 5 times over the u.s. the e.u. and britain all have more than twice the doses needed while africa has ordered just
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enough for about a 3rd of its population. most of the vaccines destined for africa have been donated by better off countries and more financial help is coming the international monetary fund is on it we go. somewhere between $30.16 more then we normally would do in an average year we've got. one big sis and i believe very strongly 21 is going to be equally important if you go here and we would need to try to build for our economies. with some of the larger economies in the world hoping to see an end to the pandemic soon for africa the fight against the virus has only just begun
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here in germany the country's top economists have held a virtual some less to discuss the long term impact of the pandemic the missing organized by the life and its association focused on issues like corporate bankruptcy and the conflicts a short time work scheme which just kept millions of germans in the dark based on the keys to our us economy also discussed global trade europe's ability to compete with a property rights in china now. and we can talk tonight one of the economists has been taking part in that discussion professor faber my is president of the teal institute for the world economy professor at 5 am i at welcome to the program what are you and your colleagues worried about us when it comes to the long term impact of the pandemic. well there were both the possible produce little down as our economies emerge from the pending week we were worried
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that the appetizer to take risks by small business people goes down we're worried that many companies will be burdened by debt and. that burden we could difficult to invest we know that for future growth we need more investments also in order to tackle the b. challenges that lie ahead beat climate change all the demographic. issues that we are facing a new charity so our is that the. investment this will as we go out of dependent but then we can that will then settle down called that germany was initially praised for its response but now it's come under fire for its slow vaccine of own eyes how big an effect will this have on the country's economic recovery. well every week that we are under the
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lockdown that pre-a freezing right now we do lose something like 3 to 4000000000 euros and we impose an almost burden on for example a school children that cannot attend school and who will see consequences in their entire lives from from these episodes so the lockdown is expensive and the scenes we do not rule out the pixelation program as fast as we hope it could we have to pay these costs so for much longer in that sense the failure of for this country to speed up fixing the ship. is economic problem it's lost on the recovery of the poles as additional costs in particular on generations that i'm not yet on the labor market so let's take a more global perspective tonight china's economy appears to have recovered far faster than other countries what will this mean for international trade. so 1st of all it means that the center of gravity of the world economy moves faster to
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east asia than it has been moving good already before it's not just china but the also vietnam and many other east and southeast asian economies that are coming out fast from the pending week we think that. in 2022 for the each of these economy will be about 15 percent larger than in 2019 while the eurozone economy will be just about as big as it was before the crisis so the relative weights shift and that means the trade flows who shift as well china becomes more important for the german economy for the european economy because it absorbs more of the production of europe by importing and so that is probably a lasting consequence of this crisis professor fed on my own from the keel institute for the world economy if thank you very much you're welcome pate. now to
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some of the other global business stories making news so far my giant novartis is teaming up with german biotech firm cure to produce its cope with 19 vaccine novartis plans to manufacture up to 15000000 doses of the n r n a base shot by the end of the year and 200000000 will follow next year. the united states has announced it will temporarily suspend tariffs that were levied on a british goods as part of a trade dispute involving airbus it's hoped the move will give negotiations time to resolve the conflict the u.s. accuses e.u. members of using subsidies to give airbus unfair advantage over american bible boeing. siemens energy will join the german blue chip index ducks nature this month the company a 2020 spinoff from industrial giant siemens combines oil and gas technology with energies like on shore wind parks in the docks they will replace consumer goods
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firm biased off. south korea's economy shrank for the 1st time in 22 years as a coronavirus pandemic to spoil service industry jobs and depressed consumer spending in 2020 things it would have been even worse if not for the country's technology exports demand for personal computers servers rose. london's financial center or the city as it's often called has faced to bake up peoples and recent months the pandemic has left office and. work from home and the recent completion of praxis has threatened to knock off london's crime as europe's financial hub both is the really our correspondent to get mass sent us this report . rush hour on london bridge nominee it's back a half a 1000000 people flock to london each day but just an accurate steward doesn't have
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to squeeze his way through the crowds today the investment manager is a veteran of the financial services industry. it does seem like with everybody gone are you never see the city like this even though somebody would have something like this something dreadful suffered. this is where the finance manager used to enjoy a pint of beer but there hasn't been so in months it's got to be one of my favorite places and a decent pub you can bet mick and rex it has. you has been restricting access to its markets making it difficult for london try and i'm so firm has to offer their services on the continent. but it was a hopeless number of opportunities the e.u. has not shown itself very good at be able to change quickly and adjust and adapt because it runs may very much like london now has the opportunity of being able to move much faster be swifter on its feet. this city has to eat
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find itself. the u.k. government wants to shore up the city's global appeal and make london more attractive than its e.u. counterparts one example it is reviewing the rules governing public listings in order to lure more companies to float in the u.k. on the london stock exchange. becky it's due it believes that it's important to ensure quality standards are maintained. in back and here the london suburb economist simon french works at his kitchen table instead of in the city he too wants against too much deregulation but sees opportunities for instance and setting new and high standards in climate finance. the reality of course is york wants to be part of that all the european union senses want to be part of that asia will want to be part of that it will be
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a competitive battle i think he runs it on the houses existing infrastructure in terms of the scale of its capital markets he enables that to be done a probably lower transaction cost than some of the more up and coming economic ups . climate finance and. london could score points here with new ideas and even much stronger from the crisis. it will come back it will be busy will be drinking here on friday afternoon again i hope that there would be such a queue of the ball. getting to the coronavirus pandemic and. it's time for london in new. mexico has been one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic with over 185000 deaths to mourn it was also one of the few travel destinations that kept borders open declined to require a negative covert test from the cation or as the lax approach has opened the floodgates for foreign tourists who are crowding beaches like this one near cancun
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before the pandemic the local tourism sector was responsible for almost 9 percent of mexico's economic and push. the ongoing health crisis mexican hotels and restaurants are hoping to attract more than $30000000.00 foreign tourists this year . and that's it for me thank you so much for watching i mean the team it's goodbye and take care. to the point of strong opinions clear positions international perspectives to. pope francis is visiting iraq the country seen as the cradle of christianity brings with him a message of peace and reconciliation but who will be listening in iraq. every christian population has been disobeys to find out on the point. to point. the bottom 16 discipline.
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and on demand. language courses. video and or. any target. list is t.v. news africa on the programme and raced in synagogue clashes break out in the capital don't card talk to the opposition leader close to racist. non-alcohol idols disambiguation flint is rubber stamped by god the supreme court judges have dismissed opposition allegations of faltering.


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